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What is the most common question people ask you about the didgeridoo?
What do you answer?

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Name and Country

What is the most common question people ask you about the didgeridoo?

What do you answer?


How is the noise made?

Vibrations from the throat

Andrea Papaiz from Italy

You make it vibrate?


Andreas from Germany

Please, can you stop this ennoying practicing.

Fxxxx off!

Andrew from USA

Can you really play that thing?

Better than I can spell it...

Anne from New Zealand

I don't own a didgeridoo but desperately want to win one for my dad in America. He plays an American Indian flute.

Most people ask if they are hard to play. I guess they take some practice to learn how to play them.

Anonymous from USA

What the heck is that?

Its an aboriginal instrument

Bob from Australia


Relaxation the end results continual learning.

Boris from Slovenia

What is this thing?!:)

It's a bazooka that shoots a love vibration ammo

Carlos Andres Muñoz Diaz from Chile

¿De que procedencia es el instrumento?

Este instrumento es de origen australiano de los aborígenes australiano y en América ay un instrumento parecido que es el kiote de procedencia azteca

Catherine from USA

Is it a real music instrument?

Yes it is a real instrument. There are beats vibrations melody. It can be used to perform some tunes but it could be considered as a spiritual instrument.

Anonymous from USA

What exactly a didge is...

...an ancient musical instrument forged by Nature and fashioned by native Aborigines.


Do you circular breathe... how do you do that

Yes then I demonstrate it

Chris from Australia

Do you have one?

Yes and I love it.

Christian from Spain

How can I play the didj

First path to begin: flap your lips against each other and breath out; practice briefly without the didj'

Anonymous from USA

You play?

Kinda - gonna pick it up and really learn it one of these days...


How do you breathe?

It's tough but...

Cody from USA

What the fuck is it?

An aboriginal instrument... basically a hollowed out piece of wood that you blow in. (then I make the sound)

Cory from Canada

What the hell is that?

I tell them to purse their lips and blow into it and magic will happen!!!

Daniel from Canada

How does it work? Isn't it Didjeridu

Similar to blowing in the plastic horns at used a lot at CFL games.

David Robertson from Australia

How do you play it

Give them a demo (of my limited ability)

David from Canada

What is that? How does it work? Can I try?

Well it's a Didgeridoo. It amplifies the vibrations of my lips kinda like a trumpet but more relaxed. Sure!

Anonymous from Finland

I haven't really been questioned that much about didgeridoos, to be honest. I think maybe my father's question, since I'm looking for a didgeridoo for him, about how to ship one to Finland, and where to purchase one.

Well I said I'd go around while in Australia. Since it became quite hard to find a real not factory made didgeridoo I thought about searching for one online. Been to a few websites before you guys but this seemed reliable and you seem to be selling real authentic didges.

Anonymous from USA

This doesn't apply since I don't currently own a didge

Please see above.

Fernando from Argentina

How do you make the sound

I show them with my mouth


What is that hollow peace of wood

This my friends is one of the most popular instruments in the world and one of the easiest to play and it really calms your soul

Ian from USA

What the h*** is that!?

I's a didgeridoo mate!


What's that colourful tube with the weird sound

It's an australian aboriginal instrument called didgeridoo. really cool huh?


What is that?

It's a didgeridoo


What is didgeridoo

It's an instrument that nature makes almost on its own.

Jeff Fozard from USA

Have you ever seen or heard a didgeridoo?

Yes. When I was in Australia on R & R from Vietnam in Apr 70 & again in 71

Jeremy from Canada

How do you do it?

Practice and a clear mind.

Jesper from Denmark

Is it hard to play?

Yes it is. But so is any other instrument.

Anonymous from USA

Can I try it?


John Armstrong from USA

How does one circular breathe?

I haven't found out yet but the didge is fun even if you can't circular breathe.

John from USA

How long did it take you to learn to circle breathe?

I had the fortune to have as my best friend a bagpiper who'd taught himself to play the didj - since he was accustomed to circle-breathing while playing the pipes he taught himself quickly and was able to help me learn in a couple of months. the rest is just development and I learn new things all the time.

John Van Der Woude from Netherlands

Isn't it very difficult to play the didgeridoo?

Everybody can learn it and enjoy it.

Josh from USA

Do you play?

Not yet.

Anonymous from Germany

Why play you didgeridoo

To enjoy the sounds for meditation

Ken Bodrug from Canada

How long have you been playing

Several years

Anonymous from Malta

Why do you want to play a didj?

I like the music. The sounds have always helped me feel peaceful and discover more of myself


Where did do I get my info from

This website


I have never been asked a question about a didgeridoo

I have never had to answer a question about a didgeridoo

Lauren from USA

Why would you ever want to play that thing?

Because it makes me feel alive.

Leon from South Africa

What is a didgeridoo?

Its an old aboriginal wind instrument that has a pretty cool sound to it! make a deep "vibrating" sound.

Mario Rinder from Austria

How long does it take to learn.

As long as you need.

Martijn from Netherlands

Where I got it from To play a tune on it what the price was

Your website still trying the price

Martin Izzo from Argentina

What's that!?

An Australian aboriginal instrument

Matias Mazzo from Argentina

What's the meaning of the word.

It is a mix between English and aboriginal languages.

Matt from Canada

What it is

A didgeridoo

Max from New Zealand

How long it took me to circular breathe

Around a month or hardout practice

Michael from USA

How do you play it?

It takes practice.

Miguel from Costa Rica

Where is the Didgeridoo from?

It's originally from Australia.


What is that?

A didgeridoo.

Richard from Netherlands

What's a didge?

I tell m a little story bout yi(D)aki and the aboriginals makin it and how makin it:>(inc. termites)

Robert E. from USA

What is it?

A didgeridoo


Is that one of those "buzzy" things?



How do you play it?

Not very well yet!

Anonymous from USA

What is that thing and how can I play continuously

I explain where it comes from and how I play it

Shawn from USA

What is it?

An instrument played by Aboriginals.


How do you make that noise?

I usually refer them to a more experienced player (I'm new)

Steve Barton from United Kingdom

Can you play it, why do you want to play it.

Yes but I'm a novice with no sense of rhythm and tone deaf but getting there and I enjoy it.

Steve from USA

That's a big stick for your dog to fetch.

She's a husky.

Susan from USA

Why does it make me feel calm?

Vibration goes beyond the surface...it blankets the soul and comforts the heart.

Anonymous from USA

What it sounds like

It resonates kinda like a jew's harp

Tanguy from France

How I played!

I explain how to start and the different sounds possibilities.

Themis from Germany

How do you circulate your breath??

You need to practice it by your self some time

Anonymous from France

How to play the didgeridoo?

It is necessary to make the horse! make vibrate with levres!


Is it hard to play


Tyrell from USA

How do you make that sound.

I say just blow and flap you lips like a horse. lol

Willy from Germany

How do I play?

Buzz with your lips

Zain Griffiths from United Kingdom

How do you do that?


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