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Playing with other Didjes in Harmony

Below you will find comments left by visitors when entering our questionnaire.
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Visitors Comments about didj healing made
during the month of November - December 2004:

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Visitors Comments about Didj Healing

Carl White from USA


Dave Stolarz from USA

Well, first of all, I can play the didge fairly well but am only recently becoming familiar with the healing qualities it has and also the culture and people from which the instrument came. But I was playing with my friends at a party when an older women asked me, "Can you didge me?". I didn't know what to think. She laid down on her back and directed me to play over what I believe were the different chakras. That went on for about 5 minutes and then she thanked me. It was a great experience.

Anonymous from USA

I feel the energy patterns shifting. It's easy to shift back to the old patterns after the experience but having the experience stretches you to become more familiar with being at peace looking inward. This creates easier access to clear thinking when you need it and things get hectic or intense. Just remember the sound/feeling and shift your consciousness.

David Weiss from USA

The vibration just shifted my energy from somewhere unexpected. It released things I did not realise I was holding on to.

Donald McLoughlin from USA

I have studied music healing with Nadia Lawrence Ph.D. I class a student played a didge with me hooked up to EEG. The didge changed my brain-waves, and my blood showed different levels of cortisol. Lately, I have revisited Dr. Andrew Weil (Harvard MD) and his music tapes with rhythms that facilitate healing. Some didge is included. They use binaural beats, where different frequencies come into the left and right ears and the brain interprets the difference. AS an example, 100 Hz is pumped to the left ear and 106 Hz to the right. The brain "hears" 6Hz, which is in the Theta range (hypnotic state). . . down there where young children reside and flourish. I love going down there. I play a low didge tone with a little tongue movement and some voice. Warms my heart! I want a really nice didge bad. Did I say that before?

Anonymous from USA

My daughter found the vibrations very soothing to her back.


It cleared my clouds

Drew Reid from USA

Right now I play the didgeridoo as a guest performer for the band - Brother. We are putting together a segment for our DVD called 'Didjing across America". After every show in as many cities as possible, we gather the audience together and let them experience the healing power of the didgeridoo. I loved seeing the reaction of the people feeling the didgeridoo for the first time on their head, chest and back. Amazing...

Elena Pignatelli from USA

It helps with my cramps.

Emile Dumont from Singapore

Its was a relaxation and made my life better so I am learning the didgeridoo now.

Eric Fuehrer from USA

I had a friend play on my head and I received a "tingly" sensation in my toes!

Gabor Rapali from Hungary

I used it to relax and to limb friends and my families. When I play on it I used to get more power and energy from the universe,and after it I have a big smile. :)

Gary Love from Australia

A close friend was recovering from a breakdown. I played at his back while he was sitting in front of me with my big didge (a powerful B) and he was quite adamant that he felt better after several minutes of droning. Just droning for extended periods makes me feel pretty good as well.

Gert Minuth from Germany

It is calming stressed peoples (me too) and can good relax spastic kids (my son is one)


No words needed

Anonymous from Canada




Helmar Ernesto from Colombia

Con los frecuentes dolores de cabeza he encontrado una buena cura por este método.

Hugh De Pentheny O'Kelly from USA

As a spiritual healing medium I incorporate didjeridus as a preliminary to open and balance the chakras, to work the aura and to attune to spirit. They have a profound effect on both the person being healed and the healing medium.

Ian Acason from Australia

Every time I'm feeling sick in the gut I play my didj and it always feels better

Igor Blahut from USA


Jacob Whitson from United Kingdom



Just simply awesome

Anonymous from USA

Didge is the best cure for a rough day. Playing yourself or listening to someone can really set me straight. I was once playing in a group of people. All were laying around in a circle. The girl next to me was very tense, or uncomfortable. As I was playing a deeeep B slow and meditative she began to sink into a relaxing state. You could see it in her face and the way she was laying there. Like she just went limp. Didge is THE perfect medicine.

Jennifer Isley from USA

I'm interested in this! I must find out more.

Jurek Fiedoruk from Poland

I play didj for my friends gathered around the fire-we dance and play together me and my wife play both for each other for healing, for ex I played for my unborn baby!

Larry Chambers from Canada

Never heard of it...must investigate soon

Anonymous from USA

My heart was heavy and sad, and I became blissful and extremely happy.


He sentido volar mi imaginación

Michael Henderson from Canada

The responses to the above question are awkward. I have experienced didj sound healing. . . by playing it!

