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Name and Country

First Experience with a Didj

Alan from United Kingdom

Hit - straight to the chest then on to the soul

Albert Swart from South Africa

Loved it. Connected to the sound.

Alen from Slovenia

Amazing mystic sound!

Anonymous from USA

I thought it was one of the most different and original sounding instruments. the way they are played and the visual art that they affect others is like no other instrument out there. the history of the didj is like no other instrument out there.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

I want to play it where does it come from

Anonymous from USA

Amazed at the sounds a single keyed instrument could play.

Amanda from USA

I completely fell in love the sound of it the way it's played and the personalization of each didj to its owner.

Amy from USA

Amazing artwork and history

Amy from USA

Weird but neat

Andre Broussouloux from France

I'm french excuse my english. it was a curious feeling I love ethnic music I can play africans rhythms and I sure of good harmonies between djumbe and Didjeridoo. its sound make good vibrations in my mind and on my skin

Anonymous from Australia

Amazing sound. such a loud and obvious sound very distinct.

Angel from USA

Loved it... My body was vibrating...

Ann from USA

Strange compelling sound

Anthony from USA

It was different

Anton from USA

At first I thought it was some sort of animal or a someone contorting their voice box

Arpad Toth from United Kingdom

Amazed me .It was something I wanted to listen to for an unexplainable reason

Aubrey Hamilton from USA

The First time I ever heard a didgeridoo I decided to dedicate my my energy into learning the didgeridoo. It made me feel like dancing.

Bart from USA

Interesting but not much variation in range and tone

Ben from Canada

I loved the sound and wanted to know what it was.


Primal and solid yet soothing and natural

Ben from USA

It would be sweet to own one.

Benjamin di Bona from France


Anonymous from Australia

Weird sound

Bob Frew from USA

Primal and zen-like pure and honest


Very Australian sound

Brent from USA

The sound really touched me - not sure how/why since most musical instruments don't

Anonymous from Australia




Carol Marcinkus from Australia

I thought it was a beautiful haunting sound that made our Australian Aboriginals unique.

Charlene from Canada

Interested because of it's unique sound

Charlie from USA

Visceral sound One of a kind sound that is nothing like any other instrument. Gave me a sense of pre hysteria. MOVING.


I liked the sound and thought that it was a cool musical instrument

Christine Messer from USA

Pretty cool!

Anonymous from Switzerland

I would like to listen to a real one

Cory from Canada

I thought it was the most exotic and soothing sound I had ever heard but I didn't know what it was until I was older


It was hypnotizing and I wanted to hear more!

Dan from USA

It was definitely a unique instrument and I remember seeing how the sounds could be very meditative before I even knew they were commonly used for that purpose.

Anonymous from Sweden

The same as many others . just loved the sound of it and the mystic


Very relaxing soothing spiritual and diverse sound.

Dave from Netherlands

Its was great.and relaxing for me because we are always in a hurry .when I play then I be calm and relax and think on nothing and play with my feeling.



David from Australia

How do they do circular breathing

David from USA

I was only like 10 and I couldn't figure out where all those crazy noises were coming from (lol). I had no clue how simple (yet complex) it was to make so many different sounds from a hollowed out log. Turns out its all from the player!

Davig from USA

Awesome sound...wanted to learn


Beautiful bass vibration

Dianne from Australia

As ancient as it's people

Din from Malaysia

Tribe and its come from my soul

Dory from USA

I loved it...

Ed Bazely from United Kingdom

Amazing sound


Awesome sound!


Well.. interesting sound... okay seen it. And now while I am in Australia for studying it got me :)

Elaine Doucette from Canada

Relaxing internally harmonizing experience.

Eric from USA

I wanted to learn to play it. The sound is so calming

Flinn Donovan from Australia

This is the sound of my life and people my heritage in musical vibration.

Anonymous from USA

Interesting sound it spoke to me

Frank Schiavo from USA

Like I had heard a whale song. It was soft yet very mournful and really almost holy in tone.

Gene Dinkey from USA

Loved the sound

George Efstratiou from United Kingdom

The sounds coming out was so unique and different I said to myself "wow that is unbelievable what is happening how do they do it?

Gerik from Switzerland

Great sound

Grant Wilkinson from USA

Thought the sound was eerily haunting.

Guy from Israel

I bought my first didj on a whim having only heard it once before but never really seeing one. I was very excited to actually make a sound and couldn't stop playing until I had to... needless to say my lips were pretty soar for the rest of the day :O)

Gwendolyn from Netherlands

Cool and special sound!

