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This is one of the questions we were asking our visitors in our 2006 survey and here you can read their answers (we post comments only if permission was given).

Over the last few years we have asked our visitors to comment on several other questions and any of the below topics contain hundreds or thousands of comments from people all over the world. Enjoy reading what other people have to say on those subjects:-)

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Name and Country

Why interested in Didj

Aaron Petersen from Australia

They can make the most soulful soothing and beautiful sounds I've ever heard and they can also sound as uncompromising as the elements - thunder rain fire and earthquake. They seem to tell a story understandable to any language. And they're very cunning things too. They appear so simple but in that seeming simplicity they hide a universe of complexity and wonder. It's testament to the ingenuity and the connection to the earth of the aboriginal people to conceive something so beautiful of it.

Adam Fisk from USA

I am very interested in the aboriginal arts and cultures and I also love the sound and vibrations I get from this instrument. I would like to support a culture that I strongly believe in.

Adele from United Kingdom

They make an amazing sound-i was first inspired by my uncle who moved out to australia and learnt to play. since then I have bought one of my own. I am also amazed by the aboriginal art that comes with nearly every didj I have ever seen.

Alberto from Spain

Low frequency mind waves and relaxation

Alison from USA

Enjoy the sound of them.

Amber from USA

I have been interested in them for years due to their heart-vibrating sound however I now teach first grade and our curriculum includes the study of Australia. I think it is important to understand the first nations of all places as a vital part of current culture. As a part of that study each child in my class makes and learns to play a didgeridoo including their own personal story in their instrument. We make ours from PVC pipe and though I have shown them several pictures of authentic masterpieces I have not been able to let them see feel and play a real one. I would LOVE to have the opportunity to inspire my students with the real thing!

Andrea from Germany

Memories of my visit in australia nice sound and kind of music some meditative way by playing


Because they give me peace and I love its sound

Andrew Newman from USA

I teach social studies to grades 6 and 7 in a middle school here in the US. We are currently studying Australia and NZ and I came across your web page. I will be using the mpeg file as a teaching resource this week.

Anonymous from USA

I am an art teacher and we study multicultural art. Since I teach junior high we also deal with art in relation to themes such as cultural influences environment justice identity etc.

Annette from Australia

They are wonderful works of art that also have the added bonus of making beautiful authentic aboriginal music

Ariel from Argentina

Because it connects the cosmic energy with human mind.

Arturo from Italy

I like the ancient magic that reveals its sound

Barrie from USA

I am a healer and use vibrational therapy. I would like to try a didgeridoo for this. I also love the musical aspect of a didgeridoo as well.

Bastian Krol from Germany

Went to Australia for holidays some time ago. I liked the sound of this instrument very much. I bought one and brought it back home. Now I'm practising...

Ben from United Kingdom

I recently wanted to start learning a instrument.and I picked the didgeridoo because I was inspired by the instruments beauty and history.

Ben from United Kingdom

I play and enjoy listening

Ben Schiettecatte from Belgium

As soon as I start playing it like meditation and it's just a beautiful instrument to listen to

Billie-jean Child from United Kingdom

I dig the sound! big time!

Birgit from Canada

I always liked the sound of the Didge. Its very grounding earthy and when I got an intro lesson by a friend I was hooked! We also had an awesome dance in the the town I live in with some real good didge musicians.

Anonymous from USA


Brian Ford from Japan

Art sound and meditation

Camon from USA

My aunt went to australia and brought one back with her and then I had a class research project that I decided to do on the didjeridu. now I keep wanting to know more.

Cara Hartley from USA

I love listening to them. I have bought a few didgeridoo CD's by David Hudson and Ganga Giri and a few compilations by various artists and plan to buy more.

Anonymous from USA

I am from australia and really miss the sounds and smells from home. You know the smell of gum trees and the sound of magpies and galahs in the morning. But there is nothing more aussie than the sound of a great didj player doing their full repertoire.


I simply love all types of music...and the didjeridu is an instrument I would love to learn to play.

Cathy from Canada

I had a chance to try one in Alice Springs. I was the only tourist in the bar that could play it. It was an amazing experience!

