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This is one of the questions we were asking our visitors in our 2006 survey and here you can read their answers (we post comments only if permission was given).

Over the last few years we have asked our visitors to comment on several other questions and any of the below topics contain hundreds or thousands of comments from people all over the world. Enjoy reading what other people have to say on those subjects:-)

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Name and Country

Why interested in Didj

Anonymous from USA

First heard one on my local radio station about 10-12 years ago by a group called outback. Got the cd. Everyone liked it especially the kids. About five years ago my daughter wanted one for xmas. Located one from a person in Delaware for a very reasonable price. It was termite hollowed but painted by him. It looks ok but would have preferred it plain. I ended up playing it the most for a while and was trying to learn circular breathing with it. I have a strong connection with this instrument while playing it one evening before going to bed had a vision of a person (appeared to be a native aboriginal). Love to listen and play the didj and some day use it for healing at the reiki shares that I attend.

Albert from Spain

Because I love the aborigine culture and the sound of this instrument

Anonymous from USA

They are fun to play

Anonymous from Italy

I play it

Angel from USA

Music and healing


I'm a didgeridoo player in a band of four.

Aydan from United Kingdom

As they are an amazing creation and the sound of the didge really helps me to enter a problem free mind

Barry Shrimpton from New Zealand

The Incredible Sound they make......An ongoing desire to become a better player myself.

Beatrice from Australia

Beautiful sound

Ben from USA

I love the sound and the feel of playing one it is also a wonderful aid for breathing and meditation.


For healing and the sonorous sound

Anonymous from Netherlands

Because ever since I spend 9 months in Australia I loved the sound

Brad Powell from USA

I love the sound and the feeling when playing. I teach the basics of didge playing during an Aborigine program at the park where I work.

Brandon from USA

I find their sound fascinating and I'm interested in traditional native instruments.

Brian Pulsipher from USA

The sound is very unique and enjoyable

Bruce from Australia

I am learning to play and collect aboriginal artifacts and listen to didgeridoo music often.

Bruce from USA

For meditation. It takes you really deep. Breaks up old inner junk really well.

Cara from USA

I first picked up a didgeridoo earlier this year and since then I haven't been able to put it down. It's truly a unique and amazing instrument.


I grew up watching australian videos and the didgeridoo sound was always in the background. Whenever I hear it it brings back great childhood memories.

Cheryl from USA

My daughter just returned from a trip to Australia where she bought a didgeridoo. She would like to learn how to play it.

Christopher Larson from USA

I think they sound awesome and look very cool and as a massage therapist I am interested in the sound healing aspect

Christy from USA

Ancient music/vibration

Connie from USA

Because I really have an appreciation for cultural arts and music and I do believe that it can help in healing.

Corrado Martorana from Italy

I'm really interested in Aboriginal artifacts


I feel like I can really go inside my soul and mine and get attached to my inter body when I'm playing the didge

Dan Mackin from USA

Something unique and interesting to show to & teach the Boy Scouts. (I'm an adult BS leader)

Daniel from Sweden

I just love the mind traveling rhythms. It is a complex instrument that always have some thing to give back to the player

Darren Grant from United Kingdom

Met a guy who played one at a festival. It was strange how psychedelic the sound was but haunting at the same time.When he played it you could feel the culture within this hollow log. Since then I've never looked back.

David from USA

I love the sound and would love to learn how to play.


I love its hypnotic sound

David from Canada

Breath sound vibration and meditation.

David Snyder from USA

Mystical and spiritual sound conveyed and received.

Dominique from USA

Because I have heard several people say what a beautiful sound it produces.

Doug from USA

It is the closest sound I've ever heard to what I here from the bottom of my meditations.

Edward Southworth from USA

I am looking for a musical instrument I can play. I love the artwork and it reference to nature. It will bring me closer to my dream of traveling to Australia.

Ehsan Tadayon from Iran

For their rhythm and their art


It's a unique Australian sound.


I play the Didj and I love the culture behind it

Erik Van Der Velden from Netherlands

I love the sound of didgeridoos and I like to play them. Playing them helps me relax.

Anonymous from France

The vibrations

Evelyn from USA

I love the music and they are beautiful instruments unlike the typical musical instruments.

