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This is one of the questions we were asking our visitors in our 2006 survey and here you can read their answers (we post comments only if permission was given).

Over the last few years we have asked our visitors to comment on several other questions and any of the below topics contain hundreds or thousands of comments from people all over the world. Enjoy reading what other people have to say on those subjects:-)

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Name and Country

Why interested in Didj


For the pure beauty and soul of the sound. When played it sounds as if it is the soul playing all on its own.

Aaron from Brazil

Because I'm very interested on learning aboriginal culture and I loved the sound of the didjeridoo.

Andrea from Italy

For magical sound for meditation for hobby

Anonymous from Italy

Ancient sounds form secular aboriginal tradition. So fascinating.

Ann from USA

Spiritual aspect - shamanic journeying

Annabelle Linvill from USA

I love the sound! It touches my soul. My heritage is Native American so I really have empathy for the aborigines of Australia. We are family.

Anne from USA

Love the sound of ancient natural music. Learning about things that have interested me all my life but never had time or finances to do. Play Djembe & Bougarabou want to add wind instrument.

Arlie Everett from USA

I love the sound of the instrument. I hear it in the music of a favorite band BROTHER from Australia. I bought a PVC made didge and am starting to learn.


I play in a drum group weekly


I am a sound healer using Himalayan bowls and Peruvian Whistling Vessels today. I also own a visual movie technology for seeing the sounds of instruments like these. I currently evaluate Himalayan bowl sound quality for many vendors in the US. I will send you a sample to introduce my work. I am sure it could help you sell your higher end items.

Bob Cannon from USA

Beautiful sound and cultural importance

Bob Smet from USA

I want to teach children about the culture in music and dancing through an outdoor education program I have been teaching over the past 28 years

Anonymous from USA

My daughter wants one for her 20th birthday on 7/12/06:)

Brad Cole from USA

When I play my didj that I made with a branch off of a willow tree I feel so strongly connected to all that is.no word can truly express that joy.

Brandon Price from USA

Like the sound

Cameron from Australia

Interested in Aboriginal Culture and had the didge highlighted by Xavier Rudd and several aboriginal performances

Carey from Canada

They are fun to play.

Carlos Alberto from Colombia

I felt their call when I went to Melbourne in 2004 to study for a semester.

Cesar Mayoral Figueroa from Mexico

Because I am a singer and am very interested in harmonic singing.

Charmaine from USA

I saw them used on the tv show the amazing race and thought they were beautiful works of art!

Christian from USA

The deep and intense sound of them.

Christina from USA

I love the sound. I was once taught how to play.

Courtney from USA

I was walking around Charleston SC and walked into a shop selling objects made or modeled after those in different parts of the world. This included a didgeridoo which I purchased. I am working on learning how to play it but would like to acquire other beautiful and better quality didgeridoos.

Daniel Allen from Australia

Through music study at university. I currently play tuba and am interested in a number of indigenous instruments from around the world.


Unique instrument possible health benefits

Anonymous from USA

I am fascinated with aboriginal life and culture. I am a history buff and when I started a unit on Australia I fell in love with it's music and heritage. when I did a presentation for my class I had music from a streaming radio and all my friends loved it and encouraged me to learn how to play.

David Hamilton from USA

I love the healing sounds that the didge can create. Also the Aboriginal culture and stories.

David Jones from Australia

Moved to Australia from England and became interested started learning to play.


I liked the sound very much. Now I bought a CD of Xavier Rudd who uses it.

David from Australia

I saw Xavier Rudd in concert at Brisbane and ever since that I've loved listening to didgeridoo music and have bought a stack of cd's.


As a bass player I love the continuous rhythmical nature of the sound and the earthiness of the tone. I had always been fascinated with the idea of circular breathing and met a young Kiwi didge player who showed me the basic technique. I developed this skill on an old (clean!) vacuum cleaner tube a few years ago.

Deborah from USA

Because We heard the Wicked Tinkers Play them and fell in love with the sound. Also I love the history of the Didj and Don likes to play them.