Anonymous from Canada

I am interested in didgeridoos because the instrument is so different from traditional western instruments. The sounds that you can make from it are so diverse. I am very new to this instrument so I find it to be very challenging in a good way.

Chelo from Spain

Me gustan mucho

Chris from USA

I love the sound. The vibrations move the world when I hear them.

Chris Cook from USA

I've been interested in Australian Culture since a child. My father lived there for 4 years as a teacher in the '70s and has always been the top of my list for a place to travel. The aboriginal art he has always struck me a beautiful. I am also a percussionist playing a wide variety of hand drums (djembes conga bongos...) and spend a lot of time camping and playing at music festivals. I love the atmosphere didjes create and the amount of feeling they add to music. I have made several out of PVC pipe to learn how to play and until I purchase my first real one.

Christian Montrigaud from Brazil

I'm a music lover and I would like to make experiences. I Really appreciate the aboriginal culture and the sound of the Didgeridoo.

Cyrille from France

Didjeridu is the best way to relax and to feel in harmony with what is all around us. I love listen to birds singing while I play but I also like to play faster it is a real pleasure to let my feelings go by the didjeridu when I do that my spirit is travelling all over the world... Playing with friends is exciting too even and especially because it is quiet rare to find someone to play with.

Dan Freeman from United Kingdom

It's seems to be the only musical instrument that I can naturally play

Anonymous from Spain

Because I find the didgeridoo a very spiritual instrument inside an aboriginal culture that should be preserved and I also like the music it produces and the health benefits it produces to the breathing.

Dave from Australia

Love the sound love to play them ( try! )

Anonymous from USA

They sound cool

David from USA

Love the sound. Learned to play OK.

Dênis from Brazil

Eu aprendi a tocar didgeridoo em um que era feito de Bambu que não deixa de ser natural fiquei encantado pelo som. Então aprendi a confecçionar didjes deste material. Acredito que quando é tocado esse instrumento movimenta muitas energias.

Denise from USA

To treat sleep apnea and as a way of connecting with my aboriginal ancestor.

Djana from Bosnia And Herzegovina

Because I simply adore the sound of didj. it is so natural and relaxing.like a sound of a pure nature or jungle. so genuine

Anonymous from Germany

Beautiful instrument I feel great after playing it

Enrique Arreola from Mexico

I like their sound very much and I'd love to learn to play a didj

Felipe Aguilera from Chile

Just because I heard this sound sometime and I liked it and I investigate about it. Now I have a kind of didjeridoo and I learnt some sounds and I want to get better with a professional didgeridoo

Felix from South Africa

I recently went to the Oppikopi festival in Northam Pretoria South Africa. One of the bands playing had this instrument and was spiritually elevated at the sound of the instrument.

Anonymous from USA

I like the way they sound and me and my pals are making an australian band.

Frank from USA

I am interested in all healing sounds. Some of which are Himalayan singing bowls and bells and also gongs.

Anonymous from Norway

I like everything about them the sound got me first then the history the art and the culture surrounding them. I respect anything with soul and I truly believe didgeridoos have one. Playing them relaxes me takes me away from the stress of reality.

Gavin Bamber from Canada

Sound awesome!

Anonymous from Australia

I am very interested in aboriginal culture heritage traditions etc. I am a huge fan of xavier rudd and he inspired me to learn how to play the didgeridoo. I respect the aboriginal way of life and I am keen to learn more about the didgeridoo and aboriginal culture

Gerhard Seidel from Germany

Me and my son started with a workshop a month ago and we really hat a great fun.

Gideon Forder from United Kingdom

I have a fond liking for all musical instruments and since I got my didgeridoo I can't put it down.


From seeing on the web


I feel compelled to learn...

Harald from Netherlands

Because somebody on holiday had one and was playing this on the camping site I was captured by the interesting sound.

Howard George from USA

My son plays one and I just recently read a study where playing a didgeridoo helps with obstructive sleep apnea problems. I thought I'd get one and give it a try since I suffer from sleep apnea.

