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Playing with other Didjes in Harmony

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Visitors Comments about didj healing made
during the month of June - October 2004:

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Name and Country

Visitors Comments about Didj Healing


Outstanding sound

Amine Benbrahim Ansari from Morocco

Yes it's very nice very funny

Anders Winlund from Norway

I have done it several times, both received and given didj-healing. I have seen and felt that it takes away physical and psychical pain and besides, it relaxes me very much!

Anonymous from USA

It seems to "blow out" all dense energy-like a cloud of black powder and allows the energy to move through again

Arpad Toth from Hungary

Played for myself, healed me..but when played for others I saw healing in the eyes and in the souls and not understanding, which is good

Brett Lyons from USA

Various taps at various points, direct sound resonation blasts on places of tension, overall musculature relaxation. Heart and lung expansion(I had just quit smoking) sensation.

Chris Szymberski from USA

Although I have never had it performed on my person. Every time I play the didjeridu, it rejuvenates my spirit and sheds my cares and needs. I like to play to my plants and pets (dogs and reptiles), which allows me to fall into place with nature and mother Earth.

Don Rich from USA

Please, I have a broken back, and the pain is intolerable....can someone give me a sound healing?

Douglas Burson from USA

I'm training for the 2006 olympics in speed skating and I have asthma, playing the didjeridu helps me breath stronger and experience "asthmatic attacks" much less frequently, and my speed is faster! every one in the house also seems to experience better restful sleep when I play!


I played the didge on the body of my girlfriend and she felt very well,after this. I fall asleep during the Didge-massage.

Eric Guiry from Canada

It would seem that the sounds I produce on my pvc didge are most describable as calming. when ever upset, stressed or tired I seem to fine a harbor in the vibrations that other music can't give


Nice, ok.

Francesco Bova from Italy

Every time is a different experience

Anonymous from France

The important fact with didj healing is that you can really feel the energy surrounding you and the result is often magic.

Jeff Bottjer from USA

Considering I had a bunch of psychedelics in me at the time, it was VERY intense and at the same time, very comforting.

Jeff Brandow from USA

If by healing you include a feeling of overall well-being. Most definitely!!

Kyle Stoner from USA

I received a didj sound healing from Astarius at a Psychic fair in early October 2004 here in Napa. It was amazing...the sounds went straight through my body and permeated my mind...it put my soul in touch with the moment that my body lives in. it made me feel warm, giddy, and energetic. I soon felt as if the sound was coming from inside of my head rather that outside in the physical world. Soon after I received my first didj in the mail that I purchased at Earthdance in Laytonville, 2004 from Sacred Hollow and caught on surprisingly fast. In fact I have only been playing for 2 days and I am already getting good at circular breathing. I have only begun to experiment with sound healing for others as I cannot play for long periods of time, but what I can do seems to be received well!

Anonymous from Canada

I lay on the floor with others and had the didges over me. Wow, what an experience. Spiritual, healing, wonderful.

Ludo Jouin from France

I was in the hospital where I work, with old people,a friend was playing percussions and some persons enjoyed that I do, it was very good.

Michael Pierce from USA

I have a golfer friend whom I played to for a few hour,she said she didn't know what I did to her but she felt a big change in herself

Robbie Sinclair from Canada

A purely meditative evening of dancing/meditation to didj tones.

Ron Card from Canada

My Wife sometimes suffers from severe back pain. Using a low B key Didj I didjed her body, especially in the lower back region. It helped her get to sleep and relax and she'd like to repeat the experience. I enjoyed sharing the Didj with her in this way and if I knew another Didj player I would really like to experience this myself; so far I can only Didj my own foot :)

Russell Shorey from USA

I hurt my back at the 2003 Joshua Tree CA Didge Fest and my neighbor had a gigantic agave didge that he played over the hurt area. My back felt better almost immediately.

Steve Weber from USA

Receiver says that it feels great, very soothing.

