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Playing with other Didjes in Harmony

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Visitors Comments about didj healing made
during the month of April - June 2006:

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Visitors Comments about Didj Healing

Adam Fisk from USA

I have not but I would like to experience it and I believe this world could use more of it.

Alon from United Kingdom

I played didgeridoo to a young baby that was crying to see how it would effect her and she stopped crying immediately. If I were to stop playing she would begin crying again. So I played for 10 minutes solid and she fell asleep!


It healed my heart when I was really sad

Andy from United Kingdom

Again I have no doubt that it can be extremely useful to therapy/healing

Angel from USA

It seems as though words are inadequate to describe the powerful positive experiences I have had with didj sound healing.

Annabelle Linvill from USA

Vibrations that go deep to every level of my body mind and spirit.

Brad Cole from USA

I have silenced a crying child lulled a restless child to sleep and cured headaches and other muscular pains.

Anonymous from USA


Cara Hartley from USA

I haven't directly experienced this but I think I got some physical benefits by default while using the music for meditation.

Carlos Alberto from Colombia

As I said before I played it thinking of the love I have for my friend and his family and prayed for their well being. I'm sure it worked because even if she died everything seemed to be very natural and we all assumed it as something that comes from heaven.

Chris from USA

I want to give and receive healings!

Chris from Australia

It was the most soothing and relaxing form of healing I have experienced

Cyrille from France

All that I can say is that when I play in the park where lots of people have their little walk with their children running every where or crying what they can didjeridu has has an immediate effect on them instantaneously they are quiet as possible impressed and go go away slowly after listening to me during a few minutes obviously it is a good relief for ears and nerves of parents...

Dan Freeman from United Kingdom

Once I gave my wife some sound healing as she is a yoga teacher who is into sound healing a sound treatment and you could see by the look on her face she was in ecstasy.

Dan Soreanu from Israel

It was the most realising thing I ever done

Deborah from USA

Just learned about the healing.

Debra Latimer from USA

It was wonderful/powerful

Diane from Czech Republic

This is fascinating! I had no idea how "deep" an instrument the didj was. I do believe in sound as a healing agent and have regularly visited a "sound healer" in the USA. She used music that would create vibration in a mat on a massage table. I will send her an e card from your web site.

Dovin Herring from USA

Playing over a person laying down with ear muffs and tubes running down the side or not; perform at festivals in this mode; play during yoga and massage therapy sessions etc

Anonymous from USA

I don’t know if this counts but I get migraine headaches and when I play or hear a didgeridoo it usually make them go away. Most sounds really bother me when my head hurts and add insult to injury but the didge kind of has a wave feeling that numbs the pain away

Anonymous from Germany

Absolute relaxation wonderful

Felix from South Africa

It was a mixture of deep emotions that seem to stretch me back to my ancestral days. See I am an African individual therefore it has a major impact on transporting me back to my root's. It was an overwhelming experience that had me started reading more about the instrument and it's particular meaning to one of the oldest cultures on the face of the planet.


This friend of mine fell asleep and reported a whole better well-being after waking up. He had stomach decomposition.

Anonymous from USA

Didj heal my sleeping problems

Frank from USA

I have played for my wife who is sensitive to healing vibrations and she says it is very soothing and healing.

Frederick from USA

But now that I know about it... I will be doing it on the 21st of June... I have an instrument that I have just started to use

Garth Stone from Australia

L am currently up to my 19 didge healing and rapidly progressing in this most amazingly powerful modality through the use of colour and energy symbols I am able to activate cleanse release magnify enhance activate and ground all of the chakra systems of the body my stamina and intuitive abilities are slowly growing and once being respectful and giving thanks to the elders before playing the didgeridoo is beginning to come alive and play itself and I am having the most amazing experience learning about myself and other people through this amazing instrument. The feedback that I am receiving is amazingly exciting and the emotional shift that some of my friends are experiencing is overwhelming. I would love and appreciate the chance to acquire a beautiful new didge for my healing sessions and if possible find out more information about didgeridoo healings as till this point I have to trust my gut instincts and learn for myself the art of vibrational healing.

Anonymous from Australia

Would like to learn more

Greg Degreef from Canada

I tried it on my dog when he was having stomach problems not sure if it worked but he didn't run away...

Harold from Canada

But as meditation is essentially healing for the soul spirit mind and body I should probably yes

Herb Cohen from USA

Haven't heard of it-but I'll check it out on your web site.

Hiero Hiero from Brazil

I solve my wife's menstruation problems

Anonymous from Egypt

I always have digestive system problems and my stomach is always restless and in pain.. That day it felt as if food and fluids were being dissolved inside me so softly and I came out very relieved and feeling healthy and joyful.

J. Omar from Mexico

The person said that it was a relaxing experience

Janis Sevens from Belgium

It heals me every time I play its relaxes me and kills all the stress. so it heals me before I get sick.

Jay from USA

Personally I don't think that any instrument has a unique healing ability. A 'healer' can use whatever tool seems to work best for them. If that happens to be a didgeridoo then cool. But just as owning a scalpel does not make one a surgeon; Owning a didgeridoo does not make one a healer.

Jeffrey from USA

It's like a new growth or retuning from inside the body and soul.

Jennifer from USA

It takes away all worry and doubt and puts you at peace.

Anonymous from USA

I've had brief exposure to the effects of having a didge played over me with the intention of healing. I'd say "see experience with meditation above". Essentially the same but without the responsibility of playing I was able to let go even further. Afterwards I felt refreshed invigorated and serene.

