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Over the last few years we have asked our visitors to comment on several other questions and any of the below topics contain hundreds or thousands of comments from people all over the world. Enjoy reading what other people have to say on those subjects:-)

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Name and Country

Why interested in Didj

Alon from United Kingdom

I have since I was twelve ( I'm only 16 now!) been fascinated by the didj. It is the most beautiful sound I have ever heard. As soon as I got into it I felt I had an obligation to learn about the aborigine culture. In doing this I have been able to appreciate it more for its spiritual qualities and the role it plays in some aborigine cultures. This has made me a devout player! I have been trying to teach in my school from my limited knowledge the role it plays in aborigine culture and alerting people of the ever growing problems aborigines face.

Amy from USA

They sound cool and I heard they are a cure for sleep apnea. Plus I just like the name and it would be fun to tell people I play the didgeridoo.

Andreo Soares from Brazil

'cause I'm percussion and listening Yothu Yindi I search about Didgeridoo and became me a lover didgeridoo.

Andy from United Kingdom

Being a musician at University studying sound engineering/production I am fascinated by all musical instruments and am never afraid to try one out. I have always respected the sound and the art of playing the didj and after trying out my mates didj it inspired me to research them


Great sound

Angel from USA

Connection with the earth meditation it pleases my spirit. I've heard and read that the sound the didj makes the vibrations are healing to the momma earth.

Anthony from USA

For Meditation

Arch Beard from USA

Interested in sound healing and meditation.

Anonymous from USA

They are very fascinating instruments - after reading more about them on your site I would love to own one and learn to play.


I work with children and teach aboriginal studies therefore I have an interest in the music created in this culture

Astrid Landsaat from Netherlands

I love the sounds of nature it brings you back to the real world.

Blaine from USA

I collect many types of tribal art and one of my good friends is Australian Aboriginal

Blaise from USA

I have always felt connected to Didjes. but they are relatively rare where I live so don't get to hear them as much as id like.

Blake from USA

I always thought the sound was beautiful interested in Aborigine culture.

Bob from USA

I really enjoy the sound and I like playing them very much.


Learning to play at the moment

Chad from USA

Started learning the Didj in 2000 - still a beginner but love the instrument - excellent for relaxation and meditative purposes

Charles from USA

Lived in Australia back in the '80s and fell in love with the Aboriginal culture and people.

Charlie from USA

They are cool looking and sounding

Chris from Australia

Because I am a big fan of xavier rudd and I play all his music on guitar and I want to bring the didj in with it

Chris from Australia

The sound and enjoyment of playing the energy I received from playing


I've always been interested the Aborigines and love the music.

Anonymous from Canada

Our family plays musical instruments

Dan Ament from USA

I love the feeling that a didjeridu gives you when you are playing it. The sound that one makes is just amazing. I love the didj that I have right now and getting a bunch of people together and meditating to that sound is one of the most soothing things in the world.

Dan Soreanu from Israel

I fund the Didgeridoo as an amazing instrument. Its heeling abilities amaze me

Dana Doliber from USA

Love the sound

Dane from USA

Xavier Rudd is my hero!

Daniel Martins Silva from Portugal

I love the didgeridoos... is My favourite instrument because of the different way to play...

Daniel Thrasher from USA

Their sound is so interesting because it is so simple yet soothing and elegant plus I already played the trumpet so I was already half way there lip wise.

Daniel from USA

I enjoy the sounds!

David from Canada

Because I love the sound and meditative feeling of it

Anonymous from USA

They are very interesting instruments and I love the aboriginal artwork on them.

Denny from USA

Like the sound. I enjoy traditional didj and many contemporary didj recordings. Lately I am interested in exploring recordings that attempt a fusion of the native instruments of the Pacific Rim peoples.


I love the sound and the history of the instrument

Dorothy Blue from USA

I visited Australia in July 2005 and was able to hear and play (attempt-although I did make music of sorts) a didgeridoo. Being a trombonist I enjoy the sound and technique that didgeridoos make and require.


My eldest daughter is looking for one and at the moment she is doing a very good job using a heavy card tube.

Dyonne from Netherlands

The sound is magical I just cannot help myself when I see one or whatever pipe that has sound in it...MUST...PLAY...NOW!!

Elisabeth from Australia

History of Australian Aboriginals.

Anonymous from Italy

Ho parenti in Australia e me ne hanno parlato sin da piccolo mi ha sempre affascinato al punto che me lo sono fatto regalare. lo suono da poco e penso di essere sulla strada giusta. E veramente rilassante e molto salutare visto che per suonare ho tolto il vizio di fumare. Sicuramente un buon motivo per continuare e perché no se riuscissi a buoni livelli.