Igor from Slovenia

Because I like the sound and would like to know more about it. I just came back from Down under and I love it.

Anonymous from Belgium

Because it produces a magnificent sound and that it is a very inspiring instrument

J. R. Holbrook from USA

I like the earthy sound that they generate.

Jake Candy from Australia

I play them

James from USA

I've always thought that they were really neat and wanted to learn to play them so one day last summer I was so annoyed by the fact that I didn't know how to didge that I sat down and made a PVC one and learned to play.

James Thomson from USA

I love the sound when I have heard them in movies and on TV

Janis Sevens from Belgium

I started playing didge on vacation in south of france when I returned I was sold and bought my first didge. Ever since its my daily form of meditation and played along with lots of different people from different countries.

Jason from USA

For the rhythmic droning. it just feels like the creation of everything when I hear that sound. It is perfect.


They have a interesting history which fascinates me!

Joey from USA

I am fascinated with the native cultures throughout the world and the Aborigines of Australia are no exception. My friend recently bought a didj and I can't stop playing it.

Anonymous from USA

The unusual and soothing sound.

Jonah from USA

I love how they sound and love to play them

Jonathan Barnett from United Kingdom

Attend local didgeridoo club after meeting an enthusiast at an arts festival

Jose from Belgium

I like the sound of it (that simple)

Josh from Australia

Love the sound. Such a simple instrument. Hypnotic and relaxing.

Julie from USA

Collect Australian things...also my class is studying the continent of Australia this year and I'd LOVE to show them a real didgeridoo!

Anonymous from Australia

I love the energy and vibe it brings me when I play it and listen to it. I also love the fact there an aussie instrument.

Kelley Smith from USA

Xavier Rudd is a favourite

Kelly from USA

I love the sounds

Kerry from USA

I am an art instructor and am teaching classes on making didges with young students. I lead cultural art presentations in order to help our youth know more about themselves and the world around them. I appreciate all the great information on your site. I hope to utilize it in helping my students.

Kody Knox from USA

Simple primal natural sounds. I love wilderness- didj's are the sound of wilderness down under.

Anonymous from Canada

They are such a basic instrument that can not only make you feel relaxed but can also release you from your worries. Didj's bring both art and music into my life in one package; this is normally a challenging task.

Kyle from Australia

I am interested in didgeridoos because of the background behind them and the great sound that they have

Lee from United Kingdom

Therapeutic and relaxing sound.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

I play them

Loe from Netherlands

It sounds very well

Lorgay Monaghan from Australia

The didgeridoo is a part of my Indigenous culture. I feel listening to it being played soothes my stress levels and allows me to dream and remember my ancestors.

Luca from Italy

I like an so old and instrument it is a part of a culture and life of a people...Maybe trying to play it I can try to enter in a so great and so fascinating culture and understand why it's so important. It's an instrument of the nature and man and nature it's the same thing...


Because the didjeridu's sound touch in my soul

Anonymous from Spain

Because I play didgeridoo since 5 years. I love play didgeridoo.


Didgeridoos are such a natural instrument. You're essentially making music by blowing air through a tree.

Mark from USA

I am a musician (guitar and bagpipes) and love the sound of a didjeridu. Circular breathing can be used to play the practice chanter for the bagpipe so I learned how to do it. The didjeridu seems to allow a lot of freedom regarding the sounds and rhythms that are played. It is mesmerizing.

Mark from United Kingdom

The sound the good way I feel when I play. The healing potential.

Mark from USA

I have always been into music and I fell in love with the Didj the first time I heard it (a solo concert at U. of Washington Seattle). Being a sax player the circular breathing aspect also interested me

Martin Ludvik from Czech Republic

I like the sound and its variability play on concerts on it

Max from Australia

I wish to incorporate the mystical deep sound in my music

Michael from USA

I love music. The sound from a didge is hauntingly beautiful and primitive

Michal Rychlik from Poland

Mainly because I play one.

Michelle from USA

They are fun to play have a long history are a unique instrument.. and who wouldn't be interested in a didgeridoo?

Mikah from France

I discovered the didj while I was in Australia go the chance to meet didge player Mark Atkins.