Debra Latimer from USA

I love the sound

Dennis from Canada

Like the sound

Anonymous from Canada

It is truly one of the most basic and primal of instruments and is a fundamental link to the primal human spirit which seems to be all but lost these days.

Diane from Czech Republic

I am a Buddhist and I chant daily. My entire mind and body with it's breathing my projected vocal resonance my mind with it's control of thought - all make me a musical instrument communing with the universe. I am very interested in expanding my spirituality through regular didj playing. I am also interested in Tuvian tube and throat singing. For me sound is a very spiritual thing. I prefer "primal" or "original" sounds most.


I've been to Australia several times over the years and am interested in Australian cultural and history.

Dovin Herring from USA

For many reasons the most recent of which is that according to research didgeridoo playing (i.e. circular breathing) can drastically improve snoring and sleep apnea. I recently had the opportunity to to witness this when I taught a friend to play who had an acute condition. almost over night he reported deeper levels of sleep and dreaming for the first time in 20 years (john is a 45 year old attorney)

Dragos from Romania

Its my way of expressing my self through playing the didgeridoo it connects me with the didgeridoo's spirit.

Anonymous from USA

I write music and I have been looking for a new sound to go along with my guitar playing. When I first herd about the didge I had no idea what it was and saw it on the discovery channel. But I loved its sound it is hypnotizing. After that I went online and learned how to make my own out of PVC and taught myself how to play but PVC just dose not cut it for sound and that brings me to looking for a authentic didgeridoo.


I've always been interested in Australia played with boomerangs as a kid and love the sound of didgeridoos.

Elad from Switzerland

I am completely fascinated by the effect the sound has on listeners.

Emeric from France

I am musician and I love meditating effects of didjes


I have listened to didge music for a couple of years and now I am interested in playing. It seems like a very soulful music on par with TRUE blues guitar playing and violin playing.


I enjoy the sound I found out that it could possibly help cure snoring and sleep apnia its a cool instrument I think would like to purchase as gifts for my sons and relatives.

Anonymous from Italy

Because are special instruments that make a particular and ancient sound furthermore they are representative of one of the last unspoiled civilizations

Flemming from Denmark

I love the droning sound. It touches something deep inside of me:-)


I play.

Frederick from USA

Interesting instrument... Also someone mentioned it could help with snoring..


It's a nice instrument with a special sound. I also like that fact that it can have meditational value although I still have to try that.

Garth Stone from Australia

The Didgeridoo has become an overwhelming catalyst for change in my life it allows me to breath consciously still my mind and manifest my destiny and my destiny is now manifest through vibrational therapy and meditation.

Gary Johnson from USA

I love the sounds the mystery of them and the closeness to nature and ancestry that I feel when I hear them.


Because it is different than anything I have tried and I like different art form.

Graca from Portugal

Because I like the sound and I'm interested in didgeridoo healing

Greg Degreef from Canada

I'm just fascinated by the sound and also the history

Anonymous from Netherlands

I heard a friend of mine playing on one. I didn't know he had a didgeridoo he said I could borrow it. So I started practicing on it and got hooked. It's a very nice instrument indeed..

Anonymous from Canada

Like the sound

Anonymous from France

It is the most powerful sound I've ever heard

Harold from Canada

Love playing used to perform classical guitar professionally till my wrists went out...didj is my ticket back to music /look ma no hands


I like the art factor of the didge. I'm interested in aboriginal art.

Heidi from Canada

The sounds they produce are amazing! Very unique and beautiful.


Because of the "feel" with the earth you get when you play Didgeridoo. The age of the sound that can drag you in to the story you are telling threw the music.

Ilian Ninov from Bulgaria

Because the are an earth instrument and the earth is a living organism just like us. I love mother earth and everything which came from her.

Anonymous from Egypt

Because I have listened to music healers play it and realised how wonderful they are. Because I have learned that they help in meditation and relaxation. Because I have listened to didge tracks and enjoyed them and want to try playing the didge personally and live the experience.

