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Playing with other Didjes in Harmony

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Visitors Comments about didj healing made
during the month of December 2003 - May 2004:

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 Visitors Comments about Didj Healing

Aaron Blake from USA

I have hosted a series of didgeridoo meditation and healing workshops here in my town. I explain a bit about the origins of the didge, it's history and whatnot, how they're made, and how sound can effect your body on a cellular and soul level. Then I played didge in a sort of didge guided meditation and finished up by playing the didge up close to each person's chakras to clear and balance them. I also do a lot of impromptu didge healing. I find that it is really helpful medicine in various situations. when I do this I usually have the person lay on the ground and I play didge all around them. I've helped people with back pain, headaches, nausea, cramps, intestinal disorders and a plethora of other complaints. I am also a reiki practitioner so I use the didge as a channel for that healing energy. I also play didge with local bands, often to packed houses, so it's a really cool think to be able to shower hundreds of people with that sweet didgeridoo goodness. The didge has truly been a blessing in my life and an important tool in my day to day existence.

Adriana Okuma from Brazil

It was like meditation or trance.

Adrien Bélisme from France

When I bought my didg I show it to my friends. There were very motivated to tried. At this moment I Didn't have the circular breathe. Later I come to my friend's house and I play with circular breathe. Immediately they wanted to try and buy a didg

Alessio Morresi from Italy

It's difficult for me to explain in English... It's for me like a fantastic and magic world

Alex Moore from United Kingdom

I tried to pacify my screaming newborn. He found it too much initially, but now after 5 months he likes to rest his feet on the didj to feel the vibrations

Anonymous from Belgium

It's like the vibes give a tintellating inside (comparable to Tibetan bowls) that regulates, or that has a positive & pleasant feeling inside. It's in an experimental phase, practicing it among friends. Tried it on my parents, but they get nervous instead, like they are afraid to be carried away.

Barbara Burgess from USA

As I said above, I felt as though I was floating above my chair. I went to a didgeridoo 'class' with three of my friends and we were in a room with 30 or so people - all playing (or attempting to play) the didgeridoo. I was able to circular breathe a couple of times, but WOW! It is VERY difficult. At one point, I actually became light headed, closed my eyes and just melted into myself. It was an absolutely wonderful feeling and I left the class with a completely new attitude about life and all my surroundings. I was driving my friends home and really did not want to tell them I was floating when one of them said, "Did anyone else rise above their chair?" We all agreed. Two of us, including myself, are yoga instructors and it was more moving than any other form of meditation we had experienced in the past. If that's not a didj healing, please tell me what is!!!

Carlos Camelo from Portugal

I just did it once and I don't know if it as really healing. I just played to a friend. I had the didge near her to receive the waves of the sound.


Very nice

It seems to me difficult in the beginning but with my friends who share same aficci? we were able to learn like beam? respiraci? to circulate, and from ah?we ensallando every week


Every week a go to Theatre School, and there some time I have played for mi friends, for different activities: free movement, bio dance, concentration/respiration, etc.

Frank Weigel from USA

I was playing at the park under a tree, a young mother was screaming at her child. She proceeded to walk away from her child, and after passing me playing she smiled at her child and picked her up.

Frans Koolen from Netherlands

Playing the didge is part of the sound-healings we giving

Germain Laberge from Canada

Fabulous! Mystical!

Guillermo Vallone from Argentina

I don't know how to say it. My English is not as fluid as what I felt.

Janusz Guttmeyer from Poland

When I play I feel better and stronger.


Es bueno para quitar la gripa


Very orgasmic

Marloes Koudijs from Netherlands

It was fantastic, it brought me back to my roots, and I feel terrible when I came back into real world... I want to go more in that fantastic time


The healing experience was incredible. I intend to work in this area helping others to heal.

Anonymous from France

We were about 10 players playing on the back of our friend turning around him, really great feeling for the one who is in the middle

Per Hultquist from USA

We do "brain massages" on the Pearl St Mall in Boulder, and nearly 100% for those who experience it are awe struck.