Hamish from Australia

I thought it just had a really cool sound

Harm from Netherlands

Wow that's what I want to learn too

Helene Boucher from Canada

Great sound vibration.. Awesome!

Jake from USA

I was amazed at how natural the sound was. It connected with me on a primordial level and I have loved the sound ever since.

James from USA

The sound was indescribable

Janette from USA

Its a haunting sound ..I think its fabulous.what fun my family could have with this instrument! id love to teach the grandchildren how to play it!!!

Jason Konopinski from USA

I first heard the didj during a jam session with friends and the haunting evocative drone awakened something in me that I have sought to feed since that first time.

Jason from USA

Thought they have a very unique sound

Jeanette Malan from USA

Not really sure


Unique sound very haunting

Jesse from Japan

I was amazed at how such a powerful sound could come from what seemed like nothing more than a hollow tube. I was 10 years old!

Jim from USA

I wanted to learn to play

João from Portugal

I thought that it had a great sound something that sounds mysterious but gorgeous.. it was great...


Cool sound

John from Australia

Loved the sound and how it worked and how it was played intrigued me.

John from Australia

Captivating sound which when heard in northern Australia sounds so natural and blends with the land.


I can't honestly remember (I would have been about 8 years old)

Anonymous from Australia

I liked the sound and wanted to play it


Awestruck amazed!

Jonas from France

Méditation vibration incantatoire

Jonathan from France

La première fois que j'ai vu un didj j'ai été intrigué par la forme mais aussi par les sons produits puis quand j'ai compris comment ça fonctionait j'ai tout de suite voulu en avoir un parce que j'ai été fascinner.


Great sound!!

Julie Effertz from USA

Beautiful haunting kind of sound

Julien from South Africa


Katrin from Germany

Surprising for first moment! amazing wonderful peaceful earth sound

Krista from Canada

At first I thought the sound was annoying; an acquired taste.


I was a kid - I can't remember.

Anonymous from Australia

I thought it was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Larni Drew from Australia

Emotional goose bumpy

Leah Morgan from Canada

I thought it was amazing and I felt totally drawn to it. Immediately I knew bring one into my life and learn to play it.

Anonymous from Australia

It has a great sound when played well.

Lindsay from USA

I thought that it was an amazing and yet simple instrument that makes very unique sounds

Lothar from Germany

Man made sounds of nature

Luis Carlos Escobar from France

I was felt an very strong spiritually sensation

Lynn Darr from USA


Lynn from Australia


M. Rick from USA

Wonderful natural sound probably hard to play!

Maggie from Australia


Manas Chowdhary from India

It's spiritual

Marc Herring from USA

I thought it was awesome. It resonates the tonality of the Universe

Anonymous from Italy

I felt that natural history may be narrated through it..powerful


Lonely ..

Mario Alleyne from Canada

Totally amazed at how awesome it sounded

Mark Thatcher from United Kingdom

It was moving and eerie

Marvin from USA

Was wondering what the sound was

Mary Leahy from USA

It's interesting looking and has a mystical hollow sound.

Matt from United Kingdom

I thought the sounds that were coming out of the instrument were unbelieveable.And it sounded fantastic and very satisfying to hear.The art work and some of the stories behind them are also really interesting.

Matt from Australia

I think it is a magnificent instrument as I used to play Trombone. But I also find it very Therapeutic


I was intrigued

Anonymous from Argentina

Strange and beautiful


I felt that this is the instrument what I really need to play

Meghan from USA

I thought the sound was a treat to the ears So unique.

Michael from Australia

Really intriguing and unique sound

Michal from Czech Republic

Oh my god what's that for a fucking nice sound

Anonymous from USA

It was at a funeral; I thought it was the voice of sadness and loss. It was in the woods and seemed part of nature.

Michelle from United Kingdom

Earthy sounds soul touching vibration


Don't know

Michelle from USA

My roommate played. I liked when she played while I studied... it helped me concentrate. It sounded like OM chanting.

Mike from USA

I thought it had an amazing mystical sound

Mj from USA

Beyond my (former) current state... Worthy of interest (the Friend being solid and able to appreciate interesting quality). BTW I just arranged to receive 2 didjes and one is meant to be a present to remember well the Friend who first introduced me to didj.

Murray from USA

Felt like being in the womb of mother earth.


Healing soothing natural sound

Nathan from Mexico

That it was totally awesome and the sound was just beautiful and it opens your mind to like another world and it's very interesting to know how to play cool and original instruments

Nathaniel from USA

My god I've got to learn to play this.

Nicholas Arens from USA

Amazed such a simple looking object could produce such a touching rich vibrous sound?

