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What do you answer?

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Name and Country

What is the most common question people ask you about the didgeridoo?

What do you answer?

Adrian from Australia

How to circular breathe?

It takes some time and patience and it is like anything practice makes perfect!

Alan Bush from USA

Don't have one yet. but I'm sure they would ask, where did you get it?


Alex from Portugal

About the respiration?

A lot of training

Amanda Hall from Australia

Can you play the didj?

Women aren't allowed in my tribe.

Andrew Hodge from Canada

What's inside it?


Andrew Murray from Australia

How do you circular breathe?

If you want to learn I can tell you how...


How do you make those sounds

They just come out of me I let the didge take me where it wants to go

Anonymous from USA

What is that sound?

A Didgeridoo.

Angelique from Netherlands

What's that?

I tell them that's a instrumental piece of wood that the aboriginals use in Australia

Ann from Canada

What on EARTH is that?

It's the world's oldest wind instrument and was created by the Australian Aborigines!

Anonymous from USA

How do you play it?

Create a drone by buzzing your lips like playing a tuba then make vocal noises to imitate an animal such as a kookaburra


What is it?

A sweet instrument.

Barbara from USA

Where did you get it


Bart Devos from Belgium

Depends of the degree of knowledge about the didge. Mostly, in the beginning of seeing are hearing you play, they don't ask anything and look a bit surprised, afterwards they ask what "this" is. For those already a bit familiar are at least have heard from it ask me if this is difficult to learn. If they are at the same time really interested they ask about the circular breathing and the different sounds you make.

For the first group I reply that it is probably one of the most easy instruments in the world to start with only the circular breathing technique can be a bit hard to learn. It is the instrument of the aboriginals from australia to make music and to use for their rituals. And then they say "oh". For the second group I of course try to explain them how to do the circular breathing and how to make those different sounds plus giving a little demo.

Anonymous from Belgium

You must have enormous longs - how do you do that?

I explain the working of circular breathing


Was ist das?

Ich erkläre seine Hintergründe

Bill Woodward from Canada

How do you make all those sounds...it's just a pipe!

Magic!...I have to channel an aborigine.

Anonymous from USA

How hard is it? how long have I been playing?

Not hard at all once you learn circular breathing. 13 years.


What is a didgeridoo?

A very nice sounding instrument.

Brian from Canada

When am I going to get one?

I'm not sure.

Bruce from Australia

Where did you buy it


Anonymous from Australia

Can you circular breathe?



But women shouldn't play it, right?

I've heard different responses - that non-Indigenous women are not bound by Indigenous laws for example. I wouldn't play it in public. But in the spirit of respect and curiosity I feel comfortable playing the instrument for myself.

Chavis Three-sticks from USA

Can you play it?

No I sound like a cow flatulating!:-(


Just learning so no one knows I know anything:)

Told my wife and kids about the didj. Where it's from. How they are made.

Chris Glover from United Kingdom

How do you continuously make the sound and play for so long

It took me three months to master the art of circular breathing and then I have added the effects that you hear it is also a very good for relaxation after a very stress ful day 15 minutes and I am fully recharged

Cliff from USA

What is it

I do my best to explain what it is


Can you play it?



What is it?

An Aboriginal Australian instrument

Damien from Belgium

How do you do that:-)

I explain them the circular breathing


Why the didge?

Why not the didge

Dan from USA

What is circular breathing and how do you learn to do it.

Circular breathing means that take air in through your nose while continuing to maintain air flow out of your mouth through the didge by filling your cheeks with air. It requires practice to maintain air pressure by "puffing out" your cheeks while breathing in through the nose at the same time. A well made didge makes all the difference in the world in learning to do this. I may also describe the "straw in a glass of water method" to get the idea of what is going on.


How do you play it.

It's all about how you blow in to it.

Dave from United Kingdom

Can you do the circular breathing?

Yes. Then I explain how it's done


Where does it come from


Dave from Canada

How do you play? and, How do you circular breathe?

Because I have taught quite a few people I can go through the basics right up to circular breathing and vocalizations.

David Clark from USA

What IS that?

It is an musical wood wind instrument that is played for tribal celebrations meditation and has a beautiful soul stirring sound and can be effectively incorporated in Respiratory Therapy.

Anonymous from USA

What is it?

It is an aboriginal instrument


How can I breathe and play the didj at the same time.

I explain them the way: take air blow it gentle and after a short while exhale it by using what's inside your cheeks while taking more air through the nose and putting it at the stomach. Diaphragm breathing. The process then begins while sound continues.

