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Name and Country

Why interested in Didj


I am fascinated with sound healing and love the feeling I have when I hear and play the Didgeridoo.

Adam from Australia

Love their sound and to me they are the most natural instrument given to us by the earth.

Anonymous from USA

I love them! I love to heal and talk to the universe.

Adrienne from USA

Spirit flows purely through this instrument.


Bye one

Alexander from Germany

Great sound good for relaxation

Andre Ramos from Portugal

They have the capacity of giving balance to life

Andy from United Kingdom

I Saw a busker playing in the City Of Brisbane in the year 2001 and was hooked on the sound from that moment on

Anthony from USA

I love that such a primitive instrument can used to produce tremendous overtones and complex interference patterns




This is completely new to me


Because when I play with I feel like the song come from the soul.

Anonymous from Australia

I started playing the didj with a friend of mine a little over a year ago and really enjoy playing.

Benjamin from France

It simply change my life like a lot of people! Because it's healthy pure spiritual simple and a new way to be!

Bill from Canada

I play all kinds of instruments yidaki is just one.


They sound awesome!

Brett from USA

Because it is a very unique instrument with very unique rhythmic patterns. As a Bass and violin player. I think the Didgeridoo would be a spectacular instrument used in music.

Bryan from USA

Interested in native arts

Candy from Canada

I believe they are beautiful instruments and since I can remember I have always loved the sounds they make so tranquil and relaxing I have played many different instruments in the past but this is the one that truly completely captivates me.

Carlos from Costa Rica

I like very much de sound and the type of music that somebody can make whit one of this instruments.

Cat from USA

I love their voices and the deep healing tones I want to get one for each of my kids and myself to learn together as a family

Cheryl from Australia

They come from my country's heritage and are a symbol of Australia. They create a sound like no other 'instrument'.

Chris from USA

I have a friend that plays and I'm fascinated by the sound

Anonymous from USA

My son is traveling to Australia with a student ambassador group and he is giving a report on Didjeridus

Christophe Michel from Switzerland

This a beautiful instrument with a unique sound and play by a very nice people.

Claudia from USA

I have always been fascinated by them and wanted to learn how to play one. Now I have the time to do so. I am a sound healer and would like to use the didgeridoo for that purpose.

Colin from Canada

I loved the sound of the didgeridoo even before I knew what a didgeridoo was.

Cory from USA

The Free Jam Society

Dan from USA

A friend brought one back from a trip to Australia when I was a teenager. Fell in love with the sound almost immediately.

Daniel Horne from USA

13 year old son is traveling to Australia with Student Ambassador program and is fascinated by the diverse Australian culture

Darren from United Kingdom

Beautiful haunting sound oh and I can't read music so didge is perfect


The sound and the feeling of well being I feel when I am playing

Dave Te Sligte from Canada

The sound man the sound! The Didj's unique bass abilities brings a new spice and slant on percussion based music.

Anonymous from Australia

Grew up in Bunbartha in bush land and next to river love the resonating sound of the didge and how it feels playing it while sitting by the river all by myself.

Donald Cassel from USA

Cool sounds brah!

Doug Cole from USA

I host a New Age Music show 1(x)/wk and Didj's stir something primal in me!

Douglas Michon from USA

I learned about didjes in a dream.

Douglas Vroonen from Belgium

For healing purposes on myself and others also for the state of mind of didgeridoo players they are like a big family especially trough this web site.

Ed from USA

Love the music - as well as the cultural heritage of the instrument

Eduardo Filgueira from Argentina

The sound its very beautiful and the sound harmoniser the chakras.

Edward King from United Kingdom

I first got into playing the Didgeridoo whilst travelling. I met someone who made them and they taught me to play. They then gave me a didgeridoo as a gift. Since that day I have commented myself to learning to play better and learning everything I can about the didgeridoo. In my youth work I am currently teaching young people how to play. I think that the sound ambience the art of playing it and the mysticism that surrounds the ancient instrument has captivated me and I wish to share that with as many people as I can.


