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Playing with other Didjes in Harmony

Below you will find comments left by visitors when entering our questionnaire.
These Comments are un-edited and complete (we only removed double entries and where people asked us not to publish)

Visitors Comments about didj healing made during the month of Jan to Apr 2003:

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Name and Country

 Visitors Comments about Didj Healing

Aaron Sweet from USA

It is almost like a meditative state it cleanses the air in the room

Adam Davidson from USA

The low droning sound of the didj is mesmerizing and soothed my troubles of everyday stress.


My friends have Sound Circles began with simply toning and vary to vocals/instruments only. One person lies on a massage table and is surrounded by others who "listen" for what vibration the person needs. Have been on table and one friend sounds her didji through crown chadra and another sound hers through my feet. Awesome!!


My friend had a didj it was so beautiful and full of colorful symbols. It called me to play. Later when my friend came into the room and saw me playing she told me the symbols were of fertility.5 weeks later I found out I was pregnant.

Brae Lackey from USA

The vibrations and concentration are wonderful for the spirit.


Well that was one of the reasons I started playing because I had a very significant experience feeling well and such of peace.

Anonymous from Canada

I speak french but I can maybe write in english. When I visit the British Columbia I meet a men he know the didj and he explain me where this instrument come from and he does the sound with this instrument. I find this instrument can look like the same of the instrument the Tibetan use.

Donna Hays from USA

I'm very interested in learning more I plan on doing some research and perhaps visit Australia next year

Gabe Churray from USA

Stuart Dempster a trombonist and didgeridoo player worked with me for a few hours with meditation and the didgeridoo. We played letting the sound overcome us. Quite incredible and would love to do it again.

Gerardo Guerra from Peru

I listened a didj for first time in Cusco Peru; it is an Inca place in a full moon adventure very good vibrations and I was trying play a didj

Guido Van Hove from Belgium

Very close to my heart and very emotional

Herve Achache from France

Je ne sais pas ce que veut dire "healing"

Jan Vermeer from Holland

I did play de didjeridoo I have self made for a very good lady friend how was depressed


It binds me and the universe and I think and see more clearly


No matter what is going on in my life didj ALWAYS helps me through. Stress of the work day or anything else didgeridoo is a true healer. If not played by a friend then on radio I can sit and meditate and clear my mind and center myself on becoming whole. Focusing on one energy source I can get through it all.


At Confest in 2002/3 Victoria. It was extremely powerful. Also in India - Pushkar. A guy who made and sold didges there did some brief healing for me. Nice.

Nick Slater from England

We have a group in England called the space goats this is the group that introduced me to didj's. They are folk musicians/travellers the sound they produced was just incredible I had never heard anything like it before in my life. The experience has actually changed my life all I want to do now is to be able to play the didj myself and create a similar effect for other people.

Slivier Sacksteder from France

Je trouve ce sons majique et tres relaxan


I think for me it work like some kind of a massager for my brain my soul...I usually play when I'm depressed

Randal Ford from USA

I enjoy the meditation through playing which is healing to me.

Anonymous from USA

Only in the sense that I feel better in my body and soul every time I play or hear a didjeridu.

Rick Ellis from Canada

Amazing feeling of clearing release and peacefulness.

Sandy Sullivan from USA

Yes thru John Dumas in Sedona AZ


it is like a way to insight like visiting a dream or something without words


It was a wonderful experience I stood in front of the didj as he was playing closing my eyes making a wish.

Sterling Green jr. from USA

Very soothing and relaxing

Andreas Kickinger from Aui

My wife suffers from pain in her back;I tried to easy her pain;With less than mixed success;I think my playing isn't good enough for proper healing; Please excuse my english;

Brad Cole from USA

helped to bring calmness to stressed individual; my dog who was fighting to stay alive and prolong the inevitable relaxed and slipped into ethereal plane


The sound heal me a headache and give me inside peace(I don't speak english very well).

Anonymous from England

It was amazing literally causing me to tingle all over yet feeling completely I mean completely relaxed; A great stress reliever

Anonymous from Belgium

It cures headaches and stomachaches!

