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Visitors Comments about healing with a didj made during the month of May - December 2003: Previous Months

Name and Country

Visitors Comments about Healing with a Didj

Andy Kranz from USA

Minimal experimentation with/on a friend... he was not very open to it

Angela Green from USA

I have a didj cd, I use it when I have headaches, now... I get them often. I think playing a didj would be even more healing for me

Anonymous from Austria

People with breathing problems - children with asthmatic problems - micromassage of cells - more oxygen -

Bernhard Sattler from Germany

Perhaps I did help someone by playing on him, but is it the sound that heals or something different?

Anonymous from Spain

Very beautiful

Anonymous from Argentina

I used the sound to help pregnant women to fill their babies inside. About women that had never gotten to fill their babies, this possibility is filling like a miracle


3 others and I did a healing for Dia de los muertos at a school in San Jose, CA for a bunch of tough kids

Eric Boucher from Canada

From physical to mental to spiritual, for others and on myself too.

Gordon White from USA

Although I have not used a didj for sound healing with another person, every time I play, a healing occurs within me.

James Thomas from USA

I always use the didge when we are drumming people.

Jim Barrett from Sweden

If I could no longer play didge I would be one unhappy camper as it is the best form of relaxation and meditation I know of

Jodi Miles from USA

With my daughters when they were younger, It helped get them to lay down... soothing and relaxing sounds.

Keith Kettlewell from United Kingdom

With friends


Tend to refer to it as a didj massage - people falling asleep, so relaxed to people crying...


I'm not quite sure what sound healing is but when I play I feel a sense of release and just become oblivious to everything else.

Kyle Schab from USA

I would switch positions with my friend and play the didge in the slide for him.


Como relajamiento, pero con cd de musica aborigen de didgeridoo...

Margaret (warri waru) Corrie from Australia

When I crossed into mans law territory in 1994 in Mulan Community Tanami Desert WA. I became very sick after and had a didgeridoo played for healing as I did not mean to cross into mans law.

Anonymous from France

Each time I play for quite a long time with my didge, when I get concentrated, I completely forget all the things that are around me, or that I usually think to, then I really get "into" the didge and melt with it. I think this is healing because after hard days of work, it cures you from the stress and all the oppressing surrounding you are living in...


For my self

Rickey Delcambre from USA

Self healing

Simon Croisetiere from Canada

After a week of stress its the best to bring to the real life

Tom Lange from USA

See above - I usually give from 2-15 short sessions a month and a few longer sessions

Bart Boogaard from Netherlands

Sometimes like I absorb their sickness

C.J. Voltman from USA

after taking tests or being stressed out, playing puts me in a state where nothing else matters... the vibrations going through out my body relax me to the point where I am forgetful as to what my problems once were.

Collin Collin from USA

I have played it to just get away for the crazy world and have used it to just feel free.


I love the Didje for as a tool for meditation.


The blissful drones promote inner peace


Drones are so ideal for the inner search of being. Bliss!!


The drones bring about a blissful state that is pure and peaceful


My friend Olena shattered her finger and a few days after I told her that I might be able to help with the pain. So over the next few weeks I took my didj to her work on her lunch break. We sat outside and I played for about 15 minutes a day and showered her hand with sound. She felt amazing relief to the point that she came over sometimes on the weekends also for an quick session. the doctor allowed her to stop wearing her brace (removable cast) almost two weeks early because her hand had healed faster than normal. all he said to her was "you must drink a lot of milk because usually oblique breaks take at least six weeks"

Anonymous from France

Every time I can, at home (In France)

Jeremy Johnson from USA

My dog has arthritis. I played on her and she stopped limping.