Cuz its a really interesting instrument and it relax me when I play...I like it also cuz it has a lot of mysticism in it...and it can be used as a meditation or healing method

Eric from USA

There is a group of musicians in Chico California USA called Second Nature. They have a Didjeridoo player

Esteban from Argentina

Because they make my soul vibrate with them. I feel part of all this magic world.

Eyal from Israel

I Backpacked in australia for about 3 months discovered the didj taught myself and haven't stopped playing since then

Fabian Damanet from Belgium

It's probably one of the last part of our roots in the modern music.


Playing brings me in peace calm and helps improving creativity

Fabrizio Pellegrini from Italy

I've been to Australia in Brisbane last summer where I bought a Didj I would like to learn how to play and I'm really interested in aboriginal culture unfortunately Australia is far away...

Florian from France

Because I played some since two years in france on a teak yidaki. And actually I am lucky to carry out a work placement in australia near sydney!I would like so much to bring back one but it's difficult with the restriction sizes in plane and I don't find how could I do...

Francesco from Switzerland

I love his sounds and the possibility to playing it.

Fred Stevens from United Kingdom

Sounds produced by a didge are almost hypnotic. Wonderful instrument to take you away from life's everyday stresses.

Gaston from Canada

The sound meditation have fun

Anonymous from Australia

I love the sound and the stories within the music

Gorazd from Slovenia

I love aboriginal art and music in general


Love it's sound

Harald from Austria

Because didge-playing helps me to relax

Helge Egil Seime from Norway

Because of the really thick sound. As a tuba player it's a unique experience to just play with the didj.

Ian from Hong Kong

I love the feeling the sound generates through ones body and I enjoy its primal connection to a time and place almost lost. I'm am also interested in Aboriginal culture art and history owning numerous books on the subjects.

Ignacio from Spain

I like it

James from United Kingdom

I enjoy playing them and the stories that are told with the use of the didjeridu

James Cornelius from USA

I heard one at an Arts Festival and liked their unique sound

James Galbraith from Canada

I bought a bamboo didj a few years back and have been fascinated with it's sound ever since

Anonymous from Australia

They are a hard instrument to play

Jan from USA

Perhaps for resale

Jared from USA

I like the meditative quality of their sound.

Jay from USA

I have been interested in aboriginal cultures for a long time. I worked as a physician on both the Navajo and Crow Native American reservations.

Jerry from USA

Because of the unique sound they produce

Jim from USA

To enhance Meditation

Joao Limberger from Brazil

I'm curious!

Joel from USA

I collect instruments and want to learn to play it.

John Webster from USA

I first became interested in the didgeridoo because of it's unique "organic" sound. Now I'm just having fun with it.

Jon from USA

I originally built one out of plastic pipe for my science class three years ago and I have been amazed by them ever since. I play saxophone as well and hope to compose a sax-didj duet.

Jon Westwood from Australia

The haunting authentic sound captured me from an early age and inspired me to travel to Australia and learn to play.

Jos Vandenbroeck from Belgium

For the earth tones. when I play the didge its relaxing me.

Joshua Wolfson from USA

I love the sound

Judy from USA

I love the sounds they make and am marveled at how they are made and the history that goes with them.

Juha-pekka from Finland

I love the sound and culture.

Julian from United Kingdom

I have always loved folk music from around the world and the didj is such a great sound giving you tons to keep learning. I just luv it.

Justin from USA

They are incredible instruments that have a mysterious eerie sound when played. They have always been a fascination to me.


Because my son is interested in collecting them as he was taught to play by his pop when he was little. His pop has now passed and he wants to carry his memory

Karl from Australia

I play keyboard and piano but also some brass instruments. The haunting and mystical sound of the Didj draws my attention wherever and whenever I hear it! I would like to have my own Didj and learn to master the breathing.

Kaylene from Australia

We did a 4 month trip of the Top End and Kimberley regions of Australia last year. They absolutely fascinated us. We now are the proud owners of 2 didj's but you can never have too many!

Keith Wallang from India

I We just promoted a tour of an aussie band here in the north east of india and had the opportunity to listen to and play the didge as well as attend some didge workshops

Kelli from Australia

I come from england and ever since I got to Australia 3 years ago I've always wanted to learn to play one

Kerrie from Canada

I recently learned that learning to play the didge (circular breathing) can help relieve snoring sleep apnea and daytime sleepiness. Now that I've done some research...I've fallen in love with didge's and can't wait to get started!

