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What is the most common question people ask you about the didgeridoo?
What do you answer?

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Name and Country

What is the most common question people ask you about the didgeridoo?

What do you answer?

Alan from United Kingdom

How hard is it to play

Easy when you know how same as all instruments practice makes perfect & more practice


What is a didgeridoo?

I don't know What is it?

Anatoliy from Ukraine

What's this?:)

Wooden aboriginal instrument from australia like ukrainian trembita

Anonymous from Canada

How do you play it?

It is all about circular breathing and then give them the blowing bubbles through a straw.

Anette Solgaard from Denmark

How many notes is it possible to play on a didgeridoo?


Angela from USA

How do you play it?

I show them

Anthony Dias from Portugal

1) Is that a stick you just stole? 2) How can you do the circular breathing? 3) Man, are you going to kick my butt with that piece of wood? =)

1) yeah it was near a construction building 2) I just keep on farting trough the all process..lol 3) No...I'm a pacifist...(but don't touch my sister..=)

Bob from Canada

How do you play it, what is that thing, how did you figure it out

Usually I try to explain the basics of circular breathing and explain the basic drone I will sometimes sit down and give them a basic lesson and let them try it out

Anonymous from USA

Not yet a didge player yet. Trying to get a good didgeridoo

Look it up on the net

Bruce from USA

Isn't hard to play?

It is like anything else the more you practice the easier it is.


How is it played

Circular breathe

Carlos from Portugal

How is it made?

Well the builder picks a branch (or even the main trunk of the tree) that he finds to be good (being the original indigenous didgeridoos made of various kinds of eucalyptus) and if possible that is already hollowed by termites. It's then finished by trimming the ends and applying a rim of beeswax in the mouthpiece. It can be decorated with really beautiful dot paintings very colourful.

Anonymous from USA

Why would you want to play a didgeridoo, it's so primitive?

I want to play because of the beautiful wide variety of sounds the didj is capable of producing. I want to play because it is a primitive instrument not in spite of that. The didj helps your spirit to escape its physical bounds and soar to new heights.


How do you circular breath

I just show them

Chris from USA

What is it

An awesome aboriginal instrument


I don't have one yet

I don't have one yet

Chris Thorn from United Kingdom

How do you play it?

Tighten your lips and blow a raspberry sound and keep practicing until you hear the drone. To circular breath place a straw in a glass of water and try to keep the bubbles blowing without a stop.


How are you doing that?

To get the basic sound I vibrate my lips against one end of the didge which is essentially a hollow tube. Then I may say a little about how the variations un sound are produced.

Christian Robert from France

I'm not a didj player yet so people don't ask me anything about them. Yet I play the bagpipe _ the French musette du Centre France_ so the people I meet know what didgeridoos are.

I always say I love the sound of this unique instrument and that it's more than an instrument to me. I think that this beautiful profound sound relates us human beings to the spiritual world.

Colin Hawkins from USA

They see them in my house and ask what it is, I bring it too my school and use it to interact with the students.

I tell them that it's a wind instrument. and how it's made from a tree that is naturally hollowed out my termites. that you use a process called circular breathing to play them. adults and school kids understand best when you describe circular breathing when you blow bubbles in milk and breath in through you nose and out your mouth at the same time.

Cristian Neely from Chile

Oooh! ¿What's that?

It's a didgeridoo it's an awesome instrument played by the australian aborigines.

Damien Broens from Belgium

What's that?

A very old aboriginal instrument

Anonymous from USA

Is it easy to play?

...For an Aboriginal...

Daniel from Spain

How it is played?


David from USA

What's the story behind the artwork?

Depends on the artwork. Usually I try to explain what little I know about Aboriginal artwork and the cultural stories it so often tells.

David Klein from USA

How do you spell it?

There are multiple ways of spelling it I do not believe there is a published "official version"

David from USA

How do you do that?

While Playing the Didgeridoo it is Possible to Levitate a Light Object in Front of the Instrument.

Anonymous from USA

What is it

Art instrument

Dean from Australia

How do you circular breath

Try squirting water out your mouth using your cheeks and breath in using your nose

Ed from USA

What is it?