It was really great

Anonymous from France

I went to the Festival "Le Reve de l'Aborigene" Last summer in France. Famous players as Mark Attkins, Allan Dargin or Charlie Mc Mahon were there. I stayed without any words after seeing them playing. Didjeridoo music is so unique and paradoxical. At the same time, there is such a huge power which comes out from the instrument but this strength still so relaxing and joyful. I'm not good enough in english to express this experience. But this three day festival and all the vibes that I heard just send me into another world, a sort of trance that I had never felt before

Raul Perez from USA

While playing basketball with some friends I sprained my ankle and had to sit out until we left the court. We went back to my friend's (a fellow didge player) and put some ice on it. Then I got the crazy idea of didge healing my ankle. He bellowed some notes towards my ankle. Although my ankle didn't feel much better the headache I had, from being out in the sun too long without water, diminished. My didge healing experience was for my mother. She was complaining of an aching back so I told her to lie down on the floor where she soon fell asleep. While she was asleep I softly played my didge towards her pain stricken back. I gradually played louder and louder until I was playing as loud as I could. I eventually stopped and waited for her to wake up. Whether the floor or the didge could have helped is unknown her but I like to think it was the didge that rid my mother of her pain.

Rick Whelan from Australia

Actually, I witnessed some. I saw a guy perform it on this girl.. she was profoundly effected.

Sean Riley from USA

It seems to be the ultimate in relaxation. I don't know myself because I am the only one I know who plays them around here...


I just begin

Stefano Giovannelli from Italy

Simply having moment of relax and peace

Stuart Kirkpatrick from Bermuda

Quiet room...Low light...Slow tones....sheer relaxation. Did it all myself. I'm hooked on didges,

Tibor Pongrácz from Hungary

I've played several times for nervous, head-ached persons - all of them turned in relaxed phase after a while (15-25 sec) Another important thing: in some cases - when I start playing - the rain starts falling. There are a lot of friends, who can prove this strange thing... The best experience was in a summer camp, with a lot of role player (approx. 60-70). When I started to play, the rain came, when I finished (and gone under a roof), the rain stopped. I tried it several times...


It was magical, every time I now hear a didgeridoo it makes me feel relaxed


Rhythm is my life and I know that rhythm is very compatible with the "Dig". The secret is within the player.

Ayal March from Israel

A girl I was camping with complained she has tummy-aches, and so I told her to lie down on her back and I've played over her tummy, meditatively, concentrating on healing, to bring her welfare. a soothing and releasing sort of playing and the girl said afterwards the pain had gone away.

Brent Dickerson from Australia

Only for relaxation after work or just to feel great.

Cheryl Sailor from USA

It cleared out mentally dark images and replaced them with the earth, the animals.....

Daniela Cerati from Italy

Very relaxing


I am an asthmatic. Playing the didj helps me to control my breath. I have the feeling that, since I started playing the didj, my state of health has improved considerably!

Darlene Diamante-Parisotti from USA

A group of us were in a cave in Kauaii Hawaii and chanted with the didje. The cave was rockin!

Dinè (Navajo) Van Wyk from South Africa

Saw it on t.v and would like to try.


I was asked to go to my favorite place; as the session began, I could feel my eyes darting back and forth which I began to find annoying until I realized/remembered that I don't have just one favorite place! so I just let go, and instantly felt an involuntary smile. when the session ended it took me quite a while to get back, and this surprised me as I hadn't noticed I had left. I have since had a second treatment with similar results, the difference being that it took me even longer to come back, and I noticed that my breathing was deeper and faster than usual, which resulted in my feeling oxygenated as if I had been on a long hard run. I felt great, and can't wait for another treatment, and I want to learn to share this with others.

Fábio Jose Da Costa from Brazil

Like the second quiz I could to feel my soul expand and immediately I reach a meditation state... like a back (or return) to my past and my body begun to flick and relaxing...

James Walsh from USA

My healing session was given by Lindsey Dank and Jeremy Lembo of Didg Revolution. I can barely put into words what I felt. It was as if I were on another planet, floating. Completely mesmerizing, going through my entire body. I could barely stand afterwards. From that day on, I've been absorbing all the info I can find on this instrument. Thank YOU for being here. And for Lindsey and Jeremy - I'll never ever forget it!

Jamie Vallance from Canada

Beautiful sound resonance frequencies in some didgeridoos reach below 5Hz, the same frequency as alph brain waves. Stimulates the mind!

Johan Thaens from Belgium

The most primitive sound brings one's mind back to its deepest roots... I think

John Hopper from USA

Very claming and peaceful experienced a dreamlike state during the playing

Josep Ma Rafart Ciuro from Spain

Normal, Basic.

Laura Lowe from USA


Martin Gibbons from United Kingdom

After understanding the healing process involved with using the didgeridoo I started to use it on my friend who suffered badly with asthma. it took me just over 7weeks but now he suffers no more. This is a true and accurate report and it has amazed all of our friends.