Jonathan Lukens from USA

Not in the traditional sense but I had an amazing experience that I would like to share. I work as a behaviour therapist with persons who have developmental disabilities. Recently a young man who is autistic and non-verbal moved into a group home that was recently opened. He was frightened by the change and acted very impulsive and aggressive and spent much of the time rooting thru the cupboards in search of food. Staff were unable to either connect or control him and he hit several people. I tried many different techniques to reach him but was unresponsive. I reached out of my tool bag and found a duck call which he showed immediate interest. After trying several small noisemakers I remembered that I had one of my didgies stashed in the trunk of my car. Immediately after I began playing he was practically mesmerized by it. I encouraged him to place his cheek on the barrel which he did for a long period of time. He beamed a beautiful smile . I prompted him to feel the bottom as well. He grabbed the didge and began moving it over his own body while I played. After an hour or so of this exchange he was completely relaxed. He did not exhibit any aggressive or compulsive behaviours the rest of the nite. 2months later he greet me at the door with a smile and will offer me a photo (PEC's Picture of the didge) as soon as he sees men.

Kitty Mrache from USA

Two healing experiences stick out in my mind: after blowing the didj on a friend's body for 20 min, over the next 2 months she discovered that all of her food allergies seem to have disappeared. The second experience of note was my mother had colon cancer that had spread. She had a small, painful tumour on her navel. I blew on her for 15 min. a day for the month before she had surgery and by the time she had the surgery, the tumour had become pain-free and had partially shrunken. After the surgery, the cancer grew fast and spread. (surgery can do that to cancer!) I continued to blow the didj on her every day: she said it was the one thing she felt that really helped her. It would take a lot of the pain away and made her peaceful.


Difficult but great

Mike Reynolds from Canada

I practice it daily in the morning when I walk my dog.

Mitja Humar from Slovenia

Playing it for long enough time (possibly odd rhythms like fives, sevens and so), it will put a smaller group of people into a soft "trance", giving them a relaxing and peaceful sensation...

Anonymous from France

When I'm hurt or sad I used to play in order to feel better

Paula Demarco from Chile

I have a 3 year old sister, she is quite sick, she can't talk, but she loves the didjeridoo sound, she likes when I play didjeridoo over her head an I think she's getting better. At least she looks very happy. thanks to didjeridoo

Settimo Croci from Italy

Only for a small circle of friends, and my wife

Walter Diaz from Chile

Relaxation (against stress)

Alain Degardin from France

It's still rather difficult for me, it's the reason why I have bought a didj from your shop

Albert Romeu from Spain

Yes, I mean, I used some friend's didjs to feel better myself, but I never used it for others.

Anonymous from Macedonia (FYR)

Soothing and relaxing sensations, moving away from daily life stress

Anonymous from Portugal

it wasn't not much of a therapy, but after playing for about 25 or 30 minutes trough the entire body of a friend, I clearly noticed the calm and "good-mood" that had filled, not only his, but my spirit as well...

Aurélien Palacios from France

Dans les grosses soirée ou nous campons j'aime calmer tout le monde grâce à de profonde mélodies...

Chris Murphy from Australia

But have played for my friends whom say that it is very relaxing

Anonymous from Netherlands

Well, especially for bowl-problems it seems to help a lot to loosen up!

Frederica Rosa from Portugal

To correct my face paralysis

Jasdev Singh from Malaysia

Helps me calm down when I'm angry . besides I feel real good after playing and puts my mind at ease always .

Jay mckinley from USA

With my wife she says it feels great when I do it

Ken Skelly from Ireland

But, I have massaged people with the didj.

Anonymous from USA

Like I said above

Mathieu Dube from Canada

I have a multitude of joint pains, I sometimes use the didj to bring me to another place and forget.

Miguel Olivares from USA

No, but would like to experience it

Nathan Michalski from USA

At a solo show of my own a man came up to me and asked for my contact information. Latter on that week he contacted me and asked if I would play over the shakras of his body to help with his terminal cancer. So I got together with him and played over his body.

Perla Luisa almagro from Argentina

Estoy tratando de aprender la respiración circular, y logro hacer sonar el didigeridoo.

Sylvain Dargent from France

Far more difficult on others than on myself. mostly depending on others' capability to open up and relax.

Anonymous from USA

When I use it; it heals me.