Gareth Callister from Taiwan

Zinal 2002 Switzerland Group healing around 200 people in big hall all lying towards a center stage 2 didjplayers walked around us- truly an amazing experience

Geo Pew from USA

MP3s from the internet converted to CD; Listen to daily in my truck


For this first time I heard was in the song called NIKI NANA by Yanni; it really made me happy and made me dance though I could feel that in some way it was connected to my heart the sound was really enigmatic


I was in trance


If you play you gets very calm

Judy Echols from USA

I had some people at the festival play over my back

Jussi Keränen from Finland

I did last moths later I was my home and started to play and this vocals started to came whit me when I played like tablatures it was my really my own motions come whit circle the very same pattern and woder/pushin then smaller an glear!! it were miracle fiiling to me

Justin Allison from USA

I know a guy that does it for me and my girlfriend


My husband would cure my cramps and upset stomach with his didj playing

Anonymous from USA

It's very good for stress; And I've had headaches dissipate from the sound of the didj


Escuche un increible concierto de didgeredoos en una rave en España;

Marcelo Balhas from Australia

During a very hard time of my life it was the didje that began the spiritual healing process I was in need of

Mark DiFilippo from USA

I have been consistently healed by the didj for the p[ast 4 years of playing; It has become a meditative ritual in addition to my performing live; I haven't been the same since I began playing the didj; Anxiety stress and confusion that is usually felt by most people in America and around the world on a regular basis no longer exists within me; I am a calmer more spiritual more compassionate person since I began the didj; That is the most important healing the didjeridu can do


It seemed sound healing when my three siblings my dad and myself were sitting in a circle sending positive energy to my mom while I was playing some nice introspective tones on my didg; While our efforts did not rid my mother of her progressive cancer the five of us felt relieved and very connected to mom and each other;

Michael Freilino from USA

I'm not sure if this is didj healing but every time I play I feel at one with my environment self and spirituality

Paola Paola from Italy

Wonderful and "spiritual" experience

Anonymous from toulon

Spectacle de musique et danse avec didjeridoo

Stane Andolšek from Slovenia

After playing at home every time I fell very well

Stephanie Frenock from USA

My husband blew his digeridoo on me


I feel good when I hear the sound


It was great!!!!!!!

Anonymous from Canada

It was during a holographic repatterning session; The immense feeling of pure joy was unbelievable and is what has caused me to want one so bad;


I was treated to a "didj massage " and it was very relaxing but I didn't have any ailments to be cured at the time

Alex Moore from England

I was entranced by an aussie busker in Covent garden I sat down and watched for over an hour... Time disappeared.

Alison James from USA

I use for healing.


I felt like if I were connected with the universe

Bernhard Sattler from Germany

I am not sure whether it is the sound or the breathing training but I don't snore any more

Carlos Salmon from Mexico

It was not for me but I have a friend who helps people with didj sounds.

Chris Murphy from Australia

For peace of mind and relaxation after work

Christle Sheppard from USA

Had arthritic pain in my femurs when I went past the didj booth. As I stood there I felt the vibrations penetrating my legs and for the first time in weeks the pain was gone.

Anonymous from France

I don't know if it's what you call healing but the didj sound makes me so relax that I assume it helps me avoiding lots of trouble and illness normally due to stress.

Dan Zacks from USA

If I understand the question. Just playing and listening to my didj heals me so much

David Adams from USA

Touch for health using diji tones

Edward Gardner from USA

Very rewarding and spiritual


Metro in warsaw


Wonderful very relaxing.

Erika Hallett from Australia

With family and friends

Florian Latour from Switzerland

I am playing size a few years and I really enjoy it

Frank Eisenblätter from Belgium

Once we did a sound session in a home for handicapped children. One of the nurses also laid down to relax to the sounds and experienced an opening of her heart towards the universe. I actually had to stop playing and put my hand above her chest so she would feel not alone and would have the courage to let go and 'go up' and also to 'come down' again ( as she stated it afterwards !)

Frank Lovecchio from USA

I have a CD of healing music. It always calms me and helps me to meditate.

Fred Appeldorn from Netherlands

Incredible impact on my emotions I started to cry

Gerrit Lacroix from Netherlands

Listening to a CD from Andrew Langford

Anonymous from Norway

I have not actually tried it out fully but my sister plays didj and she tried it out on me for a short while - it was an exciting experience and I could really feel the vibes in my body

Anonymous from Barcelona

Every moment is a vibration and different sound.

