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Playing with other Didjes in Harmony

Below you will find comments left by visitors when entering our questionnaire.
These Comments are unedited and complete (we only removed double entries and where people asked us not to publish)

Visitors Comments about didj healing made
during the month of January - March 2006:

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Visitors Comments about Didj Healing

Aaron from Canada

I'm not to good at it yet I can't circular breath and my bamboo Didj has just cracked their really bad for that

Anonymous from USA

Powerful experience. Nothing else like it.

Adam from Canada

A friend and I gave a healing to another friend and she was completely ecstatic afterward she thanked us profusely

Adrienne from USA

The didge played over me and I cried wept screamed. Release of very old pain. As I played didge over meditational group. A sister screamed a primal scream opening portals in her soul.

Agnieszka (Aga) Milogrodzka from Poland

The first time I was giving the didge healing was the most intensive experience. I assisted my (now) boyfriend in a big healing session. I tried to relate emotionally to each person individually and to heal and balm their mind and body. I've only been given didge healing by my boyfriend so it is always intimate. I feel that my body becomes relaxed and all stress flows from it. The vibrations from the didge penetrate my body to the core of my cells and nervous system cleaning them and returning them to their primal state - to such an extent that I experienced a feeling relative to an orgasm - no joke - it was really strange and amazing for me.

Alex from USA

I find that when I play the vibrations relax and soothe my muscles as well as the sound having a calming comforting effect on me.

Andre Ramos from Portugal


Angelique from France

I played against a tree and the person was leaning against the trunk.. it was fabulous for them and were so quite!! it was also fantastic for me too!

Anne Pfauth from USA

I haven't experienced sound healing but with my exposure to them so far I can sort of see how it would work.

Anthony from USA

Well my cat is always afraid of everything noises light dark silence. Always on edge. When I play he comes into the room and seems to relax closing his eyes and just forgetting all of the things around him.


Good sensations from the very deep of you

Ashleigh from USA

The healing I received was from a very experienced and skilled didge player and it was by far the best healing work I have ever felt and as a massage therapist for over 25 years I have a lot of experience in healing work. The didge works on many dimensions and clears stuff the average person didn't even know about yet they are still able to appreciate the level of work being done. While there are no "end all or be alls" in the healing field the didge comes very close. And I have very little experience with it and limited playing ability.

Aurélien from Belgium

It's like a vibratory massage. Each cell is purified by the vibration.

Bart Vrancken from Netherlands

It was very relaxing but that is the only "healing" quality I will link to a didge. I don't believe it heals I believe it relaxes.

Bas Piek from Netherlands

Not an healing with didges but another one with quartz which have an much higher frequently since I was working that healing as the sound engineer I was given some of the healing cd's and I tried to combine these sounds at home with the didge which gives a really strange feeling in your body I believe that's because you can get same sounds at different frequencies if it would be helpful for healing I really do not know

Benjamin from France

It's so lovely and peaceful!

Bill from South Africa

Spiritual enema

Bill from Canada

Meditative with a family member.

Bob from USA


Brenda from USA


Brett from USA

Very peaceful

Brian from United Kingdom

Used it on several people all said they could feel the effect almost immediately


Incredibly relaxing

Brien Porter from USA

I have practiced sound healing on my wife and children as well as people outside my household. Every time I practice sound healing it is a slightly different experience. The first time I sound healed out of my household I was nervous. I had the patient lay on their back and relax. Told them to focus on the sound letting it envelope them completely. I played nice slow rhythms and beats in a hypnotic trance like fashion for just over fifteen minutes. My patient was a healer as well but not with sound. She told me that her chakras were turning clockwise in her feet again and she felt that her energy flowed more freely.

Cary Deberry from USA

A powerful cleansing sensation washing over you.

Casey Nichols from USA

I have not done any physical healing but there has been many a time where through playing my didge I helped someone feel better about life and realize their problems were not as bad as first seemed.

Charles from USA

I cannot put it into words.

Chris from South Africa

Amazing relaxation of body and mind

Chris from USA

I can say that the playing has greatly aided in the recovery of my lungs and heart.

Chris Yerlig from USA

Playing the didge for someone's well-being you make a very tangible connection from your heart through your breath through the air to the person. It's not just a sound link but a very strong vibrational one.

Christian from Chile

Recientemente he aprendido a controlar la respiracion y a sacar ruidos este año espero perfeccionarme aun mas para poder ocuparlo con un sentido mas ritual

Cindy Liming from USA

I don't know how to describe it. All I can say is it was an "out of body" experience.

Clare from United Kingdom

Have only experienced on CDs but still powerful every cell in body seems to vibrate - leaves you feeling both invigorated and at peace.

