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What is the most common question people ask you about the didgeridoo?
What do you answer?

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Name and Country

What is the most common question people ask you about the didgeridoo?

What do you answer?

Alexandre Nogueira from Portugal

What is it?

A musical instrument aborigine of Australia.

Amadeus from United Kingdom

People look at a didj and are really curious about them and are always pleasant and keen to learn. 'How do you get the circular breathing?' is the most common question, but often they like to learn about it and admire the beauty.

Sit in front of the TV and play. Let your body and head zone out and after a while your lungs will subconsciously begin to take in more air.

Amber from USA

My didgeridoo came to me in NC and I haven't had it in public eyes but family. I'm learning how to make the mouthpiece and practice with Shamanic Dreams music.

What the name of the wood is..mine is bamboo signed art from Rainbow Beach with turtle artwork. I've been wanting one for years after viewing them in Key West

Amy from USA

What are the healing properties of the sound vibrations of the didgeridoo?

It works on clearing many levels of the energy field and has special benefit for the sinuses lungs nervous system as well as the 1st and 5th level of the energy field.


How do play it?

I usually show them the best I can

Annetta from USA

How do you play that thing.

With practice

Atticus from Australia

How do you do that?


Anonymous from Australia

How do you play it


Brett Makowski from USA

What it's made?

Eucalyptus in Australia hollowed out by white ants and after cut the insides will be burned.

Brian from Canada

How do you play it?

I usually give a quick lip-buzz outside the didge and show them a few vocalizations and then do all that again into the didge

Casey from USA

That's an instrument?

You've never seen a didjeridu? Check it out! Listen...

Charles from USA

A What?

It's a musical instrument.


What is that?

(laughing) A Didge. "A what?" A didgeridoo a native Australian instrument.


What is it?

It's a didgeridoo an aboriginal instrument of dance


What is a didgeridoo?

It is a musical instrument that was started by the people of Australia.


I just ordered my first one so I haven't been asked yet

Haven't had the chance yet

Christopher Kosek from USA

What is that

A didgeridoo

Chrystal from USA

I don't have one yet.

I don't have one yet.

Claudia from Italy

What is?

It is an instrument

Conor Kelly from Australia

What's the best way to learn circular breathing

The fastest way to learn circular breathing is take a sip of water and then breath up your nose and spit out water do this a couple of times and then try without water

Curtis from USA

How do you make the sound

Buzz your lips press your mouth and blow

Daniele Baldan from Italy

How you can play the continuant long sound, without respire?

Is not very difficult. First you have to love didjeridu and feel it. After there are some different personal way to play didj continually.

David from Canada

How on earth do you get that sound out of it?

It's a matter of getting a harmonic vibration within the instrument using your lips.

David from USA

How does it work?

It is a wind instrument that resonates when blown into in the right manner.

Derek Rusinek from USA

Is it easy to play?

It's easy to learn but difficult to master.

Edward Olson from USA

What is it and how does it work?

I tell them in an old-world aboriginal instrument used in various applications including but not limited to rituals ceremonies and dances.


Can you play?

*bwou* *bwabwabwabooaaauuu*

Gabriele Parrillo from Italy

What is it?

A playing tree

Guido from Italy

What is this?

An aborigine masterpiece


How do you do that?

Feel it.

Harold from USA

What is that?

It's an ancient Australian instrument.

Hilary from USA

What is a didgeridoo?

An australian aboriginal wind instrument originally used for religious/ceremonial purposes; nowadays a popular "world music" instrument.

Anonymous from Australia

How do you play/breathe, and how to get the hole in the centre.

It depends - sometimes I tell them the truth about cyclic breathing sometimes I tell them it needs a special hole in my lungs.

Ivor Carter from Australia

How do you breathe?

I say that it is not breathing in and out at the same time that is the myth I say it's a bit like playing the bagpipes!

James Nesbit from USA

Is it difficult to learn how to play?

Not if you keep at it...but once you learn the possibilities are almost endless as to sounds and rhythms you can create.

James from USA

Where/how did you get that?

I made it out of PVC pipe.

Anonymous from USA

What is it?

It's a wonderful instrument that has been used by the native Aboriginal people in Australia for thousands of years.

Jeremy Page from USA

How do you learn to make a note last so long?