Drew Tardiff from USA

Same experiences. Healing within a group of friends.

Gabi Ziolkowski from USA

Yes but not on purpose

Jean-Paul Zagarola from USA

Anytime I play the didge I feel a sense of euphoria and disconnectivity from the material world. It is a way for me to meditate which in turn is healing.

John Elliott from United Kingdom

Played to demonstrate healing properties of the didj for a friend who is a music therapist.

Jonathan Benham from USA

I ordered some bare root fruit trees one time and they arrived in bad shape; so I played to them as I planted them with the intent to heal them and cause them to prosper. The did good and grew well !


Very..relaxing..hard to explain in words..you feel this "vibes" through your body giving you a massage from the outside and from the inside!

Justin McCauley from Uruguay

Just for personal healing

Lloyd Smedbron from USA

I've healed myself at times but noone else. Nobody asked for healing from me.


I'ts such a great feeling !!!

Phil Watson from United Kingdom

I used to play to my friends daughter who has had sever brain damage from birth.The experience gave both of us great pleasure.

Tim Quick from United Kingdom

For calming restless babies


I used in a massage combined and the person o trough a situation in his life some pain emerge in his body and disappear with the sound

Adam Trujillo from USA

Very relaxing

Ayal March from Israel

It heals it heals the sound heals

Colleen Way from Canada

As above plus my cats absolutely love a low soft drone. I always saw purring as healing and now I can do it back for them. When we didge for anyone we have no idea what we might be helping. Could even be something undiagnosed. I think the "intent to connect" is the most important element.


After a stressful day at the office sometimes I cannot wait to get home an relax with my didge. I love it's therapeutic powers to release stress.

Daniel Varas from USA

I was giving a Didj seminar at a Feng Shui shop and a girl volunteered to have the healing done. Since my Didg. is a D note we held the didj on her second chacra and played.

Dietrich van Zype from Belgium

On myself every day


It is a wonderful experience. We do that once in a month.


If I was tired I listening didj sound.

Jose Luis Salazar Castilla from Mexico

It's for meditation I close my eyes and feel the body vibrate


When a friend of mine was pregnant I used to hold the didge to her belly and play for the unborn fetus.

Lea Nixon from United Kingdom

I have played it in this way for physically handicapped children I teach.

Max Arnason from Canada

People are lulled to sleep.

Mika Myllari from Finland

I've used a low B sounding didj in reiki type of healing in the beginning and on the end of the session. I've used the didge about 10 min in the beg. and 15 in the end and people have loved it!

Anonymous from France

My girlfriend loved it...

Ryan Harris from USA

I use my didj all the time but the best time is right after a yoga session

Sebastian Douglas from USA

I am just a beginning but I find the sounds to be very relaxing. It also appears to help me clear my mind and focus on inner self.

Abdul Razak Nasrudin from Malaysia

I used to play when I feel stress or tension.

Aric Mayer from USA

Sometimes play my didj over my girlfriend's monthly cramps - soothing for her!

Brian Ingelbrecht from Belgium

My friend was very depressed and I played on my didg for 20 min and after that he was very relaxed.

Anonymous from USA

Same as above when by breathing lungs takes a hit from allergies.

Donat Callens from Belgium

Have played to my girlfriend while she was having a nap. She said it was her best rest ever.

Gale Kaffka from USA

I own a didj and use it for sound healing on a regular basis. I find it very centering as well as physically and spiritually healing.


An friend of mine has built an "camp" out in the finnish woods with small houses up in the trees and an finnish "sauna" in the ground etc. etc. there I make these Shaman sessions with my shaman-drum and self made didgeridoo helping people "look inside" helping 'em to "see" ( Could send pictures if You like)

Anonymous from Australia

Well I don't really know but I put some tones on to fall asleep to...does that count? I'd see it as healing yea.


To cure sadness among friends who have loss people close to them


Not many people her like the sound of it here in Turkey. But my friends think I am a GURU!