Claudia from USA

I have severe back hip and knee problems. Lets just say I felt it in my bones. I left the session walking straight and tall! It didn't last too long however because I will need to keep up on it to train my body to a healthy posture.

Anonymous from USA

My wife has back problems as well as a bad knee. I use the Didgeridoo to alleviate her discomfort.

David Butler from United Kingdom

I expecting a floating all encompassing experience that showed my how strong my spiritual side is. Instead I found myself lying in a clearing which was very peaceful until a wild dog came to me and killed me. That gave me a reality slap of how pure my soul is....Dog food!

David from United Kingdom

Calming stabilising inspiring and emotional release. Also energising.

David Lassio from USA

I was totally unaware of all the qualities of the Didjeridoo.

David Longster from United Kingdom

It was a wonderful experience for me and the recipient. The experience was emotionally very healing for us both.


It was unplanned spontaneous...an immediate balance was established in my body so that whatever healing needed to take place could do so in harmony

Don Simonetti from USA

The vibrations went to my core and harmonized my chakras.

Dorothy from USA

I have used on my 50 yr old daughter and each time she felt very relaxed. She had a recurrence of breast cancer and I will continue as an addition to her chemo.

Douglas from USA

I've read about the healing qualities of sounds through various research and understand this also from a native american spirituality

Douglas Michon from USA

I had someone try this on me once; I wasn't ill but it did seem unusual.

Douglas Vroonen from Belgium

I did give sound healing to one of my sons a while ago he had a heart problem who was reduce by sound healing the surgeon never understood it.

Dr. Cheryl Bryantbryce from USA

Although temporary it provided some relief from the grief I am experiencing over the loss of a child allowing for some sleep which has been so elusive.

Drew from USA

I was under the impression it relieved muscle aches headaches and many others. So I tried the therapy on my friends for muscle aches and my family members for headaches and it made all of them feel better.

Eduardo Filgueira from Argentina

Ok WONDERFOULL very good


Completely took my experience to a deeper richer level.


No good word to describe such a good experience

Eric German Schweikart from Argentina

It's a wonderful experience I don't have exact words to describe it.

Eric from USA

I find the resonance very relaxing and healing and have experienced great results firsthand.

Esteban from Argentina

Completely connected everything is vibrating in the air you can get the place you want no gravity.

Eyal from Israel

I had thought about how it might have healing qualities before even hearing about sound healing

Fabian Damanet from Belgium

My knees was broken three years ago by a horse my back is almost painful after a long day and my ribs too. the vibration of the drone is like a massage and the screams are quite like a communication between the guy playing and you. may be it's in my head but after that I was feeling better.( may be well relaxed )

Francesco from Switzerland

I love to help the people who ask me a didge massage!

George from Yugoslavia

It is a completely great experience I felt utterly replenished.

Gorazd from Slovenia

Very intense

Greg from USA

The first healing I received by Didge simply blew me away. I felt totally revved my fatigue was vaporized! Occasionally I've used the didge to help in removing and transcending negative energies.

Guillermo Blancas from Spain

My girlfriend has frequently headache I play very small didge 15 minutes approximately and before she want to play sex with me(is a secret)

Henri from France

The person appreciated it said it helped to relax her and that the vibes go very deep in the body.

Ian from Hong Kong

I live in Hong Kong where there are few didj players and I am not too experienced a didj player so the opportunity for this kind of experience is limited

Jacquelynn from USA

I am a 3 time cancer survivor (age 10 brain tumour[Menegioma] age 21 Uterine Cancer [discovered when I was 6 months pregnant] age 35 skin cancer) as well as a 30% Service Connected Disabled Veteran (US Army 6 years). I am adopting my Husbands Boys (age 11 and 13) that have been living with my Husband and I for 7 years after my Husbands X stabbed him the in the stomach in front of the boys. They have both been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Shock and Oppositional Defiant Disorder. I have tried to teach my kids that nothing is so bad that you can not over come it. Laughter goes a long way to making yourself and those around you feel better. I refuse to go to bed angry and I refuse to wake up angry. I try and make the most out of every day (including taking time to stop and smell the roses). I just turned 44 and have done so much...I lived in Europe I sang in a band I play Cello and Bass I love my kids I have a great Husband...and you know I don't think I would have done so much if I had not had cancer. My personal philosophy about life reflects the Tim McGraw song "Live like you're dying" to quote the song; "Like tomorrow was a gift And you got eternity To think about what you'd do with it. An' what did you do with it? An' what can I do with it? An' what would I do with it? " P.S. One of my few remaining goals in life is to sky dive! Thank You for holding such an uplifting contest!


I was feeling that all my cell where dislocating

Jacques from Canada

Each of us is built with seven notes sounding OUR chord. You change the notes by dint of character and releasing your Inner Divinity.