Michael Pfau from USA

I feel that the didgeridoo has healing powers when I play it. It greatly reduces my stress.

Michael Reid from USA

Pure magic! I have played at sacred gatherings for consecrated fires, etc.

Michelle Malone from USA

I need to read more about the didjes so I can utilize them to their fullest.

Mike Clayton from United Kingdom

It gave me relief from chronic sinus problems and also removes tension

Morgan Karno from USA

I used it to reduce seizures in cerebral palsy patients.


I just felt healed when I had heard it at a concert once, it is very powerful

Nancy Sheehan from USA

I am fascinated now and probably will buy a didj CD soon. Hollowed by termites! You don't say!!. I need to know more....

Nathan Barnard from Australia

Mostly to myself, and my wife. It is calming after a day with two kids.

Nicholas Coco from USA

It made the girl feel better. I felt better also

Renee Briggs-gordon from Australia

The sound vibrations echoed deep within, I was at the centre of a human circle

Richard Grossman from USA

It's truly amazing. All of my cells vibrate to a new level. I feel renewed, both when giving and when receiving. Many of the people to whom I've done didge healing report that their lives have transformed.

Anonymous from Canada

I play didj as part of shamanic healing and clearing, usually in partnership with other shamanic healers. Wonderfully effective for aura clearing and deeper work as well.


Placed a crystal altar at the center, Didj player integrated Reiki, Sound therapy of the didj, and a crystal bowl to match drone and overtone sounds that took each on a shamanic trance journey. It was amazing.

Robert Ross from USA

The didj isn't acknowledged as a healing tool by aboriginal people, so I find it important to let people know that I am inspired by aboriginal culture, but use the didj in my own way. Among all the sound-healing techniques, I find the didj to be the most powerful tool personally, allowing me to channel an individual's "song" for their own healing. I always thank them for their song and feel honored to have been chosen by them as a healing instrument.

Ronni Fox from USA

I was on leave from Vietnam...I was angry and felt disconnected to myself, after the healing, I realized that Vietnam was only one reality, not reality itself.

Ry Erickson from USA

Didgeridoo healing is great. I love the way the deep vibrations rattle my lungs.

Sean Keeney from USA

One night I was outside after a long day with one of my didges and I just started to play it. When I went back inside it was an hour later. I had forgotten about my bad day completely while playing

Sean Stewart from United Kingdom

I have just started using didge! so I am just finding out its magical qualities...especially as we are new to each other this will take a we while.

Shane Stevens from Australia

I am currently studying Environmental Science, at one of the camps a indigenous man heard me playing and asked if I was interested in experiencing a didge healing session....amazing!!

Shawn Nelson from USA

As soon as I heard a Didj I knew that healing was one of its properties. I am researching to buy a healing Didj from you guys specifically for this purpose. I will also eventually buy a concert grade to play in a band with some friends. I finally got into music as a way to heal and emote and let out my creativity. I am going to buy the Didj video as I do not now know how to circular breathe.

Anonymous from USA

Someone gave a CD to my mom and it was very comforting


I more help people to relax and find there inner peace

Susan Germany from USA

It mends my soul.

Anonymous from USA

While pregnant with our son I listened to didgeridoo music while practicing my natural breathing. When I went into labor I brought my favorite CD with me. I found it so soothing and calming while in labor.

Taylor Jenkins from USA

No I have not used it for meditation, or done sound healing with it, but I am still learning to play, and I want to do both of those more than anything in the world. I feel the didge is a vital tool in bringing peace and healing to the world - I want to be a part of that, I am a part of that.

Tim Smith from USA

I have both given and received didge healing in combination with hypnosis and massage. I am a practitioner of a type of hypnosis called Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Anonymous from France

I play didj for 1 year

Anonymous from Malta

I saw someone who did it in india,but since no one taught me ,I never gave to someone.they said it was reiki with didge.

Wednesday Rowanoak from USA

Briefly (at a gem fair), today Pablo Ledesma was playing one and talked about how, what, where to learn, buy etc (great guy, great sound). Even in the busy bead show I walked away from his brief healing/playing smiling like a fool, still smiling (inside and out). Decided it's time to make the time to learn how to play. Played one once, got a good sound the first time I tried, at that time nowhere to learn locally, not much on the internet about it then....put it on the back of my mind until today......

Aaron Jay from USA

I worked for 3 years as a didge healer and massage therapist, now I am a professional musician - didge/percussion, and part time didge healer. (www.kannal.org)

Alex Pearson from Canada

It was amazing I could feel the power going through my body and it really helped to cleanse my chakras.