Anonymous from Australia

I am participating in a healing workshop and we use the Didgeridoo in our meditation sessions (group).

Otto Kapitany from Hungary

I feel better, the sun is shinning...



Peter Flecken from Netherlands

As a Christian I play the didge, but do not believe in healing powers of its' tones

Anonymous from USA

I was first "didjed" by Shine at a Folklife Festival in Seattle (I forget the year, somewhere in the late 90s - 96 to 97). I also met Karl Sacksteder at that time. Then later by a woman at a Tucson gathering for Alan Schockley's birthday in 98 or 99. I have, in turn, "didjed" several people who responded very positively.

Renato Oliveira from Portugal

Well, it was in a nice party in Portugal and I met a guy who is master of Reiki and he show to me how to really relax and in which chakra I should start playing the didj. Start at the end of the body, the the root's chakra and then go around up to the second chakra but move. The third chakra is good with the tone E. It is appropriated, what is not appropriated is blowing directly to the brain, he explain to me that is to much high frequency for the Sahasrara chakra(crown).


My had a big hurt in his face I sit down and played to his face an its going him better in a ca 15 minutes

Tim Peak from USA


Timothy Dietrich from USA

My experience with this form of healing was very intense and helpful

Wendell Garnett from USA

I received sound healing at a reggae festival several years ago and I was too intoxicated to remember, but I always offer didje massages to my friends so to see what they think about it. It is interesting the reaction different people have. Some people love it and want more, some have no response whatsoever, and other it causes them to freak out, it just too weird for them. I remember one friend who I was giving her a didje massage and she had me stop it was like I was tickling her or something. I found it interesting too, because this lady is a energy healer, so I thought that she will be more receptive to the didje.

Anonymous from USA

The very sound is healing

Benoit Haroche from France

I had just relaxed my uncle and after he had slept it was a good experience.

Bradley Keegan from USA

I was unsure exactly what healing methods were until I met a lady in Alcoholics Anonymous. She said they took the didje and waved it slowly over the body. I later tried this on several others and there response was calming.

Bruce Rich from USA

I played the didj for a bunch of sufis in a cave zikr; it was brilliant. I have trouble circular breathing because my nose is always plugged with allergic rhinitis - but that doesn't stop me from trying.

Chris W from Australia

Play with colour stone on stage last year at the bellingen festival & allen dargin is the master didj player he played for the age of 5y and I have performed with his didj & it's the best didj I need the best didj you got

Corrado Bove from Italy

La mia donna era sdraiata sul letto....il suono del mio strumento ci ha portati sull altare...


When I have done this, people have been surprised I think by the way it makes them feel and certainly, when I have been immersed in the vibration in this way myself, it has helped me reach a really clear state similar to the way one feels after a good meditation session.

Eddie Arriola from USA

Just basic sound healing with some friends. Nothing too elaborate.

Edgar Erber from Chile

I did in the desert of atacama and in the "dunas" whit two friends

Anonymous from United Kingdom

A didgeridoo was used on me in a breathing seminar to help bring up and release residual stress-energies trapped in my body.


She liked it

Anonymous from USA

My experience was brief but it was wonderful

Johan Thaens from Belgium

Not to compare with anything else

Jose Delgado from Peru

We're are a group of searchers of the truth, and the udaky helped us to get to this healing knowledge and trough this we practice every friday healing seasons playing the udakis around the fire.

Nick Gill from Australia

In a men's health group we did a session of healing using the didj sounds. It was really only an introduction to the potential of the instrument, and was not for very long,but it made me realise that I was only on the edge of a vast world of spirituality and healing.It gave me an insight into the value of ancient traditions.

Adam Carsey from USA

My children love to dance while I play and I love to dance for them while they attempt to play on my didj

Alexis Brouiller from France

It's a real pleasure to make other people discover such a marvelous instrument.

Allan Alves Pauletti from Brazil

For release the tension on my friends,it one of the many forms that I used.