Jan Stalmans from Belgium

Didge healing? Well I've seen some people who pretended to be able to heal with the didge. I do believe that the didge has a healing aspect but I don't believe you can control it.

Jeff from USA

It's hard to describe the indescribable

Jennifer White from Canada

I went to a deep deep familiar place of the ancients. I felt the ancestors presence. I felt the joy and the heart wrenching power of forgiveness.

Jeremy from USA

I moved out of my body and watched the whole thing from a different place. a place of intense love and acceptance!

Joerg from Germany

And I would never do that. that is something the old fellas should do.

John from USA

Unique feeling! Very relaxing and you can feel the vibrations opening the body parts being worked on.

John from United Kingdom

I have given relief from back pain and operation scarring.

John from USA

Inner peace feeling

John from Netherlands

My patiënt flet great after the sound healing.

Jonathan from France

Deeply relaxing images of ancient past - very shamanic.

Judy Echols from USA

We do this at a festival in Oregon every summer. I have also done it for friends.

Julien from France

It's fantastic

Justin Delucca from USA

A friend of mine was having some back troubles. I had him lay down and played for a while over his 3rd and 4th chakras. After about 10 minutes he stood up and stretch. He said he felt taller lol.

Kanser from United Kingdom

But only to friends especially one girl called debi (a beautiful indian girl who plays the wooden saxophone) springs to mind was an amazing experience and I would like to look into it further

Anonymous from Australia

No not yet but would like to

Ken Ralph from United Kingdom

It was hard work on my part! I had a Tibetan Singing Bowl along with a Didj the recipient was completely awed by the experience

Kerrie from Canada

I have a lovely friend in this rural Ontario community...she is a musical therapist...we have discussed working together in the future.

Kristie from Australia

To have someone play around you or as healing feels amazing too! You become lost in the vibrations. You can feel it moving energy and circulating it throughout your body. Hearing didgeridoo for me is like my kind of trance.. the only kind!

Laurence from United Kingdom

The people I've given healings to have experienced emotional release grounding and warmth travelling through their bodies

Lawrence from USA

When I was 16 I had an overactive thyroid. My doctor put me on some medicines. I went camping with some friends about a month after I started taking them. About a week into the trip it was nighttime and my friends were sleeping. I was sitting alone outside by the campfire. I heard something in the distance like a low droning sound. I recognised the sound as a didgeridoo. I hadn't had any real exposure to the instrument at this time and I was very curious. I started to make my way towards the sound. I saw another fire up ahead away from the lake about 100 feet. Approaching the fire I could see a guy sitting against a large rock playing his didgeridoo. He stopped and looked up at me. He said hey man what's up? and I said I just heard you playing. We started talking. When we were talking about the didgeridoo he mentioned that he uses it for healing and for meditation as well as just playing. Since the guy was basically a stranger to me I told him about my thyroid gland and asked him if he would do some healing on me. He agreed and we set it up so the bell was pointing at my neck from about 5 feet away. He asked me if I was ready and I said yeah. When he started to play I closed my eyes and concentrated on the sounds healing me. He seemed like he played for about an hour but I think it was only about 10 minutes. Afterwards we talked some more. He let me try to play it but I didn't yet have the hang of it but I was hooked. I stopped taking my pills to see what would happen. I was supposed to take them for a year and then stop to see if my thyroid gland would return to normal function but after a month when I stopped taking them my thyroid was functioning normally and the doctor said it happens like that on very rare occasions and that I was certainly lucky. I still wonder sometimes if it was the didgeridoo.

Luciano Giambastiani from Argentina

I give didge. sound healing to my mother she has reumatoidean arthritis so she had experienced relax... I used didge. to heal some breathing maladies.. And I'm interested in breathing techniques. like yoga breath etc. (I'm clarinetist and saxophone player too so I'm interested in technique of breath.

Luke from Germany

I had a monstrous migraine headache and played the didj... to my surprise my headache lessened.

Marcus Holm-Petersen from Germany

Giving it is very powerful-receiving it is calm and peaceful-it can also show us our weakness and neediness

María Isabel from Argentina

Is amazing


My husband has played his didge into my sore muscles and I felt better!

Mark De Roode from Netherlands

I was a little skeptic first but after receiving it I felt energized something I would never have believed if I had not experienced it though I am familiar with the trance you can get into while playing the yidaki. Because we were playing in a small group of friends I also played (accompanied by an experienced teacher) on the chakra's of one member of the group.

Mark from USA

One of the most powerful experiences of my life

Matthew from USA

At a health fair in Palo Alto CA I had a 20 min session that was quite positive

Max Rivera from Peru

I'm actually helping my sister with a healing process she is passing trough. She had an accident and she broke a knee so when she ends her rehabilitation she comes and I play near her knee

Maya from Croatia/Hrvatska

My friend who borrowed my a little didge to learn how to play showed me the healing.. but only for a little while.. it's so good to feel the vibes all over your body.. we are all energy and when you feel even greater energy it only can be good...

