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What is the most common question people ask you about the didgeridoo?
What do you answer?

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Name and Country

What is the most common question people ask you about the didgeridoo?

What do you answer?

Aleksandar from Macedonia (fyr)

Is it really wooden? Isn't it made of clay? How can it make that sound?

Yes it is wooden. It makes that sound because of the special treatment the wood had during the process of making the didj.

Allen from USA

How is it made?

Hollowed out by termites.

Andrew from USA

How do you play it?

Its Hard- Takes some patients and time and Soul

Angus from Canada

Where did you get your didgeridoo?

From a online store


How do you make that sound?

It's really simple:P

Ashley from USA

What is a didgeridoo? and how do u play it?

A didgeridoo is an instrument that has been played all over the world for thousands of years. make your mouth make a buzzing sound similar to playing a brass instrument.

Barney from USA

What's that?

Its a tree branch that has been hallowed out by termites in Australia. The Aborigines have played it for centuries. Some feel that it has meditative and healing abilities.

Brian from USA

Why do you want to play a didgeridoo?

If you learn to play the didj you would understand;-)

Anonymous from Switzerland

Are they difficult to play.

To start with yes.

Carol Roughgarden from USA

What is a didgeridoo?

It's the oldest known wind instrument native to the Aborigines of Australia.

Chris from Canada

Is it difficult to play?

No it takes a bit to get used to but once you can get the basic drone sound you are well on your way.


Is It hard to play?

No just requires some learning

Anonymous from Australia

Have you ever played a didgeridoo before?

A few times but every time I've tried I got embarrassed and let someone else try.

Anonymous from USA

Can you circle breath.

Yes its tricky. But its like riding a bike.


How do you make circular sound

Through continuous breathing and practice


What is that you're playing?

A didgeridoo

Dustin from USA

How do you do that breathing thing?

Id tell them to fill their mouths with water and push it out not using their lungs just their cheeks and tongue while taking a small sniff in through the nose at the same time. and proceed to explain the rest of the steps involved in making that practice fun and enjoyable.

Ed from Netherlands

What's the fun to play a didgeridoo

Just when you once try and you get a sound out of it....your sold you want to try more and more...it hits you


How do you play it?

Usually I'll demonstrate flubbering my lips then show them how to do it into the didj.


Do you know how to play?

Sort of still working on finer sounds and circular breathing.


How do you learn circular breathing and get different sounds?

Practice using a pvc pipe blowing into a bucket of water to learn breathing and use your tongue and cheek compression to vary sounds.

Giovanni from USA

What is that?

Didgeridoo. (then I need to explain what a didgeridoo is because majority of the people that ask about it in the USA do not know what a Didgeridoo is)


How did I learn to circular breathe?

I looked up tutorials online and then I proceed to give them a lesson if they have time.

Hans from Belgium

Can you play it for me?

Sure let me turn it on first

Hector from Spain

How do you make this thing sound like this?

I explain them how I do it if they are really interested

Henry from USA

What do you call that thing you're playing?

It's called a didgeridoo or yidaki.

Howard from USA

What is it?

Let me show you. Then I play it and explain what it is about and where it came from

Ines Villegas from USA

I haven't had people asking me about the Didgeridoo.

I don't know much about. I have experienced it when a mexican man comes to the area and plays it.

Istvan from Hungary

Why are you interested in that piece of wood?

Because it is so much more than a piece of hollow wood. It represents a lifestyle a way of living despite of all the hardship that mother nature can throw at us.

Janusz from Poland

What is Didgeridoo? Why u carry baseball stick, u want to beat somebody? (When in bag)

"I'm sure you know the sound of this instrument its quite popular in e.g. movies music" They don't understand...... I'm making a sound with my mouth if I can't show didge at the moment and they understand then.

Jason Hilliard from USA

What is it?

An Australian Wind instrument crafted out of eucalyptus wood that has been hollowed out by termites!


What is the reason you want to play the didj?

To be at peace to learn to slow things down to capture the spirit intended by the ancestors of the didj.

João Aguilar from Portugal

It's funny because almost all the people ask, hey man how do you do that? and when I try to explain it's always a lot of laughing ehehe

I answer that they got to blow with their lips loose ( I'm portuguese sorry for my english:P ) and then I tell them to try to move their tongue like the are whistling to create different notes I say to use their voice.. man if the person who asks me gets interested as I get we got hours of talking and playing ehehe

Anonymous from USA

Do you circular breath?

Working hard at it.

John Munday from USA

Is it hard to play?

It's easy to make most of the sounds but circular breathing takes quite a bit of practice.

John Popyk from USA

How do you make those sounds with a hollow tube.

Practice practice practice

Johnny Copley from USA

How do you keep the sound constantly going?

Through a process called circular breathing. It's when you allow your cheeks to fill up with air and use your cheeks and tongue to force that air out as you inhale through the nose.