Facundo Stahl from Argentina

Very much


The Didj sound is very haunting and visits me in my dreams

Francisco from Spain

My son is a musician and loves that didgeridoo sound I like to make him a present like this... if I'm lucky!!

Gail from USA

I want to learn circular breathing as a way to access other dimensions (4th 5th 6th..) and the didj is a practical fun and sacred way to do this!

Garry from Australia

I have been involved in energy healing for many years and have believed the didj was able to be used for healing. This web site confirmed my beliefs.

Gerard School from Netherlands

I like the sound and want to learn playing them.


I am playing one


To get Aboriginal real cultural music device to offer it to someone

Anonymous from France

Because of this ancestral and pure sound

Greg Sansom from Australia

A friend in the US has always wanted one and they are an expensive gift.

Gregg from USA

I have been playing wind instruments for many years. Nothing seems to compare to the sound of a didj. Therefore I feel it would be a natural transition and would allow me to broaden my instrument capabilities. I am looking to add the didj sounds and feelings to my meditations.

Guy Bijl from Belgium

Because I like the sound I like his healing quality. Playing didge is great fun

Heaven Fraley from USA

My music/meditation/Ta'i Chi teacher has 1 and plays it every day...I find it very calming to listen to when we're doing our daily meditation.

Horacio from Uruguay

Por que uso este instrumento pero en mi pais es muy dificil de conseguir

Ian from USA

Love the sound. Unique unto itself yet recognized around the globe! Also I don't have to muddle through scales keys and other traditional music theory;)


This instrument opened to me new sounds and atmospheres to experiment with it... I'm just a beginner but with great hope...


I am a musician who is fascinated with the aboriginal culture I love the art but most of all I love the deep earthy sound of the didjeridu

Jairo from Spain

Well I believe that since was small it interested to me

Anonymous from USA

I love the sound and have made and owned a few

Anonymous from Australia

Like the sound & style


Love em

Jeannine from USA

Many years ago I lived in Tacoma WA where a nearby park held a yearly Ethnicfest. There were didgeridoo players (and many other wonderful performers) and even a workshop to make pvc Didjes for kids. I like the sound and recently my partner and I discovered that didj playing has been recommended as a remedy for snoring (a strengthening exercise as it were). This sounds terrible but it gives me the excuse I need as an apartment dweller to practice an instrument I want to learn.

Jed from USA

For meditation music and healing

Joachim from Germany

I play since 2 years

Anonymous from USA

Live performance recording and just chillin'!

John Peters from USA

Because I went to Australia and saw them but didn't know what they were until I got home to the USA.

John Sheffield from USA

I like the sound and they remind me of my trip to oz back in 2000

Jonathan Olivares from Chile

I’m not speak English but the sound of didgeridoo is very wonderful and I like it while child. Sorry no English


I have one


I study social work and am becoming increasingly interested in aboriginal culture the didge is one facet that I am extremely eager to learn

Joy Cozens from Canada

I love the sound of them. I find playing and hearing one very healing and feel it right from the gut. Mostly it is just an unexplainable draw that I have felt since the first time I was around one.

Juergen Rieger from Australia

Interest in australian aboriginal culture and I just like to learn to play one love the sound

Anonymous from Mexico

Because I like very much Stephen Kent


A fascination from travelling in Australia. I bought my first one in Brisbane spent months carrying it around. It reminds me of my time there


The sound and the simplicity. its such a natural instrument and so fun to play. the sounds of nature can be imitated so well on them.

Justin from USA

I've been in love with didges since I first heard them in high school and want to integrate them into my sound healing practice

Kathy from Australia

Because I am Australian!

Keith from United Kingdom

I like world music and lived in Australia for a year and loved the music

Kirin from Australia

My boyfriend in the US (he's Russian) is FASCINATED by them so I'm trying to find a good one to send to him for his birthday.

Kirsty Lane from Australia

Growing up I had friends who played the Didgeridoo. they also played at one of my dear friends funerals and ever since I've been learning to play.

Anonymous from USA

Just recently heard one and I like the sound.


I enjoy playing them. It's relaxing and fun.


