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Name and Country

Why interested in Didj

奨太 藤村 from Japan

It is because I can feel a mystery of music

Adam Snow from USA

I love the amazing variety of sounds a didj can produce. Right now my favourite one is the screech.

Adiran from Australia

Fantastic sound beautiful artwork. The way you can control the sound waves is physics in motion.


Because I love listening this sound with percussions and I love playing it

Al Collier from USA

The deep sound for when I visit the spirit world

Alan Lucas from Australia

I love the sound it gives me a great feeling and I am of Aboriginal descent

Alan from Philippines

I want to a didjeridoo as my musical instrument. I don't know how to play any musical instrument and I want to be unique by choosing a didjeridoo.

Amélie from Canada

Cause my friend as one and it's wicked! Plus I would like to got to Australia.

Amy from Puerto Rico

I like the sound


My partner plays I used to play in a band with a didge player cultural heritage

Anders from Sweden

Since 5 years ago when I did my first one I been playing and learning new things every time its relaxing and energetically good.also I use it in therapies

Andres Hurtado from Spain

I like to much the ethnic music..........and for me the didgeridoo is the best

Andrew from USA

They sound way cool and are super relaxing to listen to. also I just

Andrew Luke from United Kingdom

Have heard a lot of Didjes being played and have grown to love that deep earthy rich base sound


The sound and vibration takes me to my inner soul. I believe that the didgeridoo was sculpted from ancient wisdom and imparts this to us.

Anonymous from USA

I like the sound it makes


Because they sound awesome I have always wanted one since I was a little kid no one around this area has one or probably even knows what a didgeridoo is.

Barry Adams from United Kingdom

I like the sound and I am a Healer

Anonymous from Australia

I play the flute and am trying to learn circular breathing and the sound of the didgeridoo strikes some inner spiritual part of me that I would like to be able to replicate by myself

Bent Julenissen Lonrusten from Norway

I love the sound and the great instruments

Bernie from Australia

I am interested in the didgeridoo for two reasons one is because of the hypnotic versatility of the sound ranges combined with the meditative effects when played by an experienced player also the personal benefits to the player by way of health and self esteem.


Didgeridoos interests me because of the unique sound that they make.

Cesar from USA

I love the artistry that it requires to not only play this instrument but to also master it.

Chante from USA

I enjoy playing the Didj for meditation and spiritual connection. It is different from the drum and other instruments.

Charles from USA

I am a drummer and a didj player and I enjoy playing with others in a circle.

Cherie Sommer from Australia

My partner is Aboriginal from the Kamilaroi tribe and I am currently pregnant with his child which is also obviously part aboriginal and I thought it would be nice for them to own one.

Chloë from Belgium

Because they have something magical. The sound the way it looks...

Chris from USA

Love the sound

Chris Raymond from USA

I feel they have amazing potential to integrate mind body and soul

Christine from Australia

They sound eerie and I like the patterns some have

Chuck from USA

They are a fascinating instrument in sound and technique.

Craig Lunceford from USA

Love the sound

Curtis from USA

I just love crazy instruments and after paying my cousins didj I just had to get my own and want to get another in the future.

Dan from USA

Playing the didj makes me feel good

Daniel Cornwall from Australia

Their sound is beautiful and reminds me of what I am fighting for the land and the wildlife

Daniel from Germany

I like the sound

Darin from USA

Being native american/hawaiian I have always been fascinated with all aboriginal culture and music. also the didjeridu sound reminds me of what the beginning of time must have sounded like.

David Molik from Slovakia

It is very good and nice instrument!: ) I like it very much!!: ))) It is like a Meditation during playing didgeridoo...: )))))))))

David Veal from USA

I find the Didj to be a very spiritual instrument. When it resonates with sound it has the ability to put you on the same vibration of the for a lack of a better word Universe. Plus I have been told I have sleep apnea and the breathing techniques needed to play I understand will help alleviate the problem.


