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What do you answer?

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Name and Country

What is the most common question people ask you about the didgeridoo?

What do you answer?

Adam Diiulio from USA

Is it hard to play?

Nothing is hard with a willingness to learn and some practice.

Adam from USA

What is that thing?

It's a didgeridoo...

Adam from USA

What is that?

A plastic pipe didgeridoo.


Did you go to Australia to get it?

I got it off a store on the internet that

Ales from Czech Republic

What is it really for? How much it was?

Making yourself a better will. Not as much.

Alex from USA

How did you begin your career playing the didgeridoo?

I began after being introduced by a great friend of mine and we proceeded to play together.

Allan from USA

What's THAT?

A didgeridoo! That of course opens up for a larger conversation on playing origin etc.

Álvaro Oliveira from Brazil

How can you blow for so long?

A have a fantastic breath

Anonymous from Hungary

How do you sound it?

Tremble your lips and blow into the didgeridoo. Try trembling your lips without the didgeridoo first that will help you with the first sounds.

Andre from Brazil

What is it?

It is like a australian "berrante" (a brazilian didgeridoo like instrument).

Andreas from Sweden

Can you play it?

Yes I can not well but I can do it:)

Angus from Australia

Is circular breathing difficult to achieve?

Its easy to do (show them the "squirting water while breathing through nose" thing) but takes practice to get a good sound while you do it when playing a didge.

Arpad Toth from Hungary

What is it?:)

It is an australian aboriginal instrument that sound unique

Art Ibell from USA

Do I play it

Self taught


What is that? Can you play for me?

It's a didgeridoo. And maybe. But probably quite poorly as I've not practiced in awhile.

Barry Williams from USA

What is it

Musical instrument

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Where did I get it?

Proud to tell that an original and aboriginal make and paint. I tell them too that I got it via internet and didjshop.com.

Ben from United Kingdom

How do you circular breathe/how do you make a noise

I tell them how I do it and that if you practice it comes

Bent Lonrusten from Norway

How do you do it?

It's difficult to explain but here try and I will teach you.

Bert from Netherlands

How do people hold their breath so long?

Circular breathing


How are they made?

By termites and artists


What does a didgeridoo sound like?

Rhythmic buzzing hooting droning.

Anonymous from USA

Where did I buy one?

Don't know

Borja from Spain

The most common question is what a didgeridoo is

I always say that it is a traditional air instrument from australia made of eucalyptus and played with the mouth

Brad Lackey from USA

Can you circular breath?

Yes you just need to keep practicing!

Bruce from United Kingdom

Can you play it?

I'm getting there!


How do you play the didgeridoo?

By the use of circular breathing in through the nose at the same time as blowing through the mouth.

Carlo from Italy

What's it?

It's an instrument that in origin australian natives used like recall for the animals. it's only for men and it can be used for the ceremonies.

Cassie from USA

What is that thing!

After some polite laughter I explain the history and let them hold it. Kids especially are fascinated and I love to bring it to the elementary schools.

Chad Champoux from USA

What is that?

Would you like the americanized Name or the Aborigine name

Chris Ruffner from USA

Can you play it?

Yes but barely

Christine from Canada

My youngest son did his grade four science fair project last year on the Didj, how its made, how it produces sound and how you play it. We used the instructions for the PVC Didj on your site and downloaded a few of you sound files and found a great picture online of a aboriginal player. I was amazed at how many of the kids and even a few teachers hadn't heard of the Didj, so I guess the most common question was," What is a Didj?"

The Didj is an amazing musical instrument brought into being by Australian Aboriginal people.

Clement from France

How do you do to play on this instrument?

First I blow into and when I'm blowing I move my lips like a horse or like if I want to imitate a motor so I can do the drone

Connie from USA

What is it? And what is inside of it.

I explain that the didj is an aboriginal instrument stilled used today by the indigenous people of Australia. I explain that the sound is produced by the way I use my breath to get the various sounds. I also tell them the didj is the "voice of the earth".

Courtney from USA

What is it?

An Aboriginal instrument made from logs hollowed out by termites.

Craig from Canada

Where did you get those didges from?

I got one of my didges from the Didjshop and the other was picked for me by my brother who was travelling through Australia.

