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Name and Country

First Experience with a Didj

Aaron Foster from USA

Layout needs work text color is a little hard on the eye buttons need to be easier to find :) you know I love you baby

Anonymous from Canada

Just loved the sound

Adam from Australia

Immediate overwhelming emotion is really the only way to put it

Anonymous from Saudi Arabia

Haunting Sound

Alan from United Kingdom

Heard the Didj being played during my first visit to Aus and was completely blown away by the incredible sound. It almost sounded electric and I knew at that point I had to give it a try. I had one shipped from Cairns about six months ago and I have been practicing ever since.

Alan from Australia

Racial issues

Anonymous from Germany

Quiet cool

Anonymous from France

I though it was great ! And the sound was so relaxing

Allan from Gibraltar

Fell in love with the sound it seemed like something magical

Anonymous from Norway

I was amazed and awed by its deep resonance and the continuous monotonous while at the same time varied and "true" sound. Its all about the player and his/her connection with instrument and himself/herself.

Andrew Barnett from United Kingdom

I thought it was the most amazing spiritual sound

Andrew Caron from USA

The majestic spiritual sound of its captivating essence

Andrew Laird from USA

Nothing less than a spiritual almost religious experience. Seemed as though the rhythm of the droning grabbed hold of something from deep inside me.

Andy from USA

AMAZING!!! I really was blown away by the sound and overall presence that a didgeridoo out in a place.

Annie Hart from Australia

It is the sound of the infinite nature of The Dreaming. It is the song that travels the other way - from us back to the Spirits of the Dreaming. It serenades the Spirits who are sleeping and as it does it soothes the souls of we children who are awake.

Anonymous from Cyprus

I was amazed. I knew it swits my and I had to learn how to play.

Anonymous from France

Sound of didj is very pure it takes you on the highest cloud to see the beauty of our world.

Benjamin from Belgium

I was at a folkfestival where all of the sudden a man came on stage and just started playing his didge. it struck me like lightning at that moment I felt one with earth..


Mesmerized curious and wanted to play one.

Bobby Strickland from USA

I thought it was an amazing sound that vibrated through my soul........I love authentic natural sounds from wood The didgeridoo has a personality and spirit all its own.......no two are alike

Brad from USA

Amazed by the depth of the sound



Bryan from United Kingdom

Amazing very peaceful and very special

Calvin from USA


Anonymous from USA

I thought it was one of the coolest things id ever seen and wanted to learn to play right away!

Carlos from Spain

UauuuH!and relax in the mind!!!

Carrie from USA

Wonder very unique and entrancing sound

Chris Quin from United Kingdom

Always been fascinated

Chris from United Kingdom

Wicked beautiful sound. A joy to the ears.

Chuck from USA

I felt the listening experience to be very relaxing and exciting at the same time. I had no idea there was even an instrument out there like this. I just happened to run across a person at a festival of crafts who was demonstrating it. I knew I wanted to start playing one right away. I have a plastic learner and I want to move up to a better sound quality and am shopping around at this time.

Chuck from USA

My heart throbbed like a didj --- the sound called me home inside before I knew what it was. It woke me up all the way up.

Craig from USA


Crawford Rhodes from USA


Cyprian from Poland

It's very mystical at first I could not understand it

Damien from Belgium

It's a fantastic instrument but I think it's difficult

Damien Turner from Australia

It was good

Dan from USA

Very unusual sound liked it very first time I ever heard it and wanted to learn about it.

Anonymous from Australia

I thought that it was a fantastic use of wood making such a musical instrument. The feeling of listening was tranquil it was unusual at first but very appealing.

Dave from USA

Very nice sound and it made you feel good

David Johnston from USA

Haunting. Unlike anything I ever heard. Sent chills up the spine. Did not know what it was as it was background music on the movie.

David from USA

Haunting sound relaxing and produced a oneness with nature

Dean Wolfe from USA

The sound gave me a familiar feeling that was as though I used to play this instrument in a past life!

Anonymous from Australia

The sound is haunting..and becomes part of the earth

Derek Hillman from Australia

I have always loved the sounds of the didj


Awed and completely hooked internally

Dirk from Germany

Fantastic Sound... and Inspiration for Nature .. Earth ..

Dominic from USA

I fell in love with its sound and the way it looked.

