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Playing with other Didjes in Harmony

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Visitors Comments about didj healing made during the month of May - November 2003:

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 Visitors Comments about Didj Healing

Andrea Callea from Italy

Uhm,I dunnov if U can consider this a didj sound healing experience,but it sounds likely to me so:
it was few years ago.I got back home from a friends'house-party in which I took a couple of good "Es"(it was around 7am when I got back home, so by that time the effect of the Es was quiete down,but still present in me):the first thing I've done,as usually when coming back from a party and early in the morning,was to take my dog for a walk,look at the twilight becoming day-light,listen to birds in the peaceful little town where I live,while smoking a grass spliff before going to sleep.
When I got back from the walk I had a push from the spliff and the fresh air,so I took my didjeridoo and I started playing at 7.30am to relax and prepare to go to sleep(I remember this bcoz I looked at the watch when I got back in).
I don't remeber how & when but I felt in a state of trance.I was still playing:I went on and on till 30'past noon,when my mother came to tell me that the food was ready.
She told me that she got scared of me bcoz my eyes where just staring at nothing in front of me,and they were watering,meanwhile I was playing and I wasn't answering to her calls till she stopped me by shaking me.She's not familiar with this kind of things.(I'm not saying that I'm guru :p)
When she woke me up I felt so light,and at the same time a bit "sorry" that she did that.
I don't remember nothing else of that morning.
I don't even know where I was meanwhile I was playing,but I can ensure that it has been one of my best trips.

Bart Boogaard from Netherlands

Well there were 7 players around me that's all I can ay about it

Ben Linton from Australia

Activated certain chakras, and left me feeling vibrant

C.J. Voltman from USA

After a long and stressful day, me and a friend played didjeridoos together and we were instantly struck with a totally relaxed feeling, especially when we developed a harmony with each other


Sitting in a cave in thailand trying to help heal someone with a terrible stomach infection

Anonymous from United Kingdom

The didge master did sound healing on me whilst I was learning to use the didge


Via. Meditation


The drones are so ideal for meditation removing stress.


I'm sorry this is very personal... but definitely has helped heal long standing deep wounds of my soul. The sound cleanses and purifies like waves breaking on you while you stand on a beach. it's like the energy from the drone is like a wave that hits you and transfers all the kinetic energy to your body. the didj does the same but from inside and resonates outward.
The didj charges every atom of your body, it's like being piece of metal that is magnitized and the sound from the digj is what does the alignment. The sound is some how congruent with the sound of universal woah that can fill you with a benevolent feeling of joy peace and understanding. Sorry if this is vague but it is very hard to relate spiritual experiences to physical words.


It relaxed me a lot


not so much a healing but,, I can tell you it brought me to a state of relaxation, peace of mind, which on a stressed day, it would help

Gary Wilkerson from USA

A wholistic fair. A guy used tuning forks, then a didge later. Not much to tell really.
A didge circle??? Interesting!!!!

Anonymous from France

I have tried alone


It calms me when I'm stressed; really brings peace to me

Anonymous from China (PR)

I find it sooths my mind. It makes me feel heavy and calm

Ken La Poma from USA

I started to play the didge at night to relax, and discovered That It totally removed whatever stress I'd accumulated during the day. Now, the first thing I do when I get home is take out the didge and play until I feel relaxed. I find about 30 minutes or so makes me quite happy! I'll later proceed to my classical guitar studies and practice, but will pick up the didge continually during breaks to recenter myself. I'm not sure if this passes for "healing" in the traditional sense, but it's helped me immeasurably.

Kitty Mrache from USA

Very calming and mind altering.

Anonymous from USA

He has, my yesses are for him. In fact I'm shopping for a special piece right now for just that purpose. Id say his experience was a mild one, but this is from the point of an observer. His grandfather had just passed, we went to a drum circle, he played, and much of his grief lifted away.

Mike Reynolds from Canada

I had read about didge healing and decided to experiment with it myself. It was a spiritual experience.


I felt very down and started to practise on the didg, just by playing different tones on it. After a while I felt real calm. My energy was neutral again, I felt great!

