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This is one of the questions we were asking our visitors in our 2006 survey and here you can read their answers (we post comments only if permission was given).

Over the last few years we have asked our visitors to comment on several other questions and any of the below topics contain hundreds or thousands of comments from people all over the world. Enjoy reading what other people have to say on those subjects:-)

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Name and Country

Why interested in Didj

Aaron from Canada

Because it is the oldest instrument on the earth and its sound puts me in a wonderful mind set I forget where I am when I listen to it

Adam from Canada

Because they move the spirit and body and have given me some of the most sublime experiences of my life I love to carry one around and have people comment on it and I love to heal with it and it provides me with a uniqueness that I can't find anywhere

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Because of the history and mysticism associated with them

Angelique from France

I play didgeridoo for some years.. The sounds and all what it could mean is a real gift and I like to share this treasure with people!

Anonymous from USA

My husband plays


They have to most amazing sound and they are extremely hard to play which makes it awesome to learn

Antonio Mara from Italy

I listened to didjeridoos 5 years ago I love the deep sound and the rhythm of didjeridoos.


I love the sound

Ariel Grandi from Argentina

I feel didgeridoo is a way to evolution and develop our spirituality. Its a connection with ourselves and Pachamama. Didgeridoo its magic.

Ashleigh from USA

I love the sound and I want to use it as a tool for healing in my massage practice

Aurelio Granito from Brazil

For different sound and culture

Anonymous from USA

I think they're pretty neat.


They sound cool.

Bob from USA

The sound of a didj in the background of movies like "Crocodile Dundee" caught my interest and fascinated me.

Bogart Parra from USA

I'm a professional Latin Percussionist play about 13 instruments; fascinated by didgeridoo sounds...!

Bren from USA

I am doing a lesson for a class on them.


I just started learning. I happened upon a store that sold some bamboo didges with a Canadian friend of mine who was a player. After some practice I have found the sound to be very relaxing and spiritual


Visited Australia and were enchanted by it all have family who live in Yorketown as well but did the "grand tour" as well. We nearly bought a didj from a music shop in Sydney having kept looking at them especially in Cairns but regret not getting one whilst there.

Brien Porter from USA

I am not just interested in the didge! I am devoted to it! Why? The didge and I have become one. It is an extension of myself. I meditate with it practice sound healing entertain the public instruct its practice compose music with it etc. etc. There are so many ways it has become a part of my life. The didge is the tool I use to bridge my mind and shift from one consciousness into the next.

Bruno Vidigal from Portugal


Carlos from USA



The sound and range of expression is most appealing. I'd like to play it along with my 65 piece symphonic wind ensemble.


Natural sound

Charlie from USA

I find them to be very relaxing to play and a great way of expressing yourself.

Chris Yerlig from USA

Apart form drums it is an instrument that gives satisfying results as soon as you learn how to make the basic sound. I haven't mastered other instruments and the relative rarity of players can make you an expert quickly.

Christian from Sweden

A beautiful instrument both for the eye and the ear the didjeridoo is probably the oldest wind instrument and one of the most versatile instruments in the world. Being hugely underrated outside of Australia I feel that the didjeridoo deserves more recognition in the world. It still creates the magic it did centuries ago and that fact just blows my mind. I love it!

Christine from USA

I just crave certain things lately. am a geography major learning all sorts of earth sciences. this seems to fill a need

Cindy Liming from USA

I have always loved the sound and I love and am fascinated by the aborigines.

Claude from Canada

As a physics teacher (and musician) I enjoy teaching and demonstrating the physics of sound.

Clay from USA

I love the earthy sound and have experienced grand meditations to the didj

Daniel from USA

Promote meditative states.

Anonymous from USA

Of interest to my six grandchildren

Daniele Alfredo from Italy

It relaxes me and it makes me travel with the mind

David Bednar from USA

Liked the sound the first time I heard it in England bought one on the street played in Europe then brought home and it got all cracked on the plane.

David Butler from United Kingdom

They connect your spirit with nature. Why else?

David from Virgin Islands (british)

The sound is simply fantastic

David from United Kingdom

Meditation and healing

Anonymous from New Zealand

I play them

David Lassio from USA

I have only read about them and recently found out they are great for breathing exercises and meditation.

David Longster from United Kingdom

I love the sound and the look of this most ancient of instruments. I am also in awe of the feeling that when I play I am linked to my ancestors from the first dawn of the human race


Because I think they are really awesome

Derrick from USA

There the only instrument derived directly from the earth (the heartbeat of mother earth)

Diane Taylor from USA

Because it gives me peace. No matter how much stress I've had during the day or week or whatever I play or listen to a Didgeridoo and the stress seems to go away.