There are a few different techniques. I use this one: Get a long straw and a cup of water. Using just cheek muscles and the tongue as in Exercise 1 push air through the straw and into the water creating little bubbles. Try to keep the pressure even and the flow of bubbles smooth until the air in the cheeks runs out. It should only last a very short while if you are really using only your mouth.

Julio Serrano from Mexico

What is that sound?, where comes from?

Its a Didgeridoo an ancient instrument created and used by human beings since thousands years in australian culture.

Katie from USA

I am brand new to them

None until I found your site...


How do you circular breath?

I explain the principles of inhaling through the nose and pushing air out through the diaphragm and cheek muscles.


Where did I get mine

I made it

Luis Anillo from Spain

Hey didge...what?? what's this?

Australian native instrument!

Maarten from Belgium

How do you do it mate?

Practice and practice more! Find the right tone of the didj and then try to learn the circular breathing

Magda from Australia

Whether it's true that musicians playing the didj know how to breath through their nose.

I tell them it's about circular breathing.

Mandela Van Eeden from USA

How do you breathe so long?

It is impossible to breathe that long the process is called "circular breathing" where I hold air in my cheeks and when I release the air into the didjeridu I suck air quickly into my nose. It is like drinking water at a drinking fountain except backwards...

Mark Mondier from Belize

How hard is it to play?

It's quite Easy to play.

Anonymous from USA

What is that thing called? or Where is it from?

Didgeridoo. Australia.

Martin from Netherlands

What it is made off.

Made off eucalyptus and eaten out by termites. Any material left in the bore will have to be removed. Then the "didgeridoo" needs to be cut to the required length the bulk of material on the outside removed and stripping away the bark. Than it can be painted. Most painted in red ochre yellow ochre a black and a white

Matthew Brewster from Guernsey

Is it hard to play

No it takes time and passion you make it your own becomes an extension or yourself

Michael Melvin from USA

What is it.

An Australian Aboriginal Instrument that you have probably heard on the Outback Steak House commercial. It is said to be the earliest instrument of man and is a great meditation tool.

Nick Gaylord from USA

How is it made?

Different types of aboriginal woods for different didjes but they take pieces from a tree and remove all the bark from the outside and all the dirt from the inside and fill in the holes.

Nicole from Germany

Do you know how to play the Didgeridoo?

I have been to a course but still am practicing on my breathing.

Niko from Finland

I didn't know you play any instruments?

I've always wanted to know how to play some instrument but am not very musical and felt troubled about all the "rules" that should be followed with most instruments. With the didj I can just go with the flow.

Pablo Beler from Ecuador

What is that..thing

Is an Australian instrument one of the most antique used by the aborigines for rituals purposes and now is used almost in all the world in all types of music

Paul Putman from United Kingdom

How do you play it?

Blow a raspberry noise with your lips?


Where does it come from

It comes from Australia

Philippe from Canada

How do you play it?

Make a horse move with your lips use your tongue lips and vocal to change the sound

Rhiannon from USA

"How do you make that noise?"

I explain the circular breathing technique and how to push air through your lips and how to properly position your lips.

Anonymous from USA

What is it?

I play it then tell them that as far as anyone knows when the world was born the first thing earth heard was the music of the Didj

Anonymous from USA

Where to get one

Point to the websites I know


Why do you want a didgeridoo?

Because it has wonderful sounds and its an unusual instrument


Are you really going to play a didgeridoo?


Anonymous from Portugal

What is this?!!!

It's an Australian instrument also used for meditating

Steve Pickering from Australia

How does it work

Through amplification of lip vibrations and the resonance of the wood

Tanner Fitzgerald from USA

Why do you want to make a didj?

Maybe because I feel like it now go away. (i am not joking)

Thomas from France

How to play it?

Make vibrations with your lips inside the pipe


Where did you get it?

My sister and aunt bought it for me.


I've never heard of the product.

I don't know.

Wesley from USA

What is that?

A didgeridoo.

Anonymous from Canada

How did you learn to play the didj so fast?

I was on vacation with my family for the summer and I was wanting to learn it so bad that I guess it just came to me I never actually had lessons or had someone to teach me I found one in a didj shop in southern cali. on vacation picked it up and tried it out.

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