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Name and Country

Why interested in Didj

Agnieszka (aga) Milogrodzka from Poland

It's the only instrument that demands total integration without which it is near impossible to produce a sound. It's a meditative instrument. I fell in love with a guy playing one :)

Alan from USA


Anonymous from United Kingdom

Because it is a very natural form of music making

Alex from USA

I was taught to play by a maker/player/performer/teacher named Pitz Quattrone when I was just a little kid. The first time I ever tried to play one it was like I had a natural gift and it amazed me. Right away I started out with my first bamboo didge.

Anonymous from France

Love the sound...original way to distress

Anonymous from USA

Love to play and collect the didgeridoo. Enjoy meeting others through the instrument.



Amy from USA

They are not only beautiful art but beautiful music as well.

Andrei Vainik from Finland

I like to play didjes but even more I like making them !


Love the bass drone. We've been fooling with it in our church's praise band. Made for a great effect on Easter Sunday sunrise service last year.

Andrew from USA

Because it is not an ordinary instrument. Most people that I talk with don't even know what it is. The sound is unmistakable and versatile with unlimited options.

Andy Aitken from New Zealand

Every aspect of them - cultural but mostly musical

Andy Carr from United Kingdom

I was bought an Indonesian one for a birthday



Anne Pfauth from USA

A friend turned me on to them. I was amazed at their power.

Anthony Curmi from Malta

I heard the sound of the Didj in an ambient chill-out track.From that day onwards I simply got hooked. I got hold of a didj and self thought myself how to play it. The more time has past the more I learnt. Today I have made new friendships play the didj repair and construct teach and also perform.Didj after my fiancee is the most dear thing in my life. I also thank you at the Didj shop for the wonderful site you have created.

Anthony Kubiak from USA

I am interested in Aboriginal culture and art and love the haunting sound


We have a few CD's and enjoy the music


I found interesting the sound of it

Aurélien from Belgium

I like the sound. The effects of the vibration on the body and the mind. I use it in therapy

Ava Giglio from USA

Healing relaxation and I love to learn to play new instruments. I am on disability and music of all forms helps.

Aviad from Israel

I love to play on it I think their sound is amazing and I feel very good to hear or to play on them.


I love it's sounds.

Barnaby Parsons from United Kingdom

They are surprising different highly rewarding part of history & help me to relax & chill out. They are also a natural high.

Bart Vrancken from Netherlands

Mostly for making music. I do use them to relax as well but my main goal is making music

Bas Piek from Netherlands

It is the only instrument I know of which is once played of listened to it gives you the feeling that there is more in this world and you have to feel it because you can't see it

Belinda from Australia

Because they sound beautiful and are aesthetically very pleasing.

Benjamin Prindle from USA

The sound just gives me a soothing relaxing feeling that just makes me want to jump with excitement an joy.

Benji from Canada

If the planet had a voice that we could all hear it would be the sound of the didgeridoo. Being able to get in touch with this voice allows for one to help speed up the much needed healing process the planet has to embark on. I am proud to be able to be a participant.

Beverly from USA

I have always been interested in Australia and anything to do with it.

Bill from South Africa

Fell in love with the sound 10 years ago. Speaks to my soul and let my spirit shine when I play

Anonymous from USA

It is the only instrument I can play semi-well.

Bonnie Barker from USA

First time here-


Love the sound

Brenda from USA

To learn to play. it is an amazing source to balancing the chakras

Brenda from USA

My husband Joel plays one. I love to watch him play.

Brendan from Spain

I love everything about it. The whole cultural story behind it. It has beautiful art on it. Its sound is unique and it is an instrument that is originally used by the aborigines and now the addiction for this instrument has passed through out the world.

Brett from USA

They helped me with breathing therapy after a bad burn accident

Brian from United Kingdom

I love the sound and vibrations the breathing necessary helps me to relax and meditate

Bryan from United Kingdom

For the cultural aspects.

Bryce from USA

I visited australia when I was 17 and listened to a didj in a concert hall. it was amazing! At that point I knew I wanted to learn how to play so I went and bought one the next day. Unfortunately it was of bad quality. I didn't know what I was buying so I made myself one out of pvc and it sound a lot better

Bryce from Canada

I find the sound mesmerizing and I love how they are produced!