Donald Roberts from USA

Really a cool sound very unusual and primal

Edward Gardner from USA

Loved the sound

Anonymous from Finland

I thought that it had unique sound

Anonymous from Canada

What is making that sound?

Anonymous from Australia

I couldn't believe how beautiful the sound was... and how talented he player was.

Emily from USA

It had such an amazing and unique sound and looked like fun to play so I had to get one

Ender from Germany


Anonymous from USA

Fascinating sound. Interesting history. Enjoy listening to various chords and sounds made thru it

Erica Milford from USA

I wasn't sure what it was called I was watching the rescuers down under (walt disney) when I was so young I had no idea what it was until about 5th grade when I was beginning to learn about people around the world that interested me. I built one in 7th grade not knowing how to play it I placed it in my closet. Until one day in 9th grade I was walking downtown and I saw a man walking and I asked him how to play and he got me started never knew his name or profession history or future but will remember him always. I have now participated in talent shows and used to take my didge to school every other day in 12th grade college seems trying though.

Etienne from France

Crazy !! in french "stupéfiant intriguant énergisant"

Fırat Güner from Turkey

I was spelled from the original and intimate sound. I think Didj has a lot of feelings in its sound more of the nature than mankind. Just as electronic music is the common sound for mankind in the world didj is the common sound for nature ...

Fábio Gomes from Portugal

LOVE love love.

Fadi Khawand from Lebanon

First I felt the vibes moving threw my hole body I couldn't imagine it really at the beginning when I heard it on the tv in 2000.I directly asked him if he can teach me he knew a friend of mine. I have a background in drums so I thought catching the tempo on an instrument like that isn't hard. so he got me a bamboo didge and started teaching me. I fell in love with that instrument so much. I got the sound right in the first 3 days and started circular breathing in the next week. I kept on practicing 7 hours daily for a minimum for I'm a free lancer in my job.now I consider myself a really good player and that's what many foreigners that are hearing are telling.and I discovered somehow a new type of drive that's near to oriental.now I'm still playing with the same bamboo didge with a band that I formed.we are a didge 2 jembes 1 bongos a sax. and an oriental flute called (nay). now I'm really thinking of making a cd and I'd be really happy to make it with a real concert type aboriginal didge. thank u

Anonymous from France

Weird sound / wondering how it was produced

Françoise Galopin from France

As a sound coming from" a long time ago" as a first language.

Fred from Canada

Powerful and organic


Wow :)

Gareth from New Zealand

Cool sound. Made me want to learn how to play it and learn more about the Aboriginal people & culture

Garry Collins from Canada

I was in Nanaimo B.C walking along the water front when I first heard it. My father thought he has lost me-yet I had ran towards the luring sound. I was absolutely astonished. It was like my ears were singing to myself.

Gary Gex from USA

Frankly I do not remember the details at this point as I was between 8 and 12 or so.

Geoff Aitken from United Kingdom

An incredible sound been fascinated ever since

Gilles Bergé from France

Hard to Learn Beautiful to listen a nice trance instrument...



Håkan from Sweden

I thought it was a really cool instrument!

Anonymous from Chile

I was travelling new stuff- amazing


I did not think about anything the sound was hypnotic.

Anonymous from Canada

Loved it!

Anonymous from USA

Very cool. Relaxing.

Jacqueline from Australia

I was 7 very interested.

James from United Kingdom

Thought it sounded exciting and wanted to know how it made it's sound.

Anonymous from USA



Like construction noise

Janine from Australia

Loved it


I thought it was a very unique and interesting instrument.

Jean-François from France

Didj have very good sound

Anonymous from USA

Haunting but soothing sound

Jhon Discala from Monaco

It was good and I like to do it with friend the first time I do the good sound and now I am very good.

Jim from USA

Fantastic on my wife's and my only Australian Holiday in 1999

Jim from USA


Joe Paller from Canada

Beautiful haunting sound.

Joel Van Der Meulen from Australia

I was pretty young at the time but I can remember being fascinated... I remember going straight home pulling the tube of my mothers vacuum cleaner and trying to get the same sound.

John Brandt from Australia

Sounds amazing

John from USA

I felt knocked out of my body by the elemental force the instrument.


A very unique mesmerizing sound.

John from Netherlands

What an awesome sound. As the breath of the earth.