Bart Boogaard from Netherlands

Hm that's allot let me tell you about the first experience ... I met a guy at a festival who was into reiki allot and was starting the didj I was talking allot and we played 2gether some sessions and I was very interested in reiki so he asked me if I could do a healing session for their whole Reiki group and I went for it but I did not know what I was doing so I just gave every person in the room (who was laying in the floor in a trance ) a full sound massage inte4rlocking completely with their needs it was very exhausting I think I swallowed allot of their 'dirt' so after I kinda collapsed and then the Reiki master came to great me and she was crying and hugged me allot then she offered reiki initiations for free and since then I did the second degree as well and learned allot about meditation and healing thru reiki and mixing it with the didge...so there u go that's my first contact with healing I guess pf very hard 2 talk my thoughts in english

Bob Brault from USA

Listening to the cut "Animal Dreams" took away a bad Fosters inspired hangover

Brad Cole from USA

Most often times I play to heal the earth .on a few occasions I aimed my didji at the effected area,then played with as much love as possible ,with apparent success.

Bradley Thompson from USA

For me the sounds of the didgeridoo quiet my mind and soul. Whenever I listen to its sounds I am brought back to a place inside of me that is more instinctive, a place where I feel the most natural and at peace with the earth and my surroundings.

Brian Fields from USA

I was invited to play the didj at a meditation workshop Given by a instructor who was taught in tibet. The individuals in the class were totally blown away (no pun intended) by the healing power of the didj. This was a pretty good gig. The workshop for 4 hrs cost $450.00, but I got to experience it for free.

Chris Welsh from Australia

The hardest thing in giving didj healing is getting ladies to take off there clothes and letting me blow all over them :)

Cyndi Shattler from USA

Just the other night my husband and I went to a drumming circle with our two small boys. We both played our didjs and our kids danced. I haven't felt that good in months. As a family activity we bonded in a way most who have not listened to or played didjs with their children won't understand. You focus on your own being and the intertwining of all our energy with the earth spirits and all beings on the planet. I have to say the next morning I woke up and felt completely centered.

Daovet Limmen from Netherlands

It was not only the digeridoo but with a lot of instruments and we lay on the ground and it felt like I was floating in the air

David Smith from Canada

As I have said the didjeridoo can do many things for me and others. It just works. Its the vibratory tones that bring the good spirits.

German Barrientos from Costa Rica

Solo una vez he tenino de escuchar, el digerdoo.en un festival de cultura.

Gilles Brouiller from France

Every one who ears Didg for the fist time what to learn to play it. Playing with other players can conduce to great instants of living.

Glyn Theobald from United Kingdom

I am interested in finding out how the didj is used for healing

Ian Hakker from Netherlands

At least once every month, I am 1 of a nr. of player/healers in a Dreamtime healing circle here in the Netherlands. We do this for groups of people, varying in nrs. Mostly for groups who sign up not knowing each other, but often for groups of friends, colleagues and the like who want something different and special for their various occasions. It's always a heart warming experience to do, also simply fantastic but fun too, also a kind of an honour to experience the trust given by the participants.

Jean-paul Massie from Canada

I experience one time for a few minutes a nine feet Cristal Didgeridoo with a very huge end-bell directly placed in front of my chakra base. I felt the vibration in my entire body and I was so impressed. I remember that I felt a strong feeling of joy in my body's. As a massage therapist I work with Sacred Sounds to help people to be able to enter in their inner Sacred Temple. And I Know that Sacred Didgeridoo's can do a lot for this. People that I encounter in therapy or at my concerts told me that they felt the didg cleaning their bodies and mental. They fell themselves ground to the Mother-Earth.

Jefferson Nessmith from USA

I use the healing sound of the didgeridoo on myself and my bride. I have found that after a session as short a 15 minutes, we both feel relaxed and at ease.... You can't BUY THAT from a prescription bottle.

Jeremy Johnson from USA

Didj healing/meditation twice a month with Allan & Audrey Smith. Weekly Didj in sacred sweat With Allan Shockley

Anonymous from USA

Would love to know more!

John Wylie from USA

When my friend was sick he wanted me to go over and hang out with him, I brought my Didg with me and played it, the next day he was healed!

Justin Boling from USA

One of the first nights I got my didj, I was huddle around a campfire with my friends playing the bongo's, acoustic guitar, and the didj. There wasn't any talking amongst us, just the sound of the music. I was getting extremely deep into the playing of the didj that I totally stopped hearing the other instruments and concentrated on my didj. Not knowing how I was sounding, I was just letting my emotions come out to the world with the sound of my new didgeridoo.