I love the sound

Anonymous from France

I work with endangered species so of course I work out of my country and my dream has a name "australia" I dream to go in australia to meet aboriginal people. This is culture I've got an amazing respect for and I hope one day I'll be able to meet them and why not make my own didjeridoo!

Dennis Sigala from USA

I went to a Pow Wow here in Ft Walton Beach Florida today and there was a family Tribe that demonstrated dance and the didj! I make Native American flutes and was so curious to the sound that I went over to meet the family and the young native showed me how to play! I am now hooked to that sound


Love the spiritual mystical quality of the sound and would like to be able to attain that. Love the uniqueness of the art work and its beauty. And the sacredness of the instrument


For sound therapy instrumental music channeling energy and for fun.

Elaine Mackenzie from Netherlands

Also being a musician I just love the sound of didgeridoos. The energy that comes from this instrument is divine.


My boyfriend used to have one and can play them

Erik from Germany

I like Didgeridoos because it sounds very natural deeply connected to "mother earth".


I think the sound is beautiful and relaxing. I've always wanted to play an instrument but have never found one that I enjoyed. However I was lucky enough to get introduced to the didgeridoo by a friend and I am now doing some research to aid my upcoming purchase.

Fábio from Portugal

Hello because it's a original instrument very mysterious sound when I play on my didgeridoo I feel that I'm in another world a peaceful one.

Faith Whitfield from USA

I enjoy instruments of different cultures

Francois from Canada

I am an amateur musician I play guitar bass percussions piano and trumpet.

Frank Fitzpatrick from USA

I teach music to autistic children and want to learn to play and teach them to play didgeridoo. I also want to look for therapeutic value for them from didgeridoo music making and listening.

Anonymous from USA

I compete with an atlatl (woomera) and would like to use a didgeridoo.


I think the web site is very good great content with many interesting links and information and easy to accede the graphics and interface chosen are very good.


I love the sound they make

Greg from USA

Sound strikes a chord in my psyche

Greg from USA

They are really interesting and the sound is very relaxing.

Guilherme Rodrigues from United Kingdom

It is by far the best instrument made out pure nature raw materials. And having a natural talent to play them just makes me more attracted to its sound and to what it represents to the aboriginal people.

Hector from USA

To show

Anonymous from USA

The sound is very soothing and it speaks to me. It has a relaxing quality to it. I also have been collecting musical instruments and have added a 36" musical saw accordion and such to my collection.

Hugo from France

I was always interested about the nature and the roots of the world and humanity. As a musician evidently came to the didgeridoo first as as instrument. But when I searched for information about the didgeridoos I found a lot more than an instrument: a whole new world was waiting for me; a world about the origins of the humanity and about its link with the nature. So the Didgeridoos interest me as a complete magnificent instrument that links humanity to the nature the Earth the Universe.

Ian Gregory from Australia

My Grandfather first introduced me to Didgeridoos and ever since that day I have loved listening to them along with being intrigued in the Aboriginal culture in which they represent.

Ian from Australia

I have always loved the sound since I was a kid I can play guitar and piano now it's time to learn something unique.

Jackie from USA

I love the sound of the instrument and it's relaxing to play didgeridoo

Jackson from USA

I saw one at a local Medieval Fest and bought one. It was pvc I have since learned to play and made many pvc ones for family and friends and hope one day to have a real one.

Anonymous from USA

I love the deep drone that the didge makes.


From when I was a little kid I loved the sound that they made and wanted to play it myself.

James from USA

The sound is hypnotic and healing


Fascinating and transformative sound

Jesse Craddcok from USA

I wish to learn to play every instrument in the world before I die!!!

Anonymous from Spain

For relax me and help to my meditation

Jimi from USA

The sound is fascinating.

Jody Bootsma from Canada

I have always loved the sound. I have been fascinated with the Didjeridoo since I was a child.

Joe Kern from USA

I enjoy playing them. I feel unique by playing them with my friends. I joined the talent show and played my friends didgeridoo and I received a lot of good feed back and attention.