Nick from USA

The first time I remember hearing it was when I purchased my first didge. I had probably heard one played before then but I don't remember. So the first notes I heard were ones I was playing. It was very exciting.

Nick from Canada

I was blown away. I thought it was amazing how the sound never stopped

Nick from New Zealand

Made my spine tingle

Nicolas from Chile

I felt very impressed by the sound that it could make and the vibrations that could be used to heal and remember. I thought I had to get one and do research about it right away and that's what I did.

Norman Quednau from Germany

Astonishing and haunting sound!

Olaf from Netherlands

Very particular sound. You can 'feel' the sound.


Peaceful -strange


Instantly felt that this was something I had somehow been looking for for a long time


Very spiritual sounds

Anonymous from Argentina

It's a special sound for meditation


Loved the sound

Paolo from Italy


Patrick from France

Strange sound

Paul from Australia

I felt a calmness and peace even at such a young age and it was like nothing else I'd ever heard before. I now feel as I play a relationship with Mother Earth.

Paul Jose from USA

What cool noises they made and how soothing they were

Paul from USA

Couldn't believe it wasn't electronically produced

Anonymous from Australia

Brilliant earthy and spiritually significant sound

Paul from United Kingdom


Anonymous from Portugal

A weird sound but very involving!

Peter Pollinger from Austria

A somewhat mystical sound imperfect because at that time didges in europe where of rather poor quality - nevertheless I was immediately hypnotised


A really interesting instrument that I have to learn

Anonymous from USA

I thought it sounded strange but really cool.

Rebecca Edwards from USA

That it was an awesome instrument.



Rick from USA

Wonderful earthy sound

Robin from USA

Thought it was a unique sound.

Rodney Welsch from USA

Cool sound


Loved it!

Russell Chappell from USA

It was a very inspiring sound.

Sam from USA

My word! I want one!

Santiago from USA

It sounded spiritual

Sarah from Australia

Found it very moving and haunting in an eerie way

Saskia from Germany

I thought it was very odd

Sean Gill from United Kingdom

Wicked sound. Very deep and earthy. Very tribal

Sean from USA

That like yoga pranayama dance or drumming it was a key to the divine a method of creating sacred spaces interpenetrating the mundane realm

Anonymous from USA

I loved the drone-like sound.

Anonymous from Ireland

Absolutely amazing my friends have an instrumental/melodic band and they recorded some b-sides with a friend of theirs who plays the didgeridoo wanted to get one ever since only being a student funds aren't the greatest.

Sharon from Australia

Haunting and soulful. The player and the didgeridoo were at one and all embraced with nature.

Anonymous from Canada

It sounded cool

Sjuul from Netherlands

I like to play such an instrument

Steele from Canada

I was so impressed with the creation of the sound from the Aboriginal culture and the circular breathing techniques they used.

Stephen from Australia

Can't really remember any details

Sterling Green from USA

I thought it was a synthesizer. I felt it was a really cool sound.

Stuart Fairbairns from United Kingdom

Awesome incredible - want one!!

Stuart from United Kingdom

I was just amazed by the sounds being created. I remember thinking that it must be a very difficult instrument to play - but I was hugely impressed and inspired.

Anonymous from Japan

Like mantra

Anonymous from Canada

I liked it!!!

Thadeus Frazier-reed from USA

I wanted one from the time I knew about it.

Thiago Bolivar from Brazil

An amazing mysterious sound; I had no idea what it was until some day the name 'didgeridoo' came to me.

Thomas from USA

Unreal amazing sound

Anonymous from Portugal

WOW...what a great sound! I just got sort of entranced by the rhythmic patterns and the harmonics that I felt going through my body.

Tom from USA

Other worldly connectiveness

Tom from USA

What the heck is that noise? What would make such a noise? I really like the sound of that noise!

Tomi Salamon from Slovenia

It just impressed me.


Very cool

Wade from Australia

The first time I was too young to really feel anything but when I started actually properly listening to the didgeridoo I found it amazing how a piece of simple wood could create such mysterious sounds.


It reminds me a bit like the voice of a stag; I like it's warm softly tone.

Walter Small from USA

I didn't know what the instrument was called for many years.But the very first time I heard one I just loved that sound.

Washington from Brazil

I loved

Willaim from USA

Unique and wonderful

Yaron from Israel

That it is sooo great bloody awesome!

Anonymous from USA

Haunting and beautiful

Yvonne Flood from Australia

I loved the sound and the spiritual feeling when I heard it.

Zac from USA

It really took hold of me. The rhythmic sounds reminded me of nature and put me into a half-daze.

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