Adam Wisby from Australia

I found a deep relaxing sense take over my body allowing me to slip away to a place of oneness with mother earth and the universe.

Anna Boydell from Australia

While I was camping in a small town outside Lismore, called Kyogle, my friends and I met a young aboriginal man, who shared his knowledge of didj healing ability with that we got a first hand experience. it felt as though my whole body was on fire and with every sharp call into the didj it gave me cold shivers down my back. when it was over we all just sat there numb.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Would love to get more info on this


Sounds awesome but I haven't had the pleasure

Canice Paliotta from USA

I have watched while someone else had a session. I hope to be able to do this for others as well as feel its wonderful effects on myself.

Cyril Paquier from France

My experience of giving didg sound healing is very complex. it's an excellent feeling of eternity, It's sharing a moment with friends, you can feel the powerful vibrations going through your body and going the body of the person you're healing it is very pleasant, I feel a great peace inside of me, and a great plenitude And when you're healed you can also feel the vibrations going powerfully through your body and at the same time it doesn't hurt, it's is very pleasant , you can feel your blood and the energy flowing completely ...

Dan Stoner from USA

Only once. Was just to show someone the concept. Look forward to experimenting more and finding someone who's really into it.


When ever I use the didge for healing or meditation it works very well to raise energy levels and shake off bad energies as well as really awesome vibrations for meditation

Eric Jaramillo from USA

Looking forward to it

Graham Fortuin from South Africa

We had our end of year party at college and we were two players amongst 10 people. When we started to play, everybody went quiet and everybody could feel an energy force amongst us.They didn't want us to stop!!!!

Héctor Adrián Peralta from Argentina


Anonymous from France

Brilliant, the sound is helpful in comforting and opening oneself to - I'm following a shamanistic path and found this experience moving - difficult to express it with words!


Twas incredible

John Watson from USA

Minute third eye stimulation, as was the intent of John, my yoga teacher at the time.

Kenny Hansen from USA

I haven't done any of these but I hope to be granted the chance too soon

Kristina Hunter from USA

I am going to med school and plan to go to eastern medicine school as well. I would love to incorporate the didjeridoo into my future as a healer.

Leandro Mussini from Argentina

Ocurrió un día en el que estuve muy estresado, todo me había salido mal, y estaba muy nervioso. Entonces fui a mi casa con un amigo que estaba en la misma situación, y pusimos un CD de música étnica. A su vez, comencé a tocar el didgeridoo. Después de media hora, todas las complicaciones del día habían desaparecido, y tanto mi amigo como yo nos sentimos extrañamente revitalizados y tranquilos, con la mente sincronizada.

Marcus Oeberg from Sweden

When I'm tired after working or something else, I listen to didj sound - and it's so healing for the soul and body!

Meriam Underwood from Australia

Well dancing to tribal music makes one feel lifted high from the earth sweep up in warmth truth and harmony

Michael Thiesen from Germany

I am on my way to enter a shamanic way... that'll take some "time"...

Michele Kanfer from South Africa

It is the most amazing feeling - you feel relaxed and at one with your spiritual energy.

Pieter from Belgium

Actually I think there is always a healing part when playing didge, especially when you use it for meditation. It gets me in a state I never get without playing.


I fell good with myself, like Shaman trance to another place out of this world.

Sam Boys from USA

I play the didj for personal meditation. It helps to focus my mind and my breathing...and the vibrations cause my entire body to resonate with the pulse of the life. It really puts me "in the zone"

Anonymous from France

The first time I played front of my friend they were so exciting and me too, it was a very great moment.