Mitja Humar from Slovenia

with sound concentrated on a certain point of the body (chakra), others would respond (open and resonate)...

Oliver Vilhjalmsson from Iceland

I don't really know if I can call it sound healing but I find that when I play the didj it soothes me down, makes me feel more relaxed and more in tune with my surroundings.

Anonymous from France

When I'm hurt or sad I used to play in order to feel better

Paula Demarco from Chile

It was the first time that I produce de sound.
I felt that I had on my hands a very powerful instrument, I think that the vibration moved something in my brain. Since this time I started to search a didjeridoo, I think in this vibration everyday. (sorry I speak spanish so its difficult for me to express all my feelings around didjeridoo). All I can say its that this instrument is helping me to be a better person I really became a different person with this instrument. Play it its like a sweet meditation, you enter in a special atmosphere. I practices apnea dive, so this instrument helps me very much.

Rob Sawyer from Australia

whenever I am feeling love I like to sit outside and play my didge. IT makes me feel great. sound thing about the vibrations.


A space clearing,heart center transmission:opening, balancing and transcendence

Roger Johnston from Canada

I have been to drum sessions, and I will jam with some friends. Well have some guitars, some drums, and a didgeridoo, and any other crazy instruments we bring. I think that is some of the best medicine; just relaxing and playing whatever comes out of you.

Rule Ariaensens from Belgium

I've had surgery on my back several times,and didj healing really loosened up all my muscles, taking away a lot of my pain.

Settimo Croci from Italy

I frequently play for my self : every day, after work, I am learning with pleasure a new kind of sound, a new breathing, a new position of lips and tongue.. It's an antistress therapy!

Anonymous from Peru

Well , its was amazing, pretty touching, and connecting with nature.

Walter Diaz from Chile

Didj's vibes relax me


To sum up the merits of these sonic vibrancies would take at least 1000 words. It is a sonic bath in a vortex of sounds in aborigine. The body is transported in a transient space where the malevolent forces are being eliminated by peaceful waves of medicinal sounds. Knowing this, I can only scream out a raw sound of utter satisfaction.

Albert Romeu from Spain

First, I mean, at the moment, very pleasant, because it was with a master didj, (always Stefano, then, and alive (obviously), then very well, because my mind, changed frequency, and I decided to go on feeling this new experience. Now, I use didj music in CD to prevent stress and pains in my body.

Anonymous from USA

I have never experienced sound healing but I definitely feel something when I hear the didj. I remember the first time, I was with my grandfather who had just gotten back from Australia and he had heard an aborigine play the didj so he bought a CD and let me listen to it and I was amazed and almost hypnotized by the sound. that was when I was about 8 or 9, and ever since that moment I wanted to get one. Now that I am 20 I have just gotten my first one and I love it. Every time I play it or hear one being played I am reminded of my grandfather who died 6 years ago and I wish that he was still here to see that I finally learned to play.

Aurélien Palacios from France

En général quand je joue je ressens une sensation de bien-être,un apaisement global du corp surtout de la tête... Cela me permet d évacuer le stress d'une journée ou a l'inverse de bien la démarrer

Bart Devroey from Belgium

It relieved me from stress

Bill Murphy from Iran

The Didg healing was at a Mind Body and Spirit Expo in Adelaide in 1999. We were seated in a large room and there were several people playing at the same time. The feeling was very calming and the vibration seemed to passing straight through while vibrating all the cells of the body. For me it was an experience that I would like to be able to pass onto others


Was like go to another dimension and I felt myself completely in peace

Brian Fields from USA

I went to a network breathing seminar in Charleston South Carolina. I was invited by a friend when she found out that I played the didj. The class was amazed by the instruments soothing sounds and was invited back for another seminar. If you have never done network breathing or have not been introduced to holistic medicine I recommend it. I live in Olympia WA and am looking for spiritual people to play with. My e-mail is bfields28@hotmail.com. I have only been playing for little over a year but the instrument has come very easy and natural to play for me and I feel blessed to be able to play the didj so easily.


Every time I play I am healed. I also see it in the faces and hear it in there voices of both friends and strangers when I play for them. This is truly a unique and precious instrument.