Anonymous from United Kingdom

I first properly heard one at a small music and art festival in the french alps. ever since then I have been interested in the making and the playing of these intriguing instruments

Carl Hirschfeld from USA

I simply find them interesting and relaxing

Carmelo from Spain

I am interested in a old culture and the traditions of the humans. I love the deep sound and the sensations that produces a sound of didgeridoo.


I love the way they look and sound.

Carolyn from USA

I'm interested in Aboriginal culture.

Cary Deberry from USA

I fell in love with the ethereal quality of the didge--how its primitive essence reaches into your core lifting you toward that place where your mind lets go and your Spirit is set free. It's really a thing of inexplicable beauty.

Cary from USA

I think it is a beautiful haunting instrument.

Casey Nichols from USA

They are one of the few instruments that can be made in the wild with mild effort. Also the people that are drawn to the sounds seem to have like views on the world and life we live in.

Chad from USA

I've always been interested in Aboriginal culture and Australia. To me the Didj is the epitomy of this culture and Australia. So for me to play and hear a Didj takes me there with out the plane ticket.


I've always found them very interesting sounding and would like to get one some day.

Charles from USA

It is a spiritual healing tool for myself and others.

Charley from USA

Relaxing fun and endlessly challenging to play and appreciate this fine art and music form.

Cheryl from USA

I love "roots" and spiritual music of all kinds but am mostly familiar with European and American roots musical forms. The didgeridoo has always fascinated me with it's deep resonances spiritual emotion and range of sounds.


I love the sound! Friends have them at festivals.

Chris from South Africa

I love the music


I find the sound and the playing very relaxing.

Chris from USA

I have been playing one for about seven years and do not get tired of it. I can spend hours playing trying to invent new techniques. I play often as I feel I need to get my Didj fix.

Christian from Chile

Mi interes se debe a las experiencias que he tenido con otros instrumentos rituales como el djembe y la batá

Christine from USA

The art

Anonymous from USA

Love the sound and how they are played

Anonymous from Greece

Because its part of my nature.

Claire Dupuis from USA

I love to listen to the didjeridu while meditating. It's has been an instrument that I would love to learn to play/

Clare from United Kingdom

First heard them on sound therapy CD and loved the resonance very interested in aboriginal belief of healing planet through sound and would love to take part in that

Clayton Wollner from USA

Because didgeridoos don't require years of practice but they still inspire a sense of culture with their unmistakable sound.


They rock

Colby Grillone from USA

Because everytime I play one feel as free as I can be it seems to take me to another state of being

Colin Jenkins from USA

I love playing my dad plays the drums so we jam together

Craig Barker from USA

First time here

Cyrus Nazarian from USA

Since I first heard the instrument being played and tried it for myself I have been fascinated by the didgeridoo and what is allows one to create musically. I have been looking for one but have not been able to afford a good one.

Dale Threlkel from USA

I love the sound

Anonymous from France

I heard that sound the first time 15 ago it was an incredible feeling.

Damodara Roe from USA

I always thought they were cool! I got one for christmas two years ago and I really like it.

Anonymous from USA

I love the sound and spirituality of this instrument.

Dan Loizos from United Kingdom

I love to play

Dan White from USA

I love music am a maker of Native American flutes and interested in various ethnic instruments

Dana from Czech Republic

I am very interested in Australian culture and studied it at university. I found your culture amazing and astounding!

Daniel Cohen from USA

It is a instrument that produces is own overtones and its drone is soothing to the soul.

Anonymous from USA

I play professionally in a variety of settings (primarily bass instruments) and also have a strong interest in instruments from around the world.

Daniel from Canada

The culture and sound of the instrument. I play also the drum.

Daniel from USA

I heard xavier rudd's rhythmic playing and was instantly taken in. I feel that this wind instrument seems to be more of a percussive instrument that allows it to stand alone.