How do you circle breath?

Fill up your lungs and buzz your lips then hold your last bit of air in your cheeks and use your cheek mussels to push out the air while doing that close off your throat and take a quick breath through your nose... and repeat.

Judy Echols from USA

Are you doing that circular breathing thing?

I hope so.


What is it?

It's like a flute


How do you play?

You must keep your lips loose and not blow too hard.


Do they all make the same sound/pitch?

No each and every didgeridoo is unique.

Kenny Brooks from USA

How do you play it?

By learning how to breathe circular

Kristin from Canada

Aren't they really hard to play?

Well yes they are but isn't learning how to use it part of the beauty of playing any instrument?.

Kurt Bendl from USA

What is it

An instrument. The aboriginals in Australia have played for thousands of years. They're made from tree limbs that have been hollowed out by termites!

Lindsey from Canada

What is it

I explain it is an Australian instrument that produces an amazing sound unparallelled to any other wind instrument

Lisa Hallam from Canada

What is it exactly

An australian aboriginal wood instrument that has a beautiful haunting tone.


What is it

Australian Aboriginal instrument

Marco from Italy

How did you discover that instrument? It's so strange!

I love ethnic instruments and...it's not so strange: try it out!

Marko from Slovenia

Is it hard to circular breathe

At start but it can be learned

Marzia from Italy

What is that?

A ancient instrument of the Australian aborigine.

Matthew Stoneburner from USA

What is it called?

A Didgeridoo

Maurice Crenshaw from USA

How does it sound continuously?

Circular breathing Practice practice practice

Anonymous from Australia

Isn't it really hard to learn circular breathing???



Where can I buy a didgeridoo?

At www.didgshop.com

Mike from USA

What is it?

I tell them that it is an Australian Aborigine woodwind instrument that is made from eucalyptus trees that have been naturally hollowed out by termites for several months.

Murray from Australia

How do you play it?

You vibrate your lips

Nikhil from India

What the hell is that?

"Dude..u don't know what a didgeridoo is...??? are you from planet Zoltan or something." and then I tell em what its all about.

Nikki from USA

Do you need to blow or suck into the instrument?

A bit of both!

Anonymous from Netherlands

What is that? How does it sound?

It's originally from Australia played by the Aboriginals. It's actually wooden pipe hollowed out by termites. Some say it is the oldest wind-instrument in the world. How does it sound? *toot*

Otto from Finland

Where did you get the idea to start playing this instrument?

I've always known it to sound great and one day I just decided to start playing.

Patrick Franko from USA

My lovely lady asks our two pups, "What is that sound, oh, what is that sound?"

I don't. She answers the question. She tells our doggies "It's the foghorn again yes it's the foghorn again."

Paul Sedgwick from USA

Is there something inside it that makes it sound like that?

Nope. The didgeridoo is essentially a hollow tube. It acts as an amplifier for the vibration of my lips.

Peter Gabor Balazs from Hungary

Oh, its very difficult?

No. Its natural product and the technique is also natural.

Robert from USA

How do you play it. How do you do that whole Circular Breathing thing.

I'm still learning but something like this.. Pbbbbbbbpt!

Robert from USA

Is it hard to play? How did you get it back home on the airplane?

It takes practice but if you can make the raspberry sound you have half the battle won. I had the didj shipped.

Ron from USA

General questions about where didj came from

True authentic didj are made by the Aboriginal Peoples of Australia

Ruben Dewulf from Belgium

How can I circular bread?

I say you need your tongue to the upper part of your palate the jaws his ball and then breathe through the nose and jaws simultaneously convex air in the didge presses

Ryan Holbrook from USA

What is it?

An indigenous Australian Aboriginal woodwind instrument

Salvatore Augeri from France

What is it his origin?


Anonymous from Russia

People don't ask me about it

No question no answer

Sergio Ruiz Sierra from Mexico

What is that and how you performance?

A didgeridoo australian aboriginal instrument you have to know circulatory breathing to performance the sound comes from the soul

Shannon from USA

What is it?

I remind them of the opening credit for Survivor.

Sheila Cash from USA

Where to get one

Now I can answer the Didjshop.com!

Anonymous from Canada

What's that???

A didgeridoo!!!

Stéphane Eduardo Longtin from Canada

How do you do the circular breath

First of all it's a matter of time and practice if you want to try image your mouth like a balloon of air and you have to compress it controlling your mouth playing and inhale by the nose the air from the throat must be cut.

Anonymous from USA

What is that thing?

It's a musical instrument devised by the aboriginal people of Australia.

Stew from USA

Can I play it?

Yes! badly

Anonymous from USA

I'm just starting. I haven't played in public.

See above.

Zachary from USA

How do you play it?

Kind of like a trumpet hard at first but it gets easier with time and practice.

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