David from Australia

How to blow and breath in at the same time?

It is a learnt skill

Davide from Italy

How do you learn to play?

I listen and play so much


How a didj is made.

I tell them that it is hollowed out by termites then cleaned (termite holes plugged) painted by Aborigines.

Donald Dawson from Canada

I don't have one yet

I would like to have one

Drew from USA

How do you make that amazing sound?!

With VERY little pressure put your lips together to make a seal then blow air through them while in the didgeridoo.


How does it make that sound?

The player uses circular breathing.

Ed Obermeyer from USA

Where does it come from?

I teach them about Aboriginal Culture and story telling.

Elias from Spain

How do you play it?

With circular breathing.


How did you hear about it?

I found out about the didgeridoo through the music I like to listen to namely ambient; guys like Steve Roach.

Eric from USA

What is that?

A Didjeridu a instrument from Australia made by aborigines.

Francis from France

Where does this strange instrument come from?

Australian Aborigines

Frank Eisenblätter from Belgium

1. How does it work? 2. Can I try?

1. Let your lips vibrate loosely then put your mouth against the mouth piece and there you go. Keep trying! 2. Yes just remember it's not a trumpet

Gary Biron from USA

Who makes it. And what does it sound like?

I tell them that the didgeridoo comes from Australia and that the Aboriginals who live in the outback of Australia are the ones that make them and how they are made. I play a sound track of them from my computer.

Gary Price from Australia

I don't get Asked any question as I don't have my own didj, hey I might be lucky enough to win this one, now that would be a taking point haha

I can't answer something I haven't been asked until its been ask of me


What is it?

An Australian instrument


How do you keep playing without stopping.

Keep breathing! But ~I don't have a didj so can't demonstrate.

Graeme from United Kingdom

What made you start?

Listening to a tape of didge music

Greg Seward from USA

How do you do circular breathing?

I still haven't mastered it after 5 years.....it is very frustrating for me.

Ian from Netherlands

How is it made

It Should be hollowed out by Termites and then Cut Shaped and sometimes painted by Aboriginal people

Ian from Canada

Where did you get it?

Brisbane Australia

Anonymous from Hong Kong

Can yo play it?

A bit. I'm yet to learn to circular breathe

J. Kaufman from USA

Why do you play the didge? How do you make it sound?

It is a spiritual practice. A breathing exercise in reality.

Jake from USA

What the heck is that?!

I play for them. I found I couldn't really describe what the instrument was or what it meant without letting them hear what it can do.

Jamie from United Kingdom

Why I want to play it

Every thing in life has a vibration and with the didge I create one.

Janawirri Yiparrka from Australia

Where did ya get it

Out bush

Jeannie from USA

What is it?

An aboriginal musical instrument

Jeff from USA

How do you play it?

Ask my 20 month old grandson he has his own and plays as well or better than I do.

Jeff Nelson from USA

Is your didge aboriginal made?

Yes I support the culture behind the instrument.

Jeffrey from USA

If I know how to do Circular Breathing.

Not really.

Jenna Luksetich from USA

How do you play that thing? OR Is that a rain stick?

This is a didgeridoo an aboriginal instrument from Australia. It is played by lip-trilling into this end... (then I show them how and let them try.).

Jeremy Erb from USA

Most people in norman oklahoma have never seen a didgeridoo before so they usually ask me what it is.

I tell them what up that its a very old instrument brought to us

Jesse from USA

Is it a rain stick


Jessica Tenorio from Mexico

What a hell is a didge... what?????

Ohhh man the didgeridoo is the best (in my opinion) wind instruments and maybe the oldest produce a rythmic vibrations if could make you sleep relax or induce a voyage the didges with its vibrations can health: our mind or body really that's a touch and a link with the earth I love it

Jessica Wilson from Canada

How do you play it

Put your lips inside of the tube and blow like this: Also you play by learning to breath in and out at the same time

Jim Cote from USA

Can you circular breathe?

Yes... I wouldn't say I played if I couldn't

Jim from USA

How does one play it using circular breathing?

I have not the slightest idea how one circular breathes.

John from USA

Can you play it

Yes sort of

John from USA

What is a Didgeridoo?

An aboriginal instrument known to be used primarily by the aborigines of Australia. Although many native cultures have similar instruments

John from USA

What is that and how do you circular breath?

I usually say "I don't know what a didge does but this is what I do" and I let them hear it.

John from United Kingdom

How do you play it

Learn to breath out your mouth and in your nose and it'll come to you

Jon from USA

Can you play some more?