Jair Kalife from Mexico

I was walking in the Kings cross in sydney and I went to a famous aboriginal store to buy a boomerang to bring whit me when I'm came back to Mexico and the guy who sold me the boomerang teach me how to do the sound whit a didj.

Jason Anderson from USA

Being that I am not exactly sure of your meaning of didj healing I am a believer in that I heal myself on a daily basis every morning.

Jason Choy from Australia

Trance-like takes you on a trip where you can forget about everything.

Jenny Campbell from Canada

I'm just learning about "sound therapy" and it's blowing me away. So I did some research and got a musician I know who plays to play for me. He doesn't call himself a sound healer but it's vibrational effort was absolutely transformational.

Jeremy Lembo from USA

Nice vehicle for deep meditation


In Brazil a friend of mine played very well. I felt the vibrations of de didj and the whole body was resting in harmony

Kathy Clark from USA

Only through the music of didgeridoos on a CD. I am very very new to the didgerido and plan to involve myself more as this year goes on.

Marceli Gawryœ from Poland

It was just beautiful!

Anonymous from Italy

Wonderful! I was thinkin' without thinkin!


It was wonderful @ freeing


Every time I hear a didj I feel better

Neelama (Silvia) Zencich from Argentina

My first healing session will held this week 23th January 2003

Pascal Durand from France


Pedro Pereira from Portugal


Pete Blayney from England

I meditate and part of the exercises I use is to sit quite and experience the vibration and existence of our bodies personal energy and vibration

Peter Koonz from USA

I have played didj for six years and so I believe I have experienced roughly six years of sound healing. But to be specific I was playing in my "Didj tub" a couple years ago and an amazing experience occurred. Time and space at some point just faded away and my didj was actually a part of my body an extension of my lips if you will. The ground tones whisking harmonics tongue rattles diaphragm beats launching vocals and whatever else was talking out the didj had carried me into this surreal magical world of light play. Light was streaming out of the didj and reeling back into it like a stretching rubber band. I could feel the vibration and the light entering every inch of my body. In the depths of my bowels my toes my finger tips my head I was one with this frequency. I had surrendered to whatever was happening to me. I played for what seemed a second or a year it truly was out of my perception. For the rest of the day and perhaps ever since my body has felt different more clear more aware or at least myself of it. I contribute this new found awareness to my body to the healing of sound and specifically my experience while playing the didj.

Ramesh Kannan from USA

The vibrations sent my body to a state of bliss. I carried these vibrations with me for days to come.

Rande Schulze from England

Music is one of my three addictions {coffee and chocolate are 2 and 3}. I have done some fairly extensive hypnotic/biofeedback work. A Didj is the latest in my arsenal. 30 min of playing usually equals an hour of meditation/pranic breathing. Combined with the sound {helping to soothe an old ulcer} I miss days when I can't play!! I feel I'm not far from a Conciousness-shift. I'm looking forward to my new Didj.

Reetta Pöyry from Finland

Well I played myself and experienced this wonderful feeling that I can't explain. With my english I can't find so perfect words to tell you what I felt.But it was great!

Roger Schert from USA

The sound was incredible. It moved around the room and appeared to my inner sight as a white hot singularity bringing energy into this dimension. The body responded by releasing a lot of stuck energy.


My friend told me about one last year and that's part of what has inspired my interest.

Anonymous from USA

I could feel the vibrations inside my lungs.

Sara Johnson from USA

I got to visit the integratron (www.integratron.com) in California and got a 3 hour sound bath which was the most rejuvenating experience I've had had. I floated out of there on a cloud.

Shannon Slate from USA

I use the vibrations of playing to help my body remember its true balance and purpose. I was in great need of this after breaking my back

Steven Graham from USA

My breathing is improved and I get relaxation through playing.

Anonymous from USA

I play didj recording because they make me feel peaceful. That is a special kind of healing.

Anonymous from Australia

At Narrabeen Lakes with a lady named Jenny who played the crystal bowls it was magic - the vibrations of both instruments vibrated every part of my body.

Tom O'Brien from USA

Atarius held his agave up to my chest told me to close my eyes and relax then he played right THROUGH me and I could feel it come out my shoulder blades on my back!!!


About a two years ago I bought a CD with didj sounds on it and had a wonderful time meditating to it.

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