John Nemes from USA

I have always been drawn to them.

Anonymous from Canada

Because I'm a piano player and I wanted to learn a new instrument something more roots. I discovered didj and I fell in love with its multiple and relaxing sounds.

Anonymous from Ireland

I love the deep bass the sound is therapeutic I use it to relieve stress.

Justin Mayfield from USA

I think they have a gorgeous sound an incredibly unique feeling and history and they provide a beautiful color to virtually any type of music.

Justin Purvis from Australia

I enjoy the heritage and skill involved

Justin Smith from USA

Because the sound they make is quite calming and peaceful. I love these fun instruments. some people see them as a joke but I see them as a masterfully crafted piece of art.


I think that they're spiritual

Karen from Belgium

I've always been interested in other cultures arts and music of these people. I really love the sound of a didgeridoo...

Katerina from Czech Republic

I love that sound...

Kelsie from USA

The melodic sound that draws you in and makes you feel one with the earth.


Play in an African percussion group

Anonymous from Germany

I love the spiritual sound of the didgeridoos. It makes me feel so easy.

Kurt from USA

Really dig its sound

Lachlan from Australia

Didgeridoos have a unique and fantastic sound which intrigues me. They are unlike any other instrument I have ever known about and I would love to learn more about them.

Leandro Pinto from Brazil

I know the didjeridu a few time and I have been learned since my first visual contact. It's very nice. My brother plays too and we play with a PVC material. When I sow this site I discovered some interesting things about aboriginal culture.


I love the meditational value of them whilst played


Have always enjoyed listening working in the area of traditional medicines I believe it is time to explore the wind and fire aspects of playing the yidaki

Les from Canada

Unique sound

Anonymous from USA

I have always been intrigued by the sound of the didjeridu and by the culture of the native people of Australia. The sound of the didj seems to stir something inside from far away yet familiar.

Lionel from France

I was in Australia 4 times from 2004 to 2006 because I live 2 years in new caledonia and it's a really flash wen I hear a didges for the first time

Marcus from United Kingdom

It simply is the sound! To be able to play evan a little makes me feel great.

Mariana from Brazil

Because it's a great instrument and have for me a mystic sound.

Mario Sergio from Bolivia

I love the sound I feel the sound of the spirit of the earth making vibrate my spirit

Mark from United Kingdom

Simply I love the sound that comes from them it can be so unusual and haunting as well as a relaxing sound

Mark from Germany

Started learning

Martin from Canada

Xavier Rudd

Mary from USA

I have a musical background in high school and college. Have always been interested in unusual instruments. Would like to share this instrument with my family and learn to play it - and possible teach it!

Michael Eastlake from USA

My son gave me one as present for being best man in his wedding. He knew I had always wanted to learn to play. I can't put it down.

Anonymous from USA

I have been ever since I heard one as a young man.


The sound and the unique physical end of playing

Michel from France

I like the sound of it and have a brother living in australia


I teach a unit on Music of Australia and love the beautiful sound of the didjeridoo

Mike from USA

I love the sound and the history of them.

Mike from USA

The unique sound they make the way they are made


Just love them


Their sound their healing power their natural beauty

Anonymous from USA

I'm looking to purchase one for my son for Christmas. He's a self-taught musician and made himself one out of PVC pipe. I'd like to get him an authentic one.

Nancy from USA

Both my husband and I play multiple instruments and we have expressed a desire to learn to play a didgeridoo among other instruments

Nancy from USA

Most beautiful instrument I've ever seen heard touched played

Nathan Robson from USA

I love the sound of them and it's really helped my asthma.

Nefeg Postigo Lara from Spain

Because I'm interested in all type of music instrumental and I'm artist music

Anonymous from USA

The ancient art of the Aboriginal tribes has fascinated me along with the soothing vibrant sound.

Nicolas from France

Originalitée de l'instrument + travail du souffle

Anonymous from Chile

I love the sound... It makes me feel alive ando connected with the earth and the sky. The didgeridoos transports me to a tribal space inside me. (sorry! I'm a Spanish speaker!)