Of course

Anonymous from Malta

How do you play the didgeridoo?

Put your lips gently on the beeswax and blow gently wile vibrating your lips.that is the drone.now move your cheeks mouth and try talking wile vibrating you lips (vocals)

Jordan from USA

How do you do that?

Its easy Like this..

Jose Luis from Spain

What's that?

It's an Australian Aboriginal instrument


What is that?

I play.

Julian from United Kingdom

How do you make the different noises where does the didj come from how is it made why did the aboriginal people use the didj.

Most of the sound are replications of noises we would hear in nature from small animals to the earth rumbling to the clouds rushing. in private moments it is my connection to the spirits of the heaven and the earth and all in between

Julien from Canada

What is that?

I tell them it's the oldest music instrument in the world

Kathy from USA

What does it sound like?


Kent from USA

How do you circular breath

I try to explain by demonstration

Kerry Hufford from USA

What is that?:)

The most ancient musical instrument known and a great source of a meditational tool for me personally.

Kev English from United Kingdom

How do you circular breath?

Here borrow this [name deleted] cassette it will help to get you started then bring it back and I'll help you to learn.

Klaus Burger from Germany

How do you take breath?

Like a bagpipe-i use my mouth as bag while I take air through my nose

Kyle Phillips from USA

Where did you get it?

Didgshop.com... no e

Leah from United Kingdom

"Why on earth have you got one of those!?"

I tell them about my holiday to Sydney last year and the first time I heard and saw a didge being played. It was moving and incredible and I then spent the next 3 weeks trying to find a perfect didge to be my first!


What made me want to play

I love unusually sounds of unique instruments I play the didgeridoo and play the Brazilian berimbau

Luis Figueira from Portugal

How can you make the drone sound?!?!

I exemplify outside the didge and then vibrate my lips and try to make people understand that everyone has their one technique.

Malcolm from Australia

Can you Play it!

Of course not - I only have seven so I can look at a different one each day of the week!!!

Marie-theres from Switzerland

How is the technique of "circular respiration?"

I explain them how it works and perhaps show them how to try and exercise

Anonymous from USA

How do I play it? Can I try yours?

Practice! Google Search it. There is a lot of good info on the web to get you started. No you cannot play mine but you can make one for under $20.

Anonymous from Canada

How do you circular breathe?

I tell them to practice blowing bubbles through a straw in water and to practice the circular breathing process like this before trying a didgeridoo.

Mark from USA

People often ask me if I seriously play it.

I tell them yes that it is a respectable musical instrument.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Please play it?


Marshall Sykes from USA

"Is that a bong or a pipe or something?"

"No it's a didgeridoo a traditional Aboriginal musical instrument"

Matt Benson-parry from Australia

Is it difficult to play?

It is easy to produce a sound once you get the knack but it is difficult to master.

Matt from USA

What is it?

The first instrument played by man.

Michael from Isle Of Man

About circular breathing

Its worth learning to sound well before tackling that.

Michael from USA

How do you make the noise and how do you make so many variations of sound?

Protrude your lower lip a bit and "buzz" your lips to make a "fart sound." To get variations of it open or close your mouth more move your tongue position hum or say words while your lips are vibrating.

Anonymous from Germany

Wie spielt man auf einem Didgeridoo?ß

...mit viel viel üben und entspanntem geist


Are they all the same?

No. There is different shapes and sizes that play in different keys

Michael Reid from USA

Where is the vibrating part?

This is the simplest instrument...no moving parts.

Mike Walker from USA

How do you play it

I usually make a fool of myself by showing them how I hold my lips and how I blow.

Moreno from Italy

How much breath is necessary?

Not much. You have to learn a specific breathing.

Nigel from United Kingdom

How much did that thing cost you!

You can't put a price on a sound like this....

Olivier Labrevoir from France

What kind of instrument is it and where does it come from?

I answer that it's an aboriginal instrument with special sounds rhythm and you can practice for meditation and special relation with earth.

Owen from Australia

Can you play



How do you play

It's all in the breathing

Paula Van Rijn from Netherlands

What's that??

I give an explanation what a didge is and how you can play it.

Peggy Adams from USA

What is it?

The oldest musical instrument known.

Penny Jones from USA

What inspired you to want to learn to play?

I say Mother's Day present from my daughter's. They had a friend come over that played very well. I have been hooked ever since.

Peter from USA

Why a didgeridoo?

Using a didge in my reiki practice creates a atmosphere for easy energy transfer. It provides a meditative relaxing and energizing way to heal. I also get to have fun while doing it

Phoenix from USA

I'm just starting so I don't get asked anything.