John from France

Very deep sound


I thought it sounded earthy.

José from Portugal

The didgeridoo is mostly a instrument of a ancient tribal trance form. It's simply one very special instrument. When played properly it can take you on a journey to the very soul of one's self.


What an entrancing instrument.

Joshua Ratcliffe from United Kingdom

I was amazed! I just couldn't understand how such strange and mesmerizing sounds could come out of what looked to me then like a long stick!

Juan Carlos Scheffler Mendoza from Mexico

That it's an instrument that connects you with the nature that joins with the first habitants of the Earth


Sounded australian

Julien from France

Very difficult to play (circular breath)

Anonymous from Canada

This is simple and cool


Wow how intense it feels like it goes right through me

Kathleen from Canada

Fascinating that a deep rich sound could come from a tree branch

Kathryn Lubahn from USA

I felt my spine begin to sing and I felt love for the earth. Time became quiet and eternal

Kellie from USA


Kelly McColl from Canada

Relaxing mind expanding tranquility.

Kelvin from United Kingdom

Interesting resonance

Ken from USA

He sound is captivating and interesting. You don't want it to stop.

Kevin from United Kingdom

Loved the sound unlike any other instrument. I thought it was relaxing and as if from out of this world.

Koen Van De Linde from Netherlands

I was excited to hear something so unique and so down to earth.

Anonymous from Canada

Unique sound very calming

Anonymous from USA

Outstanding sound coming from a simple piece of hollow wood.

Lars De Wildt from Netherlands

I admired it's alien-like sounds and deep drone. It generally sounds like no other instrument and shows a surprising amount of variety.

Lea Nixon from United Kingdom

The most amazing sound it vibrated the whole room and touched the inside of my body.

Lindsay White from USA

It was amazing


Very moving sound earthy deep and sonorous

Lyn from Australia


Lynda from USA

Nothing comes to mind

Anonymous from United Kingdom

A mysterious sound that made me transfixed to the music and gave a most wonderful mellow feeling deep inside. It was absolute magic.

Anonymous from Canada

Relaxing sound

Marco from Italy

It's a medicine for the soul

Marco from Portugal

I love that sound it makes you feel very nice hearing that and with some drums we can create a awesome rhythm good to hearing to all kind of people

Anonymous from USA

I saw a performance in San Francisco by the band Midnight Oil and they had two guests from Australia play two very long didgeridoos!

Anonymous from USA

It sounded like there was something hidden just out of reach...something that I wanted to find.

Mark Hickinbotham from USA

It was almost mesmerizing but still entertaining. It felt powerful and relaxing simulaneously...very cool sound.

Mark Simcox from United Kingdom

Fantastic sound - How do they do that with a hollow tube


That it makes a cool great sound which is singular beauty in the world of music

Martin Antonio from Chile

Gana de poder tocar como david hudson tranquilidad concentracion


As if I suspended in outer space!

Mary from USA

Incredible sounds

Anonymous from USA

Wow. It was an amazing sound coming out of such a simple instrument with a diverse background


It was such a unique sound that it almost seemed impossible. How on earth did that tone come out of a stick?

Matthew Lillie from Australia

It was amazing and had a beautiful tone


It was probably on skippy when I was a young kid and it was one of the numerous mysteries to be discovered thru out life

Michael from Australia

I loved the sound of the didge. I found it relaxing and the sounds reminded me of home (on the farm) with the different sounds of wildlife that was played.

Michael Morse from USA

It sounded really amazing the sound projected made me feel calm


Is something really weird


Great sound

Mikołaj from Poland

I found it rather strange.

Nate from USA

Sounded awesome!

Nathan from Australia

That they make an excellent sound that goes wright threw you.


Wow. the sound was unbelievable. I often get chills

Nick Sirianno from USA

Amazing instrument with culture behind it

Paolo Stefani from Italy

It's a sound that has an intimate connection with the nature the earth the life. It's calm peaceful but very strong at the same time.

Pascal Volkmer from Germany

Awesome sound I mostly liked the natural sounds because I could easily relax by listening the didge-sound

Patric Wilhelmsson from Sweden

An awesome sound very impressed that people could get "a wooden stick" to sound like that.

Pattie from USA

It altered reality

Paul Faddy from United Kingdom

It sounded ancient like travelling back it time. The sound is earthy deep powerful and emotional.

