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Name and Country

Why interested in Didj

Adrian Hanks from Australia

I play and teach the art of didgeridoo playing

Anonymous from Singapore

For relaxing.its very therapeutic

Alex from Canada

After hearing one being played a few months back I was lucky enough to find one for sale after buying I've had an incredible time learning it

Alexandre from Portugal

Love the way they sound they are one the best ways I know to relax.

Andrea from Italy

It's an interesting instrument and I would like to learn playing it. I'm in wheelchair and I think this could be easy to play for me. I think!!

Andy Ramey from USA

Because it is an excellent way to express your self plus it just sounds amazing.

Anu Van Leeuwen from Netherlands

I'll play since 12 years now got interested at full moon party's 'organise and was hypnotized by the sound. Later more interest because of its healing power!

Arno Chrispeels from USA

I have been playing didj (off and on) since I visited Oz when I was 10 in 1980.

Bernard from USA

Hmmmm. They seem to like me actually. There tend to be more and more of them inviting themselves into my home to live. actually it is the challenge of playing them well.

Bianca from Australia

I love the sound they produce very relaxing an melodic. they are such a simple yet powerful instrument

Blair from USA

I love the sound. The feel of the vibration. It helps me relax as I play it.

Bob from USA

Come from a musical family always been into more "off the beaten track" styles of music and have become entranced by the didj for its amazing rhythm making capabilities.


They are beautiful instruments with a fascinating history.

Brandon Yarbrough from USA

I have always been intrigued by their unique sound qualities as I am a musician.

Brett Hallett from USA

Because they are there


I like to hear them being played


The sound

Bruce from Australia

Intrigued by complex sounds produced by such a simple instrument

Cameron from USA

I love the musical sound and the tones of the didgeridoo

Candace from USA

I have always loved the mystic and soothing sound of them and now would like to learn how to play.

Charles from USA

It is because of unique sound.

Chris from USA

I like the sound and am a rhythm junkie!!

Christophe Pellot from France

Amazing instrument

Christopher from USA

I love music. My wife and I visited Kentucky Down Under and was able to be introduced to these unique instruments. I would love to learn to be more proficient at playing.


I read it helps with snoring

Claus from Germany

Fascinating instrument spirit of the didge allows to play very individual

Clayton from United Kingdom

Because of the sole warming energy and sound it produces


I am interested in aboriginal culture and the expression of their inner sense through their music. I have heard that a woman does not traditionally play the didgeridoo but I would like it to be part of our church music in some way

Constanza Cabrera Oyarce from Chile

'cause I like the sound it relax me I'm of a country so far and little and its a little bit hard to found someone who can play or a place where u can buy it. well I hope that u choose me sorry for the bad english

Ct from USA

Didgeridoos keep coming up in my life and I am asked in my therapy if I use them. I think it's about time that I learn to use one in my practice.

Curtis from USA

Musician by education still play concert and jazz. Learning GHBagpipes tin whistles and Irish flutes. Like the sound of the Didge

Curtis Thompson from USA

My two sons and I have a great time playing music together. I'm a hand drummer my oldest borrowed a didj from a friend and we were blown away by the sound of it even though we didn't really know how to play. I'm intrigued by the rhythmic qualities of it.

Damien from France

Because it makes me feel more peaceful and it helps me to understand the link between My body and my soul.

Dana from USA

I love teaching my children about music and different musical instruments we have a music box that is not quite great yet but we are reaching for the stars with this one!!

Darlene from USA

We had a person come to our school to demonstrate how to play one. I am intrigued. I am a music teacher and would like to show all the kids (700) how to play one.


I love to play my beginners didj made of pvc and hope to get a wood one eventually

David Broadbent from Australia

I have read it can be a natural therapy to stop snoring.

David from USA

I've always thought they were really interesting sounding instruments. The tribal scene in the first Crocodile Dundee was always one of my all time top scenes in any film when I was younger... it wasn't until recently that I watched the film again after many years that the sounds they were playing throughout the movie and most prominently that scene that I really began to appreciate them. I now have 2 didgeridoos that I play regularly!

David from USA

Sleep apnea


Because I like the sound and the union between man and nature. I would use it...and so I decided to buy it. I think that I will use it for meditation

Deanna from USA

My father who dies when I was sixteen was very into the Australian culture and studied as much a she could in preparation for a trip that he never made. When my son was born I chose this aspect of my father to pass on to my son -even used "Waltzing Matilda" as his lullaby. My son grew up on Mem Fox and the Crodile Hunter. I for my part love playing exotic instrument esp. percussion. My son and step-dad also love ethnic music -my step-dad even clogs square-dances and round-dances! The didgeridoo music is something we all enjoy.

Dimitri from Belgium

When I play it helps me to relax


They have a very distinct and unusual sound. I enjoy listening to them in music.