Shane Randhawa from Malaysia

The only experience I have had dancing to other people playing was in India at a rainbow gathering , I have played for dancers on numerous occasions , from the serenity of our jungle parties at the magick river(Kuala Kubu Baru) which is always the most fun due to the level of concentration to playing at clubs in the city which I never enjoy as much but the money is good . I experienced my first didjeridoo massage from a man named Die at the rainbow gathering in India , he took me to a quiet place in the forest and played over my chakras it was a beautiful experience after which I felt my spirit moving with much more ease inside my body . The first time I did healing on someone was in Koh Phangan in Thailand , a friend was suffering from swellings in his throat and a high fever , two of us gave him a drum and didje massage , he recovered within a couple of days , I also participate in healing ceremonies with the Malaysian aborigines (Orang Asli) where we have aided in the healing of various people with various ailments along with earth healing ceremonies .

Anonymous from Australia

It was amazing, feeling ones body resonate and all the muscles around the area the didj is placed seem to get a deep, soothing massage. It leaves me in a state that I had not previously experienced, but find most comforting and serene. Also I've found that whilst meditating or practicing yoga, at times the didj can have a most positive, and surprising influence on comfort, patience and mood.

Tracy Eichelberger from USA

At a workshop I took for energy healing, the teacher happened to also be a didg player and had brought his, so he played for us for awhile and we meditated and "took in" the healing sounds....we also really grooved to it! :)

Anonymous from Australia

Totally amazing, can't explain the feeling it creates

Anonymous from France

Some person explain me how I had to make song.

Wayne Krause from Australia

This 1 man came to school when I was in grade 3 he was playing the didje and he got me up there and asked me to pump a tune for him in front of the whole school I was making animal sounds it was great

Albert Romeu from Spain

In two occasions. It's very difficult to explain. Is a kind of going out of time and space, like when meditating or dreaming, and at the same time you feel all the cells of your body like making gym at the same time and you feel them getting stronger and stronger...

Alberto Alberzas from Spain

Llegue a un estado de relajación donde no sabia lo que estaba arriba y lo que estaba abajo, los demás sonidos paseaban dentro de mi como unos soloquicios

Andy Pardoe from United Kingdom

More of a sound balancing than a healing. I met a party of mediums/psychics in Avebury at summer solstice who seeing a friends didjshop t shirt expressed an interest in didj music, so after playing for them with my two didj playing friends for a while I offered to play at them. After the first recipient gave a glowing report they all wanted some - all claimed a pleasing and balancing effect. I was pleased to have been of service.

Bastien Bouchonneau from France

I'm just start, I'm looking for rhythms in different cds, I would want progress & I would want have Didgeridoo training

Anonymous from Australia



Sounds awesome but I haven't had the pleasure

Anonymous from Canada

I have both given and received sound healing from the didge. It gets really intense to do group healing sessions with multiple didge players and a group of people receiving the healing. truly such a powerful tool

Frances Puplett Puplett from United Kingdom

Being a sound healer I found the vibrations to be very powerful up and down the spine, as it was played behind me whilst in the sitting position.

Germán González Damonte from Spain

Chilling, travelling, didgeridoo's sound makes me feel like in some kind of chill mood, everything's cool when didg's sounds.

Héctor Adrián Peralta from Argentina


Anonymous from Canada

I felt some resistance leaving me that ironically I did not know was present, then a release of this resistance-- then a very light feeling-very nice.


It is not a new experience for me because my voice is deep and my whole body shakes with my vibrations, and I've used this vibrations at yoga classes. I need vibrations to fix my body and my mind

Anonymous from USA

Very personal feeling of harmony

Kevin Dugmore from United Kingdom

I could feel the sound inside me, vibrating my internal organs. It was very pleasant and relaxing.

Lion Créps from France

I have given didj for my wrong-head (sinusitis)

Ludovic Gauthier from France

Very relaxing, I used to sleep as it was fine

Anonymous from Australia

I had one elderly gentleman (70ish) who was quite "straight" if you understand me, said afterwards that it was one of the highlights of his life due to the connection he felt to his heart which he had not before experienced. He was overwhelmed as it was not expected.

Maria Hankins from USA

I demonstrated the healing effects of the didgeridoo in a university presentation and with the instructor

Mikah Marx from France

A perfect communion of vibrations between the patient and the yidaki... I was totally soaked after the session, my whole body was wet, shaking, and my mind was overwhelmed with the pain released out of the "patient"... a few minutes after I stopped playing, I went into a Peaceful state of mind and body, smile was blocked on my face!!!