Xavier Rudd's music was the first point of contact. Since then my sister and I have been gaining an interest in not only australian indigenous music but the music of all the pacific islands. The didj in particular has a very ethereal feel to it - and (played well) can transport a listener to another time and place.

Anonymous from France

Love the sound & culture also the fact of playing with other didj players singers and percussionists

Leanne from USA

I've always been interested in world music and loved the sound of the didgeridoo. I have been looking for an instrument with which I could accompany my boyfriend on acoustic guitar and I think the didj would be a great addition to the music

Leonardo Flores from Spain

I have didgeridoos in mind-heart from I was a kid


Important is the calm when exercising the breathe technology and the sound it produces

Lisa Hatchez from Canada

For health and relaxation because it works with the breath; also for my interest in aboriginal people of the world.

Anonymous from Mexico

Because I like very much natural and autochthon musical instruments.

Luciano from Argentina

I love their sound and playing them. I use the didjeridoo for my yoga classes

Luke from Australia

I am interested in the didjeridu because I love the peaceful sound they create and the stories they tell I also like to play the didjeridu because it calms and relaxes me.

Madlyn from Canada

This is my first year to experience the profound effects of Didjeridoo. I would love to have one and learn to play it. The didj is the most amazing instrument in the world so to win one of that caliber would be the nicest thing that has ever happened to me.

Marc from Belgium

Recent on a TV show here people had to collect 300 or more people playing a didge half of the number had to be playing on a self-made I took part on this event and was stunned by the amazing atmosphere I kept my self-made bamboo to learn to play made new friends among the pro players and now ordered a real original one.

Marcelo Sarra from Brazil

For healing purposes

Anonymous from Australia

It's part of our heritage

Maria Rowena from USA

I love music especially world music and love the look and sound of Didgeridoos.

Marianne from Belgium

My husband play

Marissa from USA

Because I like the way it feels when I play it. It's different than playing other instruments it's more free.


I love the sound it is very earthy

Marko from Macedonia (FYR)

I have always been interested in the Aborigines their way of living and culture.In this rotten world they are the only pure humans

Marty from Australia

A very unique instrument to Australian indigenous fellas one which sirs spirituality and connectedness


Comes from an interesting culture


I'm interested in anything musical

Anonymous from United Kingdom

They make a wonderful sound are easy to play and have links with the mystical which I am interested in also.

Matthew Brewster from South Africa

It is my doorway into the unreal spirit and enchanting world away from our real world

Matthew from United Kingdom

Picked one up at a friends house after listening to the levellers didge player Stephen Boakes at a concert. I just love there simplicity there is something definitely magical about them.

Megan from Australia

In the cairns area we have a lot of people that play didgeridoos and the music sounds very charming

Melissa from USA

I love the sound and am fascinated by the tradition. interested also in the healing properties of the music

Michael Forster from Australia

Just loved the sound and how its made and from what its made

Michael Stone from USA

They are an interesting and original instrument. I am an audio engineer so I am interested in its tonal qualities. Sound can do lots of things so I am also interested in the healing properties.

Nathaniel Johnson from Australia

Because have always wanted to learn to play one


I love the sound like nothing I have ever heard before

Neil Wakeling from United Kingdom

I play didge - its the best thing in the world! I also use mine in my sound healing work and there are some great results


Enjoy the sound

Anonymous from Canada

Because to me they represent peace harmony wellness contentment.

Paul Cyr from USA

In 2002 I travelled to Australia as a Student Ambassador. I picked up a didge and I couldn't get enough! I need music more than food.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

I have been playing didgeridoo for a few years. I love the versatility of the instrument and the history/culture associated with it.

Paul from USA

I love the sound and how it feels to play.

Pepe from Spain

Because I like very much the music to do music and the easing of the body and the mind.

Peter Kretzschmar from USA

I have a love for the traditional tribal aboriginal art and aboriginal peoples

Peter Pollinger from Austria

I simply like them their sound and their fell

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Its great fun at a social occasion. Loosens everyone up.

Petri from Finland

I've been playing didges for a couple years and love their sound


I absolutely love their unique sound and furthermore have grown fond of their iconic value in Aboriginal Culture. The oxymoronic complexities within the simplicity of this instrument is where its beauty comes from; and such a simplicity brings one closer to nature.