Dale Duvall from USA

Can you circular breathe?


Damien from Ireland

CAn women play it?


Dan from USA

What is it?

A musical instrument of Australian Aboriginal origin

Dantez from Brazil

Its easy to play?

With training its normal

Dave from United Kingdom

A what? how does it work?

An australia aboriginal instrument. it works by magic!

David from USA

Can you play one


David Snyder from USA

What is it?

Perhaps the oldest wind instrument known to man created by the Australian Aborigines.


How do you play the didgeridoo

Its simple you just purse your lips and blow

Dean from United Kingdom

Where did you end up learning to play an instrument like that?

Well it started when I was 5 when I was watching a documentary on aborigines and I saw one on there and started playing on a hoover pipe.

Dennis Haslam from Denmark

How do u make the sound

Say prrrrrrrr like a horse

Derek from Spain

Can you play it.

I wish.

Deric from Canada

What is it?

An Australian aboriginal musical instrument.

Don from USA

Can you circular breathe?

Uh huh

Doug Bischoff from USA

"What Is That" followed by "How do you play it?"

It's a Didgeridoo an Aboriginal Australian instrument. It's played much like a low brass horn with low loose buzzing of the lips.

Ed Huntley from USA

How to circular breathe


Anonymous from Brazil

For culture of didgeridoos, love,love. because is very special instrument. nice

Friends Australian

Edward from USA

What is that thing?

It is a didgeridoo. It is an ancient wind instrument made first by Australian aborigines.

Edward from USA

How did you get an interest in playing?

During worship a friend told me that the lord Jesus christ showed him me playing the didge.

Eleanor Hjemmet from USA

What's THAT??? I've never seen one before!

This is a traditional aboriginal Australian instrument made from a eucalyptus tree that had been hollowed out by termites and certified as harvested by licensed aboriginal didge makers. The aboriginal culture is very important to me and the instrument creates the most wonderful magical sounds of any instrument I've ever heard.

Eric from USA

Where did it come from

I tell them about the Aborigines and how it is made mostly just the basics. But I do enjoy detail if you can keep them interested.

Eric from USA

How do you play it.

Blow through your lips like a horse and use your tongue and voice to add variation to the sound.

Erik Putnam from USA

It's usually a combo question What is it called? and Where is it from?

It's a Didgeridoo from the indigenous people of Australia.

Et from USA

How do you do circular breathing?

I just explain to them how to do it. It's a little long to put in here.


How do you play it?

Show them by example.


How do you keep the note going without stopping?

I explain and demonstrate circular breathing.

Fred Ashplant from USA

Where did you get it? How did you learn to play it?

I told them the Didjshop of course. I give them the web address.

Gareth Lynch from USA

What can one do with it? what application in music?

A very wide range of tonal qualities applicable to play with any instrument with power and subtlety


What's a Didgeridoo?

A long hollow log hollowed out by termites and played by the Aborigines for thousands of years. The music from it makes your primary brain take over and transport you into a peaceful place.

Anonymous from Germany

How does one do it with the breathing never stopping?

That's circular breathing and you can learn it with a little training....then I explain how it is done when time allows:o)

Grady Karp from USA

Most common question - what's inside there that lets you make those sounds?

"Pure cosmic goodness"

Graham from United Kingdom

Can you do the 'circular breathing' thing?

Yes I find it quite easy.

Gregg Nardozza from USA

What is that thing?

It is an aboriginal wind instrument which originated in Australia.

Guy François from Belgium

How do you breathe in the didj? Circular breathing, can't do that!

Practicing. I give an exercise with water then step out. Water or air it's just a difference of density. Same same.

Gyan from USA

How to do circular breathing


Hamish from New Zealand

How do you do 'that breathing thing'

Lots of practice

Harmony from USA

What is a didgeridoo?

That it's an instrument made by Aboriginal People in Australia.

Héctor Raúl from Argentina

¿Que es un didjeridu?

Un instrumento ancestral que suena como si no fuera de este mundo...

Herb Cohen from USA

I'm using a PVC pipe as I cannot yet afford a real didge, so I am not asked about where it came from, but more like what am I doing with it.