Justin Jones from USA

Oh, wow. I haven't done it in a long time. sad to say I haven't played didj much the past year or so. I kinda played around trying it out, but never really knew what I was doing. was a little unsure if it was really something that I *should* be doing... but I always got a positive reaction. anywhere from "damn that's cool" to ecstatic hugs and "I feel so much better!!!" the first time I tried it, I had never even recieved one yet, just heard of it. a female friend was having a horrible horrible day--really sore back, had just watched what was simply described to me (by multiple people) as "the most fucked up, depressing movie ever" for her french class, nobody would even talk about it. on top of it all it was her birthday, which just compounded everything else. so I just asked if she wanted to try something and that I didn't know what I was doing but what the hell? had her lay face down, and begun to play over and a round her, mainly focusing on her lower back, under the assumption that it was the vibrations working against the muscle that was the point, like a regular massage. anyway, she was the ecstatic hugger response I mentioned, said she felt completely better, and was able to let go of all the negative thoughts caused by the film. (damn french cinema:P ) after that I picked up more on the idea behind it, and began having people lie face-up, playing into the chakra's and trying to visualize the energy moving up through them--and my energy through the didj and up the chakra's. but I don't really know much about meditation and the bodies energy systems, and I kinda began to wonder if it was something that I should be fooling around with. it's something that I would still like to learn about. I hope you weren't looking for a short answer :)

Anonymous from Canada

My Shiatsu therapist uses it during our session to smooth areas in my energy field

Kyle Schab from USA

There is too many experiences to go over but I will talk about a few. I talked about one experience in last months questionnaire, the experience involving a tubular slide in which it amplified the didge's vibrations surrounding the entire body with sound. I usually have friends come over (usually people who have never experienced the healing powers of the didgeridoo) and I lay down a blanket and have them lie on their backs I then proceed to play my didge (which I recently purchased from this web site ;) )over there body, starting from their head to their toes. I Repeat this process for about fifteen minutes (luckily I have the best didgeridoo I have ever played and am able to circular breathe for a long time now) when I receive healing I just switch positions with a friend who is capable of playing the didge for a long period of time when the sound of the didgeridoo stops (or even when I am playing the didge myself for a while and stop) I feel a tremendous amount of relaxation and happiness and my face somewhat tingles (but not in a bad way) I feel the didgeridoo relieves all the tensions associated with the hassles of school and work

Anonymous from USA

It is wonderful for meditation. A friend in school uses it for her massages.

Marion Twibell from USA

I am a Registered Nurse in the US and work in a small ER. One of the other RN's is from New Zealand and found that I was playing the Didj. She encouraged me to bring it to work to play when things were at a static level. We found that many of the patients and family alike enjoy the melodic sound of the Didj which has a calming effect through out the ER. So I try to play when ever I can between busy times.


While teaching didge playing the subject of didge healing has come up and this has allowed me to play didge over people quite often for meditation and healing. many people have commented on the healing effect it has had on them and the relaxation they have experienced.

Nathan Michalski from USA

I gave didj healing back 6 yrs ago to a man who was dieing of cancer. We had 4 sessions. I would play across his body while he meditated to ease his pain and fear. Of course, he did eventually pass away, but he out lived the doctors expectations and his spirits were very high. He died with dignity

Paul Roberts from United Kingdom

I listen to didj music anytime I feel agitated or disturbed and my negative feelings seem to just flow away and leave me with a sense of wholeness, its quite hard to put a label on this feeling but its neutrality helps very much when meditating

Philip Taylor from USA

Once I met an aboriginal man in Hawaii in the city of Honolulu. He was telling me about his people and about dreamtime. He played the sounds of animals that you would normally hear in the Australian Bush using his digeridoo. Then we went and chilled on the beach and he played for awhile while telling me a story. It was a very deep experience.

Ric Boston from Canada

A young fox was being bombarded by Crows. I saw this happening and started playing the didge. The Crows stopped immediately. The young fox started to run into a grass field. I followed for a bit, sat on a fence and began to play again. The fox stopped and looked over at me. She lay down in the grass and listened to me play until the sunset and I lost sight of her. It was healing for both of us.


I was in eugene, or at an indoor christmas festival, and I sat down and meditated to it.

Rubén Puertas Blanco from Spain

Well, I think that meditation is a good manner for healing the soul. By didjing my mind ascends to an upper level of consciousness, where matters and preoccupations simply dissapear. I try to dedicate myself at least half an hour every day for these "spirit clearing sessions".

Salvador Martinez Parso from Spain

It was a session with tibetan bowls, very relaxing.

Susan Boyd from USA

When I have traveled to the the Virgin Islands I would listen with great interest at the musicians and I felt mesmerized.