Anonymous from Norway

I was In Australia in 1994 and I fell I Lowe in the country and much more..

Koichiro from Japan

Sound!! It beats me with powerful & natural feeling.

Kristie from Australia

Because they are amazing!! the sound they make their vibration when played. When I play one or if I hear the didgeridoo being played I feel an instant connection to nature. It is like meditation to play a didgeridoo... I also love aboriginal culture I find it fascinating.The didgeridoo is true gift to the world.. The aboriginals and their culture always give me a refreshed love for australia.

Anonymous from USA

I have been playing drums and other cultural instruments and I have fallen in love with the sound of the didgeridoo

Lloyd from USA

I find all aspects of ancient cultures fascinating especially when they still exist in modern day.

Luke Jackson from China (pr)

I'm a drummer and Didjeridoo is a wonderful rhythm instrument. also the circular breathing makes me feel high..

Lynn from USA

I have sleep apnea. Playing the Didgeridoo is said to strengthen muscles in the larynx area that will stop apnea and it's harmful health effects.

Anonymous from India

The sound and the playing ability

Marcus Holm-Petersen from Germany

Because the sound helps me to express myself beyond words

Maria Herrera from USA

I love indigenous music and instruments

María Isabel from Argentina



I love the sound the vibrations and the feelings I have when I hear the Didj.

Mario from Austria

I was in Australia Backpacking for 6 Months. Got Amazed of this beautiful Instrument. Love to play and enjoy to listen


Enjoy learning about different cultures and music from all over the world

Mark from United Kingdom

For the unique and amazing sounds that can be made

Mark Gelatt from USA

I am a woodworker and I have made one. Though it is not genuine I love the sound. I am simply interested in all music or art for that matter.

Mark Hickinbotham from USA

I love the unique sounds they create and the culture surrounding their use and origin. I also love how they relax me.

Martien Hovener from Netherlands

I don't know. The sound has intrigued me for a long time

Martin Eddi from Argentina

Because is very relax and very good for meditation


I first started playing several different brass instruments and when I came across the didgeridoo at a town festival the thing that interested me the most was the sound it produced and its origins. After doing some research on it I found it fascinating on how the different sounds and pitches are created. After buying a cheap bamboo one and trying to learn how to play and pick up things on my own. It soon became an instrument that I enjoyed playing and wanted to learn more.

Matt from USA

I'm a musician plus there was a study that showed playing the Didgeridoo helps with sleep apnea which I have.

Matt Tanquary from USA

Received one as a gift. I also play other traditional and modern woodwind instruments.

Michael from USA

I'm part Native American and enjoy all indigenous instruments. I make NA flutes and drums.

Michael from USA

Adding aboriginal sounds to modern rock music

Anonymous from Canada

For healing matter by sound vibration and meditation

Michelle from USA

I found a lesson to do with my students to make didgeridoos and would like to have an original one for demonstration.

Mike from USA

Love the sound

Mitchell from Australia

I love the sounds of Nathan Kaye and Xavier Rudd and have to learn to play like them.

Anonymous from Finland

I love the sound of them:)

Nick from USA

I'm interested in didgeridoos because of the fact that unlike other instruments there are no keys or strings to manipulate the sounds; it's more like a crazy extension of the vocal tract and I also like the relationship one develops with their instrument while they play it--the responses from a didgeridoo are really symbiotic with the player.

Nicolás Harambour from Argentina

I love to meditate and I found that the didjeridu sound..similar to the "om" can take me to a very relaxed state of being. Later on I learnt how to play the didjeridu so now I'm into it as a musical instrument.

Olivier Nguyen from Canada

It's the perfect way to great vibes and flow. Circular breathing is probably the funniest and most original invention since self-inflating mattresses and nonalcoholic beer.

Anonymous from Lithuania

Because I am didge player and I love that sound

Patrick Kearns from Australia

I'm aboriginal

Anonymous from USA

They are awesome!

Anonymous from USA

Great sound... became fascinated when I visited Oz.