I demonstrate.

Howard Williamson from USA

How do you get all the different sounds from an open pipe?

Although similar to playing a trumpet to get the basic drone you also vocalize different sounds words nature's sounds change the shape of your mouth air pressure and a lot more. Also learning to circular breathe is a real key to the overall impact of the didj.

Iain from United Kingdom

How do you make that noise with it?!

I explain about getting the basic drone first - loose raspberry and all that

Ian Hopper from USA

They ask me "what the heck is that thing?"

I tell them exactly what it is and where it comes from. Then they tell me how cool it is and what they thought it was.

Ian from United Kingdom

How do you blow it

Blow gently like a horse

Anonymous from USA

What is it?

I refer them to your website.

Ivan from USA

What is that? How you play?

I explained how to play and I say the name of the instrument

Ivan Matamoros from Spain

What's that?

Sometimes I just explain that is probably the oldest wind musical instrument played traditionally in australia an excellent "yantra" a way to know you better etc..it depends who I'm talking with a how much is interesting about it.

Jacob from USA

What is it

It's a didjeridu


Being a furniture designer and manufacturer the first thing people say is did you make your Didjes.

I tell them although I am a qualified craftsman nature is the only thing that can make such an instrument sound so perfect.


Why do you have a stick in your room? or What is that?

Ha ha it's a didgeridoo

James Davis from Canada

Is it hard to play

That is a relative question and can depend on the person but for the most part with patience and practice anyone can learn

Anonymous from USA

How hard do you have to blow to get the sound?

It's not force. It is a controlled "pressure".

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Can you play it?

I try!

Jan Vink from Netherlands

Where it come from

Australia made by aboriginals the original people of australia

Anonymous from USA

People ask me how your suppose to play it.

I try to tell them the proper technique.


Can you do circular breathing....


Jeff Wilson from USA

What is that thing called?

It's a Didgeridoo an Australia instrument.

Jeffrey Longeddy from USA

There is none. I don't have one, so no one asks me any questions.

I can't answer a question no one asks of me.


Did you make it yourself out of a old piece of wood?

No explaining the tradition.

Jenna Luksetich from USA

Is that a rain stick?

No... it is a didgeridoo and much cooler than a rain stick.

Jeremy from USA

What is that thing?

My means of communicating with the earth and all its inhabitants; a didjeridu.

Jerome from France

Why do you like this instrument?

I like the vibes the feelings it provides and the sound that is like the heartbeat of the Earth. It's linked to the ground because it's wood and eaten by insects. I like it simply because it is at the same time simple and so complex you can always learn something.


What does it sound like?

To the untrained ear it sounds like a fart. But really it is a natural sound unique to the player.

Anonymous from USA

How do you play it

With a lot of breath

John from USA

How are you getting that sound, how to play?

I show them how and let them try on their own.

John Griffiths from Australia

Is it hard to blow?

Initially yes but you quickly learn how.

John Mangold from Canada

How do you play it

Like a tuba but respectfully.

John from USA

Where does it come from

It is an aboriginal instrument from Australia


What is it?

An aboriginal instrument from australia.

John Stuart Kirkpatrick from Bermuda

Why did you choose to play this type?e of instrument

I love the sound. When I play I get so relaxed its a form of meditation for me. Time just drifts by....when I think that I have played for about 30mins its actually an hour and a half!!!

John from USA

Can A didgeridoos help with obstructive sleep apnea

Yes it can

Jon Griffin from Canada


Because I want to. I've always been attracted to the harmonics and phasing in and out of tones (like chanters from a bagpipe for example)

Jonathan from USA

How to make the different notes or sounds on the didge

By cheek pressure tightness of lips and tongue and throat movements

Jonathan Zamora Ríos from Costa Rica

¿Como hacer el zumbido?

Haciendo el sonido del motor de un carro y buscando una buena posición de los labios en el didj de manera que quede bien sellado para que el aire no se escape por los lados probar diferentes posiciones de los labios hasta encontrar el zumbido.

Jone from USA

How on earth do you play that thing!

Practice soul and breathwork.

Jonny Monument from United Kingdom

What's it made of?

Termite hollowed Eucalyptus


Can u play it?