Tomás Bown from Chile

I played to my grandfathers back to relief of pain, to my girlfriend, friends and my parents for relaxation and at the Earthdance in Chile to unblock chakras.

Anonymous from USA

I was suffering from severe depression and medication was not helping enough. I met a man at Livestock 11 in Zephyrhills Florida and he recommended I come see him and listen to him play. I eventually became friends with him and he taught me how to meditate to the song of the didj. Within months, I was completely free of my depression and off medication thanks to John Hebbins' didj. I still listen to the tapes he made for me all the time.

Alex Bloomfield from USA

The didj is a focus point, and when following your thoughts around your mind, the didj guides you to where you need to be. Let yourself be submerged in the sound. I actually give didj lessons and healings here in Juneau for free and have possibly healed more people than I know just by playing on the streets during art galleries.

Aurélien Palacios from France

I have initiate 2 friends at playing didjeridoo, the 2 have the circular breath. I like give my pleasure of didj!!

Bill Murphy from Ireland

I attend a Didj class in Cork City and we give healing to each other

Brett Daniels from USA

Its the reason I'm on your web site. I think what you are doing for the Aborigines is great!

Bruce Thomson from Canada

I have used my didj in Christian worship and people have felt that it was highly effective in drawing them closer to God. In that experience they found healing of the heart and mind.

Clive Workum from Australia

Not healing, but I play to my pregnant wife every other night and it seems to calm the baby down in utero. I'm hoping when it's born I can use the same tune when it's crying.

Cynthia Tierra from USA

The Didgeridoo connects us to Spirit through breath work and clearing the mind of distracting thoughts.

David Scruggs from USA

Soothed the tensions of daily stress....

Derek Bell from USA

My new brother-in-law is from Tasmania. I loved the didge even before I met him. At my sister's wedding last summer I played the didge as they announced the whole wedding party after the ceremony. It was a big hit!

Douglas Michon from USA

I think that there are easier ways to heal...perhaps.

Douglas Vroonen from Belgium

I experienced a shamanic journey with a didj player and I did feel so good after that even I am not playing really well on my didj (by the way since I bought from your shop that great AD 652,I can circular breathe and improve a lot my way of playing thank to the quality of your products)I did try some didj healing on my children, they love it so much that I need now to play didgeridoo before they go to sleep, My 18 months old baby push the didj to me for playing and fall asleep in that way, if I dare to stop playing he wake up!!!


It helped my wife to relax when she was sick.

Eric Young from USA

Didgeridoo music helps me clear my head when I'm really stressed. After exams, I'm definitely in the mood for some healing.

Erin Langley from USA

On receiving the healing, I felt a refreshing blast that immediately opened whatever chakra it was directed toward. It seemed to clear the air around me. When I gave a didgeridoo healing, the person reported that it felt like a massage--extremely relaxing. When I experienced the instrument as healer and healee, I opened my entire body to its sound to aid in absorption (in the case of receiving a healing) and in projection (in the case of allowing the healing to come through the didg).

Frank Lovecchio from USA

I sometimes play for my wife who enjoys it greatly.

Jason Ksepka from USA

When I listen to didge music along wit other tribal music I can sort of get out of my mind and for a short time escape my severe depression.

Joe Banko from USA

I receive healing every time I play my didge. The sound and feel of the music puts me in a place just shifted from normal reality, I feel more connected. I can observe everything visual normally but my thoughts and my minds eye become more measured and clear. The healing took another step up when I learned to circular breath. Being able to maintain the sound for long periods(2 or 3 minutes is long for me) brought me to a whole other level of relaxation and contemplation. The sound seems to fill my whole body and make it indiscernible from anything else around me. Amazingly I found another level of joy when I taught my good friend how to play. I walked him through every step I knew on how to play. He went from no sound at all to playing freestyle with me and some drums in a matter of hours(he is a music major by the way). I even showed him how to make a didj out of pvc(eucalypt is hard to find in the U.S.). But I think I have made new enemies out of his girlfriend and her cat. JK

John Elliott from United Kingdom

I helped a friend (who is a music therapist) with relief of back and chest pain, quite successfully


My partner had a migraine and healed her from the stress that she had been facing at work. She come home and I said to her that she looks stressed out so I played the didge and her overall expression was one of relief.


A friend was pregnant and played didge for unborn child. also had lower back pain and a friend played over that area

Kelly Slate from USA

Even in times when I have been present for didj playing which was not specifically for healing, it has always had a profound effect on my health and well being.