Patrick Deblieck from Belgium

I love the sound of the didgeridoo mixed with the silence of the woods.

Paul from Australia

I find the sound soothing

Paul White from United Kingdom

They are an amazing musical instrument linked to an ancient culture that is still flourishing today. they make a beautiful haunting sound that sums up the way of life of the Aboriginal people

Peter from New Zealand

I love the resonance that is produced thru such a nature induced instrument and am fascinated by the Aboriginal culture that has survived so long in such harsh conditions (until the Europeans arrived!).


I was drawn by their healing qualities. Now I'm into didges and drums and just love to play them hear them and explore.

Quentin Aisbett from Australia

I have many murri friends in Brisbane and I respect the culture.

Rachael Saywell from Australia

Because to me they give me a spiritual feeling when I listen to them play. The sound puts me in a place of peacefulness.

Ralph from USA

Because they have such a unique sound


Want to learn to play it sounds awesome

Anonymous from Canada

I really enjoy playing it even though I can't do the circular breathing yet. I've been practicing with my friend's and will be purchasing one soon.


The amazing sounds that can be made from humans and nature working together. the simplicity of the didge (a hollow tube) but combine that with a skilled craftsperson somebody keen to play and willing to practice and the out come can be wonderful something I hope to be able to achieve and share with other people in the future.

Rodolfo Fogagnolo from Italy

I think because it touch deeply our soul

Rual from Venezuela

I like the way they sound and I have made my own and have enjoyed learning to play.

Ryan from USA

I'm researching different simple instruments for my AP 3d art portfolio.

Samuel from USA

Learning to play

Anonymous from USA

My boyfriend and I collect musical instruments from around the world and do not have a didgeridoo yet.

Anonymous from USA

I love the sound and want to learn to play. I also love world cultures and find various cultures' use of music interesting.

Sergio from Colombia

I first saw didgeridoos on TV... and I felt some strange energy when I heard them and automatically fell in love with them. Now I'm in various musical projects on which I try to use the didj as an endless soundscape resource.

Soren from Denmark

I have travelled in Australia fifteen years ago and will never forget the sound of a didgeridoo. Still buys didgeridoo music.


My husband is an amateur musician and appreciates working and playing with unique instruments.


Present for a friend

Steve from Australia

Cultural significance spiritual connection with the land great sounds

Stuart Kirkpatrick from Bermuda

The amazing sound!

Susan Rae from USA

The Sound

Symon Justice from USA

I have played for about 4 years now and have been looking at your website for almost 2 now. I currently have 2 Didjes one being a eucalypt (sorry for spelling) and the other being a agave cactus one.


Didj playing gives me a platform to express myself in a very intuitive way

Tamir from Israel

Shamanic journeys and music for the spirit

Thomas from USA

I work as a tour guide talking about many forms of wildlife and the indigenous peoples of Australia where I perform with the didj teach others how to play them and teach people about their cultural significance. I am vastly interested in music so learned how to play didj and it is now by far my favorite instrument.

Tina from Australia

Unique sound

Anonymous from USA

I would like to learn to play

Anonymous from Australia

The sound is the main reason I love didgeridoo's makes my skin tingle from the sound a professional can produce

Velsha from United Kingdom

I enjoy the primal sound!

Vernon Jenewein from USA

I've enjoyed native art and craft and have made stone arrowheads knives and other stone tools reminiscent of Native American Tribes. I was fascinated at hearing the tonal sounds and felt a certain connection to a long ago art and spiritual medicine

Wade from Australia

I want to play and I enjoy the sound


I play a didge now. It is a simple one. I have master all the sounds I am capable of making with the didge I have.

Yves from Canada

I'm interested in various Aboriginal cultures and I also quite enjoy the sound of the didgeridoo.

Zach from USA

I love the sound and the melodic trance I'm put into when I hear and play them.

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