Chris Murphy from Australia

I use my didj to unstress after work each day

Daniel McLaren from Australia

Just the sound of a diji first hand makes me feel calm yet excited. The sound is a good stress reliever.

Anonymous from USA

Not per se, but I use the sound to help me meditate.

Anonymous from Netherlands

Very, very nice... problem is that as a player you are listening too much sometimes...

Anonymous from Portugal

It was great. The sound that a didj provides really lets takes you in touch with nature and gives you sensations that you never had before. It frees the soul.

Frederica Rosa from Portugal

Yes, I feel much better since I play mi didj. I had a stroke 1,5 ago, and it helped me to get better

George V Lopez from USA

Whenever I feel really tired or depressed, spending time with friends who play didji and drums always bring my feelings up.

Gillian Wilson from United Kingdom

It was the most amazing feeling, the vibrations through the body and the changing yet constant sound.... Wonderful!!

Jasdev Singh from Malaysia

It helps u stay calm . you can fly and float with the drones . the experience is beyond words


When ever I feel depressed or not right I play my didj and feel better. So I guess when I play I heal myself.

Jay Mckinley from USA

2 times a year I go to a men's gathering in NH and that's where I was introduced to the didj !

John Watts from USA

I say no,but when I hear a didge,playing it puts a cold chill on me,and I feel really happy! so if that's a healing then yes ,if not then no. :0)


It was very great and I would like do it again

Kippy Jones from USA

Soothed my stress within about 15 minutes and took my mind somewhere..... I'm not sure where... but it was warm and liquid feeling

Anonymous from USA

Whenever one of us gets sick in our group the others put the bells of the didjs over that person and play. It does seem to help.

Miguel Olivares from USA

None, but would like to participate in such a circle

Nathan Michalski from USA

At a solo show of my own a man came up to me and asked for my contact information. Latter on that week he contacted me and asked if I would play over the shakras of his body to help with his terminal cancer. So I got together with him and played over his body.

Perla Luisa almagro from Argentina

Vi, a traves de Discovery help, terápias con didgeridoo.

Renato Oliveira from Portugal

Was a relaxed time in a space where your body goes out from your conscience. The stress was released instantaneously, I had shivers in my spine.

Anonymous from Netherlands

I felt alive :)

Sarah Pereverziev from USA

I can't explain it in words, it was too deeply fitted into my soul.

Sylvain Dargent from France

It's time to relax, find an easy sitting, leaning back a bite, putting the feet up, relax and enjoy the melody... Afterall, music soothe even the savage beast we can become.

Anonymous from South Africa

I use a didgeridoo for space clearing; also for healing work with Reiki


The vibrations entered my body and never left.


general feeling of well being and flatchelance - streuth mate

Anonymous from USA

Aromasound Therapy - Ed Gardner; Harrisburg PA USA

Chiara Ubertino from Canada

The sound simply permeated my BEING.

Doug Esch from USA

A great didge healer Taka from Sedona

Drew Tardiff from USA

Energy propagation; via didjeridoo; with friends of similar interests and respect for sound and its power of creation and healing. Body placement congruent to different chakras and finding out particular keys which resonate well with them.

Gabi Ziolkowski from USA

I was trying to learn on this bamboo one my brother brought me from Australia. After weeks of practice I got some sounds from it. Then I found out it needs a beeswax mouthpiece. Then it played better. When I play It relaxes me and my head feels clearer which is good cause usually it hurts to think.

Jan Vermeer from Netherlands

It was on a in a workshop in The Haegue called the darlingmarked with the item Paranormale beurs. it was there that I have the experience by a didgeridoo healing. It was very relaxing and give me the peace in myself what I was looking for

Jean-Paul Zagarola from USA

Anytime I play the didge I feel a sense of euphoria and disconnectivity from the material world. It is a way for me to meditate which in turn is healing.

Josh Sloane from USA

The Aborigine I met in 97 blew the didj down my chakras. It was really a strange but great feeling!

Justin McCauley from Uruguay

I suffer from depression and when I play I receive a great deal of joy and I will enlighten me.