Ken Ralph from United Kingdom

It was an experiment, along with a tibetan singing bowl with my partner, it only lasted ten or so minutes , but she loved it

Le Perkins from USA

Just danced with my kids

Anonymous from USA

I use this for my pre-hunt mind frame

Mario di Giulio from Italy

I played it over body parts of friends and of my mom , and they told me that's relaxing. I'd like someone to do it on me!

Mary Daly from United Kingdom

I was taken by surprise as it was an impromptu session by someone else, but what ended up happening for me was quite profound as I naturally slipped into some kind of meditative state, it was very strange but I was fine throughout it but it just seemed I travelled or something. Sorry I can't explain it better but it was great.

Mathieu Dube from Canada

I have give didj healing to myself when I get very bad joint pains. I grab my didj and as long as I play it I completely forget about them.


It was too intense to explain, but its like a feeling of energy moving all over your body that you almost explodes!

Nicolas Dolfus from French Guiana

Music is healing. To didj's sound listening awakes to spirit, shaman dimension, heals.

Nigel Mason from United Kingdom

My wife had a foot injury many years ago and it used to ache from time to time. I read about the healing aspect of the didge, tried it out and now her foot is trouble free

Omar L. De La Tejera from Mexico

In my case I use the vibration from the didj to make a resonation on different parts of my body. I change the sound to change the part that feels the vibe, that way I move the energy channels on my body and others. It is like a massage

Anonymous from USA

Just healings for friends and family

Per Hultquist from USA

It is a wonderful feeling, both giving and receiving.

Renaud Warson from Belgium

Many time, playing didj makes me feel relieved. Can be from headache, stress, or even back troubles. And people around me ask me to play for them when they feel bad.

Richard Grossman from USA

I'm a doctor of Oriental Medicine, and I've been using didj's in my practice for around 5 years. I also do Healing Sound performances at gatherings, retreats, ceremonies, etc. using didge and other instruments.

Roel Adriaensens from Belgium

I don't know if it was the relaxing sound or the vibration, but it really helped relaxing the muscles in my back. (I've had back-surgery 6 times)

Ryan Muff from USA

Next on my didj list of things to learn.

Sachin Singh from India

Very calm and at peace, my whole body felt as if it was resonating with the sound and especially the region around the heart felt as if it was being given a gentle massage.

Sara Johnson from USA

Among the many, probably my favourite time was when I was at the didj fest in California, I had a terrible pounding headache, and I got to lay down and have someone play the didj over me and around my head and the feeling was incredible! My headache didn't go away, but I sure got a great body buzz. I felt very relaxed and tingly. Usually I am the one who plays over other people, because no one where I come from plays didgeridoo besides me. It was great to get to experience that.


It's a long story - suffice it to say that other worlds open up and this one becomes more clear.

Sterling Green Jr. from USA

My mother likes when I blow didj on her joints, she has arthritis. I also do Brain Massage with didj.

Tijmen Veen from Netherlands

Very relaxing

Tom O'brien from USA

In most cases (including mine) everything real melts away and people are left feeling like they've gone to another place in another time.

Tony Krogh from USA

Playing when I have a bad headache can help relieve the stress and pain

Anonymous from Slovenia

As mentioned in the upper part, amazing, something unusually magnificent.

Andrzej Kostaniak from Poland

It was last year. My friend try to make me sound massage. I felt that every cell of my body went to resonance with sound of didge. But some parts of my body turn to deaf to the sound. Sound could not come across my body. I felt that sound stops and my friend must to massage these places much longer than others, especially spine. But after then I felt much better. It is much different than sound massage with tibetan singing bowls and gongs. I would like to connect these two types of massage. Didge to unblock the flow of Chi and singing bowls to smooth healing effects.

Angela Green from USA

At a circle I went to, I had a horrible headache that had been with me for 3 days, it went away...

Anonymous from Austria

... too much acid in the belly/gut - diaphragm activity gives a soft massage to your gut - increasing of blood circulation ... more oxygen .-result: completely healing of my gut

Bernhard Sattler from Germany

I am healthier since I play didgeridoo, but is it the sound or the breathing, believe or magic?


Had a didj was learning to play and found it a way to relax from the days stress (got broken in half by a neighbour's dog. didn't like the sound I guess)


Very beautiful and sensitive!!

Anonymous from Spain

Is very beautiful sound

Darlene Thomas from USA

A health expo in boston, Massachusetts

Anonymous from Argentina

I can fill my energetic body, the experience was very intense

Douglas Vroonen from Belgium

Experienced physical sensations such as tingling, accompanied by a feeling of being filled with light, feelings of fulfillment, Joy, Love, well being.