No answer

Quinn from USA

"How do you play it?"

"By vibrating my lips and exhaling from my mouth"

Ralph Ray from USA

How do you make that sound?

It's kind of like playing a tuba.

Randy from USA

How do you play them? or alternately...how do you get that sound out?

I describe how to just blow lightly through their loose lips (kind of like "blowing a raspberry" if that translates. That will usually get their first drone and smiles all around!

Ray Higgins from Australia

Is it hard to circular breath

If you practice playing and try the method taught you will learn in good time

Anonymous from USA

What made you want to play it.

It is relaxing and allows me to play without having to follow an particular song.

Reid Ostlund from USA

Where did you get it

The internet

Rene from Netherlands

How do you do circular breathing?

Breath in and out at the same time:-)


What's a Didgeridoo??

Australian aboriginal wood-wind instrument made from wood hallowed out by termites.

Robbie from USA

What is that?

An aboriginal wind instrument from australia

Robert Heller from USA

What the heck is that?

Its a didj. An ancient aboriginal instrument. Made from a eucalyptus tree which has been hollowed out by termites over a long period of time.

Robin Dewan from Finland

Is it difficult to play?

To play it well is difficult.


Can you play one?

Yes but my son plays it better.

Rui from Portugal

How do you play it?

Try it!

Anonymous from USA

For me...it's how did you get interest in that?

That I've always had a fascination with tribal music but Aboriginal music seem to call to me.

Ryan from USA

What the heck is that thing?

I give them my best didge jam I can do! (They usually recognize it)

Ryan from USA

What the heck is a Didgeridoo!?!?

The most awesome instrument on the planet!!!!!! It actually is its incredibly fun to play and you can create the most amazing rhythms as far as your mind can comprehend. Also learning to circular breathe helps your nasal passages for those who have issues sleeping because of snoring and such personally it helps me regulate breathing during physical activity.

Selcuk from Canada

Who woke up one day and decided to blow into this giant hallow piece of wood?

Wiki it.

Sergio from Colombia

1-"what is that?" 2-"how do you play it?", another one is 3-"can I try?"

1- its an ancient aboriginal musical instrument 2- like this... (and I show how) and 3- nope sorry... only my mouth touches this...


Where I purchase my didj

I give them all the information about the didjshop. Love You guys!

Stephen from USA

Why did I take it up

Because it is fun and fairly simple to get started.

Anonymous from Australia

How do you play that

Simple put it to your lips and blow a raspberry

Steven Williams from USA

" Is that a rainstick "? I actually do get asked that a lot, kind of funny. Once I explain what it is, most people want to know "how to play different notes".

Well I usually will demonstrate the base drone and than demonstrate one at a time some of the various techniques of using the mouth/tongue/diaphragm/voice to achieve different sounds and how they can be used together to form not different notes but rhythmic and non-rhythmic patterns.

Suzen Vizzoni from USA

What is it?

It is an Aboriginal musical instrument.


When I show people the didgeridoo the most common question I here is what is it and how do you do it?

Its an instrument from Australia hollowed out by termites. you have to get a tight suction around you lips and vibrate your lips don't blow too hard. lightly vibrate. Then for continuous playing you have to get the technique of circular breathing.

Symon Browne from Australia

How do you play it

It took years of practice you have to be passionate about it.

Anonymous from Hungary

Why do you play this and how did you find this instrument?

Because I like the sound of the didge. It's a simple tube and the complexity of your music depends on you. I don't remember. It seems I now about this instrument from mi childhood.

Thomas from Norway

Playing mostly for me selv. Sometimes with some friends... How to play it?

They have to try for themselves

Tiago Oliveira from Portugal

What's that?

Music instrument from australia

Timur from Germany

What's that?

This is called Didgeridoo it's a termite hollowed aboriginal music instrument which is often made and painted by an australian aborigine.

Tom Lange from USA

Can you circular breath and how long have you been playing

Yes 12 years (and 12 years of tuba before that!)

Tomas from USA

What's the name of the instrument



How do you circular breathe.

You breathe out put air in your checks push that air out and breathe in.

Tyler from USA

Hey is that a didgeridoo?

Yes it is.

Anonymous from Czech Republic

How do you play it?

Show how to make a sound

William from USA

What motivated you to play that?

It was a new life challenge and the history of the instrument intrigued me

Wolfgang Gaspar from Germany

How do you do the circular breathing?

...well my friend...sit down and I'll show you...

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