Irek from Poland

GReat sounding very relaxing most powerful instrument I've ever played: )


The sound and feel of an organic instrument

Jacob from Denmark

Because I find the sound of the didgeridoo both fascinating and very relaxing


The sound is such a relaxing and medicinal sound like no other. Also I can put my weird noises to good use an outlet per say.

Jay from USA

The sound *speaks* to me. I find it endlessly fascinating. I never tire of exploring the infinite variety of texture and rhythm that can be produced with this relatively 'simple' instrument.

Jean-François M. Carrier from Canada

I'm a music addict.. I also like tribal instrument.. and the sound and vibration of the did is awesome I practice with a pvc one since I can't afford a real one.. but maybe one day.. I went to xavier Rudd show in montreal.. it was awesome.. he plays the did really good


I love the sound of them and my brother in-law plays one in a band.

Jeffrey from USA

Love the sound & playing. My brother who passed away sent message from the other side through reliable source to buy one & learn to play. I had asked my brother aloud for a suggestion in dealing with my severe clinical depression. Three days later I got a phone message from intuitive friend who knew nothing of my didge interest. They said that they had just had a dream in which I was sitting playing didge while brother stood behind me smiling. He then requested them to tell me to buy a didge and learn to play. I no longer suffer from depression and know that the didge along with my friends helped me through this time.

Jennifer from USA

They are fantastic instruments with an amazing range of sound. It is part of the culture and that is so beautiful

Anonymous from USA

Have been ever since I first heard the sound as a teenager. The vibration evokes something pure and primal. I've never encountered an instrument that touches so many people so profoundly when heard for the first time.

Joanne from USA

My husband wants to learn to play and has been interested since he visited Australia. If I was to win I would give it to him as a gift.

Johan from Sweden

I' interested in australian culture and I love the sound.

Johan Pot from Netherlands

Love the sound love the feeling of playing them admire the Aborigines.

John from United Kingdom

The unique sound and tranquility induced by them

Anonymous from USA

My brother was exchange student there and brought back many fond memories of his visit

John from United Kingdom

Healing plus its the best musical instrument in the universe!


The most basic and probably the first instrument. it can be adapted by any culture and bring new and rich creativity to the instrument from traditional to techno

Jordan from USA

It's a unique pleasurable sound and fun to play

Jorge Lopez Chaves from Costa Rica

I play whit my friends and is fantastic

Juan Antonio Krespo from Spain

I'm interested in didge because I think it's the instrument & the sound of our mamma Gaia

Julia from USA

I know that they are sacred and as such used for healing and journeys to Dreamtime.

Julie from USA

I recently became interested in them because of a classmate and I find them and the aboriginal culture enchanting. I don't know much about either but I think the didge is a beautiful instrument and a great way for me to learn more about both it and the aboriginal culture.


The sound of the Didgeridoo is so earthen and powerful. It has always evoked a kind of clarity for me I must stop and listen and when I do I cannot ignore the history that I hear...history of the land of people and of communication. I really like the naturality of the Didge and how artists co-work on it to create a masterpiece with nature.


I would love to learn how to play one and maybe be in a band with it.

Ken Bauer from Canada

I love the sound

Kevin Vorst from Netherlands

The sound flows through your body like a ship through the sea it flows but leaves a indescribable intense feeling

Kevin from USA

I have always loved the sound of them and am fascinated by the Aboriginal culture. I became even more interested in didgeridoos when I attended a Scottish Highland Games and saw the group "Wicked Tinkers" perform.


Love playing them

Lander from Spain

Because when I was a child I listen it and I was feeling a very special sensation; it was fantastic I could play only once but I love it

Anonymous from France

I love the sound and the mystic aspects of this instrument

Anonymous from USA

Husband who is a musician wanted one.

Le from USA

I really love the sounds that I can make also it fun to play.