Relax in the beach at summer nights



Lloyd Smedbron from USA

On almost any stressful day when I don't have the patience to meditate I play my didj. It is a natural self healing with sounds and vibes.

Anonymous from Finland

The man I always will love plays didj. He knows how to heal my soul - his music captured my heart; every sound digs into my flesh like a meathook; ripping away all my pain til nothing is left but my love for him. Hearing a didj makes me cry; reminding me of his pain and greaf. Älskar dig; vännen...

Nicolas Aubry from France

A great relaxation with 4 didj in my back making circle while playing a great experience


It was amazing !!!!!

Pablo Rada from Spain

Its like a synthesizer but natural!!! fantastic

Ronald Pirovano from Netherlands

A very pleasure experience in Enkhuizen in the Netherlands. Didj sound in combination with Reiki-healing


When I heard didj first time; it was at a finnish forest. It was autumn and I was surrounded by dark green trees and few guys. It was something unbelievable. Words can't express my feelings which I had.

Shawn Vickers from USA

Every time I play for extended periods of time; I feel my mind and body being calmed; and negative physical and mental feelings suppressed.

Tero Ipatti from Finland

Depends of the tone and the back pressure of the didj. Good back pressure and low deep tone have helped tension sometimes.

Tim Quick from United Kingdom

Experienced the healing power of the didj for migraine relief!. Also the most amazing pacifier for grouchy babies.


Once I was playing and seen what happens inside my body the answers where emerging like a seascape it wasn't time and a scene of joy

Tomasz Rakowski from Poland

sounds of didj makes me calm and peaceful vibrations and various possibilities of expressions stimulates mind and imagination


I believe that its very good.

Ayal March from Israel

Every time I play it :)

Colleen Way from Canada

Every time I didge I play with some kind of intent. I play for self healing(I'm in good health but in menopause) for healing of the Earth itself and for all the troubles here at home and everywhere. I have played next to forest fires on hilltops by lakes and in areas frequented by some down and out needy people. To birds cats cows and horses and oh yes to "two leggeds". The didge has presented me with friendship meditation a sense of wonder connection and challenge. It came along just when I needed it...thanks to my son Brian who went to Australia and was deeply moved by the Aboriginal ways. We would like to make contact with members of the Blackfoot tribe here in Southern Alberta to see if they would let my son play with one of their drummers. I lived by a reservation as a child and saw how the natives were treated. Very much the same as the Australian Aboriginals. I was disgusted then and still am...perhaps the didge can help us make a bridge between cultures.

David Elkins from USA

I answered yes in the abstract sense of the term as I feel the sonic vibrations of playing to be immensely healing every time that I play. The mind is quieted - "Yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind" Yoga Sutras - Patanjali

Dietrich van Zype from Belgium

It gives me peace in my head

Frank Uytterhoeven from Belgium

It's just marvelous. The feeling you got when playing it ... I'm not able to describe.

Guillermo Blancas from Spain

I was swimming in a beach of Menorca and the same time I was sawing the sun hiding at horizon in the same time my friend was playing his didj and I experimented an incredible relax and total peace. (I'm sorry because my english is very bad I'm learning)


It was great

João Wallig from Brazil

It was more for relaxing than for healing but it was the best experience of listening to a sound I ever had

Jose Luis Salazar Castilla from Mexico

I vibrate its magical that sound

Katleen Bulen from Belgium

Its great it's really peace-giving and calming. I'm a very stressed person and it really helps calming me!


Laid flat on the ground and had didge played over me.. Man it was great! all my tension disappeared

Max Arnason from Canada

I cried like a baby then slept like a log that night

Anonymous from Bolivia

It was amazing well I'm from bolivia and I meet a guy from australia and he taught me how to play that way I want a didj coz here in bolivia there are not

Ryan Harris from USA

It was like a yoga meditation but I could hear and feel the vibration throughout my body it was well there are no words to really describe it

S. Bate from United Kingdom

I have a Pagan band (Esbat) and we often play New Age Pagan Healing etc. type festivals. Often other musicians will join in sessions with us and we all played together for a healing circle at one of the festivals.