Their sound takes me far back in time


Because I love the sound of didgeridoos it's very spiritual sound


Have always had access to one till moved to Tweed my sister has ours in Sydney

Gareth Kirk from United Kingdom

Unique sound love aboriginal culture.

Anonymous from USA

Love the sound very earthy sound. Didges have been with us for thousands of years love the historical connections with the Aborigines

Gary from USA

I have one and am interested in playing more

Anonymous from Australia

I love playing it it relaxes me gives me pleasure and I love the sound of it I love telling stories with it I have played other instruments but the didj is the best. I like how it slows you down but it can also be exciting


Because I have spent one year in Australia getting to know the aboriginal culture but I haven't get the chance to purchase a didgeridoo.


They sound beautiful and I love australian aboriginal culture.

Greg from Australia

I'm an Aussie born boy and have the greatest respect for our land owners

Greg from United Kingdom

I travelled Australia and whilst there had the chance to decorate my own didge. Unfortunately it is really hard to play and has become more of an artwork piece. I am frustrated as I know with other friends didges I am becoming pretty good but need my own to become a better player.

Hanne from New Zealand

I have heard to sound can be very calming and learning to play one helps with your breathing and relaxation

Herb Cohen from USA

I love how they sound and want to use them in the meditation groups and drumming circles I do with seriously mentally disabled adults.

Herb Cohen from USA

To use with My Meditation groups I lead with Mentally disabled adults

Hiero Hiero from Brazil

I love them

Hiroyuki from Japan

My friend play Didgeridoos.


I am an australian aboriginal

Isaac from Japan

Originally I liked the didge but wasn't keen enough to pick it up. Now I live in Japan. When I went back to Brisbane for Christmas I heard a didgeridoo playing and realised that this was something I had been missing out on for all this time. So I bought one and I play it here in Japan.

J. Omar from Mexico

The story about them the beauty the sound the magic around them.

Anonymous from Netherlands

For its sound

Anonymous from Australia

As they're Australian

Jaime from Spain

Seven months ago I went to a medieval market where I saw a young man playing a didgeridoo. He was selling didgeridoos and when I passed from his side he started to doing a demonstration. The sound caught myself. So I decided to buy him a didgeridoo. The man gave me a few basic lessons in this moment to be able to play didgeridoo and since then I practice every day a little to someday be able to play it well.

James from Canada

I love world music and would love to learn to play as many culturally unique instruments as possible

Jared from USA

Personal interest...they are a fascinating instrument. My first opportunity to play a didgeridoo was in a studio recording with a band I sing in. I'd like to incorporate the didge into our sound.


Nice looking interesting sound

Jason Shaw from United Kingdom

I want to learn to play one properly - had a go a while back and I found it amazing (and very therapeutic feeling)

Jeannine from USA

I love the sound. It seems it would open the heart chakra

Jef. from Australia

Enjoy playing them for myself and teaching high school students to play them.

Jeremy from France

Didgeridoo is relatively simple to play and is a marvelous instrument it allow to trip without move just the spirit. Its vibrations are really driving. But the best with a didge is that when we hear its sound we automatically think about the most beautiful country on earth: Australia also it permits me to dream that I am in Australia while I am in france... in my room...

Anonymous from USA

Recently heard one for the first time on a trip to Cairns and was taken by the sounds that can be produced. Also I am interested in them as an art object.

Jim from USA

I am a former musician (trumpet) and enjoy ethnic music. I have much interest in instruments that produce significant overtones and also interest in overtone singing. I am interested in the relationship between the didgeridoo and meditation/shamanism.

Anonymous from USA

From experiences from mind altering substances and where the didge took me and helped me.. plus its the only instrument I can play

Joel from USA

The rustic droning tones that can be produced are soothing to the soul and aboriginal culture is fascinating

Joel Silvennoinen from Finland

Because of the feeling that you get when you are playin' it. it's a great way to just have a peaceful moment with playing didgeridoo

Joelene from Australia

Art and heritage of our country

John from USA

Attended local didj workshop with Paul Taylor

Anonymous from New Zealand

The unique sound they make and the mythical history of them and the aboriginals


Saw someone play one at Levellers concert recently - thought it was a brilliant sound.

John from Australia

I already have one but not a good one. I just love the sound.

John from USA

They are incredibly unique instruments with an unearthly sound. I have an agave one that I play all over town sometimes even inside fast-food restaurants or while riding a unicycle... and would love to be able to play an authentic didge.

Jon Christensen from USA

I have a friend who plays and he introduced me to Ash Dargan and David Hudson and the like and I find the sound mesmerizing.

Anonymous from Australia

I have had a didj for about ten years now I got that one because I always loved the sound. I have recently become more serious about my playing attending classes and purchasing instructional CD's to improve my technique.