Pascal Aerts from Belgium

Not personally, but I know a psychiatrist here in Belgium who uses the didg to treat his patients. He also eased the pain of his sister with the didg when she was dying from cancer. The effect lasted up to an hour after he stopped playing.

Patricia Leonardo from Portugal

Its a amazing feeling..is like receiving worm energie..and travel with her and with my mind to perfect places...its very relaxing e energizing

Pieter from Belgium

Actually I think there is always a healing part when playing didge, especially when you use it for meditation. It gets me in a state I never get without playing.


Not a bad idea though!

Anonymous from Belgium

When I received didje healing, I had the impression of falling down into the earth like in a spiral. And then I began to feel out of my body and start to fly into another dimension. It was a shamanic ritual. Now I help people to have the same experience, with didje or/and other ways.

Scott Marko from USA

I play the didj to relieve my own stress or headaches or anytime I need to relax and unwind. Since I can't just up and come to Australia It brings the essence of life to me here in the Stressful USA.

Thor Hammaraxx from Australia

Every time I hear a Didgeridoo being played I feel healing being done


I primarily use my bamboo for my seeking of self and as I travel I come across gates that allow me to know more about myself. this helps greatly with my mental condition that I have, hopefully some day I will not need medication and will function well and prosper with out chemicals I have post traumatic stress disorder.

Tim Garlinge from United Kingdom

Because of both the close vibrations and the deep resonant tone it leaves me very relaxed and tingly.It also makes me feel calm and refreshed


The welling emotion at the sound of a didg being played is almost indescribable..To close my eyes and go back to where I feel the sound is beyond words. When the sound is finished the peace and love that hangs in the air is thick, so I can relate to what would be the healing properties of the sound. I have not gone to anybody for didj sound healing but I can understand why a person would.

Tony(Geo) Powers from USA

It causes everyone's energy to accelerate in the room, some look bewildered while others almost cry at the amazing feeling.

Anonymous from USA

It was great there were about 10 or more diff. didj and the feel of the vibrations was amazing. It went right up my spine and realigned it! On an emotional level I felt such relief and peace.

Andreas Weber from Germany

Very helpful against stress!

Anonymous from Canada

I have never even heard of such a thing, though it seems to make perfect sense and sounds like something I will be incorporating into my meditative routine.

Bart Devroey from Belgium

Made me feel good

Brendon Garrett from USA

I know that when I play the didg, it can and usually does change my state of mind also producing visions. I wanted to try and help others have the same experience. I assumed the vibrations are just as if not more powerful than playing the didg.

Chad Baloy from USA

I had a dream(s)(which are the lifeblood of me)about Vancouver BC, a place I am moving to. And there I meet a man with this didj that is kind of like a big opal, and it is broken around the mouthpiece, and I say, great, lot of good this I do, and he shows me that the song is always there, and can't be broken. Well, my fiance' and I were on holiday there and sure enough, on that same road, a man was didj healing with a didj that had opals and glass and crystal in the holes and cracks in the body. I told him the story and he played on and around my head and I was definitely not in the city any more!! I felt as though I was on a big plain, with this big aardvark/bug thing. I remember the sky was dark but the sand red. that was my didj healing experience. And I'm proud that it happened.


Having done a wonderful course in didge playing, with an extraordinary group of people who have become not just my teachers but my friends, the culmination was a healing session where we lay on the floor and the three teachers all played the most extraordinary rhythms for us.

Derek Scheeler from USA

I was very very sick in a hospital once with the flu, and was also very tense. A man volunteered to go there to help come people. It really did relax me and I loved the instrument ever since.

