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What is the most common question people ask you about the didgeridoo?
What do you answer?

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Name and Country

What is the most common question people ask you about the didgeridoo?

What do you answer?

Aaron from USA

How to play it.

By using circular breathing

Alejandro Dominguez from Mexico

What is it?

It's a musical instrument.


Where did you first hear one played

Xavier Rudd

Andris from United Kingdom

How is it possible to play it non stop? or what's that cool stick in the corner?

Circular breathing! its Didgeridoo:)


Is it easy to play

Yes if you take the time to learn

Benjamin from USA

How long have you been playing?

For the past 4 months.

Betsy Sauther from USA

Is it hard to play

You have to flap your lips!

Blake Roberts from USA

How to play

Its lots of work and time

Brian from USA

Is it hard to play?

No - it's fun. But it takes practice.


What is it made of?

Ironbark Eucalyptus


"Do you have one I can play?" I work at a children's charity in Sydney and we have 90 (usually disadvantaged) children from all over NSW visiting every fortnight, many of whom are aboriginal. We have a talent quest and often the aboriginal boys are keen to show their talent on the didgeridoo.


Cezar Cayom from Brazil

Where is it from and how is made of?

It's from Australia and it's made of bamboo and eucalyptus.


How do you make the sound

Purse the lips like when as a kid you made the horse lips

Cyrille Thoumazet from France

Why are you playing that instrument

Because it's one of the more ancient

Daniel from USA

Is it hard to play?

Of course not if I can play it anyone can!

Anonymous from USA

Why do want to have one

Because its a unique instrument in looks and sound and I want to improve my breathing

Ed from USA

Howdjoo do that?


Emmanuelle from France

"What's this?"

This is an aboriginal instrumental.. From australia! The more old of the world... It is a moment of relaxation and good spirit...

Erwin Persoon from Netherlands

From what kind of wood it is made.


Garrett from USA

How do you make the noises?

I explain how usually through showing them.

Anonymous from USA

Where did you get that? Is it an authentic didge?

I got it at golden braid (store in slc utah) and no it is not though it is a uniquely made one.

Grant from Australia

How do you make different sounds?

Changing airflow through Yidaki by using diaphragm throat cheeks tongue and lips.

Heath from USA

Where did you get that.

From a reputable site on the web.

Jake from Australia

How do you circular breathe?

With a quick explanation

James from USA

What is it?

An ancient Aboriginal instrument

Anonymous from Czech Republic

What is it?

It is didgeridoo. Aboriginal musical instrument. It has great sound.


How to play

Show them

Jessica Buchanan from USA

A lot of people ask about the name and what it sounds like.

I help them pronounce it then tell them it is a drone sound. I usually play them a sample.



Yes but it is not the most strange thing what you see listen

Joel Purvis from USA

Most REDNECKS in my area haven't a clue as to what a didj is, so the most asked question is "What the Hell is that thing"

My answer to that question is it's the sound of the earth singing.

John Spierings from Australia

How is it hollowed out?

Naturally eaten/hollowed by termites.

Jon-eric from USA

What is a didgeridoo?:)

It's an aboriginal instrument originally made from eucalyptus trees hollowed out by termites.

Joshua from Canada

What is that thing?

A hollowed out log that allows anyone to play beautiful music

Kate from USA

Is it hard to keep your breathing rhythm?

Its was when I first started to play. I kept running out of breath really fast but with practice and repetition I got the hang of circle breathing.

Keith from Australia

Is circular breathing difficult?

Not once you get the hang of it and practice.

Kieff from USA

Where did you learn?

My friend Russell

Anonymous from Hungary

How to blow it properly

It's like blowing a trumpet but more softer - and more fun


How do they work?

It is the way they are blown into that creates the sound and the wood used to make it.

Linda West from USA

Is it hard to play

I don't know. I haven't learned to play it yet.

Lr from USA

How do you do that?

Circular breathing (with explanation)

Marcin from Poland

What's that?