Danny from Australia

I love the sound and they fascinate me the different sounds from them


It is a musical instrument and I am interested in instruments from all countries and cultures

Dave Clark from USA


Dave from United Kingdom

I won a bamboo "didj" in a pub competition in the UK. After playing it for a few years I tried a friend's Oz bought termite didj. I realised that apart from my suspect playing the bamboo didj was pretty bad too. I promised myself that if I was going to get from it would have to be as authentic as possible. I'm about to finish working in New Zealand and find myself in the fortunate position of travelling through Australia for a few weeks with my family on my way back to the UK. A primary aim is to obtain a decent authentic didjeridu through as authentic means as possible!

Anonymous from United Kingdom

The sound they make seems to take you back to a time of ancient and mystical things. I want to try to get to those places


My wife is aboriginal.

David from USA

I enjoy the sound especially in the sense of reflecting Aboriginal peoples' spiritual connection with the landscape and its inhabitants. I am in awe of the circular breathing technique.

David from Belgium

I like all the 'blow' instruments I play the trumpet whole my life somebody told me about a didj and so.......

David from New Zealand

I'm transfixed by the primal sound they make.

Dean from United Kingdom

I love the sound so relaxing!

Dean from Australia

My wife is Aboriginal and I really enjoy playing to the family.

Anonymous from USA

My son is a student ambassador and is studying australia and would love to have one because he loves to play musical instruments

Denis from Belgium

Love playing deep and beautiful sound

Dennis from USA

Very exotic instrument to an American


The sound

Dennis from Germany

Because the Didgeridoo is exceptional.And not everyone can play it.

Denny Simpson from USA

Soul calming music. Meditation. Health

Derek from Ireland

I play didge as a hobby. I have been to Australia. I take a little interest in the aboriginal culture.


The resonance I feel within my entire being

Don Schraier from USA

I'm a musician.

Don Simonetti from USA

I love the sound and want to teach my daughter. I would also like to use them for healing in my acupuncture practice.

Donald Martin from USA

I love music

Donat from Belgium

It is the most ancient instrument existing. it is easy to learn because it is based on hearing more than knowledge

Donna from USA

It is a beautiful piece of artwork


I like the sound and I am learning how to play.

Dorothy from USA

Have always loved the sound and bought one from Didjshop after I had a stroke and thought I should do everything I had always wanted to do.


They are magnificent beautiful instruments.

Anonymous from USA

I love the sound


I am fascinated with the sound and am eager to incorporate the didge into my musical repertoire

Anonymous from USA

I love the sound the history the look and playing them is soothing.

Doug from USA

I knew the first time I heard one played in front of me that I needed to know what it was how to play it everything! I love the intuitive way it is played how learning the instrument is more about learning yourself.

Duncan from United Kingdom

As a new hobby

Anonymous from USA

I love the healing sounds and the community

Anonymous from USA

I like the way they sound

Eddy from Australia

The sound alone has always attracted me also find playing relaxing.

Elias from Sweden

It is such an interesting and inspiring instrument both to play and listen to!

Anonymous from USA

For therapeutic reasons

Ellen Lopes from USA

The history the sound and the feeling it brings.

Anonymous from USA

I've been researching origins of music and it's cultural evolutions. The Didjeridu is a fascinating instrument simple in construction but complex and astounding in it's range of expression.

Emilia from Spain

My brother in law loves them

Emily from USA

Because I enjoy playing them.

Eric from USA

I own one (aboriginal art) already from having lived in Australia; they create a haunting primitive sound that speaks to both the ears and the soul

Eric German Schweikart from Argentina

Because it centres my and makes me feel well and in peace.

Erin from Canada

I recently went to a 'gathering' at a local healers home. She was playing an Astarius CD. I tracked him down and now carry them in my store. I am fascinated and find them very powerful and would love to try one for myself and perhaps even carry them in my store.

Anonymous from USA

I enjoy playing them they are soothing instruments that help me get some clarity and I love playing an instrument its something I never thought I could do


I am interested in all native cultures. my people play drums flutes. I want my grandchildren to learn to play the didgeridoo.

Fernando from Argentina

Because it's sound raised my attention and I'm really interested in adding it to my music.

Frances L Wheeler from USA

Sound vibrations intrigue me bells native drums singing bowls didgeridoos

Frank from USA

An exotic instrument

Gary Coates from United Kingdom

I love the sound of a well played didge it just blows me away. I long for the day when I can play properly & watch the faces of the people I'm playing for as they are blown away by the awesome sound.(my dream).