Sebastian Douglas from USA

Yes I play for my own enjoyment and peace of mind

Abdul Razak Nasrudin from Malaysia

It was fantastic even though sounds mysterious. Some thing can't be explained it's a feeling from the soul

Anthony Ragni from USA

I have never heard it in real life but from your site and its amazing

Aric Mayer from USA

One paid one as a gift - more of a general good feeling like receiving massage than actually healing an ill...

Brian Ingelbrecht from Belgium

My friend was very depressed and I played on my didg for 20 min and after that he was very relaxed.


Very relaxing

Anonymous from USA

I played the Didgeridoo while I was recovering from triple by pass surgery as a breathing exercise for my heart and lungs instead of the funky device they wanted fore me to use. During recovery I was diagnosed with a 40% loss of the of heart function the bottom chamber of my heart. I continued to play the my Didge at least an hour a day with breaks during convalescence and I returned to a full work week two weeks after surgery and within six months the bottom chamber had healed for a 100% recovery. My cardiologist was surprised by my speedy healing and final recovery. He said that it takes most folks at least six months to recover from the surgery and get back to work. Also it is not too often one regains 100% use of a damaged heart chamber.

Daniel Jones from England

I find that the didj is always healing. Whenever I play it relaxes me and appears to relax the cat too!

Donat Callens from Belgium

I feel greatly relaxed after playing for a long period

Gale Kaffka from USA

I was attending a spiritual seminar in Mount Shasta where I met Malcolm Dorje. Malcom was doing a sound healing on a woman's foot.


Playing didj whilst kind of falling in trance helps me overcome pain helps me overcome grief So it sure works !!

Anonymous from Australia

Didg in this case can heal by grounding the player with nature relaxing and relieving stress. One of the first places I turn to relieve stress

Jeffrey Levine from USA

I have played for my own healing and used its meditative qualities to center my energies.

Kai Vernon from England

Very much interested in this as my mum has just been diagnosed with lung cancer.


At massage school


With my friends at home

Mark W from USA

Maybe but not sure


The soothing sound just made me forget the death of family members and brought me to a somewhat heavenly state.

Michael Thiesen from Germany

I would say "very partly only"; "healing" may not be the right expression for my experience as it is related to myself; when playing my didj "it is capable" to create various moods deep inside me. I am about to learn more about these few moments of deep (eternal) being. Surely more practice in circular breathing and rhythm will help....


Exciting and frustrated. after very calm and unnervous feeling.

Salvador Martinez from Spain

It was the first time I listen the didje sound was very intense

Stephanie Frenock from USA

My husband has played on my back. We have also played for some of our animals

Tom Darling from USA

Meditation healing

Vicki Lynne Allen from USA

I am a self taught didj player and I feel this instrument is here to speak to your soul and let your soul speak--I love just sitting in my back yard and just letting my soul sing

Anonymous from USA

I cannot say for sure if this is what is meant by didj healing but one afternoon a group of me and my friends were having a little party and we started a drum circle then a couple of other people showed up and began to play didjs. Shortly after they began the drums stopped and everyone was just sitting there listening to the melodic sounds. As they played on I began to feel a wave of ease overtake my body and I sat there without thought or pain even after they stopped playing.

Nathan Dockery from USA

More of a personal stress relief; I suddenly realized I had been playing for an hour and a half ; ; ; and found myself clear in mind and judgment;


I have a depression and I use it to meditate

Richard Curtis from USA

Some American artists who use agave to make the instruments really switched me on; Other than this key event my interest in the music of the aboriginal people of Australia has arisen through the textures in world-type music; I also work with my dreams or attempt to hear their messages and would like to learn from the wisdom of Aboriginal culture; This music has become part of my trance work

Mark Rosen from USA

I am a musician sound healer and energy worker; My intention for didgi use is sound healing; I have been gifted to be able to play other healers didgis for them while they were receiving a healing; I also studied low vocal toning with tibetan monks in 1997 and find a similarity to my toning and some of the sounds I have produced using digi;

