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What is the most common question people ask you about the didgeridoo?
What do you answer?

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Name and Country

What is the most common question people ask you about the didgeridoo?

What do you answer?

Adam Ditheridge from United Kingdom

What is that? How do you play it?

Its an Aboriginal instrument sometimes used for healing and meditation.


What is it?

It's a wind instrument of the old Australian aborigines form where the all world was created1

Al Lovett from USA

Is it a rain stick?

It is an Australian didgeridoo

Alan from United Kingdom

Why you got 1 of them? lol

I love the sound it makes:) usually met by a strange look hahah

Alex Surdu from USA

What is it?

An ancient aboriginal wind instrument traditionally used at ceremonies. It only plays one pitch but the possibilities are endless. I then explain circular breathing.

Allen Smith from USA

How do you do the circular breathing?

Ancient Australian Aboriginal Secret.

Andrew Castle from USA

How do you play it? Is it like a Trumpet?

No its deeper you have to flap your lips more. It also only really plays one note you have to use your lips cheeks tongue and voice to make it vocalize

Anne from Canada

What are they made of

The good ones are made of Eucalyptus and the inside is eaten by termites

Anu Van Leeuwen from Netherlands

It seems difficult to play continuing breath

Hat its a trick everybody can learn

Arnaud Dejean from France

"How can you breathe so long in it?"

"it's a technique I m gonna explain to you..."

Anonymous from France

How can you play so long without breathing?

I explain the circular breathing.

Anonymous from USA

"Umm, why?"

"Because it's the only instrument I can play."

Brandon from USA

What is it?

An aboriginal instrument. You blow into end and it produces a low thrumming sound.


No one has asked me a question about the Didgeridoo. I have always been interested, so I am shopping, researching and valuing them.

I have not been asked.

Brittany from USA

Since I can borrow aboriginal music from my university library, I often hear: "What in the world is that noise?!"

Usually I tell them it's a didgeridoo and try to explain what it means.

Chace Bedford from USA

Why are you carrying around that tree branch????

I simply let the instrument answer the question I throw my voice through it and let its sound take people's minds to the heartland of such a beautifully unique instrument.

Chris from USA

How long have you been playing?

About 12 years

Chris Smith from USA

Is that from Australia?

I'd discuss how depending on where you get a didj it may or may not benefit the aboriginal people and may or may not be made in Australia.

Christopher Weber from USA

How do you play it? or What is that thing?

It's a didgeridoo! You play it like any other musical instrument...with practice!

Chuck from USA

Why would you want to play a log.

Because of the wonderful sounds that it makes.


What is that?

It's a Didgeridoo it's an aboriginal instrument used to tell stories and for sacred ceremonies by the Australian indigenous peoples.


Can I play

Not well

Dean Archer from United Kingdom

How do play it?

With practice.


What is a didgeridoo?

The oldest wind instrument. It is also my release from daily stress.

Dima Shebalev from Israel

What's that big piece of wood you're holding there sonny?

First I blow the didge than I tell them its an aboriginal (what's aboriginal?) blowing instrument... than a discussion and a flow of question usually flow at me.

Anonymous from Austria

Don't you have to be able to do circular breathing when you play the didgeridoo???

Yes but it's not hard to learn!!

Don from USA

What is that thing?

A didgeridoo......Its an Aboriginal instrument.

Drew from Australia

Can you circular breathe?


Edd Horrocks from United Kingdom

How do you circular breath?


Frank from USA

What is it?

An ancient Australian percussion instrument from the Aborigines that is now gaining popularity throughout the world. Now too there are modern innovations on the instrument.

Frederick from USA

"Ehayt is that?"

An ancient Australian musical instrument

Gonzalo from Chile

Me preguntan si se necesita mucha capacidad de pulmonar.

Yo respondo que cualquiera puede aprender a tocarlo solo necesita querer aprender y practicar rigurosamente. La capacidad pulmonar y la respiraciĆ³n circular se adquieren con el tiempo.

Anonymous from Singapore

How do you play the instrument?

With the vibration of the lips...

Hans Giesholt from USA

What does it sound like

I play it for them

Anonymous from USA

Do not own one yet to share with others.

No questions asked so no answer yet.

Henrique Bezerra from Portugal

They ask me what is it or how do they make that sound out of that, or what's it's name, how is it built, is it difficult, etc

I say it's an Australian instrument called Didgeridoo made by nature used by australian aboriginals in their rituals easy to play...

Hugo Ferreira from Portugal

What is that thing you have there?

My answer is explain in a easy and resumed way what is the didgeridoo and who are the aboriginal people

Jacopo from Italy

How to learn circular breathing

Exercise and relax The Didgeridoo will teach you!

Jared from USA

Most people ask me what a didgeridoo is.

Its a traditional aboriginal instrument

Jere from Finland

How are you supposed to blow to make it sound?

Just by buzzing your lips correctly you'll get it sooner or later:)

Jesse Henceroth from USA

How do you play it?

You blow on it in a controlled manner.


What is it?