Mike from USA

It is enlightening

Mikolaj Szczesiak from USA

Helps me breath better. Better breathing helps body concentrate relax heal.

Nigel from United Kingdom

For years my wife had a problem with her foot lots of pain in the winter. after 1hr playing over it she has had no pain since

Pamela Kerr from USA

Not exactly I feel good when I hear one played.

Patrice from Bahamas

Fantastic would have loved to have done it when there where no other people around! for a better experience.

Paul Bishop from USA

I played the didj for my wife's friend over the phone. She said she had relief when she listened

Peggy Adams from USA



In both cases the experience was positive with good results

Philip from USA

The receivers say they feel more peaceful and present to the moment. Others have had experiences that are significantly outside their usual realm of experience.

Pierre from France

But I hope to try..

Rafa from Mexico

Ha sido muy gratificante. La música del Didgeridoo me ha resultado tan emotiva. Es por eso que ahora busco el conocimiento de este arte mitológico.

Rafael Janczak from Poland

In receiving: overall body relaxation. very positive mental state that eases me into a kind of dream state. in giving: very deep connection to the person I am healing. I always put my entire heart into the breath and rhythm and keep myself centered in an aura of empathy and humbleness. I rely entirely on intuition and let my heart guide me according to what it picks up from the person being healed. have almost always had a very positive reaction from the sisters and brothers whom I've didge healed. One or two experiences where the experience was too intense for the person so I stopped.

Rich from USA

I have participated in a sound journey with aromatherapy and energy work integrated in one. It was a circle of people all with yoga mats in a circle around a crystal layout and the healer/shaman was droning and producing healing overtones. I also have worked as the healer given sound healing to three people in a similar fashion.

Richard Craven from USA

Felt like the sound slammed right through me. It was one of the most powerful and potent things I had encountered prior to my vision quest.

Rick Thompson from Australia

Healing in the form of coming down to earth of being moved in a way that only a didge can do. Relieving the stress and pain of life in the city being taken to a place far away and seeing what lives and breathes there.

Robin Palmer from USA


Ron Greenberg from USA

Receiving a didge sound healing is beautiful and unique. it resonates to the bone connects one with the earth and opens one up to the vibration of the spirit that connects us all. after all we are all vibration and the didge reminds us of that fact. it helps us raise our level of vibration for a higher state of consciousness and healing.

Ruben from Italy

I had a headache and my best friend played on my head with a DO key. After 30 minutes I feel fine!

Sam Boys from USA

The deep resonance helped to 'ground' me in a very stressful chaotic situation in my life...

Anonymous from Chile

This summer after a day building houses with a friend I offered didge therapy to help her relax and release the stress. After I played around her body for approximately 20 minutes she said she was in a sort of trance.

Anonymous from France

It s really great experience with a good exchange between you and the others the sensation are amazing

Shane from Malaysia

In the past year I was involved in sound healing with the didge in Koh Phangan I was working with a lady who played the didge and did acupressure. She would usually do the acupressure while I would play the didge over the points that she was working on. I get myself into a trance so I can access the part of myself that is one with everything else and in this state we would open up energy blockages for people.


Just via a demo. I hired Ed to come out and treat one of my patients who broke his leg.

Steeve from Switzerland

I am a novice

Steve from USA

I have played the didj into wives hands and she has said that they have felt better and refreshed afterwards. She is a massage therapist and we are working on a way to integrate didj healing into her sessions also.

Stewart from United Kingdom

I have used cd whilst running a relaxation session with people who suffer from people with learning difficulties and physical disabilities.


Connections to meridians and mind body spirit land

Sue from USA

No but I am completely intrigued by this-hadn't a clue that it even happened.

Thomas Gramstad from Norway

Receiving: relaxing and soothing. Giving: satisfying filling connectiveness

Thomas from USA

I think I received healing but I'm just starting to learn about the whole experience.

Tom Maucher from USA

I say I have done both but only towards myself. My lungs have been regularly exercised and my mind?......let's just say I'm different now. (in a good way)

Tvrtko Mandic from Croatia/Hrvatska

Many times after playing I feel better... simply better fresh and happy:)

Vincent from France

But I believe in sound healing and not only from didgeridoo. For my mind Music vibrations and rhythm are healthy.


It moved stuck energy and opened areas of my body releasing emotion.


Floating and uplifted spirit




Would like to

Anonymous from USA

Bought a didj from a local musical craftsman. He did a healing for me--with me hanging upside down!--to connect me with my instrument.

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