Anonymous from Australia

Love the sound natural. home

Lisa from USA

It's something quite different

Liz Henderson from USA

I've always been interested in mythology magic and ancient cultures. I have a signed Australian tarot deck. After I began working with it I became very interested in all things Australian. We hope to someday visit Australia.

Ludovic Colin from France

Parceque j'aime la nature les belles choses et surtout j'aime faire du didj

Marc from USA

The sound puts me in a pleasant groove.

Marc from Canada

The sound of it! And it's from Australia!!!

Marie from USA

Actually this is a gift for my husband. He got quite interested in them a few months ago. He made PVC didj's for himself and the kids. He would like the kids to learn circular breathing and they are having a tough time with the PVC. He also appreciates the sound quality from a "real" didj!

Mark Gibbons from Australia

I play

Mark from Marshall Islands

It is an extremely relaxing and soothing meditational tool.

Anonymous from Sweden

Just want to learn

Anonymous from France

The spiritual song


I have family in australia and received my first didge when I was just 10 years old there's nothing better than


I play one as a part of a band. I also enjoy playing them for personal relaxation.

Matt from Australia

I have always loved the way that everybody loves the sound and beauty of them.and the fact it is the oldest instrument in the world. I think

Michael from Germany

I just made my fist steps in playing didgeridoo and its fun. I was looking for information about playing styles when the unusual shaped didges on your site caught my attention.

Michael from USA

I love the sound the complexity of what you can do with just one real note. The fact that they're harvested really made by termites not by a sentient being


I like the capabilities of this on first sight simple instrument. (Or in fact the combination of the peace of wood and the player)

Mike from USA

I love the way they sound I do some healing work and I know they can be great for sound healing

Mikko Immonen from Finland

I saw a guy playing it in a television and I liked the sound.


Who isn't? They have a tremendous name they sound astronomical and they're a challenge to play well. All around they're stupendous to say the least.

Nelson Moreno from USA

Have always wanted to learn how to play the instrument ever since I heard them played while in Australia as a young man.

Nicolas from United Kingdom

For the peace happiness and send out healing vibes to the sick.

Oliver from Australia

Because I found it amazing that one simple instrument can make so many different sounds especially animal sounds.

Owen Norris from Australia

For healing relaxing time out to unite with my sole and nature

Pam from Jersey

I just love the sound.

Paul Woodcraft from United Kingdom

I am fascinated by the range of sounds that they make & their flexibility also the history & culture from where they come from.

Paulo from Chile

This sound is the sound of god

Peter-paul Seidenschnur from USA

I feel the tones and associated "music" are indicative of a more natural heritage of our species at large and as such gets at the more essential creativity of our species.


I play trombone

Phillip from Australia

Their sound

Piep De Crane from Netherlands

I play the didgeridoo because I like the fabulous sound of it


They are a very interesting Musical instrument

Anonymous from Australia

I am fascinated by the spirit of Aboriginal Culture including Art Music and History!

Richard Barton from United Kingdom

I play

Richard from Belgium

Simplicity of the instrument. Nice sound. voice- and breath training for better speaking.


The resonating tones are very soothing and I am not musically inclined to play anything else yet.


I've always been intrigued by the sound that it produces. Saw Brother in concert last night and was blown away.

Rob from Canada

The sound mainly. I have been playing the didjeridu for the past 2-3 years and have always found it's sound so appealing. I also enjoy the breathing exercises I do automatically when playing. I am also getting into bringing my didjeridus to my Dj gigs and jamming to the crowd.

Robert from USA

Sound is exquisite


They have a very interesting sound

Ron from USA

First the challenge to play it.

Ronald Mares from USA

It started out that I was looking for an instrument that I could play with one hand(I'm handicapped) The more I played one the more I fell in love with the sound and want to play more.

Anonymous from USA

I started playing a year ago

Russ from USA

The sound is so awesome. They are the funniest instrument I've ever played.And when you play for someone that's never heard one they want to learn how to play.


For the unique sounds and connection to the natural and spiritual.