Me gusta el sonido y su mistica

Edward Lucas from USA

I have sleep apnea and found out learning the didgeridoo can help.

Anonymous from Netherlands

The mystical sound of the didge is relaxing and thrilling as well and causes a feeling of wanting to explore either my outer and inner horizons. Furthermore is is incredible what an enormous range of sounds one can produce with this instrument.

Eugene from New Zealand

I heard the sound as a child and loved it didn't realise it came from the didgeridoo until I saw someone playing one have played one since....

Evan Shaw from USA

My roommate has a didgeridoo he purchased in Australia and I have been having a lot of fun experimenting with it and trying to learn to play


I am very fascinated in the sound that is made from the Didgeridoos

Frank Segui from Canada

I'm player

Frayluis from Spain

Me gusta mucho su sonido...

Anonymous from France

J'aime la meditation et la vibration du didg

Gary from USA

Enjoy the sounds and it will be a challenge to learn how to play.

Gary from USA


Georg from Germany

They have a very tribal and special atmosphere to them and give really good vibrations.

Gianfranco Tedeschi from USA

They sound awesome and ancient

Gil Yaron from Israel

I've been playing and building didgeridoos for a few years and as a performing musician I try to add its sound to my projects. I currently mixing didgeridoo with Brazilian music.

Anonymous from Belgium

They are a very interesting and unique instrument.

Gregory from France

Like sound country and people of this country. I visited once & I wish I can visit it again

Ian Ryan from United Kingdom

I enjoy the sound they make

Isaac Firesmith from USA

There are an unusual and unique instrument with a lot of history.

Jacob from USA

I love the way they sound

James from USA

I love the sound and vibration.

James Word from Australia

Spiritual reasons. Playing music is very relaxing. I can no longer play guitar due to wrist injury.

Jay from USA

At first simply the unique sound. now to aid in sleep disorder (sleep apnea)

Jay from USA

I collect unusual musical instruments.

Jeff from USA

For healing purposes. I have a disability and playing the didj helps the pain I deal with daily

Jeremy from USA

I love the earthy sound and ties with nature

Anonymous from USA

The sound which goes out from the didge is for me like

Anonymous from France

Because I love the people aborigines its habits its culture and thus the didjeridoo

Anonymous from USA

They're fascinating


For musical performance as well as a tool for energetic healing

John from USA



I love the sound

Jon from United Kingdom

The uniqueness of the intrument. Aboriginal people/culture. The sound/method of playing.

Jose from Australia

Because of the way they make me feel. because I love the sound. because the aboriginal culture interests me. because I can take it anywhere and it will always make me feel good. because... I could go on for ever and ever. and ever. but just basically because every time I play I go to an amazing place where nothing else has ever taken me.


Love the sound and look of them

Juan Maria Colombo from Argentina

I've heard different kind of didjeridoos all my life through different artists music etc. I like the meditation kind of trance you can get in playing one in a special place with friends joining you.

Anonymous from USA

I have been a percussionist for 15 years. I would love to own and learn to play.

Kees from Netherlands

The sound of the didj is the sound of nature for me.


They are sooo fun to listen to and would be cool to have my own!

Kenneth Soberg from Norway

First and foremost for it's haunting sound and my interest in aerophones and other cultures.

Kiko Monsalves from Chile

Aun no lo tengo bien claro pero fue algo que me sucedió cuando niño escuche ese sonido que me hizo vibrar el pecho me estremeció y no tuve contacto con uno real hasta hace 3 años cuando probé por primera vez hacer un sonido no sabia de que estaban hechos ni que los hacia sonar así lo único que tengo claro es que con aquel sonido puedo emprender largos viajes hacia donde solo yo puedo llegar

Kris Stewart from United Kingdom

I was first introduced to didgeridoo's when I was 15 when visiting friends in australia. We entered a shop with amazing paintings and long hollow pieces of wood they had the most beautiful designs a had ever seen. the shop keeper came up to me and asked if I would like a go I shifted nervously as I was shy. The man lifted a didgeridoo came over to me and said blow your lips and make them vibrate I just sorta looked at him and laughed but he smiled and said he wasn't kidding. I did as he said then he was pleased and he played a simple drone into the didgeridoo and I was really impressed. he handed it over to me and I tried it I blew into it and just felt overwhelmed I could hear this amazing noise which I was making it really shocked me that I could do it. the man was impressed saying rarely people on there first try ever get it right so I was all chuffed with myself. at this point was the moment I became interested in playing the didge!!!

Kyle Baicker-McKee from USA

I learned to play in australia when I was there and I then bought one from your store and I play fairly frequently now

Larry Davis from USA

For Meditation

Lee from USA

I love to play Didgeridoos.

Linda from USA

I read in a magazine that playing the didgeridoo will help sleep apnea.

Luís Pereira from Portugal

I simply love the sound of this extraordinary and simple instrument that were presented to me this summer. Since than I daily play my didj (aka Bués). I study Relaxation and also Music therapy and this is a perfect way to induce to it.