Richard Grossman from USA

It was amazing; I'm usually at the giving end of the didge but to receive it especially with a full on and long 'Toot'; to my chest area was amazingly powerful; My entire chest cavity resonated with the didge; Best part of it was that it was my didge being played;

Emilio Cortes from Spain

For me is like a kind of meditation

Anonymous from Sweden

I got so calm when I heard the didge sound and I almost felt like I was sleeping it's difficult to describe the feeling but it was very nice experience;

Tobias Grimm from Germany

It seems like the deep vibrations have a positive effect on neural stress;


It was fantastic

Colin Lennox from USA

Great for curing hangovers and headaches

Moreno Papi from Italy

I work with didjeridu massages

Daniel Reimers from USA

General healing during didj circle;

Giovanni Stunada from Canada

I find that playing and meditating helps tremendously to alleviate mental anguish

Geoffrey Todt from USA

It may not be the best or a legitimate one-to-one healing session as I experienced the didj being played in an intimate room with others sharing the same sound

Michelle Marcus-Deardon from UK

Deep within some other place;

Johan Segers from Belgium

Just great

Taylor Witt from USA

The deep earthy drone soothed my mind and through the warm vibrations I felt as if a veil had been lifted from me leaving me enlivened and full of energy;

Eric Castonguay from USA

If I have stress during school mainly finals I will play for a long while and just let all the worries bounce down and out if my didj;


Yes in montañita ecuador


El sonido armonico produce de por si un efecto relajante y curativo y ciertos puntos de energia en la espalda como son los chackas o meridianos son buenos sitios para estimular y siempre usar la intuicion; yo personalmente creo ke la parte baja de la espalda es recomentable sonido graves y conforme se sube mas agudos

Stefan Fässler from Switzerland

My girlfriend's father has cancer and we played many times for him; It's not healing but he feels good afterwards;

Bill Dewey from USA

Indirectly. Last night Lewis Burns demonstrated this using my wife as a subject. She loved it!

Brian Burke from USA

Playing the didg has healed me every time I play it allows me to be creative and vent

Cynthia Shattler from USA

My husband plays and he has worked on me. I also am a massage therapist as well.


As a part of sound therapy workshop an interesting experience.


No I have not really but I heard it for the first time after work one day at a distressing briefing at the EMS station. By the way I am a Paramedic that works for a local EMS station in Galveston Texas. And the sounds it created were great. But I don't think that I can afford one because we do not make good income.

Hawk Henries from USA

while playing at a pow wow a young man who has downs syndrome and is profoundly deaf responded to the vibration of the didge. his parent's cried saying that he had not responded to anything like that before.


Yes in 1985 in Maningrida. A young man was injured by a buffalo charge. A didgeridu was used by his clan the Barrada to assist in his healing (along with modern medicine).

Jack Nisan from israel

The guy I bought a didge from in Sydney played for 15 minutes [for the first time in my life ] behind my head it felt just great

Joshua Rhoderick from USA

I once had a fairly bad bout with anxiety; I guess the stress of day-to-day living had begun to take its toll. I couldn't eat sleep or think... It was beginning to cause trouble with my family and my job--but then I discovered the didj. I'm not sure what it was about the sound that intrigued me but its haunting tones allowed me to relax. So I learned to play and have been playing ever since. The didj made me feel at peace and to this day I credit it with helping me get over my problem with anxiety.


Una noche en una hoguera en el campo unos amigos llevaron un digderidoo y... weno pues me gustó como sonaba.

Kev Grant from England

After collapsing at work (uk) I needed a real change went travelling ended up at Coffs Harbour; the depression just went after didg recital - honest

Anonymous from Sweden

Just playing the didge calms you down and often after a didj-session you feel that a lot of energy that you've lost during the day comes back to you.


It's a very relaxing experience when you are stressed; you close your eyes and feel so good. when you stop and open them again it's like if you had waken up from a dream

Anonymous from USA

Was at a workshop and had been having knee trouble and at the end of it my knee did not hurt

Tim Peak from USA

Clarifying expanding

Tony Cisar from USA

I have multiple sclerosis and use the didj on a regular basis to calm my nerves and soothe my pains

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