I'd lessons and still practicing

Jussi from Finland

Can you do circular breathing?

Yes I can but I think the right term would be "circular blowing" as your lungs still breathe in and out as normally


Where did you get that?

From the Outback of Australia.

Kat from USA

How do you play it?

Buzz into it much like a brass instrument but looser.


What it's called (diddlydoo, etc.)

The name origin and importance to aboriginal culture

Kathy from USA

Where did you learn to play that?

Self taught by web site info and then dvd

Keith from USA

Can you play it


Kenneth from USA

How do you keep it going without taking a breath?

I explain circular breathing

Anonymous from USA

What is it

Australian Aborigine Instrument

Laura Jackson from USA

What is it made out of.

In Australia termites clear out the insides of living trees. Didgeridoos are made from different wood but often eucalyptus. Agave is popular in the U.S.

Le Perkins from USA

Can I try it? Where did you get it?

Yes. I made it.

Lisa from USA

Can you play it?/Can I try it?

Umm yes sort of but I need lessons./Sure give it a try.


Where did you get it.

It was given to me


How to Circular Breathe

I suggest a class with a very good Teacher

Margaret from USA

How do you play it?

Like this (purse lips and flutter.)


What is this?

It is oldest one instrument in the World came from Australia from Aborigines.

Mark from USA

How do you play that?

It involves vibrating your lips and breathing through your nose at the same time. If your interested I can help teach you a little.

Mark from USA

How do you keep on making that noise without breathing?

Its called circular breathing store the air in your mouth for blowing into the didgeridoo while leaving your lungs empty to accept air through your nose.


What instrument is that? Also how did you end up playing didgeridoo is quite often asked.

I explain them that it is instrument played by australian aboriginals and I like sound of it very much so that's why I ended up playing it.

Anonymous from USA

How do you play it?

Similar to western brass instruments but easier to achieve satisfactory basic results with much less practice and incredible versatility with increasing practice.

Marty from Australia

How do you circular breath?

Practice practice practice

Marvin from USA

What is that?

Its one of the first instruments in the world. An Aboriginal instrument.

Matt from Canada

What is that thing....

It's an Australian musical instrument.

Matthew from USA

Can you circular breathe?

Yes then I show them.

Anonymous from Australia

Which countries make them.

The best ones are made traditionally in Australia by the Aboriginal community.

Megan Golden from USA

How I make the drone.

When you get it you will know.

Melanie from USA

What makes you want to play the didgeridoo?

I love the vibration in my body and the peaceful feeling after I play

Melissa from USA

How do the musicians create various notes?

They use their mouth similar to a horn instrument like the tuba or bugle.

Michael from USA

Can you play that didj?


Michael from Canada

How to circular breath

Glass with water and straw


What is this? - A didjeridoo...- What? - The Australian aboriginal horn...- What? - The horn that soundlike "weeeooown!"...- Ah, ok...

Where does it come from?

Mike from Netherlands

How can you keep on playing without a stop for breathing.

It's no secret just practice...

Mikolaj from USA

Where is it from?


Mitchell from Australia

Is it hard to play


Neil from USA

How do you do that?

It's just like playing a tuba. Loosen your lips and push air through like your motorboat.

Anonymous from Italy

How done? how do they build it?

The termites do the job and then it becomes flushed decorated because didj must genuine termite hollowed

Norm from USA

What is that thing

Try to explain as best I can


Omg, what's that?

It's my didgeridoo. I made it.

Pau Kirst from USA

What is a didgeridoo?

An ancient Australian wind instrument.

Paul Bishop from USA

How did you get started with that?

I tell I heard one in an old movie and was fascinated by them. After several years I pursued getting on to try

Paul from United Kingdom

Where did you get it?

Made it myself....

Paul Woodcraft from United Kingdom

How do you get a noise out of it?

Just give it a go and see what happens


How to play it

Practice practice practice

Peggylynn from USA

Where I got it and is it real (meaning aboriginal made)

I bought it from australia and it is signed by the aboriginal man who made it

Peter from Sweden

Where did you buy it?

Sydney Australia in an aboriginal shop

Peter from Australia

How to play the didj.