That it is f.. awesome thing simple powerful ancient instrument. When you're playing it your imagination it the only limit. you've got to give it a try.

Martin from South Africa

What is it made of, and how do they make it.

I tell them it is a wind instrument unique to the Aboriginal people of Australia made from branches which have been eaten out and hollowed by termites.The Didj is then cut from a Eucalyptus tree the hollow branch left to dry and cure for up to 6 months where after the Artist will then begin to clean decorate and fine tune the didj.

Massimo Beccarelli from Mexico

How do you do for don't stop to blow?

You should learn and practice the circular respiration

Massimo from Italy

I'm still in the phase where I am the one who asks questions! But when I talk about didgeridoo, people usually start with "whaaaat?".

I try to describe its haunting and unique sound something we've already heard somewhere for sure asking ourselves what the heck was that instrument.

Michael from USA

What is a didgeridoo?

It's an Australian instrument played by Aborigines.


What is a Didgeridoo?

It's an Australian wind instrument. And it's a big cultural symbol to Aboriginal Australia.

Anonymous from Portugal

Ask me! how can you do the circular breath, it's impossible!!!

This is a matter of logic!!! when you breath you have to feel your diaphragm alive when you are breathing put the air in your mouth and while you are blowing the air that is in your mouth inhale to the diaphragm.

Nathan from Australia

How do you circular breath

I give a quick lesson

Oliver Aoun from France

I am very often asked about the origins of the didgeridoo, and about what it actually still means in nowadays world

For me didgeridoo is an active form of meditation and the use of didgeridoo is a way to redefine the ancient tribal ritual for the 21th century


Where did it come from...its origins!!

Australia of course...aboriginal instrument!!one of the first wind instrument play by Men!!

Peter from USA

I don't yet have a didge. My guess is the most common question would be "May I try it?"


Rhea from USA

I teach preschool so the questions and answers are fairly simple!! We go on "trips" and one of our "trips" is to Australia. They want to know how it makes that sound

I explain (as best I can) They like the part about the termites!!!

Richard from USA

What is that?

It's a didgeridoo.

Robert from USA

Can I play it?

Sort of

Robert from Netherlands

Whatever made you decide to start playing the didgeridoo?

I've been in love with and strangely drawn to it's sound all of my life... so... It wasn't a choice or option I just had to make this dream come true and I did!

Rochelle from USA

What is it?

A musical instrument.

Scott from USA

Nobody has asked about them.


Scott from USA

How do you breath?

Working on circular breathing.


No one has asked me, but I hear that the most common questions are How to Play it and its history.

No answer other than try to offer and optimise my website for what people are looking for.

Stefani Fox from USA

I don't play but really want one to play.

I can't. YEt

Stephen Jones from USA

What does it sound like?

Ill usually play for a while for whomever is asking.

Sylvain Loustaunau from Japan

What is this?

Aboriginal instrument called didgeridoo

Tom from USA

What is that?

A didgeridoo.

Tom from United Kingdom

How do you make that sound?

Blow like a horse


What is it?

The most mind blowing liberating instrument

Tony from United Kingdom

How can you play it for so long without breathing?

I am breathing it's called circular breathing and is easy to do with practice. All you have to do is use your mouth like a bellows to keep the drone going whilst you sniff in through your nose to re fill your lungs.

Anonymous from USA

How does it work?

Breath and vibration

Warren from USA


Because it's such a simple instrument -- the range of tones etc for basically a hollow pipe...

Zachary Heidemann &/or Ryan &/or Arrildt from USA


*play a long loud reciprocal note or little jam for them* A Didgeridoo an aboriginal instrument with origins pre-dating recorded history Used for communication musical entertainment and energy healing... *10 minute spiel until they stop listening...*

Zack from USA

What IS that?

Most people call it a didgeridoo but the people that invented it call it a yidaki.

Anonymous from USA

How do you play it?

Circular breathing

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