Dieter from Germany

The sound

Douglas from USA

The sound is just awesome but I'm also interested in the healing qualities

Dr. Cheryl Bryantbryce from USA

Interested in its healing properties and as a musician I am interested in its beauty as an instrument

Drew from USA

The didgeridoo is such a simple yet beautiful instrument that it is simple enough to get the basics yet is complex enough that no one person could ever get bored of it. It resonates anywhere you play it and gives you a feeling of rejuvenation that is comparable to nothing else.


Energy healing work


Because I like the feeling off the sound

Eric from USA

I love the sound they make the history of the instrument and the music you can make with them.

Federico from Italy

I like vibrating sound I'm learning about ancient cultures and non conventional music instruments


Love playing

Greg from Australia

I like the sound of them the relaxed feeling they give you after you play them the fact that they are made from timber and the simplicity in structure of the actual instrument.

Guillermo Blancas from Spain

Once walking by the mountain in Pyrenean aragones to 2300 meters of height I could listen to a sound that nose of where venia when being descending from the mountain the sound towards but near and I could be verified that the sound venia of didgeridoo that touched a shepherd of ewes outside its house I explain myself that instrument was and since then I become crazy whenever I touch my tube of pvc but I cannot be bought one good one. sorry my english is bad

Anonymous from Australia

Like the sound.

Anonymous from Singapore

Unique sound..drone..effects.. the art of playing..dreams..


Holistic healing music and curiosity


I perform at various functions meetings or whenever asked. Didge is a major source of relaxation and stress relief.

Hauke Kellner from Germany

Because it sounds like the first synthesizer on earth.

Hayden from Australia

I love the didjeridoo's sound and I would like to incorporate it with my other musical pursuits.

Heatack Lee from Australia


Ian Hopper from USA

The sound is so relaxing and calming. they are very fun play even if you cannot circular breathe.

Anonymous from Croatia/Hrvatska

For its powerful sound and mysticism.

Jack Kos from New Zealand

Because I love it how it takes me back to my cultural heritage in australia I also believe that it is an important part of the aboriginal culture which must be preserved in the modern age. I also love the sounds it creates.

Jacques from Canada


Jamian Mateja from USA

On a vacation in Florida 2 years ago I met a co-worker of my girlfriends' father who happened to play a didgeridoo on our catamaran. We were in the keys the sun who going down and the didgeridoo was beautiful.

Jan Stalmans from Belgium

I'm only 21 years old but I have been playing the didge for over 12 years now. I like to jam with my friends here in antwerp and discover new sounds together also with other instruments like the fujara accordian...

Janice from USA

Interested in aboriginal art currently knitting a sweater with adapted aboriginal art as the pattern. Have played the flute and am fascinated by this instrument.

Jared from USA

I'm a music major at Georgetown college and I enjoy dipping into different styles of music...that includes getting a feel for different culture's instruments...the didj is just one of the many I'm using to expand my horizons.

Javier from Spain

For the sounds and magic.


Used to live in Australia; learned to play a bit while there

Jeff Nelson from USA

For the unique sound they produce. no other instrument comes close.

Jenngi from USA

I love instruments and would feel more complete as a member of the universe if I could learn to play the didgeridoo. I imagine it would be like crying & laughing at the same time from the inside out. I want to experience the ecstatic embrace of sound through merging of all e-motion. things along those lines:-)

Jennifer from Australia

The unique sound the captivation of audiences.


I recently started laying

Jocelyn from France

The sound the energy of that instrument

Jodi Harrington from USA

Actually I've never heard of it before. I do a lot of sweepstakes and when I saw the Didgeridoos I thought that the art work on it was beautiful.

Joe from USA

Intrigued by the sound

Joerg from Germany

Got my first didge for Xmas by my girl friend. she thought it would be a good instrument to play for a spiritual person. Then I started playing and last year we had the pleasure to have Mark Atkins to stay with us. Since that time I am really into it.

Anonymous from Belgium

Since 10 years I play this beautiful instrument. I started without any musical knowledge and while playing and the years went by I learned a lot about music rhythms harmony and myself... Together with that it combines cultures. With teaching the didge too children in schools my first objective is always to explain more about Australia and aboriginal history then playing music.

Johan Thaens from Belgium

I think the sound of a didge must be one of the oldest possible sounds that mankind can produce today and of which one can be certain that it must have sounded like that before history ever started. Compare it to the sound of water of wind of nature's forces... only this one we make ourselves... probably that's why playing the didge brings me even further then 'myself'

John Denham from USA

I love the way they sound and the powerful music that one can make by playing them.

John from USA

Sound soothing nature of instrument

John from USA

I'm deeply into tribal and shamanic music and the concept of holistic breathwork and soundwork.

John from Netherlands

I play and enjoy.

Jonathan from France

Musician for expression and recording also regard for aboriginal culture.