Raghav from New Zealand

I have a passion for learning different world instruments The thing I most like about this instrument is that its a powerful and at the same time exotic form of art which evolved 50 000 years ago. Every variety of sound has an impact on nature. At present I have a collection from from India Nepal Sri Lanka and other parts of middle asia. of few acoustics like (banjo mouth organ Harmonium sitar sarangi and "Been"- played to charm snakes for showbiz and research by amateurs. Amazing isn't it when we already know that snakes are deaf they catch vibration of happiness or sadness in 'Been acoustica'. Both instruments Didgeridoos & Been can be traced to the same age of evolution.The Aborigines inhabitants of the continent for over 50 000 years have a distinctive musical culture. Aboriginal creation myth holds that singing was the means of the world's creation. By the late 19th century most Aboriginals had been forced into white communities and many tribes were massively depopulated. But in the 1970s Aborigines reasserted their cultural traditions and began fusing western reggae and rock with traditional instrumentation and using music as a means of political protest.

Randel from USA

I enjoy the sound as it has a calming effect on me. I would like to learn to play one.

Anonymous from Germany

Very interesting sound

Richard from United Kingdom

I have been living in Australia for two years restoring the environment and helping to preserve aboriginal burial sites. I am leaving the country soon and the didge seems the best way to remember this wonderful country by.

Richard Whistance from United Kingdom

I have been playing for 15 years and have listened extensively to Aboriginal and European players

Ridha from Netherlands

It makes me feel free inside the head

Rob from Ireland

I love the sound and the it puts me in

Robert Nichols from United Kingdom

Just been to australia for a hand bell symposium and one piece of music included a didj I now own one and intend to play it.

Robert from USA

I play guitar and want to a more exotic form of instrumentation and I was going to build my own but saw this and thought it was a great opportunity

Ruth from USA

Love the sound of them


I grew up in the Northwest of Oz and was surrounded by aboriginal culture from an early age. Also my friend is a great player and has managed to teach me the basics

Sarah from United Kingdom

Firstly I love the sound that they make and they make the glens up here in the Western isles sound really creepy. I also don't know anyone else who plays other than myself so it kinda makes me different - in a good way!


Love the sound

Shane Mackaness from Australia

Uniqueness of the instrument soothing sounds very relaxing to play.


I have little time left due to terminal cancer and am grasping at straws


Their wonderful sound and their long history.

Stefan Jung from Germany

I like the sound and can play it without know the notes. It's very good for relaxing. I also very interested in the aboriginal culture.

Steve from United Kingdom

The sounds from a didjeridoo are truly amazing and magical to if you allow them

Stuart Harrison from United Kingdom

Musical fascination and enjoyment of people listening

Thaddius Davis from USA

I have always loved the history and the stories behind the didj. I first learned how to play one when I was in middle school and I picked up the technique very quick. I love the fact that you can tell so many stories without even telling a single word with the didj.


Funny sound interesting instrument

Thibault Guyon from France

I'm interested in didgeridoos first because it's a natural instrument given by the earth making the most purer song you can ever heard

Anonymous from Ireland

They provide primal music that wakes the soul from its slumber. It sends out good vibrations that penetrate deep into the body and mind. it makes people smile and relax.

Toniu from Spain

I like the didj sound and I'm interested to learn to play.

Tyson Peters from Australia

Because for some reason I managed to just pick one up and play it one day and I don't know how I did it or why I can play. But from that day on I've been fascinated with the didgeridoo and with the aboriginal culture.

Walter Rodriguez from Argentina

Porque es un instrumento muy amplio debido al juego de sondos que tiene solamente por un cilindro.

Walter from Italy

Natural song

Wesley Bullock from USA

I was introduced to didgeridoos in 1999 and I've been playing almost daily since then. For the last several years I've been featured as a didgeridoo soloist for a touring Broadway show called Blast!. We started in London performed on Broadway for 6 months did a two-and-a-half year national tour and have spent the last four summers in Japan. This year we are performing Blast 2: MIX (a spinoff) and I'm once again featured on didge. I've been teaching new cast members to play since 2002 and I love it. Personally I enjoy the simplicity and depth of the didge. I can quickly tap into my roots as a being connected to the earth and my past


Make a cool sound


Make a cool sound

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