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This is one of the questions we were asking our visitors in our 2006 survey and here you can read their answers (we post comments only if permission was given).

Over the last few years we have asked our visitors to comment on several other questions and any of the below topics contain hundreds or thousands of comments from people all over the world. Enjoy reading what other people have to say on those subjects:-)

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Name and Country

Why interested in Didj

Anonymous from Finland

Because it's a cool and useful instrument and it doesn't need hands to play - free hands for drums or guitar

Aaron from USA

I am a professional didge player

Adam Brill from United Kingdom

Having travelled around Australia back in 2002 I learnt to play a didjeridu and bought a fantastic didj whilst I was there.

Adam from Canada

Ever since I was young I have always loved the sound of the didj but only in the past few months have I decided to learn how to play one. After constructing one from PVC pipe and learning how to play it (sometimes even with a guitar) I feel that I have discovered a very special musical instrument that I will play until my lips fall off. I have not yet become a great player but I practice it every day sometimes for several hours. I have also been learning quite a bit more about aboriginal culture especially now that I am borrowing such an important piece of it.

Alan from United Kingdom

The sound is very moving

Alfonso from Chile

Because is the only instrument that aI know that make me feel what is really inside my mind.

Allen Ivie from USA


Andre from USA

From a visit to Australia a few years ago

Andrea from Australia

Unique art work. typical australian art

Andrew Ross from USA

I picked one up and could circle breathe a week later. it comes very natural to me

Andrew Smith from Canada

I've always heard the Didgeridoo's and the sound intrigued me. Now I want to learn

Ann from USA

Spiritual aspect - shamanic journeying

Ans from Netherlands

Because my son is playing it

Audrey from USA

After visiting Australia and being introduced to the didgeridoo I have grown to love the unique sound of the instrument.

Bart from USA

I enjoy learning new instruments that do not require working knowledge of the chromatic scale. I also play shakuhatchi.

Becky from USA

I love the sound

Anonymous from Canada

They're a different type of instrument that I'm used to. and I love their sound.

Ben Nixon from Canada

The sound is very calming and reminds me of the beauty to be found in nature.

Biagio from Italy

Because I'm learning to play it.

Bill from Ireland

I like playing the didge

Anonymous from USA

My daughter wants one for her 20th birthday on 7/12/06:)

Brenda from USA

Enjoy the sound and plan to make one from an agave stem

Brian Greed from United Kingdom

Introduced to Charlie McMahon by Australian co-workers

Anonymous from USA

I love Australia. I've visited twice (three months during college two weeks for a summer trip) learned about Aboriginal culture and even bought a didj. I have learned to play the basic sounds though I haven't mastered circular breathing yet. It would be really awesome to have a high quality didj painted by a native artist!

Carey from Canada

They are fun to play.

Carlos Cabrera from Sweden

It is a wonderful instrument and part of an intense and amazing cultural phenomenon.

Catee from USA

Experienced transformational vibration when I heard a short didge concert. Amazing. As a body worker I am interested in sound healing.

Cezar Cayom from Brazil

Because I'm a player and develop a pioneer culture movement in Brazil with Didjeridoo

Char from Australia

Cultural Significance

Charles from USA

Love to play and love the soothing sounds.

Chris Anderson from USA

I love their meditational qualities. I'm also a musician and would love to learn to play a didj. I've listened to Aboriginal (and other world music) since I was a kid. I was turned on to the didj's use in Rock Music by the Aussie band Brother.


Me gusta tocar didgeridoo hace mas de seis años yo ago didjeridoos de agabe y el mio de eucalipno se rompio en peru no hay didjeridoos es muy dificil y no tengo tanto dinero para comprar uno

Chris Euans from USA

I'm studying anthropology and I am interested in the religion and musical aspects of the Australian Aborigines.

Chris from Australia

I am of aboriginal decent and my son has now taught himself to play the didj.

Chrissy from USA

My husband wants to learn to play


I enjoy the sound and look. I have played one once and got a sound out but wish to advance my playing and develop my circular breathing.

Christopher Lynch from USA

I have one and I enjoy playing and listening to them.