Jonathan Ormes from USA

Well I love the sound and I can be part of a rock band if I get one

Joseph Gandia from Puerto Rico

I have been playing them for 2 years since I bought my first dig and I love it and has taught me a lot about dedication to and instruments

Julie Cowart from USA

Love music form all nations and have many instruments. Would like to add a didge to my collection and learn how to play

Justin Delucca from USA

I am a singer and apparently a natural didge player. I am also interested in the healing qualities of the instrument.

Karsten from Denmark

Asa musical instrument both in a private & professional context (I'm a teacher)

Katy from USA

I just think they are really neat

Kevin from France

I am practice him!!!

Kevin from USA

My daughter purchased one from you and I enjoyed using it. I belong to a drum circle group and everyone loves hearing it in our sessions.

Kevin Dunlap from USA

I have family in Australia and actually lived in Melbourne for a year. I attended Moomba Park Elementary. One of my best memories was listening to a Aborigine play a real Didj. That sound has stayed with me forever.

Kurt Kutschera from Austria

I have been in Australia and there started my interest

Lars from Luxembourg

The sound a didj creates is absolutely overwhelming. For me this is the sound of the "OM".

Laurence from United Kingdom

Been playing for about ten years and love the sound and feelings the didge evokes

Anonymous from France

I really like this music and all the different sounds of the didjeridoo

Anonymous from USA

They're just amazing. I just love watching Didge videos and listening to people play them. The way they're made the way the sound is created and the sound that is actually produced from the didge.

Anonymous from USA

I have loved the sound since I first heard it as a child.


Because this instrument is a real historic instrument.the song is very different of all others sounds we can heard.It's also an unknown instrument and I think it's better because we can appreciate this song.

Anonymous from USA

Their Sound. From Where I Come (Dominican Republic) It's Impossible To Have One Of This Beautiful Instruments. I Always Want It To Play On Of This Instruments But Never Could. [OUR COMMENT: we can send a didj even to the Dominican Republic....]

Lukasz from Poland

Because my sister is living in Australia

Luke from Australia

Love to play didge

Anonymous from USA

I'm interested in all musical instruments.

Marc from France

I have played for many years since my friend mesmerized me with the sound of it. I keep playing for the deep drones and relaxation it brings.

Anonymous from Canada

Love the music

Marco Laurenti from Italy

Because is a beautiful expression of language

Marco Vivian from Italy

Because it's a beautiful and relaxing music instrument

Mark from USA

Not only do I use it for stress relief I also use it with some patients. I do believe if the planet could make a sound it would be a didge

Mark from USA

I like the sounds and want to learn to play it

Mark from USA

Ever since I was a child I have been enthralled by their meditative and peaceful sound. They are so unique as well

Martin Wyeth from United Kingdom

Love the sound and the history of the instrument

Matt from Canada

What a fantastic sound (S) they make man. after seeing Xavier live at he Enmore last year I can't stop listening to it and they aren't that easy to master either.

Matt from Australia

They have the most calming sound and you can lose yourself in it for hours.

Matt from United Kingdom

Sound depth culture history artwork rhythm natural primal....

Matthew from USA

I am an energy healer

Max Rivera from Peru

I play them I love them

Micael from Sweden

I finding it interesting to listen to Didgeridoos and want to learn to play. I thing it good complement to my inner work

Michael from USA

I saw Ganga Giri play didj back at Joshua Tree Music Festival '05. I thought he was awesome and absolutely fascinated me. I've been listening to his CD's ever since. I'm very into healing sounds and meditation as well as playing various musical instruments so it is very logical to me that I should own a nice didgeridoo.

Michael from Australia

Love the sound and like to play

Mike from USA

The tonal quality is superior to any instrument out there.

Mikolaj Szczesiak from USA

I already own one that I bought from your site. I love playing it. It helps me a lot..

Neal from USA

I am a long time Australophile (if there is such a word!) an I have always enjoyed the didgeridoo sound and the concept of how it is made by native craftsmen.

Nick from USA

Absolutely love the sound!


I have an interest in all things Australian

Oliver Agar from New Zealand

Because I just love the sound of it and the fact that you can do so much with such a simple instrument.


It is so unique and the sound was so fantastic. Its a natural sound from a piece of wood.

Paco from Mexico

Because I love all kinds of folklore music

Pamela Kerr from USA

They have such awesome sound. A visceral experience.

Pamela from USA

I like that it's just the wood and me making sound together. It's a very simple creation that reaches the soul.

Patrice from Bahamas

I am Koori and my son wants to learn to play


I have a great interest in music and just arrived in Australia a month ago from Canada.

Paulo from Portugal

Because they are beautiful magical great teaching resource and sound like the earth

Peter Pugliese from USA

I love the way the sound and the way I feel when I play them.

