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What is the most common question people ask you about the didgeridoo?
What do you answer?

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Name and Country

What is the most common question people ask you about the didgeridoo?

What do you answer?


Can you play it?



They ask how hard it is to circular-breathe, followed by "where do they come from?"

For circular breathing I learned it initially on clarinet and converted it to brass and then didge. I find it useful to show them the technique up close. As to where they come from see below!

Adriane from Australia

How are they hollowed out?

The authentic ones are hollowed by termites.

Amy from USA

What they are and how they are made

Mother nature's voice and made by her to communicate with us..Then I go into the technical explanation if necessary

Andre from Germany

How do make the sounds

Just vibrate your lips

Andrea Valentini from Italy

How do you play it?

By circular breathing.

Anonymous from USA

Where does the didgeridoo come from?


Aury from Brazil

É um instrumento maravilhoso, extremamente encantador e espiritualizado.

È maravilhoso

Baptiste from France

Do you know how to play it?

Yes kind of!

Bart from USA

How does it work?

Demonstrate the vibrating lips.

Anonymous from Australia

How is it made

Tree branch hollowed out by termites

Anonymous from Australia

How are they made and how do do circular breathing.

Traditionally made from termite hollowed eucalypt. Hand gouged with hot coals.

Brian from USA

What the hell is that.

It's a beautiful thing

Chad from Canada

How I got interested in playing them.

Through my interest in aboriginal people and traditional ways of creating music.


Why are you playing didgeridoo?

Try it!

Chris Bittner from USA

How does it make that noise?

I blow thru it and the tree sings!

Chris from USA

What is this amazing thing?

A hollowed piece of wood that when your lips are buzzed at the mouth piece a vibration creates this tone. And I explained its origins and history

Colm O Nuanain from Ireland

Why don't you play a real instrument?

Why don't YOU!

Dennis from United Kingdom

How do you circular breathe

Easy just takes practice

Anonymous from France

How do you play it?

"Try it on!" and I learn them to play

Eddy from Australia

Why play a didgeridoo?

Has nice sound makes me feel good relaxing improves breathing.


Is there some mechanic part making the ''noise" in the pipe

It's only you and an empty wooden pipe

Eric from USA

I am relatively new to didgeridoos myself, but I am usually asked about how you produce the sound

I try my best to explain about circular breathing and to keep your lips tight against the mouth piece

Ezequiel Klauser from Argentina

How can you playing the didgeridoo?

You want to connecting whit the instrument and playing with all your body you want to feel the didgeridoo and practice all the days for increasing the abilities and playing better. And the air breading recirculation technique maybe was difficult at first but with the practice is possible.

Fernando from Portugal

What is that?

It's an ancient blowing instrument made of eucalyptus wood and used by Australian aborigine.

Flemming from Denmark

How do you play the didge

I show them how I hold my lips and how to blow the didge

Anonymous from France

Is the circular breathing hard to catch


Anonymous from USA

How to circular breathe.



All about it

I try to answers about my knowledge


How did you start playing the didgeridoo?

I was looking for an interesting instrument without strings; I am not good with string instruments. I liked the sound and I thought it would be a good fit for me.

Jason Steinman from USA

What? Its a huh? Didydoo!! It's rather funny.

I just play it.


What is that?

I tell them the proper name and the origin

Jeff from USA

What is that

I tell them it is a Didgeridoo. That it is the oldest known musical instrument created and played by the aboriginal people from Australia

Jim Griffiths from United Kingdom

Can you play it?

I'm trying to learn

John from USA

What kind of wood is the didgeridoo made out of?


Jon from USA

How do you play?

I take the time to pull mine out and show them and try to teach them some basics.

Keith from USA

None really as I am just starting, and do most of the question asking.

Hi I'm Keith and I'd love to learn to play.:)

Kellie from USA

What is a Didgeridoo?

It is an instrument indigenous to the Australian Aborigines made from a branch or small trunk of a Eucalyptus tree that has been eaten and hollowed out by termites.

Ken Hrycyk from Canada

How did you learn to play?

That I am self taught.

Kevin from United Kingdom

Can you play it?

I try.

Kevin from USA

How do you play it?

Just put your bottom lip out a little and vibrate your lips loosely similar to the vibration techniques of a trumpet

Kris from Belgium

Do I see that right? Are you blowing and breathing at the same time?

I explain the circulate breathing.