Amano from United Kingdom

Somewhere around 1993 I was living in sedona Arizona, which is a four million yr old red rock area in the usa.....I was hanging out with a couple of friends ullas and larry we were on a road trip from la......anyway I'm sitting there with my didj at that time which was a gift from an aboriginal brother from kukularanji people...and this woman walks up to me in this country and western bikers type bar and goes "my angels tell me you can do healing .....my son is in hospital with a broken neck" to which I replied"yeah it's such and such a vertebrae"......the guys name was brian and I got everyone in the bar to scream " get well soon brian" .....anyway two days later I went with his mother who owned jovan hair salon in sedona...and went to work on brian with my didj and a few crystals and bits of wood.....I was initiated into spiti/aura healing by an english healer back in 1989 in a bar underground in covent garden.....I went to work on brian with my crystals placed on various chakra points.......I was standing there for about an hour or two doing my aura healing didj thing...and I can't really explain it in words to you I just kind of vibe my way around.....anyway remember brian is laying there with a STEEL FRAME bolted to his skull in four places to hold his broken neck in place......anyway two days later I spoke to him on the phone an he said this "your music brought me back from the tunnel" and he told me that he was on the crossway between life and death,in a tunnel of light with spirit beings waiting for him....and his mother told me that later on after he came back he was crying a lot and kissing this bit of wood which I left behind....she also said that the duty nurse was in tears saying "this is a miracle" because not only brian got better but everyone else in the intensive care unit got noticeably better after I was there......So I say to you guys at didj shop that I owe this miracle to the ancient aboriginal people and the didj I owned at the time...yes man ...the sacred didjeridoo actually brought brian back from deaths door.....

Andrei Fedichev from Israel

I had some stomach ache and a friend of my put the end of the didge above the stomach and played the didje for a while . I felt the vibration went throw me and than the warm overcalming feeling spread all over me . and then the stomach ache was gone.

Anthony Cooper from USA

A very close friend of mine had realized that he had grown addicted to pain killers. He admitted he had a problem and began seeking help. He started to cut down drastically on his intake of the pills and began going through very painful withdrawals, such that he could hardly move from his couch. I had come over for support and offered to play my Didj over him(which was purchased from you're awesome shop), telling him it would help him slip into a state of meditation and ease his suffering. He agreed to let me play over him, and after about 10 minutes he reported a significant release of pressure from his stomach, his nausea was eeking away. He had something to eat after our session, and felt little stomach discomfort,a nd was able to rest easy that evening! This was the most awesome and immediate experience of didj healing I have taken part of! an amazing instrument, that heals the mind, body and soul. beautiful!

Benjamin Wolk-Weiss from USA

It was a really awesome feeling. I could feel the vibrations in the different parts of my body.

Benji Flackman from Canada

It made a beautiful connection between the both of us as I managed to help release much pent up stress and anguish my friend had experienced in the past. it was beautiful

Bill Hayes from USA

I am a member of several Native American Dance Troupes. I have incorporated the didj sound into our Indian songs. These songs are recorded by both Indian & non-Indian people and used in healing ceremonies. When I started playing the didj I didn't know about your web site& I was only able to find a learners' didj that is made out of a synthetic material & came with an instructional cd rom. It has a nice sound & I still use it for all of our ceremonies & performances. But I have always believed that the healing powers would be stronger if I was able to use a real genuine didj. This is why I'm entering your contest. I hope I win something.

Carlos Eduardo Poirier Johnson from Chile

La respiracion circular la practico todo el tiempo que suena el didgeridoo, tambien esta repiracion me permitio descubrir la vivation, en la cual me inicio

Christophe Michelin from France

Not so long experience, given healing to my young children (7 Y old)

Edward La Corte from USA

A former Girlfriend was doing rebirthing in Her tub,when I had the idea to blow my Didge next to the tub whilst She was in it,later She said She LOVED it,but She wished I played Longer!It really opened up a lot of feelings for Her!!!

Anonymous from USA

I have had extreme ADHD my whole life. Last year I was finally put on meds to curb its effects. I recently bought my first after hearing a friend playing, and found that when I am in the zone, I do not have the side effects of ADHD,ie hyperactivity. I actually sit still and focus on the music. I have found this as a great method of relaxation. I often struggle with fidgeting and never just relaxing. This has been a blessing to me. I have found a way to sit still and calm.