Claudio from Chile

Me gusta la musica originaria de australia es muy cautivante y es perfecta para la meditacion

Dale from USA

The sound resonates in my soul

Anonymous from USA

The sound and the story behind them

Daniel from Brazil

I love to play them

Daniel from Australia

Because of their beautiful yet strange sound they make the mystery behind them intrigues me. Also the challenge to play well

Daniel from USA

They are exotic and rare not to mention ancient and mystical. They can have healing properties and make a relaxing sound. They are easy to learn but can be very challenging to master.

Anonymous from USA

I recently traveled to australia for a track and field competition and saw the aborigine people playing one and thought they were soo cool. I bought a bamboo one there

David Conboy from Uzbekistan

Not only for the sound and beauty of the instrument but also for the feeling of well being and cleanliness it gives.

David from USA

Like the sound and extremely interested in the culture.

David from Australia

I saw Xavier Rudd in concert at Brisbane and ever since that I've loved listening to didgeridoo music and have bought a stack of cd's.

David from USA

First I love the sounds. Next I have a lung disorder called sarcoidosis which causes the lung capacity to diminish but thanks to the didj it helps me breathe better.

Anonymous from USA

I am currently learning to play I am finding relaxation and meditation in the sound. I have only started playing for about 2 months.

Davide from Italy

Because my sister give me a wonderful present:a didgeridoo!!!I'm a beginner player and I love a lot this instrument!!!


I'm an artist


I've been to Australia several times over the years and am interested in Australian cultural and history.


Healing music


I've always been interested in Australia played with boomerangs as a kid and love the sound of didgeridoos.


I like how they sound


I love the sound

Gabe Churray from USA

It's a simple but fascinating instrument capable of eliciting a variety of moods and thoughts to the listener. It can also center and focus the players mind and body.

Anonymous from New Zealand

As a music teacher to give students the opportunity to experience "ancient" instruments as an individual to continue enjoying the diverse range of sounds and music


Strumento originale genuino profondo

Hazel from United Kingdom

I find the whole concept of didgeridoo healing and your solstice mediations fascinating. It's something I want to read further about -and I hope the meditations will continue to grow I think they are something the world could do with a lot more of!

Anonymous from United Kingdom

I have a mate who teaches didgeridoo

Ian from United Kingdom

The sound of the didge is an unmistakable sound that just stays in your mind.

Ilian Ninov from Bulgaria

Because the are an earth instrument and the earth is a living organism just like us. I love mother earth and everything which came from her.


Because of its beautiful sound

Jack Mishler from USA

The wonderful craftsmanship and the amazing sounds

Jackie Yost from USA

Healing....a friend uses one for healing purposes and it appears to help

Jan from Netherlands

I am playing the dig for two years. It helps me relax my self

Anonymous from Australia

The sounds made by a didgeridoo are so cool and I want to respect aboriginal culture more.

Anonymous from USA

They r fun

Jay from USA

Haunting sound meditation

Jeff Richardson from Vietnam

Members of the ATSIC and their friends in Townsville played in my backyard around a fire all night while I was attending college the sound brings back great memories and the great times I had with these 'Fringe Dwellers' in a very repressive time. I have very fond memories!

Jeff from USA

I love the inspiring vibrational frequencies of the didj when I play it. It changes my energetic field for the better.

Jeffrey Longeddy from USA

The sound and art draw me.

Jeremy from Australia

I play them and love the rhythm and feeling of the awesome music they can make. I also play djembe (west african hand drum) and the 2 combine beautifully!

Anonymous from USA

Recent trip to Australia


They sound great. Good for relaxation. Fun.

Jim Herren from USA

The Healing Sound

João Matos from Brazil

My English is a very bad but I will try... I love this incredible sound to my meditation to my life and mi family.

Anonymous from USA

My Daughter (11) is visiting Australia as a student Ambassador on 7/17/06

Joe McMackins from USA

The sound and culture!

Joe Pino from USA

Like the sound


I love the way that sound

John Mason from Canada

I enjoy the sounds that one makes

Jordi Jou Jimenez from Spain

Because it is my greater passion

Anonymous from USA

I love music as it has always been a part of my life. I am just learning how to play the Didge.