They have a meditative sound quality I like and since I am a musician I like the fact that it has a unique sound to it.


Always fascinated with the sound and circular breathing.


I am more interested in spears boomerangs digging sticks.

Gene from USA

Its sound is holy

George from Yugoslavia

I like the sound of them and I am determined to learn to play one. I highly regard the Aboriginal culture and have great respect for their myths and relationship with nature.


Daughter's family

Glen Elliott from USA

I love to play. The sound the feel in my body transports me


I think they are beautiful. A friend of mine brought one home from vacation in Australia.

Greg from USA

My spirit is tied in with the vibration. The didge is a moving celebration of sound!

Greg McCleary from Canada

I have always enjoyed the sound and I would love to be able to play. I think it could be a benefit to my personal health and well-being.

Greg from USA

Spiritual connection & expression

Gregg Nardozza from USA

I have been playing a wonderful didj that my wife purchased from your web site for me last Christmas. I first became interested in the didjeridu after hearing Simon 7 play with Didjworks.

Gregory from USA

They're coool

Anonymous from South Africa

I love the sound the look and the feel of a didgeridoo in my hands


My husband is an experimental musician who's into stuff like this. I am as well. We're always interested in finding things that are unique.

Henri from France

As a shaman I'm interested in the healing aspects and I love the way its sound enables me to experience a connection with Spirit ... plus I do love the sound


The sound touches my soul

Hiro from Australia

Sound History bra-bra-bra. everything!

Hubert from USA

I love the primal sound


For their musical quality


Because I feel connected to something pure.


They are a more rare instrument with a very distinct sound that I really enjoy working with

Anonymous from Australia

Amazing natural instrument very interested in learning to play as already play other instruments.


They sound great and the feeling of playing them is unexplainable

Jaana from Finland

Because my friend plays didgeridoo and I like the sound

Jackie from USA

The sound is awesome

Jacquelynn from USA

My husband is Native American and as a Family we are interested in all indigenous cultures around the world and as a family of Musicians we love learning to play new instruments!


Already aware by a friend who makes them in crystal in Canada

Anonymous from USA

Foreign instruments are interesting


Because I am very interested in the way at the culture of the Aboriginals . The way they live with and in the nature is very spiritual and a lesson for the human kind off the world .

Janet from USA

Enjoy all types of musical instruments

Jason from Australia

I could play one instantly


I like the sounds

Jeanette from Australia

Original hand crafted and a magnificent sound.



Jeff Bailey from USA

Because they are such a mystical instrument and sound so awesome. To me they represent the sound of Australia and I love Australia. I have actually learned to play one and have become hopelessly addicted"

Jeff Bottjer from USA

I like the sound the vibration and the fact that not everyone plays one

Jeff from USA

I like the sound of course and I really enjoy playing

Jeff from USA

I have always been interested in Aboriginal Art and purchased my first Didj in 2005.


I like the sound they make.

Jennifer White from Canada

I love the sound. The ancient sound. It connects me to the Present Moment and with my inner body wisdom.

Jeremy from USA

I play them for spiritual enjoyment and healing work.

Jill from USA

I love the music and would someday love to take lessons

Jim from USA

Interesting sound....good for meditating.

Jim Fletcher from USA

Not this is my first time here


This is something I would love to learn. Love the sound.

Joe Dickie from Canada

Love the soothing sound and extreme difficulty to try to master such a simple looking instrument

Anonymous from USA

Like the sound like the head vib

John from USA

Like the sound and I am a fan of world music.

John from USA

Love the sound and the historical importance and native influence.

John from United Kingdom

Professional player


I like world music.

John from USA

I love the great sound and feeling I receive while playing and listening to the didge.

John Griffiths from Australia

Like the sound. Impressed by the skill of the players

Anonymous from USA

I just like unusual music forms.


Meditation and breathing exercise

Josef from New Zealand

I like the sound


Like exotic instruments


I first saw them on Survivor and thought that the sound was really unique and spiritual


The sound is felt at a visceral level. I find it very calming. It is all encompassing.

Judy Echols from USA

I love to play them. I really love to play with other people and so I need more than one key.