A musical instrument

Jolyon from United Kingdom

They ask me why I like to play it

I answer because I love the sound and find it therapeutic and relaxing.


Isn't it hard to play? Doesn't it takes months to get a tone out of a didgeridoo?

Just practice and if you really want to learn it you will. Imagine you are an aboriginal.

Josh from Canada

How do you sustain the not so long?

By filling up your cheeks like a set of bagpipes. Then switching to breathing through your nose. Squeezing your reserve air out you can sustain the note while breathing in. Repeat.

Kara from USA

How do you play that?

Kind of like a wind instrument such as a trumpet or trombone.


How is it made?

It is made by hollowing out a log from a tree

Anonymous from USA

How to play it.

Just have to try it.


Where does it originate from

Australian Aborigine

Lion from USA

Is it hard to play? or How do you do circular breathing?

No. I show them how.

Marco Vinicio from Italy

What is this?

It's an ethnic instrument.

Martin Sørensen from Denmark

How do you play it?

I try to give them a lesson in getting the drone.

Marty from USA

What is that Thing?

This is an instrument from the Aborigines of Australia and is very easy to play and learn.

Massimo from Italy

It's easy to play??

Is not easy but when you learn circular breathing everything becomes clearer

Matthew from USA

A what?

The musical instrument played by the Aborigines in Australia.


How does it work? Where did I get it?

I show them how to play it. A present from a dear friend who lived in Australia.

Michael from USA

No one has ever asked me

No answer


Is it hard to play?

No..........like anything it just takes a lot of practice.

Anonymous from France

What is it?

An australian sacred instrument

Michelle from USA

What more common instrument is the didgeridoo similar to?

It is often described as a wooden trumpet.

Mike Hoover from USA

How do you play it?

Kind of like a trumpet or tuba.

Mike Nichols from Canada

What is that you are playing

Its a didgeridoo an instrument used by the aborigines in australia

Mitch from USA

What is it?

It's a didgeridoo the most kick ass instrument I've ever come across

Nancy from USA

Why doesn't it make the rain-stick sound?

That there is more than one famous instrument from the Asian Pacific -- including one that you blow into.

Patrick from Australia

It must be so hard on your lungs to be able to play for so long.

Quite the contrary it is the biggest sound with the least effort and I play better didj when I get out of my head and into the didj.

Paul from USA

What is it

Could be the world's oldest (wind) instrument. Sound "cool"

Anonymous from United Kingdom

How to circular breath

Keep practicing it ill come


What is that thing?

Relaxation on a stick

Peter Russell from Australia

How did you get into playing the didgeridoo?

Skippy the bush Kangaroo. When I was a little boy I used to watch the show and I used to hear the didge in the background and I always wanted to know how to make that sound. so I did.

Raffael from Germany

Is it hard to play it?

Yes but you can learn it and it makes a lot of fun.

Ricardo from Mexico

What is that... they are just amaze... They ask how to play it

With your lips

Anonymous from USA

What is it?

It is an aboriginal wind instrument

Robin from USA

What is a didgeridoo?

An ancient musical instrument steeped in culture and tradition.

Robson Castilho from Brazil

Yes very fasinte

Yes very fasinte

Sergey from Russia

What is this? or Is this Didgeridoo?:)

Yes this is Didgeridoo an authentic australian instrument..

Anonymous from USA

What's a didjawhatta?

A DIDGERIDOO is an Aboriginal instrument made from a hollowed out tree played for recreation celebration etc. It produces a low buzzing drone and players also imitate animal noises while playing.


People ask me what didgeridoos are.

I tell them it's a cultural wooden instrument from Australia.

Steav Bates-congdon from USA

What the heck IS that?

It's an Australian aboriginal version of a pipe organ. (I'm an organist!)

Steve Jones from USA

Can I try it?

Of course!

Anonymous from USA

How do you play it?

Pucker up and blow.

Taylor from USA

How is the didgeridoo made?

I tell them an Aboriginal didjeridoo-maker walks for miles through the bush to find hollow ones. Once they are carried to the four-wheel drive and taken home a good didjeridoo maker allows the cut 'sticks' to season for a few months. Then the bark is removed and the interior cleaned of the dirt the termites usually deposit in there. Then the outside is sanded and any holes are filled and sealed. Now the didge needs only a beeswax mouthpiece and is ready to play

Telmo from Portugal

"Where is that elephant sound coming from?"

From the ancestral system-free earth-binding roots within the self.


Where is it from

Arnhem land


"What is that thing?"

I just play it for them and say its a Didgeridoo.

Tony from USA

How do you make that sound?

Circular breathing

Vitaliy from Russia

First of all is "What is it???" Then about "circular breath" techniques and the last is: where do I get the didj (it's very rare in our city)

1. It's Australian Didj!! 2. Try to explain but only practice can gives an answer.. 3. Our carpenters made

Wayne from Australia

Why play

For relaxation well being also it is a natural thing and causes no harm to the world around and actually brings people together just look at the faces in the crowd when someone performs in public

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