Juanjose Herrada from Chile

I'm beginning to learn how to play and listening to driftwood didgeridoo I like it a lot

Judy from USA

I collect world instruments and use them to teach children about other cultures and music. I also think Didges are the coolest and great fun to play.

Juha from Finland

Very nice to play and learn more......and use for meditation

Jussi Keränen from Finland

I like the sound. I like to make didgeridoos ( have made two didges ) It's very old instrument


The sound of the Didgeridoo is so earthen and powerful. It has always evoked a kind of clarity for me I must stop and listen and when I do I cannot ignore the history that I hear...history of the land of people and of communication. I really like the naturality of the Didge and how artists co-work on it to create a masterpiece with nature.

Karel from Belgium

Because the pure natural sound which is nice to relax. I'm also Interested in the natural way of life the aboriginals have ( had ).

Karl Kalbaugh from USA

I love the sound its rich heritage and the friends I've made because of the didgeridoo.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Because there's something completely timeless about it's history and sounds...!

Larry from USA

They are very powerful for sound energy-healing work.

Lasse from Denmark

I love the sound

Anonymous from USA

Healing and my own sleep apnea

Lee Kenny from USA

They are some of the first instruments ever invented by man.

Linda Gates from USA

Because of the heritage of them

Anonymous from Israel

1. the most relaxing sound I have found. 2. amazing for healing purposes (from my experience at least) 3.great for meditation. 4.sooo cool...:)

Luis Figueira from Portugal

They bring me the reconnection with the Primordial Traditions based on the Nature Power.

Maciej Kulesza from Poland

Beautiful sound

Manuel from Spain

Well I believe in the energy and I think the didge is the best instrument for feel this energy

Marco from Germany

I like the sound

Margy from Australia

Have a friend who has always played/owned them. want to give one to my overseas friends. like to try to play myself but terrible at it.

Mario from USA

I love the sound and the fact anyone can play one with a little practice.

Anonymous from USA

They look and sound so cool!

Marty from USA

I teach world music and my students learn to play didgeridoos


I like to make tribal music


I'm interested in the Healing arts and specifically how sound can be used to help concentration and alter consciousness

Anonymous from USA

The sound

Max from United Kingdom

Because it is the oldest form of music and I am interested in the mechanics of music.

Melissa from USA

I love the way they sound so much... and I always have since I was a little tiny girl. I also want to be able to play one myself the music soothes me and my children.

Michael Bascou from USA

I have two homemade (PVC) didgeridoos and am working on my skills in order to be worthy of owning a real didgeridoo and being able to play it to its full potential.

Michael Kelley from USA

I played the trumpet in school but practicing was necessary to continue playing at a level that I enjoyed.The didj is so much fun even if I only get the chance to play once a year

Michael Mitchell from Australia

I am connecting with mother earth through love and healing the sound vibration from didj brings me to tears I need to learn.and help others.

Michael Prior from United Kingdom

For use in meditation and I'm generally interested in drone instruments. I own a sitar which has a number of drone strings.

Anonymous from Czech Republic

Because I've been playing djembe for a few months and the african culture fascinated me so I tried playing didgeridoo and fell in love with it:)


I love how they sound I've started playing them a few years ago and I got the hang of it real quickly.

Anonymous from USA

I myself have always loved the sound. The deep longing sound of the instrument. I have only heard the instrument played in movies and on television but every time it is one of those sounds that you can close your eyes and actually feel inside your self as it is played. I am hoping to win this as a gift for my father. He is a very musical person and can play many instruments from all over. He is mostly self taught but very good at it. Music is his life and his passion. And it is my hopes to win this for him. He loves to learn new instruments and I know he can do this.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

To play them

Mikko Immonen from Finland

I saw a guy playing it in a television and I liked the sound.

Misty from USA

Fell in love with the sound over 3 years ago.

Nancy from USA


Nelson from USA

Saw a puppet production with trance-like didj performance

Nelson Moreno from USA

Have always wanted to learn how to play the instrument ever since I heard them played while in Australia as a young man.

Nic Guy from Australia

I love the sound of the didgeridoo and the complex of variety sounds you can produce.

Anonymous from USA

I love the sound I love everything about it! I first heard one when I was about 6 and fell in love with it!