Judy Fletcher from USA

Not this is the first time

Julie from Guadeloupe

Because of the incredible sound of this instrument and of his history; I think it's the only traditional instrument of a very aged civilisation which is still play now.

Julie from USA



They sound fascinating


Because it's the only instrument I'm good with+it's really good for my mind

Julien from France

I find this instrument interesting because it's aborigine and I love aboriginal culture

Julio from Puerto Rico

First My dream Vacation someday is going to Australia since Small I had been captivated with the Strange but beautiful Sound of the Didge

Kanser from United Kingdom

Lots of reasons firstly as I love the sound and thought that it would be a perfect addition to my music but then since I have started to play (1-2 years) and the circular breathing started I found myself using as the most beautiful meditation aid

Anonymous from Australia

I have always been interested in the aboriginal culture and music it is a relaxing and interesting sound it makes you feel the music and you actually feel it running through your veins.

Karen Mermel from USA

Unusual sound

Kathy from USA

It seems interesting and different.

Katie from United Kingdom

Amazing and intriguing instruments with an awesome sound


I am a teacher great to show the students

Ken Ralph from United Kingdom

For their ethereal sound and meditative qualities

Anonymous from USA

I own and play 3 didges

Kenneth Hicks from Canada

I Love the Sound... Very Trance Inducing... and allows my mind to focus...

Kermit Crissey from USA

Never heard of it but it does look very interesting to play

Anonymous from United Kingdom

They take me to a place of elation I love the sound of the drone and the way you can mimic the sounds of nature truly beautiful.


I love the unique look and sound of them


Why not? They're great instruments. Versatile incredibly evocative. They move you in a way most instruments can't.

Kristoffer Stensbo-Smidt from Denmark

It makes such a wonderful sound and thinking about how old this instrument is almost make you shiver.

Anonymous from USA

The sounds they make are hypnotic


Because of the unique and soul stirring sound

Laurel from USA

I am very interested in anything Australian

Lawrence from USA

The didgeridoo is born from nature and its a way to commune with nature. In the playing it's like I become the creatures of the sounds I'm imitating. Its also a part of aboriginal culture which is one of the most unique and creative cultures in humankind. Feeling the drone go thru your body and concentrating on the song is enough to put you into a meditative state. It makes me think of talking with ancestors and the voice of the didgeridoo is the voice of the ancestors. The feeling is like a portal into the past a window into those past lives and knowledge from way back when.

Anonymous from USA

Reminder of my visit down under

Lionel from France

The mystical sound of theses instruments. The spirituality

Liz from USA



Like aboriginal history

Lori from USA

As a gift for a relative

Luciano Giambastiani from Argentina

I started to play a bamboo didge. given by a friend.. and I started to learn about didges. I really enjoy to play it.

Luke from Germany

I love ethnic music so I started playing the didj. Also its very original and I enjoy telling people about didj's and Aboriginal culture when they ask me about my didj.


Because I appreciate the power of expression revealed by our indigenous brothers and sisters and wish to be able to access this beauty

M Rick from USA

Art music


My wife brought one from Australia I found one to sell here in Brazil it's very hard to find. it's easier to play than other instruments.

Marcelo from Australia

I'm interested in anything indigenous and native especially musically. I have a deep respect for the native people of any country and love their true and earthly cultures and beliefs.And the music is very special part of that.They are the true people of the land and we can all learn a lot from them in fact I believe we need to.

Marco from Portugal

Play didgeridoo is a wonderful thing to do it sounds great when you play with all your friends together... it's like a circle of energy that surrounds us and very relaxing and exciting to do...


Saw at festival

Marilyn from USA

Looks interesting

Mark De Roode from Netherlands

The trance I get into while playing is soothing and it makes me relaxed for a long time which is exactly what I need in my profession. plus it's very addicting!!! I just love the sound of it.

Mark from USA

They are so weird they are cool.

Martin from United Kingdom

I a am musically inclined


I love anything to do with Australia and Aboriginal art.


I like the sound they make.


I like the sound and the feeling while playing it.

Mathew Badger from Australia

They are a very unique instrument I am interested in Aboriginal people and the dramatic affects upon their culture post colonization.