Anonymous from USA

Wow interesting questions. No wonder I feel at peace after playing the pvc pipe with a duct tape mouth piece for 30 minutes. I am sure using duct tape is not the best thing. I'll look around for the beeswax you mention. I have noticed that my speaking and singing voice has taken on tonal qualities of this home made instrument. Or maybe its the other way around. I sense the energy source(vibration), that lingers in my upper chest long after I stop playing. A sense that I am being heard by the universe.


I use didge-playing for relaxing and energizing myself

George Grenke Iii from USA

For meditation

Gerardo Mercado from USA

My friend has carpal tunnel syndrome... she asked me to play on her wrists... I played for about 10 minutes. I was in a great meditative state. my friend told me her wrists tingled and felt warm, the pain actually went away for a while.

Anonymous from Portugal

I was calm and relaxed, I felt like nothing in that moment could ever strike me. I was in a deep and profound meditation. Aware of myself and aware of my thoughts.

James Turner from USA

I have never known how to do one. I use Reiki for healing along with prayer and Quantum Touch.

Anonymous from USA

Still a novice... but time may tell...

Anonymous from South Africa

I am interested in finding out how it works. if you could please inform me in these methods

Joshua Stitzinger from USA

I especially enjoyed having the didge played over my body, especially the vibrations inside my chest.

Leonardo Camacho from Brazil

My first contact with the didj was in the Brazilian Amazon jungle, in a meeting for heal the earth.

Mike Brown from United Kingdom

I do feel a great sense of focus and relaxation when playing I am sure this is to do with the cyclic breathing which is very similar to yogic methods, and also the deep vibrations felt throughout the body.

Pascal Durand from France

Something like the life's meaning

Anonymous from United Kingdom

We are currently experimenting with sound healing combining crystal singing bowls and drums, and want to combine the didj in the process.

Anonymous from Italy

I am a music therapist. I like to receive the music therapy too. one year ago I receive a "sound massage" by a didgeridoo. now I would like to learn to play the instrument.

Anonymous from New Zealand

After listening to the didj for a short time, I felt an invisible hand inside my stomach, massaging my intestines. This lasted for a few moments. At other times, I often experienced the restructuring and reformation of my aura, especially around the solar plexus area.

S. Bate from United Kingdom

Just been to Australian show, didj player there had a profound effect.

Stephane Swinnen from Belgium

Exaltation, splendid feeling, gives you rest and a good felling afterwards

Todd Erdody from USA

No, but I'm sure it would have any affect on any state of human 'being.'


Its rather personal...

Alex Gracia from USA

I give people didj massages, I just play a deep tone along their spine and shoulders, people tell me it feels good, I've never had one cause I don't know anyone else that can play well enough to give me one

Alisha Suer from USA

Well I haven't but I just wanted to say that the above 3 sound rather intriguing ... I want to learn more.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

I was trekking with my parents and I came down with the chicken pox and my parents trekked with me on there back when they came upon a village and the local witch doctor sat me in front of a fire and played the didgeridoo in the back ground and he danced around singing and chanting and the next day my chicken pox had gone we stayed with a tribe for 2 weeks

Andrea Venica from Italy

I am handicapped and I find in dj the way to feel good. All this to a midollar lesion, I am paraplegic.

Anonymous from Canada

I have never even heard of such a thing, though it seems to make perfect sense and sounds like something I will be incorporating into my meditative routine.

Anthony Rhone from United Kingdom

I am a healer myself have been so for about 8 years,after being told I had a gift to heal.the didj came into my life at the same time and they have a big connection for me. I used the didj at centre for autistic adults, the reaction was amazing instantly bringing an air of calmness,they came from all over the centre to listen,touching the didj and feeling the vibriations.it was a beautiful moment. I play the didj before I do some healing it totally centres my energy and relaxes my conscious mind allowing my spirit to come through. I would only add I have not and would not charge for healing, a gift is a gift.

Chris Murphy from USA

Did it for a couple chicks I know kinda as a relaxation, message thing. They loved it and so did I. Let's hear it for Didjin'!