Nigel Clair from USA

I love the sound and unique style of play

Numa Lallemand from Belgium

I love music and sound in general. it help me to relax when playing

Pam from Jersey

I just love the sound.

Pascal from France

This is origin of the human ' music

Pat Litke from USA

Their sound and soothing rhythm as well as their tie into the Aboriginal culture.

Pavel Krivanek from Czech Republic

Cause of healing sound

Phil from United Kingdom

I recently made my first trip to Australia and got hooked

Philip from USA

I like the sound.

Philippe Angelidis from Luxembourg

I simply love the sound a didgeridoos make as if there were a soul in it. The vibration and the music it produces are also extremely relaxing

Ralph Ray from USA

I am an instrumentalist. I already play most traditional instruments and am now looking into more exotic instruments from other countries.

Anonymous from France

I like the sound of the didgeridoos and all of the different way of playing this instrument.


Healing meditation jamming

Richard Curtis from South Africa

Fun to play


Recent study helped patients with Sleep Apnea Daytime Sleepiness and Snorin.Also as a musical instrument


The resonating tones are very soothing and I am not musically inclined to play anything else yet.


Amateur player love the sound and the feeling I get from playing especially down at the river

Robert Van Buuren from Netherlands

Beautiful looking and sounding instrument

Roger from USA

I am interested in their unique sound and calming resonance. I studied music in college and work in sound related business. I appreciate the quality of this instrument's sound.

Russell from Australia

I collect as well as make my own and am an accomplished player. I just love the sound and music of them

Sam from Canada

My brother took me to an xavier rudd concert in toronto and I was blown away by his musical talent. After that I bought my fist didj from you and have been playing it since. Its a soulful instrument and can be played in harmony with many others.

Samuel from USA

I love the sound and the connection with the Earth.

Scott Estrich from Australia

A magical and inspiring instrument that captures the true essence of indigenous culture in Australia.

Scott from USA

I have been playing the Didgeridoo since 1993

Shay Lev from Israel

I as a musician am all ways interested in all kinds of instruments

Steph Besnier from France

I feel like using positively my energy when I play didge

Stephanie Wyatt from United Kingdom

Ever since I was small something from them grabbed me like into a trance. It's not even like I have a reason their sound put a spell on me!

Steven Hardman from Italy

It's satisfying to play an aboriginal instrument. The feel of the didge and the feel of the vibrations and the soothing and haunting tones are a restful pleasure.

Anonymous from USA

The amazing sounds

Tara from USA

I have been interested in the deep soul-filled sounds of the Earth that came through Didgeridoos since I first heard them as a teen. I have always had a calling to Australia and the beautiful Aboriginal culture and plan to visit within the next couple of years. I have studied shamanism many places in the world including Tibet Nepal Peru South Africa Egypt Mexico and Ireland. Sound healing is a part of each shamanic tradition in some way but there is something about the Didgeridoo that calls to me and I would be honored to have one to learn how to play and eventually take others on the powerful Didj Journeys. I bought one back when I was a teen that was for decoration only. Now I dream of one that I can learn bond and grow with.

Tim from USA

Enjoy playing like the history

Tom from USA

I took a lesson when I visited Alice Springs in July 2006. The sound is inspiring though playing it seems very difficult. I appreciate fine wood craftsmanship and artwork.

Tony from Canada

Personal satisfaction


I love music and I'm intrigued by the meditative aspect of this instrument.

Trine Bonde from Denmark

I would like to learn playing it because I have loved the sound and the feeling of it ever since I first heard it.

Anonymous from Australia

I am from NZ and find the aboriginal culture fascinating. I love the look and sound of the didgeridoo.


Good vibes! I've always been impressed by didj sounds and its cultural environment.

Troy Van Zandt from USA

Love the sound. Love the trance.


Soy español y no se hablar ingles. estoy interesado en el didjes por q es un intrumento me me fascina y me relaja y me gusta mucho el proceso para conseguir hacer un didjes.

Anonymous from Slovakia

It is very interesting


Because I'm playing:)

Zain from United Kingdom

I love to play the didge and love the feeling it gives me

Zered from USA

I think they are very interesting instruments. My sister brought me one from the Outback.

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