Healing purpose


Because I play them

Maya from Croatia/Hrvatska

Hmmm.. why not?! :) I just love all the vibes I feel all over my body while I play.. I feel as one with didge when we both make sounds with our souls. I play to meditate and to be more happy when I'm sad.. it's much more than just instrument to me...

Meg Masterman from USA

I have been interested in didgeridoos since I heard one played about ten years ago. I love the haunting sound.


I love the sound and vibrations it gives off.

Melissa from USA

I want to purchase a few concert quality for my musician brother and lower quality for myself.

Anonymous from USA

Its really cool

Merv from USA

Spiritual experience body-mind connection health

Anonymous from Australia

The physical mental and soulful reaction produced by the continuity of resonance emerging from a didgeridoo is indescribable

Michael from Australia

They have an amazing and entrancing sound look beautiful and are full of stories and culture!

Michael from USA

On a visit to Australia in 1999

Michal from Poland

Free spirit amazing sound

Michel from France

Because they represent the soul of australia

Michelle from United Kingdom

Love the sound my son is desperate for one he's very musical but budget is tight.


Because of its awesome tone and many sounds you can make with it . I was interested since grade 7

Miguel Morcillo from Spain

Porque su sonido me provoca sensaciones que son en ocasiones indescriptibles ademas de una paz y un bienestar superior!

Mike from USA

The sound is amazing and the dedication to practice helps in other aspects of life

Mike from USA

I love the sound and history.

Mitch Mccandlish from USA

Had a great time in Alice Springs and great memories of listening to the didgeridoo.

Nicholas from United Kingdom

I like the sound

Nicolas from France

I've learned by myself in a pvc and love playing. I'm thinking about buying a real didj

Nicole from USA

The unique sound they make puts me in a wonderful mood.

Nigel from United Kingdom

The sound is so amazing relaxing and exciting

Ohad Bibas from Israel

I am hypnotized by the sound

Oliver from Germany

You could call it my "greatest hobby" although it is more and more becoming a part of my job as well.

Pam from USA

Relaxation therapy for kids which sparks there interest meditation for myself

Patrick from USA

I love the sound and the relaxation it provides

Patrick from USA

I first heard a didgeridoo on a cd and thought it was amazing. I want to learn how to play.


They're incredible artwork


Looks interesting

Paul Bishop from USA

Their effect on my psyche and their ethereal sounds.

Paul from Australia

Always interested since very young.. because of their sound & learnt to circular breathe years ago

Paul from USA

There's something magical about Australia I just want a small piece of it. Thanks

Paula from USA

Didgeridoos make such wonderful music and are very intriguing.

Pauline from USA

Didgeridoos - they are mystical. They inspire. They entrance. They are wonderful.

Peggylynn from USA

I am haunted by the sound drawn to a primitive instrument shrouded in magic and mystery

Penelope from USA

Their status as the oldest of wind instruments fascinates me.


Have been for many years....it was the sound that attracted me

Peter Cash from USA


Peter Smith from Australia

Musician cultural interest in Aborigines teacher

Phil from United Kingdom

Started to learn to play in collage..(for a laugh) but realised that had a natural talent for it. plus I've always been interested in Aussie land and am planning to go there in about a year or 2

Anonymous from United Kingdom

To give the children the experience of other cultures and musical traditions

Phil from USA

The didjeridu makes people smile. You just don't get the kind of positive response from people by playing western instruments that you do with the didj!

Phil from France

The awesome Sound man sound!

Philip from United Kingdom

I love the sound and I'm interested in aboriginal culture.

Anonymous from USA

Meditative sound

Philip Wall from USA

Fascinating... also meditation sound and circular breathing.

Phyllis from USA

My husband got interested in them when he was in Australia

Pierino from Italy

I have had an extraordinary experience. During a course of Reiki have heard the sound of a Didj and have seen the sound! I am me said: I have to learn to play Didj

Pierre from Switzerland

Maybe healing from my M.S. ?


I love the sound

Rafa from Mexico

Indudablemente ha sido por su sonido desde la primera vez que lo escuché me cautivó. Es un sonido que pareciera salir de la tierra realmente hermoso. Además es algo extraordinario la gran cantiodad de posilibildades que que da un intrumente apartentemente tan sencillo.