Sam from Australia

I appreciate all music and didgeridoos among them... they make a beautiful sound and are surprisingly versatile!

Sami from United Kingdom

I love to play them! why else? oh I guess they can come with beautiful artwork but I think it doesn't matter how good they look if they don't sound right.

Scott from USA

I love the sound. I love the history. And I love to play. It reconnects me with the purpose of life. And that is to sing dance and play.

Scott Estrich from Australia

A magical and inspiring instrument that captures the true essence of indigenous culture in Australia.

Scott from USA

Well I love music and I am fascinated with ancient cultures. So it just seems interesting. The bullroarer also seems very cool.

Sean from USA

Their oddity and rich culture.

Sebastian from USA

I love the sound and the lung exercise it provides.

Sharon from United Kingdom

Love the sound and the culture

Shawn from USA

It provides me with an indigenous device of ancient spiritual technology that allows me to connect with our True Source which then expresses its own self through me in the frequencies that I am guided to produce through the Didgeridoo!

Sid from USA

There is something indefinable about the sound which calms the spirit.

Simon from Australia

I love the sound and their history. laying didge helps to ground me and connect me to this place

Stefano Fusillo from Italy

Sound and magic

Stefano from Italy

The very first time I saw one of them - of course I didn't know the name of that "music pipe"! - I knew it was a perfect instrument for meditation. I have one know but I am not sure it is original. I also would like to have a different key (mine is an E).


I own one and I am interested in purchasing another one

Anonymous from Canada

I travelled to Australia and was captivated by their music.


Just learned circular breathing as a therapeutic aid to help me in healing because of a chronic terminal disease

Susanna Reichling from USA

I teach World Music classes at several colleges in my area.

Tara from Canada

My husband plays. ONe of the best in Canada

Tarik from Bahrain

My friend lived in new zealand for four years and had brought a didge back with him since then I've played the didge for about 3-4 hrs a day

Terrie from USA

The instrument makes such a beautiful sound. it is a relaxing sound and I am involved as the assistant youth director at church and we are doing an australian theme and I want the children to make and hopefully play their didgeridoo

Timothy from USA

Meditational effects

Todd from USA

I've played them before but never owned my own except for a PVC didj I made in 2004

Tom Rychlik from USA

I went to a festival and a man named by Steve Turner Told me that this instrument changed his life and I talked to him for an hour and we sat down and played together. He was really good and his own form and I have never played so I just played the basics and I fell in love with the didj

Tom from Belgium

The first time I heard a didge it gave me goose bumps. I followed the sound and found an average player who was trying to make some money on the street. It was +12 years ago on the streets of Antwerp Belgium. I instantly pulled all the information I could get out of the guy. Next week I bought a cheap Australian bamboo didge and I played until my lips start bleeding. I wanted to be as good as possible. I bought some second hand tapes with some lessons on it to learn faster. I was always (and now to) intrigued by didgeridoos because each piece is unique by sound form and artwork. I'm always interested in the symbolism of the artwork on an didge. What does it mean and does it tell a story. If I had a lot of money I would buy every didge in the store because most didges have something special on their own. Some people say that it's a very 'closed' instrument because you don't play a song with it. But when I play I feel like an open book because I play the sound of my feeling at that moment. When I play when I'm happy its sounds so much different than when I'm sad. For me is didge playing the my most effective way to express myself. My feeling my sound my music.

Tyrel Campbell from USA

I like the sound. I like the feel. I like the meditative qualities

Victor Pichek from Brazil

I loved song of Didjeridoo very beautiful I no have money for buy didjeridoo.

Vivek from USA

Playing them

Wardell Peel from USA

I need the best quality instruments for my work.

Wayne Freeman from USA

Fascinated by the history have been involved in music from grade school throughout my entire life

Werner from Belgium

Being able to create a mystic sound in an natural environment

Willow from Canada

The mood a didgeridoo creates is indescribable. Its relief from stress and frustration because you have to put everything.

Zered from USA

I think they are very interesting instruments. My sister brought me one from the Outback.

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