To add to the sounds I use in my songs

Jorge Alberto Cruz Valencia from Mexico

Because I release my energy throw my didgeridoo...

Anonymous from Chile

I like ethnical music

Joseph Booth from United Kingdom

It is unlike any other musical instrument. I enjoy just sitting and playing the didge. It really helps me bring some clarity into life. I intend to take mine to stonehenge this year for solstice so will hopefully be taking part in the worldwide didgeridoo meditation.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Resonate with my physical and spiritual bodies.

Justin from USA


Kate from Australia

I would like to learn how to breath


My daughter loves didgeridoos. We first heard one being played in Darwin

Kevin Girling from United Kingdom

I like the noise they make and have been fascinated with how to play one for years but have never managed to master it.

Koichi from Japan

I am interested in a sound and the history.

Anonymous from Ukraine

1. For me didgeridoo and jew's harp are the most honest instruments in the world - with no strings keys etc you play on them with yourself 2. I use to play world beat music as a dj in Ukraine and accompany myself on didge and jew's harp 3. When I've first heard the sound of didgeridoo - it made not only my day - but my months and years.

Kris from Australia

I use them as part of my work

Kristen from USA

Went to australia; loved the music; we are designing our master bed to the aboriginal cultural.

L. G. from USA

Just like musical instruments and heard they help with sleep apnea

Latoya Mendez from USA

I was first introduced to a pvc didj about 4 years ago at a friends house. He was learning how to play and I ventured to try as well. Every time I went to visit I would spend some time trying to get the right sound - and one day it happened! I think my friend was just as excited he began to play more and would get me to check out whatever he had learned since I had seen him last. The day he learned circular breathing was when I was completely taken in - I spent some time trying again and again and finally one day it was like woosh - you take that breath and it feels right - I have been hooked since then! Every time I visit we must jam the didjes. For a long time this was the only chance I would get to play - my friend invested in couple of didjes - and found a nice long piece of pvc for me to practice at home! - Now I am very partial to long didjes! I am often tempted to by a real didj but do not make much money and always feel so guilty when I try to proceed checking out!R

Leo Thomas from France

I love the sound

Lindsey from USA

I have always been fascinated by the sound of the Didgeridoo. The deep tones vibrate inside me and feel like they go directly to my heart. I haven't put my finger on the direct connection but there certainly seems to be one. I am going to begin using the Didj in meditation and healing.

Malcolm Pengelley from United Kingdom

Love the rustic sound and the never ending variety of sounds that can be produced

Anonymous from France

J'adore les didjeridu!!! Le son de cet instrument est superbe et très agréable!! Mémé dans mon début on pouvait écouter sans se boucher les oreilles!!

María Lourdes Escario Latas from Spain

My boyfriend plays and I love hearing them. The two didgeridoos I've just bought are for him.

Maria Oakes from USA

It has the sounds that Mother Earth would make if we could hear her. I want to sing to her using the Didgeridoo.

Mark Galvin from USA

Interested in aboriginal music


Because its the only instrument I can really play

Martin Staines from Australia

Sound aboriginal heritage Australian heritage meditation/healing

Mary from USA

Love the sound and how I feel when playing

Matt from USA

Musical accompaniment to fire spinning

Matthew from USA

Who knows. I just really like the sound and want to learn to play.

Anonymous from Australia

They are a wonderful symbol of australia and produce the most fascinating sound when played by skilled musicians - I only wish I could play one!

Anonymous from USA

I'm interested in their healing potential. I've experience significant pain relief while listening to a didgeridoo


I have a few friends that play them I and I wish to learn how to play and get my own.


I'm a musician so I'm interested in anything that makes sound and I don't have a didgeridoo yet

Neil from Canada

For their fabulous sound; meditative and energetic at the same time

Norman from USA

The sound so weird ethereal

Omar from Pakistan

I love the sound ideal for meditation.

Anonymous from Switzerland

I was travelling this year in Australia for 3 months.


To learn a musical instrument rich in the indigenous culture of Australia and to promote aboriginal people

Anonymous from New Zealand

Met an aboriginal elder at the aboriginal embassy in Canberra. Learnt from him of their fight in Australia. Wanted something to remind me of the experience

Phillip Seaton from USA

I play them for fun and I use them for sound healing

Anonymous from USA

The question is: Why isn't everyone interested in didjeridus? The music is perfect for tribal fire dancing.

Rene De La Rosa from Mexico

I just loved the sound an how I felt the fist time I heard it but around here it is a rare instrument but finally I got my first one and I became a didge freak.

Rick from Australia

I love the sound and the pease inside it gives me when I play

Rogério Martins from Brazil

I play wind instruments. Because of the didj sound and power.