Rafael Janczak from Poland

The sOUUUUnd! Great instrument for busking! It is Aboriginal - gotta love it for that. I use it in my yogic practice - actually if it originated in India I wouldn't be surprised if all Shivas were resembled with one in each arm ;) Eh toooo many reasons...


I love the sound of the Didgeridoo! Every time I hear or play one it seems to awaken my spirit to some degree. Didgeridoo's are wonderful instruments.

Ralf from Switzerland

Didgeridoos sounds let me relax and does to my soul well. And I like the Aboriginal Art.

Randy Benoit from USA

Always admired the sound and control of the instrument plus the history.

Randy from USA

Love the sound

Ray Higgins from Australia

Wanted to play an instrument and chose the didj because of the sounds you can get from them

Remi from France

Because it is one of the few instrument I can play. It is just a feeling and I don't need many knowledge to play good/enjoying music.

Rémy from France

Song sensations music and rhythms aboriginal origin (sorry I'm french !!!)

Rhonda from Canada

I have heard it played and I loved it.

Anonymous from Portugal

Beautiful sound...

Rich from USA

I believe that didjes are healing and the instrument of dreamtime. I have always been interested in Aboriginal culture and playing the didj. The art always tells a story too.


Ever since we started seeing Australian films here in the 1970s I've been fascinated

Richard Curtis from USA

I find the sound incredibly beautiful and expressive. The sound brings my mind into my body the most grounding sounds I have ever heard

Rick Delcambre from USA

Healing & meditation

Rick from USA

The sound draws me in..Makes me feel good.

Rick Thompson from Australia

The first thing that got me interested in the didjeridu is the purity of the sound they produce to me it is the most natural sound I have ever heard. Each time I hear it's sound I feel connected to this country in a way that feels right although I am only just beginning to learn to play the Didjeridoo myself it is something that I can not stop thinking about I first felt the power of the sound and now that I am learning how to play I feel I am coming alive.

Anonymous from USA

I lived in Papua New Guinea and became enchanted with the aboriginal art that was found locally and that friends brought back from Australia.

Robbie from USA

I play in a band and we came to the need for a didge the one we have now is not the greatest its cracked but still useable.

Anonymous from USA

It is such a simple instrument that can produce complex output. It is from the earth. It is ancient. It can connect to people deep inside.

Robert Curtis from USA

As a flintknapper it's the prehistoric aspect of the didge that attracts me...that and their sound


I'll want to play a didge as well as possible.

Robert from USA

I fell in love with the mesmerizing sound and simplicity of the instrument.

Robin Jones from Australia

I love listening to the music and enjoy meditating to the sound

Robin Palmer from USA

Love the sound!

Rodrigo from Portugal

Because it is a beautiful instrument with a huge sound.

Ron from USA

Music & Art

Ron from USA

The music is very nice. I purchased a didj and a couple of CDs of didj music by Ash Dargan and David Hudson when my wife and I visited Australia three years ago.

Ruben from Italy

Because it's a new wonderful experience for me

Rudi from Austria

Because of the sound

Anonymous from Australia

Its one of those 'hear the sound' things - didges frame drums and irish whistles just click. Not exactly an expected combination!

Sam Boys from USA

Vibrational energy...sound healing...meditative practice...musical performance


I'm in a world music class and love listening to aborigine didjeridoo music...so I learned how to play one...but its sound quality is not very good so I'm looking for a new one.

Sam from USA

I have never had musical training in my life but 4 years ago I started playing the didge with my friends and we started jamming with djembes and sticks. It was one of the funniest times I had in high school. We all got really good at our instruments for never having musical training we just played by ear.

Samuele Respizzi from Italy

Bel suono

Sarah from USA

Neat sounds

Sasa Zezelic from Croatia/Hrvatska

They are surprisingly simple yet extremely powerful they give me opportunity to express Self and they keep me connected to nature..Here in Zagreb Croatia this simple instrument is a gravity point that brought together many very interesting people - it's amazing!!

Sascha from Luxembourg

I like the sound and playing it gives me a special feeling.

Anonymous from USA

They sound awesome

Sean from United Kingdom

I love the sound it makes and the feeling the sound gives you.


I have heard others play them and am drawn to their deep tone. Very penetrating.