Salvador Martinez from Spain

Very often in the mornings I use to play the didje to do some meditation

Shon Helton from USA

I was at a festival in central ohio (u.s.) and I wasn't feeling very well and I had twisted my knee and this guy placed the dig about 4 inches away from my knee and I started to feel tingly at my feet then it ran up to my knee cap and then all through out my body within minutes my knee was feeling better...as he played the didg I was meditating..and I was healed


I combined didg healing with reiki having read Jim Wafer's booklet on Vibrational healing and indeed since hard to do both at once I also used didg cds while doing reiki as I find as you get into the individual harmonics it really heightens the awareness of channeling chi

Tom Darling from USA

Playing the didj as a form of mental healing

Vicki Lynne Allen from USA

For myself--my roommate likes to meditate to the songs


Few experience


A gente que quiere probar y relajarse pero prefiero otras formas de curacion que la del didji

Cheryl Moulton from Australia

I would so love to experience sound healing and to participate and gain knowledge of it

Colin Lennox from USA

On myself for headaches

Daniel Reimers from USA

General healing during didj circle;

Emilio Cortes from Spain

The same is like a kind of meditation but in this case you got to be more careful with your breathing

Eric Castonguay from USA

If I have stress during school mainly finals I will play for a long while and just let all the worries bounce down and out if my didj;

Giovanni Stunada from Canada

On self

Anonymous from Sweden

I get into the didge and become like one body with it; Me and the didge are one; I can express my feelings and every thought I have in my head;

Johan Segers from Belgium

Pure concentration in contact with the elements

Mark Rosen from USA

See above also the first time I ever heard a digi I immediately jumped to the floor and asked the player to blow it over my body; Unbelievable!!

Michelle Marcus-Deardon from UK

An Aborigine at Swiss didje fest was upset at us doing it; I would like to but want to do it with understanding and knowledge if I am to put sound waves into another body; I do it to myself with my own didjes!

Moreno Papi from Italy

I work with didjeridu massages (it's difficult for me in English!!!)

Richard Grossman from USA

I regularly use a variety of didges in my medical practice; People love it;

Taylor Witt from USA

Sometimes when I feel enervated from a long day I come to the solace of my house and pull out my didjeridoo; Once I begin playing it I can feel my energy flowing through me and returning from where it was hiding;

Tobias Grimm from Germany

Well I didn't intend to do so but certainly playing helps me feel better when I'm in a bad mood;

B Forde from USA

No but I would like to use it during one of my meditation sessions

Bill Dewey from USA

Not yet but after last night I have been informed that I will be. My wife said it felt grand tingly. Now she has to finish learning to play so that she can reciprocate!

Brian Burke from USA

While busking in numerous cities I have given didg massages


It's really relaxing

Cynthia Shattler from USA

I have been working with my own didge and plan to incorporate it into my therapy work with my clients.

Hawk Henries from USA

After the above experience I realized that there were "other" uses for the didg. People began to ask if I would play the didg near certain areas of their body. most expressed that it relaxed their muscle's and some stated that it helped relieve emotional stress.

Jack Nisan from Israel

I have played didge over peoples bodies in the second didj meditation [23.9.02] and on other several occasions it's an amazing experience for the player and the listeners

Anonymous from New Zealand

Well a past girlfriend had a huge bruise on her leg I used it try to help the healing. Not sure if I helped much or not!!

Kev Grant from England

I continue to use it for self healing hard to explain but I feel in touch after listening

Anonymous from England

When I am stressed I calm myself down by playing the didj.

Paula Reeves from USA

I'm not sure if this would be considered "sound healing" but I do notice that when I play my didj it induces a state of peacefulness...I almost feel like I'm meditating when I play.

Anonymous from Sweden

I've used it many times on myself :-) but not so much for others. The didgeridoo in itself I think is a mix of medicine/music instruments


A friend played it for me when I had a terrible headache and I have to say that it calmed down!

Tim Peak from USA

I also do Cranial sacral work and when I use the didj prior to these sessions the clients rhythms are much more distinct and pliable

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