Manuel from Italy

I'm a musician and I like ethnic sounds.

Marcus McCoo from USA

I'm interested in the aboriginal culture. The didgeridoo is also mystical sounding


For the deep sound and for meditation too

Anonymous from United Kingdom

I love the concept of an wind instrument that can be played continuously without interruption

Mark from USA

My son is a musician and I am interested in expanding his range of instruments

Mark Webster from USA

I'm an Indigenous musician in the States and appreciate ALL Indigenous music specially since our cultures have so much in common...histories with europeans connection to the Earth and Great Spirit. I have played didj for 14 yrs

Massimo Gambirasio from Spain

Cause I like the feeling that transmit to my body and mind while hearing and playing!!


Mostly for their healing properties. I enjoy their sound too.

Michael from USA

I love their sound and love what they do for me when I play them.


Mainly because of the complex sound that is created from such a simple instrument. I am a synthesizer programmer and can't match the intriguing sound....

Michal from Czech Republic

DIdge has the most powerful sound I ever heard



Mike Ungerbuhler from USA

I love the feel of the Didj sound it is so relaxing.

Anonymous from USA

I like the native cultures and the magic that comes from the traditional ceremonies and music.

Anonymous from France

Because I like Ben Harper music!

Nolan Derose from USA

I love the soothing sound and vibrations of them and how uncommon they are to most people near me. I recently started to play but not with a very good didj an I would like a high quality didj. I got into them because my brother's friends from his camp counseling job are from australia.

Otto Stockhaus from Sweden

It's a fantastical instrument great sound and great fun to play. And almost nobody else plays it.


I like to play it I play it every day

Phil from Australia

I live in Australia there is no better sound it's just made for the bush.

Pierre from France

Great sound first ever known music instrument... I've got a great respect for australians aboriginal my dream is to come in australia to meet them

Ralf from Germany

Because it is an instrument with plenty of spirit.

Rick from USA

Love the sound

Rik Van Luijn from Netherlands

Sounds good and its fun to do! Its also a bit unconventional and people always like it when it comes up in conversation I play didj

Rob from USA

I was drawn to the didge at a very young age. When I played my first didge it felt natural. The vibration & energy are very special to me.

Robb from USA

The sound and I've got a few friends that can play one so I want to learn

Robbie from USA

Gift for my nephew

Robby Mann from USA

The sound learn to play one meditation

Robert from United Kingdom

My Nephew bought one I tried it and seemed to have a nack. Thoroughly enjoyed myself and as I have always wanted to play a musical instrument thought why not a Didj!!!

Anonymous from USA

The sound is very relaxing and want to learn an unusual instrument that most people don't play.


Firstly their sound and history. Secondly their health effects. I came to the site getting info for someone who asked about frequency info for sound of didge for Frex discussion group. My son has a didgeridoo but not authentic which he used to play - when he put a plastic pipe on the end wow! Another class of sound again. Back in 80s I recall playing didge music on 6UVS FM radio in Perth but it was not common. Now it is great used widely.

Sandra from USA

Visited Australia bought a didgeridoo took some lessons was excited to learn how to play it - smashed by the airline even though well packed must have been thrown somewhere

Anonymous from USA

Am very interested in pursuing cultural musical instruments

Serge from France

The Peter Weir movie "The last wave"!!!

Solomon Barki from Greece

Because I am in love with this sound and the music I usually make is narrative so the didj helps this music to be more rich

Teri from USA

I love the sound. And I heard it help with sleep apnoea


I like the sound they make.

Terry from USA

I want to learn to play them professionally.

Thomas Van Iersel from Netherlands

Because the sound of the didgeridoo has always fascinated me the first time I heard one was in a Jamiroquai song and I asked my mother what that was so she told me since then I got more interested and I'm planning on buying one within a couple of weeks I can already make the normal sound but I need to practice circular breathing god that's tough!

Anonymous from Canada

For amazing sound

Travis Ripley from USA

I love the sound they make and they are excellent for your heart. Also I fell in love with them the first time I heard one on a jamiroquai album.

Vincent from USA

Fun and different

Walter F. Herz from Germany

A tribe of my family still lives in Downunder. I'm a fan of didge music and want to learn playing a didge.

Wesley from USA

The beautiful sound they make

William Edenfield from USA

I've played one for about a year and I'm getting pretty good. I saw them at a state fair and purchased one

Willy Bachmaier from Germany

Its a great instrument which is very good for relaxing meditating and improvising. its a instrument with a very old tradition. I like the overtones very very much. its a simple instrument with a enormous range of playing styles and

Yishai from Israel

The sound is pure and tribal and when I first heard a Didj I fell in love. I am not musically talented but feel like the Didj knows what I want and visa versa.

Zarik from Australia

I play for pleasure and healing

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