Philip from USA

I enjoy playing them alone and with other musicians. I'm also interested in sound therapy/healing using the didj.


Heard one at a family gathering about four years ago.

Pierre from France

Hello! I love didge because the sound is incredible and lets give you good travel....


For the purpose of journeying

Rene from Netherlands

I like the sound


Very nice primal energy feel in the sound

Richard Craven from USA

I have been fascinated with them ever since the first time I ever heard on played.

Robert Cuffney from USA

Why not? Didgeridoos combine the best of primal man....music art and mysticism.

Robert Quintarelli from Spain

I grew up in Australia it reminds me of the culture feel close to the aborigines and the nice feeling of harmony that I receive when I try to play.


Learning to play. Love the sound.

Russell Chappell from USA

There is something enchanting about the didge that I just connect with!

Ryan Sanders from Thailand

Exercise and beauty of sound

Sacha from Luxembourg

I love the sound Playing the instrument is relaxing

Sara from USA

My friend plays it and it is interesting.


Love the sound. It is a natural instrument made from a tree with little processing

Scott from USA

Just started playing and am very into it

Anonymous from France

Cause of the vibrations that give me and it s from the great aboriginal tribes

Shane from Malaysia

When I was younger I had a very powerful experience as many people do nowadays that changed my life I had no choice but to throw away all my old belief systems because once you have a realization you can't turn around and say I didn't really see that so I spent my time trying to understand this new reality that had been brought to my perception. The experience was one of total oneness with the universe not an understanding or a concept of oneness but for a split second of a moment that was all there was and I was convinced that through an understanding of this space within ourselves we as human beings would be capable of things never previously imagined possible I was constantly trying to find a way back into this space. I was sitting on the beach in Koh Phangan and I heard the didj being played for the first time that was it for me I was hooked the vibration seemed to take me effortlessly into that space that I was constantly trying to be absorbed into. I got my first didj (if you can call it a didj ) a few years later and I haven't stopped playing since.

Sharon Hartnett from USA



Have one now love playing it its so relaxing and gives me a great buzz..

Stano from Slovakia

I like the sound of didj. Playing the didj is relax.

Steeve from Switzerland

The sound the changing of culture

Anonymous from Netherlands

Sound mysterious

Steve Barton from USA

Their unique sound and interesting history

Stewart from United Kingdom

Have been Interested in the didj for many reasons. I have worked for many years with disabled and leaning impaired children and am interested in the responses to various stimulus. With the didj there is a resonance that seems to reach the visually and hearing impaired. And it makes your ears tickle. I find great personal pleasure in the rhythms and imagery.


Spiritual connection

Thomas from USA

Cool sound healing

Thomas Gramstad from Norway

It's a beautiful cool groovy powerful and meditative instrument.

Tiago Simões from Portugal

I love how they sound how they look how they're played how they're built... It's the best musical instrument I've ever seen (or heard).

Tim from USA

I listen to many types of music and have a growing instrument collection. I was enthralled by COIL's album LOVE'S SECRET DOMAIN and had to give it a try.

Todd from USA

They sound great are interesting to look at and are an historical instrument.

Todd from Australia

I really enjoy the sound and everything about them interests me.

Tom from United Kingdom

I was at a festival having a midnight jam with strangers when a random man let me have a play on his didge iv been playing ever since!!

Tom Maucher from USA

Talk about a natural high!!! very relaxing therapeutic and meditative. if you can't beat 'em drone 'em!

Tom Phillips from United Kingdom

They are relaxing to play

Tomas from Argentina

I have a percussion band and I want to include a didj sound

Tony from Australia

The harmonic sounds that are available and I find playing very relaxing.

Travis from USA

The unique sound

Tvrtko Mandic from Croatia/Hrvatska

Because I like sound of didgeridoo very very much! It is the sound of inner world...

Uwe Gerecke from United Kingdom

Love the sound. Can't play a 'proper' instrument and would not want to learn to play one. But a didgeridoo is different and I'd love to learn the technique.

Vincent from France

I love theirs sounds I discovered it at a live concert 5 years ago (JMPZ french band and later Kaophonic tribu an other french band)and I fall in love for this instrument.


Because I'm playing this instrument


Because they are an instrument that I have longed to play all my life. Because of its mellow sound it is a great instrument for many bands.


I like the mystical sound it fits in with the outback areas ie; desert country in the western US I vacation in

Yain Eyzenga from Netherlands

For me it is breathing and feeling just that tiny little bit closer to The Aboriginal People and their History.

Zev from USA

The rhythmic vibrations caused by your own wind is what 1st appealed to me. I play other instruments but nothing as raw and natural as the didge. It's meditative in nature and soothing sound relaxes me freeing my mind at the end of the day.

Anonymous from USA

Love the sound

Anonymous from Romania

I just love the sound of didgeridoos

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