An aboriginal instrument from Australia

Elliott Deighton from Canada

Are they hard to play

Not really but to play a didj well like any other instrument takes practice

Emile Gluck-thaler from Canada

Oh my God! What is THAT?

Its a didgeridoo.

Emily from USA

How do you make that sound?

You just go.. (proceed to show how it is done)

Eric from USA

What is that?

Its an aboriginal instrument hollowed out by termites.

Florent from France

What is a didgeridoo?

It's a musical instrument a stick of wood dud by termites which you play music by blowing crying inside and by moving your lips.

Frank Wagner from USA

Do you have one

Yes I do

Gerard from Sweden

What is that?

An ancient aboriginal instrument culturally and spiritually important.

Gerrit from Netherlands

How is this circular breathing possible?

It is a simple trick. think of a balloon and squeeze it empty with your hands. at the same time breathe in through your nose. if that works try this with filling your cheeks with air and squeeze the air out. at the same time inhale through your nose.

Greg Thorn from United Kingdom

How do you play this thing??!!

Practice makes perfect fancy a quick lesson.....?


If I can play

Not really

Hans-jürgen from Germany

Who does make the hole into the wood.

In Australia the termites in other lands the people

Isaac Firesmith from USA

How do you keep playing with out breathing?

I'm cyclically breathing. I push air out of my mouth with my cheeks while I breath in with my lungs.

Jared from USA

How do u do that

Try to explain

Javier Rembado from Spain


That is original of Australia

Joe from USA

I usually get two questions 1. What is that? 2. What kind of wood is it made from?

1. That it is an Australian Aborigine instrument. 2. That the wood is a very rare species of tree called the PVC tree.

John Tasch from USA

What is a didgeridoo?

A traditional musical instrument of aboriginal australians made from tree branches that have been hollowed out by termites.

Juan Boulter from Australia

How do you do the circular breathing?

It is not circular. When you feel you are running out of air you make sure you have some stored in your cheeks to continue the note while you take a breath. You just expel the air you have stored while replenishing your lungs.....

Julio Peña from Paraguay

What is a Didgeridoo?

It's a healing musical instrument. It is very ancient from australian native people.

Kari from USA

Why does this strange sound attract you?!

Because I speaks to my spirit even if I am a world away from where it is traditionally played and made. I see it as a connection straight through the heart to my friends and neighbors of planet earth.

Kathryn from Australia

How can they get that sound and who makes them.

I try to explain re-circulation breathing and that the good one are made by Aboriginal people with the help of nature

Kei Tomono from Japan

Interesting sound

Yes I like it very much. You can Play!!

Kelsey from USA

How do you play it?

Keep trying you can't give up on the first time because you don't make a pretty sound.

Ken Betteley from Australia

How do you circular breath

I try to show them how easy it is

Ken from USA

Usually people ask me what my didge is, or they ask if I can do circular breathing (not yet!)

I tell them what it is and that it is my favorite instrument.

Kirk from USA

What is it?

An Aboriginal instrument-the world's oldest-with lots of soul.

Kris from Canada

What is it?

It is a didgeridoo.

Kristoffer Stewart from United Kingdom

They will ask me how's it made

I give them a long answer for a talking and listening project in school I decided to bring in the didgeridoo and show them it and tell them about it. I tell them how the termites eat it from the core and then they get washed out and cleaned then I explain the aboriginal arts which are painted. I try to explain I a way so that they no that it is not just something which is sold to tourists but part of the culture.

Kylie from Australia

Can I have a play???

Only the boys

Larry from USA

What IS that???

It is an indigenous musical instrument from my wife's home country let me play it for you!

Laszlo from Switzerland

What is that for an instrument? Where is it from? Why did You learn that to play?

Didgeridoo From the Aborigines from Australia It is going deep inside in me. And I can relax with this wonderful Instrument.

Anonymous from Italy

How do you do the circular breathing?