Pedro from Portugal

Wonderful! I've to buy one!

Peter from USA

What IS that instrument!! I've got to try to play one!!

Pierre-olivier Lamontagne from Canada

Got my curiosity and I wanted to hear more and more...feeling the most inspiring possibilities of visions and realisation



Predrag from Yugoslavia

I'd think that it is very interesting instrument


Very beautiful sound connecting to the earth

Randy Scheiner from USA

Nobody could play it real well at the time I first heard it; but when anyone managed to make the drone I would listen and stare stricken with awe.

Regis Van Hee from France

It was just a guy alone playing in a street. I was like What's the hell!!! that' a amazing and the story began...

Ricardo from Portugal

I had thought I need to learn how to play that!!

Rob from Australia

It was a long time ago I remember thinking How on earth is this guy gonna blow that thing without taking a breath.

Rob Bradfield from United Kingdom

Awesome- where could I get one!


Great unique sounding instrument. Very traditional.

Robert from USA

I loved the sound and energy and profound connection to the aboriginal culture.



Rocky from USA

Very interesting

Roel Adriaensens from Belgium

I was sold at once! I immediately bought a few cd's tickets for a transmission concert and a plastic didge

Rohan from Australia


Ryan Sanders from Thailand

Interested but forgot about it

Anonymous from Australia

I felt it had a sound that was the closest to being how the earth resonated. I felt absolutely still.

Sam from Australia

I was only young when I first heard the mellow haunting sound of a didgeridoo. The sound it produces commands the attention of anyone within earshot. I have always thought it would be amazing to play the didgeridoo and so now I am learning.


Loved the unusual sound and vibration

Scott Hazen from USA


Anonymous from Canada

It was absolutely fabulous

Sergio from Spain

I like it it is very funny I would like learning to play it

Shachindra Dass from Finland

It was a very soothing experience. I immediately got connected to the instrument and decided to learn how to play it some day.

Shahar Or from Israel

When I first heard it I was just starting to learn the drum set and wasn't very open or aware to music. I remember being surprised nonetheless by it's impressing sound.


Very grounding yet opening

Shayne Dahl from Canada

My first childhood experience with the didj was in grade one music class. I remember having a test where we had to identify instruments. I distinctively remember the didgeridoo being an instrument on that exam.

Sheree Jones from Australia

I thought it was the most mystical and spiritual sound of music that I have ever heard.


A felt good vibe diper inside myself



Simon from United Kingdom

Deep complex relaxing and haunting sound that literally made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end.

Simon from Germany


Anonymous from United Kingdom

A beautiful and truly spiritual sound giving a similar (but not the same) feeling as instruments such as the Uillean Pipes of Ireland and Northumbrian Pipes of North East England.


Interesting instrument - fascinated by circular breathing

Stephen Barton from United Kingdom

Just wanted to play one fantastic sound

Stephen from USA

Awesome I must learn to play the didgeridoo!!

Steve from USA

Raised the hair on the back of my neck. . . felt like I was hearing sounds from another world

Steve from New Zealand

Great deep sound

Steven from USA

I remember thinking it was really neat as a child then more recently rediscovering the didge completely blew me away! I would laugh with joy and quickly realized how this sound resonates with my being and brings such beautiful healing.

Steven from USA

I wondered how a person could get such sounds out of a stick. I was about 10 years old at the time.


Powerful and hypnotic very spiritual

Taylor from USA

I found the noises being made from what looked to be a simple tube amazing. I quickly borrowed my friends and learned to play.

Teresa from USA

They are very unique in appearance and sound. I enjoyed the deep mystic sound. The fact that each didgeridoo is different makes it intriguing.


Wonderful mystical sound

Tony from Australia


Trish from Australia

Being Australian I can't remember when I first learnt about or heard the didgeridoo. But I have always loved the sound as it unique to my country and is part of such an ancient culture from whom we can learn so much.

William Jenkins from USA

Very nice

William McMurtrie from Australia

A most distinctive sound - like nothing I had ever heard before.

William from France

Un son magique et envoutant

Wouter Bos from France

This is the instrument that fit's me!

Anonymous from Israel


Zefanja Theijken from Netherlands

Awesome instrument that I had to learn to play!

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