Peggy Adams from USA

For meditation and healing and to improve function in children with special needs


The Sound

Anonymous from United Kingdom

The sounds and the vibrations you get really is as near to earthliness as you can get.

Renato from Brazil

Because I'm getting in in a culture field.

Rhogan Aitken from Australia

Since arriving from the uk I have been very interested in indigenous culture and would love to learn to play the symbol of australian culture

Ricardo Aste from Peru

Por la excelente vibraciòn que produce y por la versatilidad para crear tus propios sonidos.Ademàs puedo transmitir esa energìa a mis alumnos y oyentes.

Riku from Finland

I don't know. I just love them.


I like the sound

Robert from United Kingdom

I play


For the culture of aborigine

Ron from USA

Never seen before

Ron Greenberg from USA

Because I have been playing for a few years...best sound in the world.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

I love the sound and my son wants to learn. I am personally interested in the sound for healing purposes and inducing trance states.

Rosemary from New Zealand

I love the way they sound even if I can't play them. I also love anything that is part of a counties culture



Ryan from Australia

I love the sounds they produce as well as their cultural history

Anonymous from Finland

Because of the sound which is simply fantastic. Didgeridoo is one of the rare instruments in the world which sound is truly near the nature itself: it's deep relaxing and mystique.

Samuel from USA

I recently traveled to Sydney Australia where I was exposed first hand to didgeridoos and aboriginal music. As a multi-instrument musician I was interested immediately. I purchased one and the salesperson gave me some tips on circular breathing. After a few hours of practice I had it and was hooked!

Anonymous from Chile

Because I think it's a spiritual instrument which has healing powers.

Scott from Canada

My girlfriend is australian and while I was there on a vacation I was captivated by both the history and sound of the instrument

Scott from USA

I purchased a copy of the Wicked Tinker's CD "Bog" and was intrigued with the way they incorporated the Didj with pipe music. As an avid piper I have started out on a quest to experience playing along with a Didj on my own.


I like the didge-sound

Sergueï Skrypnikov-laviolle from France

First time I played on Yidaki it was a great experience! It was wonderful I leave the room and felt like flying on the sounds. Then now I enjoy meditate in hoods or in mountains...

Shari from Canada

They are a unique source of music that touches deep from within the soul

Anonymous from Canada

I love the sound


Lots of Australian history

Stéphane from France

Its sound is attractive

Stephen Barton from United Kingdom

Because of their earthy sound and the cultural history attached to them

Stephen Malcolm from USA

Since my first trip to Australia in 1996 I have enjoyed playing them and I took some lessons from an expert in Brisbane


Contemplative sound.

Steven from Belgium

The nice sound

Sue Taylor from Australia

Love Aboriginal Art & culture

Sue from USA

I've always been intrigued by didgeridoo sounds and have listened to didge music in the past

Tannia Angulo from Peru

Porque desde que lo escuché en una grabacion de cd me impresiono el sonido y no paré hasta averiguar todo de este instrumento y todas las utilidades que tienen.

Tara from New Zealand

I love the music they make and the culture around them.

Teresa from Australia

Love the sound of them very earthy and love listening to those who can tell their stories when playing. My son well he is the real player and a natural it comes from our own Aboriginal Heritage he loved to have his own didj

Terry Balde from Canada

Love the sound

Thomas Macat from Germany

Because I am a passionate player

Thomas from USA

My 20 year old son has a friend who has one and I became interested in buying one and did.

Tiana Lee from New Zealand

Cos I've already got a little one at home on the wall but want a real one!

Tom Stone from United Kingdom

Because of the fabulous sound that it makes

Tommy from United Kingdom

I have family in oz and have visited where I bought my didge

Tony from USA

Love the sound! I really like low droning things. (I also play bagpipes)


I truly benefit from playing the didgeridoo it had really helped me relax in some tough times and I couldn't think of anything better to that that just sit out in the woods and play some didge.

Vicki from Australia

I find aboriginal culture very interesting


I love aboriginal art & music a didge is both of these in one beautiful piece


Its a fine instrument to play


The spirit of the sound


I like constant vibrant sounds that produces the didgeridoo. The vibrations make me feel good.


So very interesting

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