Anonymous from France

One of the most beautiful spiritual musical instrument in the world

Roxy from USA

The music is so ethereal and mind altering.

Roy from Israel

I believe that Didgeridoo is a powerful energetic source while playing it one can experience a unique state of no-mind if you will;) also I'm a musician with a unique band and would like to somehow evolve the Didgeridoo in our music.


Fantastic sound; circular breathing for breath control and diaphragm training

Ryan from USA

I play listen and make many didgeridoos. I love the way they sound and they make me feel free when I play them.

Sam from Australia

I love the many sounds that a didge can make and feel relaxed when playing.


Aaron from Kannal meditation

Sandy from Australia

I work with indigenous people and love the sound and the way they can talk with them

Sarah Tulloch from Australia

I love the sound they make even if you can't play one

Satish Alagasingar from India

I lived in Auusi for 5 years and even still visit on and off but missed to learn the Aussi tradition. I now wanna catch up.

Scitt from Australia

I love the sound.It takes a hold of you. There's nothing really like it. And to think its been used in the same way and for the same reasons for so long holds great history and stories to be told

Scott from USA

Marvelous sound

Scott Moss from USA

I've heard some really cool music that incorporates didjes. I've been learning on a PVC Didj that I made at work and I'm addicted. I'm getting circular breathing down and I'm ready for a real didj

Sean Jackson from USA

I've been playing for about 12 years now. I have 7 (3 euc 2 bloodwood 2 mallywood) and one slide didge (PVC). I love them and play them all the time.


For my work


I've heard it in movies before and thought nothing of it; but today a friend of mine was playing his didjeridu (this was the first time I had ever seen one let alone heard one in person) and I thought to myself "I have to learn how to play this instrument."

Sheila from Brazil

Because I'd like to know more about all musical instruments.

Anonymous from Canada

I am very interested in the culture of Australia and find the musical traditions to be amazing. I have been given the opportunity to research Australian music for a grade twelve music project at my school Holy Name of Mary. I will be focusing on the didjeridu in my presentation and would love to be able to bring my own didjeridu into the classroom. I believe that bringing in this amazing instrument to show the class would help the other students to appreciate Australian music.

Shelley from Canada

The give me goose bumps. Something about them gets me right in the heart.

Shirl from United Kingdom

Love the sound


As healing instrument


I love the deep meditative sound on the didgeridoo

Stephan from USA

The sound and relationship with an instrument so old. "Hold fast the old ways".

Anonymous from France

Because it is a good way to heal and learn about myself.

Stephen from USA

The culture and the sound: the simplistic complexity the smooth richness; When I pick up a didj I feel the sound come through me and become prayer a soulful song. There's so much to learn!

Steven Williams from USA

Enjoy the variety of sounds that can be made and playing is like an endless journey of new discoveries.

Stuart Clyens from Denmark

I play Irish folk music and one day an Aussie turned up at our weekly Sunday session carrying a didj. Of course we all gave this guy pretty good ribbing about his instrument. I recall the word drainpipe being mentioned several times. However all ribbing stopped when he started playing and joined in one of our reels with a powerful and hypnotic wow-wow sound spot on the beat. After the reel finished we all sat around amazed and excited with this new sound and its possibilities. We practically insisted that our new Aussie pal play along the rest of the evening. On one number he started adding dog bark and growling effects which totally transformed the piece and as soon as we finished we played the whole thing again straight off just for the hell of it. Ever since that day I have been telling myself I must get a didj and learn to do the same. Unfortunately living in Denmark I did not really feel that I knew enough about didjes to order one. Then -happy day -a friend recommended I take a look at Didjshop web site and I did and now I know a lot more about selecting a didj - what to look for and what to avoid. Thanks Stuart Clyens Denmark


Interest in sound and culture.

Thom Van Dusen from USA

I play a number of different instruments Piano Guitar Octave Mandolin Digital Drums Irish Flute Tin Whistle Bodhran and Collect Instruments. I Love the Australian Outback Music for its Meditative Qualities and am fascinated by the Didge as a tool for breathing etc.


Interesting sound and want to learn how to play it

Tom from USA

Love the sound the history and the culture.

Tony from Australia

Have travelled extensively around Australia. Fell that they help to connect me with the land. Both my boys (10 and 12) play which is always a good way for them to meet people.

Tony Romano from United Kingdom

The sound the culture the tradition


The sound the effect it has on you and the atmosphere it creates.


Because they have a mystical sound

Winnie from USA

Mesmerizing sound... just now heard it on your web site for the first time.

Zack Lessley from USA

I love to play hear and see them. They're beautiful pieces of functional art.

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