Eric Boucher from Canada

I did all kinds of soul travelling through different landscape through the eyes of many different animals and people. I also have brought people to different state of consciousness, opening windows so to speak...

Gabriela Palmieri from Argentina

It's very good for my anxiety. when I play, I go to another place, I don't think in nothing, it's only the sound and me. ( sorry about my english, I'm learning)


The soothing sound of the didj is all that I need to heal my soul after a long day of dealing with the stresses of the world.

James Thomas from USA

Often the drumming circle I go to will drum over people. When I have been the subject I will sometimes have my wife use the didge.

Jim Barrett from Sweden

Only through playing it myself which is the best healing I reckon

Jodi Miles from USA

It helps with headaches. It also helped to put my twins to sleep.

Joe McMackins from USA

Brief although it is, every time I hear the didj, it feels like a welcoming home

Joe Shaddalack from United Kingdom

I have read information and details.

Jon Jonathan from USA

I just zoned out for a while and emptied my mind so I could think clearly. Sometimes I listen to it before I play golf because it puts me in a mind set that helps me play the game. My dad doesn't like me listening to my didge music while I play, because he paid money for me to play golf.


After I took didj sound healing, I felt so re-energized. My wife also took two because she was likely to have ovarian cancer from the blood test. After the second healing, she threw up heavily and took about a 30 min. nap. When doctors opened her tummy, they couldn't find any cancer. I don't know whether cancer might not exist from the very beginning or cancer disappeared. We also tried every possible healings and we don't know which one worked or combination worked. The fact was that she didn't have a cancer and we were so relieved.

Kelli B. from USA

The didg vibrated all unhealthy energy right out of my body


Overwhelming - couldn't stop smiling from head to foot

Kyle Schab from USA

There is a local park down the road from my house with a big, tubular slide for the children to play on. I would lay down in the end of the slide and have a friend play the didge into the top end of the slide or vice versa, the slide acts as a natural amplifier and envelopes your whole body in sound. It was extremely relaxing.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

I played the didj over my girlfriend who felt great surges of energy and the chakra points expanding particularly the solar plexus

Lisa DeMars from USA

In Seattle, WA USA I was helping at a conference & one of the venders who was across the room did didj healing. Two woman and I believe they were from AU. hummm...

Anonymous from Uruguay

When feeling depressed, the didge has gotten me out of this state. also when feeling a cold coming on, the didge has taken it away.


Lo he visto en la tele, como tecnica de relajamiento y curacion. tocaban alrrededor de un paciente tendido en una camilla dirigiendo el sonido a traves del cuerpo del paciente...

Margaret (warri waru) Corrie from Australia

Many times, I listen to the Didgeridoo often when feeling worn out or depressed or ill for the purpose of healing, I attend many workshops in my community for it in Freemantle WA.

Anonymous from France

I don't really know if my experiences are really didge sound healing experiences, but... All the best experiences I did where those I did when playing (they are described in the next answer...). I also had some good experiences by listening to didge CDs: I concentrate on the music, and finally end by getting deep into it, which enables me to relax, and sometimes help me to cure my insomnias.

Melanie Miller from USA

It was so delightful-- a very warming experience


A friend of mine played the didj for me. It relieved stress and put in a calm and peaceful mind set. It took me into myself, a meditative experience.


My experience is when I listen to a didj it reminds me of a Maori woman when she whales a waiata (chant) It brings me closer to the wairua (Heavens)

Rickey Delcambre from USA

When I play it energizes me & helps relieve my arthritis pain & fatigue

Simon Croisetiere from Canada

Stress reliever, calm bringer makes you happy

Simon Kuczmierczyk from Poland

That's was amazing for me and my experience. That was when I'm got a temperature than my friend said: Please lie back on the floor and close your eyes and I do it. and he started playing he playing about 3 min and I don't healing me but he playing again about 10 min non-stop and when he stop playing I felt different very, I was happy and I not felt temperature so I very glad because I don't be sick right now ;) yupii

Tiffany Riley Crane from Greece

To cleanse new homes, to pulse a pained bit of body, to calm hectic people...all didge sound is healing

Tom Lange from USA

I regularly give didjeridu 'brain massages' that are sometimes talked about on the Mills didjeridu email list.
When I receive them it is like the sound is bathing my head in a white light of vibration and dances about...

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