Shaun Wallner from USA

I love music

Stanley from USA

Because the didgeridoo and the sounds they create represents a people who deserve to be not only remembered but praised for the propagation of a culture which to most of us is all but forgotten.


Quality product

Stephanie from USA



I love the sound and the simplicity of the instrument

Steve from United Kingdom

Unique sound meditation and community

Steve Dadolf from USA

I like to try and play non-standard musical instruments.

Steve from USA

The sound has always fascinated me . . . . having just returned from a trip to Australia where I have purchased a didgeridoo and will am trying to learn to play . . . .

Steve from USA

Playing the didj is a religious experience for me. It is a connection to the Earth to an ancient culture older than any other. The sound and vibrations created by the connection of the human and the didj is the sound of creation...it is a wonderful sound a sacred vibration and a deep emotion that connects the ancient part of my soul with all that is Nature.


I've seen them before and always thought they were neat.


I think they are one of the most fundamental sounds in all the world

Steven from USA

I saw one in a catalog once then read up on them. My friends and I are striking up a band and I felt a didgeridoo would be a great and different addition.


I play the didj. I make didjeridoos. I own Didjeridoos and try every now to sell them. one of the passions of my life.

Stuart from United Kingdom

Love the sound

Sue Niven from Australia

I love the sound and the beautiful decorations

Susan from United Kingdom

I enjoy the sound

Suzanne from USA

Ancient healing sounds


They are so cool!!!

Tabitha from USA

I'm fascinated in the incredible noises I can produce from a hollow log!!!


To be used as decor art in my home

Anonymous from Canada

I like them!!!

Anonymous from Australia

They r a musical instrument well known in aussie land and has a lot of history


Just curious

Taza Salamut from United Kingdom

I play Didgeridoo in a band


Because of that sound that they make that perfect universal sound

Anonymous from Sweden

I always liked the unique sound.


Since I was a kid I wanted to play and just bought my first didge

Thomas Semesky from USA

Because of the name and the unique sound of the instrument.

Tim Newman from Australia

I love the sound of the instrument. I have a great respect for the Aborigines of australia.

Tim from Belgium

Because of the rich and energetic sound ... I love the energy it brings into my body

Toby Vermeend from Australia

I have been playing for about 5yrs and I can't get enough of hearing the earthy tones they just resonate inside you and the outside world matters not in the moment

Tom Gorham from Canada

I love the sound they produce and it is my greatest wish to learn to play...but alas didgeridoos are not sold in Fredericton.

Tom from USA

A friend has one -- it's an unusual instrument that I would like to practice on.

Tony from United Kingdom

Love the sound bought a hand made Eucalyptus one years ago and have been into them ever since

Tony Kiser from USA

I love the range of sounds and rhythms I can make on the didj. I also enjoy the meditative state it brings me to.

Tracey from Australia

Have always been interested in aboriginal culture.

Trey Sansom from USA

I am a professional player.

Trina from USA

Because of their history.

Tyler from USA

The sounds produces a strong connection to the past ancient memory.

Tymoteusz Majewski from Poland

If the Earth speak it would be the sound of didj


Love the sound

Anonymous from Netherlands

I love the sound and the story/culture behind it. It's also a very mysterious instrument which can be used in many ways and musical genres.

Van from USA

Collecting the have a unique appeal

Anonymous from USA

For my daughter who plays the flute

Vicky from USA

My son is a music enthusiast very musical plays instruments an has instruments from the USA and different countries including Africa. He would love this! I also love meditation and I would like it. It has a very interesting following and I would love to hear it!


They are incredible healing sound instruments.

Wayne Enyart from USA

Just think they are neat


Meditation and kirtan


I love the spiritual sound

Wesley Thomas from USA

I first became interested the summer of 2005 when I saw Xavier Rudd play in my hometown. It was an amazing experience and ever since I have been hooked. I love their music and ability to relax the mind.

William Bode from USA

I see them as a tool to introspection an another system of finding our way to the primal source.

Anonymous from Canada

History musical uniqueness British Medical Journal study on didgeridoo playing and sleep apnea mediation potential.


Learn to play

Wolf from USA

I love to play it

Anonymous from Australia

Improve breathing relaxing no strings!

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