Chris Troop from USA

Playing the Didgeridoo helped strengthen my heart and lungs after heart surgery.

Christian Owen from USA

The didgeridoo as a healing instrument, both giving and receiving is a very powerful,quantum experience. I play on all sorts of people, family, friends, and people I've just met on a regular basis, with wonderful results!

Claudio Vidussi from Italy

I feel good. Sorry I don't speak english, just some words.

Colin Pine from Australia

My first experience was a night when we had the Djembes playing around a fire. We had gathered for night of fun and music. The Yidakis came out and as the droning started the fire lights jumped up into the sky. The energy swirled around the fire and we all looked at each other amazement. We jumped up and started rhythmically dancing to the drone of the Yidaki. Awesome! Bring it on the power of the Yidaki! A healing session with Honour.

Anonymous from Sweden

It have been positive to help people with didge healing, it helps people to open and Heal the base and sakral chakra and sometimes it also goes to solar plexus chakra. I have tried out to combine it with Reikihealing and that works fine.

Donat Callens from Belgium

Best rest ever for my girlfriend when I played all over her

Gérald Sundermann from Belgium

I have impression of fusion with my didj, and his become life and play by himself

James Saldivar from USA

I say no because I'm not sure what it is .but it is healing to my soul when I play. I always feel enlightened and reassured after a good set.


Relaxing. Makes energy move


I use this music for Reiki Treatment

Jonathan Evatt from New Zealand

People have a very enthusiastic and positive response. I can attest to particular 'changes' taking place for them (in terms of 'healing a particular health condition') but it seems that the experience lights something up within them. People report feeling unusually still, their thoughts stop, some have visions and 'trip' into various states and places etc.

Karen Ramey from USA

At the "sound chamber" as mentioned above Kalish Kakopeli played a array of instruments. He began the meditation/sound healing with the bullroarer which opened me to the heavens. It was very powerful. While playing the didgeridoo, I felt a deep sense of groundedness while at the same time a sense of water running under the earth that carried me back to a time where man/woman could feel the earth energies to make decisions in daily life...

Anonymous from Germany

I do soundhealings sometimes and I have made really positive experience s. I don't have a specific scheme I just believe in the healing power which is very present when a didji is played (in a healing way)


Psychical goodness, positive effects by depressive people ( sorry my very bad english)

Lance Isakov from USA

Amazing! I'm an acupuncturist and energy healer and sometimes use my didge in sessions. The direct vibration is very powerful! I have a slide didge that I can tune to different vibrations....this works fabulously!

Mike Whitson from USA

Just feeling the music that comes from a didge is very relaxing. I just close my eyes and sort of drift away.

Anonymous from Finland

I was on a trip in Germany, Rostock. I had an awful headache. Me and my brother were walking down the street and we heard someone play a didjer. We stopped to listen and my headache was gone!


When I have receive didj healing, I felt many peace and tranquility and this was achieved by means of the vibrations in the chakras (points of energy) And when I gave didj healing I felt many happiness

Rae Demoisey from USA

Maybe yes maybe no. I heard a friend play a Eucalyptus didgeridoo and was sent into deep thought. At time of much stress and turmoil I was eased into free thinking. I was then allowed to try it out for myself. I sat outside in the sun for hours just breathing away and creating all sorts of sounds before I knew it the sun had set and I was light headed and relaxed. I felt so connected to the world around me and yet light. I have been seeking to buy one since then but have no means to purchase at this time. I am not inclined to use a plastic one as the experience was truly a connection of earth were the end rested wood in hands smell of natural smells and myself pointing up to the sky facing the sun. Beautiful! The vibrations reach deep into the far recesses of the psyche. Allowing one to look at ones self and the universe as one and to feel a part of the om. Healing, Absolutely!

Sandro Reinhardt from USA

Although, when I play the didgeridoo (I haven't in a while as I don't own one) it seems to relieve stress

Wendell Hicks from USA

I have given didj massages and received them. I've used the didj to get into a deep meditative state of mind.

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