How is it played?

Difficult instrument to play you need very good breath control to play

Anonymous from USA

How to play and how hard is it to breath right.

Not hard at all and I'm still learning to breath.


What is that thing?

An instrument!

Mark Bailie from Australia

When did you learn to play?

I'm still learning!

Mark from United Kingdom

How do you circular breath

I can't yet

Anonymous from USA

How do you play it?

I tell them that it takes a lot of air and that you have to use your voice and that I circular breathe although I tell them that this isn't necessary.

Michael from Australia

How do you play for so long without running out of breath!

By relaxing & meditating!

Mignon Haslar from New Zealand

How do you play it?

Played similar to a trumpet with circular breathing.

Nikita from Russia

I've often been stopped by security in night clubs so they are trying to take didj away from me, so they ask how can I enter the club with huge club.

Oh No stop hitting me its just an musical instrument

Pat from USA

How do you make the sound?

Just blow like a horse blows.

Patrick from USA

What is it?

The oldest simplest most powerful natural wood wind instrument in the world.

Paul Arguijo from USA

What is it

It is an Aboriginal wind instrument


What is a didgeridoo?

It's an Aboriginal Australian Instrument

Peter from USA

How do you keep it sounding without taking a breath?

You try to get into a circular breathe mode.


How hard is it to play?

It's not to hard once you get the breathing sorted

Ricardo from Chile

1) Where the didj comes from? 2) How do you play it?

1) North of Australia it is made by the aboriginal people. 2) With circular breath using my mouth like third lung


What is it

It is typical a hollowed tube made of wood (for the most part) and was made by aboriginals

Rick from USA

What's a didgeridoo?

It's a wind instrument that has it's origins with the Australian Aboriginal people.

Robert from USA

Can't say anyone has asked as I mostly hang out with Shamanic types who often know more than I do. I suppose it might be, "Do you have to be high to play that?"

"I am forbidden by religious stricture from using drugs not even alcohol. If I want a change of consciousness I have to do it with music voice meditation etc."

Russell from USA

What is it?

An Aboriginal instrument from Australia that has been used for millennia.

Ryan Anderson from Australia

Have you ever hit anyone with that thing? It looks heavy.

Uh no. Its a musical instrument called a didgeridoo. Want to hear it?

Scott Watkins from USA

How do you make those cool strange sounds?

I experiment with my didj a lot and I read the 'how to' web pages on the internet. I also listen to other players on the internet.

Serena from USA

How do you get a sound out of it?

I usually show them first showing them how to vibrate their lips without the didj then having them try with it. (I've always played with my lips forward and centered though. After listening to the basic technique tracks here I'll try it with a smiling embouchure and playing to the side of the didj.)


On the circular breathing (Sobre la respiracion circular)

It is a technology not to cut the air flow (sound) Es una tecnica para no cortar el flujo de aire (sonido)

Stephen from USA

What made you want to play it?

Love the sound and interested in all indigenous instruments

Steven Laplante from USA

Is it easy to learn

Yes it is it just takes a lot of practice

Susanna Reichling from USA

How to play it/what does it sound like?

Demonstration of fundamental pitch and overtones; talk about circular breathing

Terrence Holmes from Netherlands

How difficult is it to play?

Takes practice & circular breathing is tricky

Anonymous from USA

How in the world do you play that thing?

Make fat lips and proceed to make a fart sound with a lot of air pushing behind it.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Is it easy to play

Not yet

Tyler Little from USA

Can you play it?

"Yeah " followed by playing.

Tyler from USA

What makes you interested in the didgeridoo?

I have always been fascinated with Australia and the aboriginal arts. Its my life-long dream to go and visit someday

Tyler from USA

What in the world is that?

A Didgeridoo what else would it be?

Anonymous from USA

I've never been asked about them.

Nobody has asked so I haven't had to answer


How do I play it

You inhale air and make a pressure room in your moth cavity. you let the air escape via a little crack between your lips (on the side of your lips because you can make the hole very small). When you do that into a didgeridoo making sure no air can enter between your face area and the honey waxed whole of the didgeridoo. you create the basic sound by changing the volume of the mouth cavity and doing things with your tongue and lips you can change sound and rhythm.

Anonymous from Portugal

What produces the sound in didgeridoo?

The vibration of your mouth;)

Yvonne from Australia

What makes the sound so unusual.

It depends on who is blowing it

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