It's kind of like blowing a raspberry with your lips but very gently and slowly


How do you keep on playing?

It's the natural way of breathing but people forget about it at a young age.

Peter-paul from USA

Why do you have it

Because it is the only instrument I can play

Prakash Arigela from Dominican Republic

Do you know how to play it?

A little.

Rafael Adorno from Brazil

How to play??

I teach

Raffaele from Australia

Are you Aboriginal? Why are you playing black mans' instrument?

No I am Indigenous to my land I am an Italian Gypsy. I had lessons from Mark Atkins and Alen Dargan I Know them personally Alen calls me "The Italian Gypsy Didj Player" My indigenous instruments is the guitar mandolin and fiddle Why do Aboriginal people play the guitar.


Is it difficult to play

Basics is easy the rest is a lot of practicing like any other instrument

Anonymous from Canada

How do you breathe?

Circular breathing and explain it to them

Rich from USA

What is a didgeridoo

That its a woodwind instrument usually made from eucalyptus

Richard from USA

What is it?

It is the oldest wood wind instrument known to man. Originally played by Australian Aboriginal people.

Rob from Australia

How do you play one

I don't know but I'm planning to learn


How do you make it work

I have magical powers

Robbin from USA

What is that?

A didjeridu/yidaki (depending on who made it) a drone instrument originating with the Aboriginal (original/first/native) peoples of Australia

Robert from USA

What is that? Where did you get it? What's in it?

It's an Australian Aboriginal wind instrument.

Robert from USA

Why are you playing a stick?

Because it's fun! (But the real reason is to use the didge for healing and ceremony.)

Robert Ruby Ii from USA

Is it hard to play


Robert from United Kingdom

Can you do circular breathing?



What made you want to learn to play the didgeridoo

I have always had an interest in the Aboriginal culture and have always loved the sound of the Didgeridoo. When I went to Cairns and purchased my first didge last year I decided it was time to learn how to play so I went out an found a Didge teacher in my area and learn how to play

Rodney Webb from Australia

How do you do the circular breathing

You do not blow into the didge You must squeeze the air in; use the cheeks as you would the air bag on the bagpipes.

Rodrigo Del Castillo Negrete from Mexico

The most common question I have heard about the didgeridoo comes from people that don't know what the didgeridoo is they ask: What is that instrument, and how is it played.

What I answer is that it is merely a tube in simple terms. very similar to a trumpet it works as an amplifier to your lips what you do in your lips it is amplified through the didgeridoo. Also that it is an australian aboriginal instrument very old. And in terms of the actual play it is the same as closing tight your jaw and gently the lips and blowing. Also that there are various types of playing and that you can modify you cheeks lips tongue and vocals and air blown to make it sound different.

Anonymous from USA

How do you hold your breath for so long?

I explain how I circular breathe.

Roi Redondo García from Spain

Where is from your didge?

I'm not sure maybe australian

Rolf Hebenstreit from USA

- What is it?
- Where does it come from?
- What does it sound like?

At first I thought all didjes came from the aboriginal culture & I was supporting it! Until I started reading your web site!!! I am the only didj player I know so your site has taught me every thing about the didj culture!!! I thank you for that! (I have didjes made from job site plumbing plastic pipe) just got a didj from oz! This week!

Anonymous from Canada

How long did it take you to get playing?

I was a natural right off the bat and I like to experiment so it's the perfect instrument for me.

Anonymous from Canada

What possessed you to learn how to play the Didjeridu?

I was always drawn to the sound of the Didj even before I knew what I was hearing (movie soundtracks etc). I also kept seeing references to the benefits of the Circular Breathing technique for coping with Anxiety. The combination of being perplexed by the sound and the challenge and potential benefits of learning CB were powerful motivators for me. Also I was going through a major song writer's cramp and complete lack of desire to play the Guitar which had been a major passion for me for over 30 years. The Didj challenged me and gave me a whole new way to express my musicality. Without a doubt doing CB for 20 or 30 minutes has a very balancing effect on the Human Organism almost Adaptogenic in nature. And of course it's a lot of fun!


Many have no idea what it is, so they ask "What is that thing?"