Mike Evans from United Kingdom

My son has just bought one

Anonymous from Malaysia

Because of its unique sound and there are not many original instrument that can catch my interest.but most off all its the sound of it. I felt relief and very relaxing when listening to it or playing it.

Morgan from USA

Love the music and the spirit that's associated with them

Morgann Dupre from France

For their unusual sounds and the pleasure when I play

Natalie from USA

I love the sounds and have been hooked on it ever since my Australia born boyfriend introduced me to them.

Nicola De Domini from Italy

Because I like very much his sound and australia is one of my favourite country

Anonymous from Norway

I love the music and the sound of them!

P.J. Belic from USA

I am interested in much of the natural and indigenous world. I enjoy learning about different cultures especially those who have a strong affinity with the earth. Art and music are also strong interests of mine. The australian aboriginal culture is one of my favorites to study. I have known about and desired to play the didgeridoo since I was very young. The first time I attempted to play a didgeridoo ( 1994) I was able to achieve back pressure and a good tone. I have been hooked ever since.

Anonymous from USA

I am learning to play one.

Pat Janes from Australia

Developed an interest in playing the didgeridoo and in aboriginal culture from listening to Xavier Rudd's music...

Patrick from USA

The sound rocks!!!

Paul from USA

A friend lived in australia for a year and brought one back. I'm addicted to it but need my own. I love all types of music and the didgeridoo is an excellent way to expand my musical horizon and understand a foreign culture.

Pete from United Kingdom

Love the sound trying hard to master circular breathing good for health controlled breathing and inner calm


There amazing primal sound

Rafael from Brazil

Como musico conheci o instrumento e achei muito interessante e cada vez q discubro os sons e agora tbm q ele e usado em curas meditações e outras coisas ligadas a energia espiritual tenhocada vez mais me interessado. agora so falta ganhar um de verdade como esse para me satisfazer pois ate hoje so consegui ter digeriddoo de tubo de pvc


Many times

Ragnar from Germany

It helps against snoring

Richard Parsons from United Kingdom

I've had an affinity with the sound of the didge for as long as I can remember.


Sounds Music Art memorabilia.

Robni Kampschoer from Netherlands

Because of the specific sound

Romu from France

'cause it's an musical instrument which it's pleased to play and it's really relaxing to play. ANd it's the older instrument in the world and the more "mystic" it's exciting to play as aboriginals played 40 000 years ago. It's a come back to the real life.

Anonymous from USA

Love the magical sound

Anonymous from USA

Heard a program on the radio KMJ Fresno California.....with guest with didjeridu.

Rubén Puertas Blanco from Spain

Because I've been always interrested in Australia and mainly in the traditional aboriginal way of life.


I love them since more than six years

Sandra Fernandes from Portugal

It sounds like heaven.

Scott from USA

Been playing for a few months and love it!

Sean Crowley from Jersey

My girlfriends dad bought one back from oz and I got hooked!

Anonymous from Australia

The sounds that can be created through a Yidaki are unlike anything else in the world in a word (amazing)

Steven Gruchawka from USA

Enjoy playing and listening to Didj CDs

Susan from USA

I have always loved the sound of didges and want to play one in my woods and see what happens.

Tiago Guimarães from Portugal

I love the sound it makes me wonder about how mystical it must be. I am also a amateur musician starting to learn to play Didjeridu hoping to spend nice time playing

Trent from USA

They are an interesting instrument and I would like to learn how to play one

Vern from USA

I construct Native American Flutes. I also like traditional music from other countries especially the Didgeridoos.

Vivien from Italy

I love music: every aspect of it I love it. From listening to playing to studying musical instruments to write articles and researches. Didjeridoos to me represent the embryo of music and their sound is simply enchanting...

Waqas Khan from Pakistan

Love the sound of them


They are an interface of man and earth with a haunting sound that shakes me at my core. Breath and the heartbeat are the original rhythms and the didge makes great use of them. I'm fascinated by acoustics as a student of the sciences and the didge is a wonderful extension of principles into vibrations:)

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