Anonymous from USA

Felt my energy field start to resonate at different frequencies my chakras began to rotate very very opening experience

Johan Pot from Netherlands

No other sound in the world can make me vibrate the didge does.

Anonymous from New Zealand

Very relaxing to the muscles and the mind

John from United Kingdom

A magical experience for all people involved the resulting silence that occurs is exquisite

Jordan from USA

Clients and other healers in the room were entranced by the sound left relaxed and "high".

Jorge Alberto Cruz Valencia from Mexico


Juan Antonio Krespo from Spain

The first time I try 2 heal was with a massage last year in the summer solstice meditation we were 2 persons but the energy was unbelievable I could no play so long over my friend because the healing also started 2 affect me & I begun 2 cry because my emotions were so big. Second time was few days ago 2 other friend & this time I could finish the massage. I think didge healing works same that Reiki I think it is Reiki being possible heal a person together she/he or sending the healing at the distance.

Koichi from Japan

Vibration of a sound affects a heart.

Anonymous from Ukraine

A day after I've got my first didgeridoo I broke my leg seriously so next three months I've been playing almost everyday putting the didge on the broken leg to feel the vibration. And the fact I'm walking now is in some way the result of didge vibes And also by that time when my 5-year old brother was ill - I used to play didge for him. He has fallen asleep very soon and woke up almost cured.

Anonymous from Canada

Self healing

Lorgay Monaghan from Australia

No.. its against my aboriginal law for a women to play this instrument [OUR COMMENT: please read Lorgay's wonderful comment on 'Didgeridoo and Meditation']

Mark from United Kingdom

Helping my partner with tension / period pain

Martin Ludvik from Czech Republic

Nice and useful giving sound healing to pregnant women

Anonymous from France

Impossibility with the affectionate play

Anonymous from USA

To me the vibration of the didgeridoo promotes relaxation and also the release of blockages (or moves stagnant Qi and Blood as we would say in terms of Chinese Medicine). This in turn relieves pain which is due to a blockage in Qi and or Blood. I suffer from severe dysmenorrhea. When someone plays a didgeridoo in the key of D my pain diminishes or disappears for a while. I can feel the vibrations of different keys in different areas of my body. I've found that D has a particular effect on the low back sacrum and uterine area.

Mikah from France

As if my hole body got filled with fresh vibrating energy I first got very relaxed nice and smooth and then I eventually got revitalized with all my senses bright and clear.

Owen Norris from Australia

It relieved the pain I was suffering to about one fifth of what I was suffering

Paulo from Chile

Very good veeery gooood. ajajaja

Pete from United Kingdom

Amazing feeling of inner peace really deep vibes which affected my whole being

Anonymous from Australia

I have friends who have used the didgeridoo for plants!

Rafael from Brazil

Ñão entendi essa pergunta tbm mas eu sou musico e gosto de tocar digeridoo

Rick from Australia

From my experience explained above

Robert from USA

Australian shaman healer worked on me

Rogério Martins from Brazil

It was powerful and light.

Romu from France

Unfortunately I've never feel healing sensation...

Anonymous from USA

It was only a few min but the person said it was incredible

Russ from USA

I have given chakra healing before. I love the fact that vibration can heal the body mind and soul. MAN its a beautiful experience!

Ryan from USA

When played over the body you can feel it's relaxation pulsing through your body. its as if you were being swept away by the vibrations

Sami from United Kingdom

I don't think it is possible to just receive or give: the player and the listener are tied together with didge meditation.

Shawn from USA

Came onto this ancient technique with the married couple that taught me to play and offer this on an as needed basis.

Simon from Australia

I went to a pit healing ceremony. Its incredible to be IN the earth when the didge is played the sound travels all through you.

Stefano from Italy

Once I was on the beach with some friend of mine: one of them is a very good player and we both get the idea of using our didjeridus to... "massage" with air and sound some volunteers who agreed to lie on the ground and let the music pass through their whole body. One other benefit I get from playing is that it helps hearing less a stressful high-key whistle in my left ear. Medicines don't know how to cure it - they just measured it as a 8000 Hz sound so that I could know that what I hear is more or less a B...!

Anonymous from France

When you use intent of healing and

Stephen from USA

I have found certain individuals very sensitive to the energy of the didj and absolutely love it; most love it anyway and some are truly impressed by the experience. I am amazed when I receive a didj healing how I notice which parts of my body are muffled...which parts I cannot feel as clearly when the didj is directing sound upon me. I feel what it means to be blocked.


Life altering

Steven Gruchawka from USA

Played at the closing ceremony of a spiritual-musical (not religious) gathering while walking the inside circumference of the circle of 500 people while allowing universal energy to flow through me.

Steven Williams from USA

Well my first and only experience with this was recently when I and a friend participated in the synchronised sound healing for Bonzo. I was very sorry to hear that he passed shortly after I did not know him but as I have read he is sorely missed by many. [OUR COMMENT: thank you for being part of that healing, we feel it really helped Bonzo's peaceful passing]

Anonymous from Canada

I felt physically as well as spiritually relaxed listening to the didj.


Divinely inspired

Tara from Canada

My husband plays on my back to relieve stress it's wonderful

Tarik from Bahrain

I'm not sure if my experience construes didj healing but on numerous occasions I've played the didj to relieve a migraine

Tom Rychlik from USA

I had back pain and Steve Turner blew on my back. About a week ago I had a car accident and my back has never been the same. I told him about it and I have to say I feel great.


- but I'd really like to try it!

Victor Pichek from Brazil

Very good mystical....

Wardell Peel from USA

I play the didj over client’s chakras and heart to enhance their power to manifest what they visualize.

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