The real story of my learning: I first heard and learned about the sardinian Launeddas (three single-reed cane clarinets played by circular breathing since at least 3000 years. Do you know about this instrument?) and saw a documentary on that. Then I met the Didgeridoo and I started as a total self-learned without being able to breathe correctly. Then I moved for one year into a different city Amsterdam. There I met many good didge players and learned more about the aboriginal culture especially through the discovery of Chatwin's books. I did not have a didge with me there and was playing different instruments (frame drums jew's harps). After about one year I went back to Bologna and found my bamboo didge in the cellar of my sub-lent flat. I tried and...almost magically I started to do the circular breathing.

Luciano Aguiar from Brazil

No brasil este instrumento é raro, pouco conhecido!

É interessante conhecer-mos culturas de outros países

Mac from USA

What is a didjamadoo?

It's the oldest wind instrument!

Marco Paoletti from Italy

Da dove viene? come si suona? è fatica? come si fa il suono continuo?

Australian aborigen facendolo vibrare no non si fatica con la respirazione circolare

Mark from USA


Rolf Harris

Mark Hickinbotham from USA

How do you make the sound?

Simply relax your face and lips then blow a raspberry into the didge (sometimes needing to tighten the lips a little once the drone has started).

Mary Lindhart from USA

What does it sound like

I pretend and make the closest noise with my voice that I can to imitate it!!

Nigel Mason from United Kingdom

How do you get all the breath to blow that thing

You only need enough breath to blow out a candle.

Pablo Sebastian Meza from Argentina

What you feel when you play Didgeridoo?

I feel the vibration in my body I feel the hyperventilation I make a travel for another place like a meditation like a trance

Palle Kjær Laursen from Denmark

Can I try it?



How do I pLay it?

It's like giving a baby a raspberry into the mouthpiece then I show them

Anonymous from Spain

How do you can do this sounds?

Being patient


How long have you played

Since I was a kid

Pieter Hamming from Netherlands

How to play the didgeridoo

Circular breathing

Ricardo from Portugal

Some times the name and what I do to make that sound...

I usually say that it's an Didgeridoo.... and the sound its more difficult to explain...

Richard Craven from USA

I've not been asked yet, currently don't own one.

Not applicable


What is that?


Rodney from USA

Don't you run out of breath? Or How much did that didge cost?

I always tell them about circular breath.

Anonymous from Israel

What is this?

Didj. an australian instrument. instrument of truth. making music from the body and soul only..

Rowena from Australia

How hard is it to play?

Not really practice daily.

Sean from USA

How is the sound made?

Through cyclic breathing in the nose and out the mouth the artist vocalizes a a drone or ton and uses the mouth to embellish it.

Sean Jackson from USA

How do you play it, where did you get it?

I will show them how give them tips loan them my didge for a weekend. Melbourne.

Shae from Australia

Where to buy a didgeridoo?

Didgeridoos can be bought cheaply from many places but as the cultural right of indigenous Australians you should ensure that you buy genuine items. This encourages indigenous pride and provides meaningful income for the traditional owners of the didge. It also means that as the buyer you are getting an authentic didgeridoo.


Is it hard to breathe

Not once you know how

Stephen from Canada

A lot of people ask what my didgeridoo is made from.

I tell them that it is a piece of Eucalyptus that has been hollowed out by termites.

Steve from United Kingdom

How do you get a sound

Use loose lips and blow like a horse

Susan from USA

What is it?

A wooden Aboriginal pipe instrument

Tamara Suey from Australia

Why don't females play the didj.

Because our culture identifies the didj as a man's instrument and forbids females to use it-if they do they will be cursed in some way!

Teresa from USA

Can you play?

I'm working on it. But here's a site that has Didjes!


What is it?

I'm not sure

Tim from USA

What do you do with it?

It's a musical instrument (then I play it for them.)

Tony from USA

Is it hard to play?

Not really. If you can blow a raspberry sound then you can play the didj

Tony from Canada

How is it made

Lunch for termites

Tyler from USA

What is it?

It is an instrument made by aborigines from Aus. Would you like t hear it?


Why do you choose a didge?

Because of the 'Mystic roaring sound'

William Bode from USA

How can you play with out stopping?

Using the circular breath

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