I am extremely keen to look further into Didj healing.

Anonymous from France

It's fantastic to be on or under the didge in this moment...

Anonymous from Chile

No se si es una cura milagrosa pero creo que la fe hace milagros, cuando estuve en el ecuador me dio dengue que es una enfermedad relacionada con la picadura de un mosquito pero que es temporal (dura aproximadamente 6 días) los síntomas son la fiebre, el dolor de huesos de ojos y del cuerpo en general. Por supuesto la inapetencia ya que el estomago no tolera la mayoría de los alimentos. Mientras duro la enfermedad toque todos los días prácticamente todo el día hasta que lograba calmar los síntomas para dormir, solo paraba para ir al baño y para dormir, ya que estaba en un lugar aislado y no existía asistencia medica, fue la energía producida por mi cuerpo al tocar lo que me mantuvo sin lña necesidad de asistencia medica.

Jeff Mahoney from USA

A drum line with didges and pipes, all three put together made a healing theme. just close your eyes and feel the sounds.

Anonymous from USA

Chakra healing and energy balancing.


Shared with my wife and with group at didge gathering

Anonymous from USA

The blessing of the didj was 3 fold for me. The sound, the vibration and the breath of the person playing the didj. It was like having the very breath of God touching me. Simply amazing.

Louisphilippe Day from Canada

Well, I know that I can use the didge to heal. When I choose my instrument, I saw the energy spiral going out of the mouth of the didge. So, for healing, I connect myself with the earth and source and let the breath reach the person aura field and warmly surround them. Then with some vizualisation, I change the energy color of the person according to his/her need. I just begin this kind of thing, but I do know the power and good effects of this kind of healing.


My little brother, who is seven years old, had a stomach ache a few weeks ago. As I have heard and read about the didj's healing vibes properties, I figured out I might just give them a try with my brother, and so I did.

Matt Howe from USA

When I play the didj or when it plays me. I have healing dreams. see the future. put protection around loved ones, fend off evil spirits, use resonating frequencies to heal ill people, even to produce lightning combined with another medium, I play the didj to my plants so the food in my garden will heal. I am going to purchase my second didj from u guys ae013 low f # I would like to have an lightning bolt burned into it, I play 4 hours a day, I love it and so do the people

Mauricio D'Orey from Portugal

It was an incredible experience, cause the energy released by the didj sound not only had effect on the other person, but on me also. It was like a bound of energy that was created between all the people involved. Amazing...

Mauricio Salinas from Chile

Fue en el cumpleañoas de una amiga y yo toco guitarra y con un amigo que tiene un didj nos pusimos a tocar y entramos en una especie de trance y despues nos dimos cuenta que la gente que estaba en la fiesta estaban en un trance muy parecido al de nosotros y todos cantando y bailando.

Michael Pechous from USA

There have been many instances, through meditative reflection, personal spiritual growth, personal/and or social atmosphere music, where many various styles of music has been an intrical part of the experience. From each of those types of personal and social gatherings,I have had the pleasure of the didgeridoo bringing myself, and or others to another plane in our spirituality, revelations, personal vibrational rates. The sound, experience, contemplation, a didgeridoo, is sometimes hard to explain, but I usually surmise the experience by saying the sound emitted, visually, could be described as a oscillating wave, pulsating with intensity, growing ever wider and stronger, fading off in the distance, carried off in the wind, rippling thru time and space.

Nick Arens from USA

I mainly use the didgeridoo for personal healing from stress and other reasons to help forget about troubles, and pains I have. I don't believe the didje has direct physical healing properties but it effects your spirit and mental health which in fact do effect your physical state. I don't have any dramatic stories but I have many memories of relaxing to the sound of my didje and others.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

I haven't but u have me wondering.....why not

Rev Bowen from USA

The quality of didj healing is unique, sending the tonal vibrations into and through the body of the recipient. If the player plays from a center of harmony, then the recipient has the opportunity to resonate with healthy vibration. That, I believe, is what didj healing is all about. It very much requires the player to intuit and provide what is needed while the recipient must profoundly relax and trust the vibrations. That binary aspect of the relationship is so fulfilling for both.

Scott Estrich from Australia

I have given it from time to time for close friends after a discussion about the intrinsic powers of the didjeridu and its meditative sound and vibration. I have found that playing not only revitalises the other person but myself as player.

Anonymous from USA

I often use it to meditate. So in return it has often given me the needed tools to recover from certain mental pains.

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