Try to give as complete an answer as I can including where it is from who usually plays it cultural/healing information. Then when ever possible go into a history and present of plight of Australian Aboriginals.

Roy Páramo from Spain

How on Earth do you do that?????

Just make your lips vibrate and blow...Alright it is a bit more than that and needs practice and patience. I normally ask them then "Would you like to learn more?"

Anonymous from Portugal

Is it hard to play?

No it isn't it just requires a lot of training

Sam Chan from United Kingdom

Is it hard to learn how to play?

Not really but need lots of practice.

Samuele from USA

They usually I get asked how I can make all of the different sounds with the didge.

I tell them that I can change the sound of the didge through a combination of vocal projection and changing my embouchure or moving my tongue.


What's it for?

For meditation

Savannah Clark from United Kingdom

Can you play it?

To be honest I can't really but everyone's amazed when I try... I once got asked by my science teacher to bring it to class and play it!

Scott Dickens from USA

Is it really an instrument


Scott from Canada

Why do you play it?

It's interesting. Also a study shows it helps with sleep apnea.

Scott from USA

Why do you like it?

There is something mystical and ancient in the sound "other-worldly" even. Like the Australian aborigines and their culture it is fascinating and like a link to human past.

Sean from USA

Where do I get them

"A website in Australia: Didjshop.com" - (no kidding)

Sean Macconnell from Canada

Is it actually a real instrument?

Not only is it a genuine instrument but also one of the most versatile and interesting of any!

Anonymous from France

How can you breath,

I just explain them how to do the circular breathing

Shane from Malaysia

How do you play it.

I'll start by showing them how to vibrate their lips and make the sound once they can do that I'll start explaining the technique for circular breathing followed by how to do calls etc......


No one has ever asked me a question. I've just discovered it.

I'm just beginning to learn about it now.

Shawn from USA

Where did you get that thing?

"Look here....www.didgshop.com..."

Shawn Payment from USA

How to circular breath?

It is as simple as some basic instructions

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Why on earth I would want to play it

Because of the fantastic variety of sounds and rhythms I can get from it and because it represents the culture of Northern Australia

Simon Barnett from United Kingdom

Is that a real one?


Soraya Benstead from Australia

Can girls play the didjeridu?

Yes they can maybe not at an aboriginal story site but there is no law that they can't its just tradition and who knew if it was some or all of the tribes that thought this.


Can women play

Traditionally the men played the didj..... They sang and used clap sticks.. There was no law to say that women couldn't play they just didn't. There have been reports that some women play in the Kimberly region. And some places it is reported that it is taboo for women to touch or play it.


How do you play it?

By blowing air through your lips like this ( example) inside the didj almost as if you were talking into it.

Stephen from USA

Where did you get it?

The Didjshop!

Anonymous from USA

Can you play it?!

I'm trying!!

Tanya from Canada

How did you learn how to circular breath?

With patience and blowing bubbles in a cup of water


How dose the breath circulation works

In the moment where the lung is still half full with oxygen you have to breath in while pressing the rest ear in your chest out

Tienne from USA

People mostly ask me what it is

I explain that it is a musical instrument and explain its origin and how they are created

Tim from USA

What is that?

The oldest instrument known it's approximately 30 000 years old.


Is it hard to play

It has a very short learning curve to get the drone but it may take a bit to learn circular breathing

Todd from Australia

How do you play it like that?

It's a matter of getting the breathing right and the rest is just practice

Tommy Dyett from New Zealand

The most common question is can you play it.

Yes but it takes lots of practice

Anonymous from Sweden

Where did you get that cool thing?

At a cool shop in Australia a warm day in december.


With that compares the sound of a didjeridu?

It is a sound without constant comparison produced by the vibration of the wind.

William from France

What is it?

Its a didjeridu! Listen....!

William Powell from USA

How do you get so many different sounds?

The many different tones sounds and rhythms are made by using vibrating your lips (sort of making a horsy sound) while manipulating your cheeks voice box diaphragm and tongue either singly or in a variety of combinations.


What is it made of?



What is it? Where did you get it? Can you play it?

It's a Didgeridoo. Central Australia (Alice Springs) Not really

Zachary from USA

How does it make that sound?

I can't be 100% sure.

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