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Name and Country

First Experience with a Didj

Adam from United Kingdom

Thought it made an amazing sound

Anonymous from Australia

Very haunting and soulful

Adrian from Australia

It's unique and no other musical instrument sounds like it and vice versa.

Alex from Australia


Alex from Norway

It was a captivating sound

Anonymous from Spain

Weird instrument

Alysia from Canada

I was blessed enough to "really" hear the didj for the first time during a sound healing session. I felt like I was floating on sound... very light. I was absolutely entranced from day one. The whole experience was really like being in a lucid dream: that same sort of unusual consciousness.


The most interesting sound I'd ever heard... it can really add a lot to music.

Amanda from USA

Wow...wow...that is beautiful


Excellent site

Ameet from United Kingdom

Fantastic deep sound that made me smile and some how closer to Mother Earth

Amy from USA

It looked weird

Anonymous from USA

I loved it.

Anders Winlund from Norway

Wow what a strange and wonderful sound!

Andrea Mignano from Australia

It is fantastic and hypnotic

Ann from USA

Took me a few moments then found it mesmerizing.


What a cool sound.


Cool sounds

April from USA

That it was interesting

Anonymous from USA

Nice vibes!

Athena Brough from USA

Amazing soothing enchanting and beautiful!

Ava Giglio from USA

Really Soulful

Barry Long from USA

Cool - from the earth - a universal vibration that speaks to the soul from the beginning of creation



Ben Bogaert from Netherlands

Sounded like a dream



Benoît from France

I thought it was very strange and funny. I have tried once and I never leave it.

Bep from Netherlands

Authentic Australian

Bethany from USA

I thought it had a great & unique sound


Not sure

Bill Elander from USA

It sounded ethereal of another world.



Billy from USA

That it looks rather weird but sounds extremely intriguing

Blaine Bittman from Canada

Very odd soothing sound....wanted to find out more about it.

Anonymous from USA

Loved it

Bonnie Barker from USA



Weird but nice

Brad from USA

I thought that it was one of the coolest sounding instruments I had ever heard. Very distinct!


Wow! An instrument that clearly tells a great story!

Brett from Australia

Amazed at the sound and the sensation travels through your whole body

Bryan from USA

Very curious ~~ wanted to hear more


A simple yet rich sounding instrument

Buzz from USA

I could not believe how many different sounds came out of a chunk of wood

Carey Campbell from USA

It is a meditative primordial ancient communal sound.


Liked the sound



Carolina from USA

Amazing my whole body vibrated



Cary from USA

It's a wonderful sounding instrument with a peaceful and spiritual quality.


I neeeeeeeeed one!!! Magic. I couldn't believe it

Cecile from Belgium

That's an instrument I want to play!



Cheryl from USA

Primordial and spiritual...I could feel it in my soul.

Chloë from Belgium

I thought is was an amazing instrument. I couldn't believe first that you could get such an incredible sound out of a piece of wood.

Chris from USA

Its the most authentic sound on this planet. being the oldest wind instrument it has deep roots of its unique sound

Chris King from USA

Connected to it and its rhythms

Chris from USA

It's a real neat sound - weird.

Christiana from Australia

Absolutely amazed me the vibrations it created were resonating in every cell of my body

Christine from USA


Christopher Shields from USA

I was not looking in the direction of the didj when my friend started playing I thought aliens were landing! When I saw what Freddy was playing I couldn't believe it was so simple so elegant. He played into the corner of the room amplifying the low notes. I was mesmerized!

Claudio from Italy


Colin from Australia

Spellbinding haunting unique just loved it

Colin from USA



Haven't heard it

Connie from USA

Spiritual almost

Connie from USA

Very cool

Craig Barker from USA



Great instrument

Cynthia from USA

Saw one being played on a television show. I found it interesting because it was different than anything I had ever seen.

Dale from USA

Hard to play



Daniel from USA

The sound was something I never heard before. I knew instantly that the didj would make a great folk/roots/acoustic/fusion instrument.

Anonymous from Chile

It was at live concert ...I was at the first row in front of the person that played the didgeridoo. it was like being inside of the earth...like feeling inside the maternal womb...and the heart vibrating...beautiful magical relaxing like a beautiful spell had taken over my body...and mind...

Danny Brown from Japan

Strange but interesting and exotic. I've always enjoyed unique sounds

Darby from USA

It was cool sounding and pretty


It looks really cool. Wanted to touch and feel it.

Daryl from USA


Dave from United Kingdom

Calming sound. would like to learn how to play.

Dave Day from USA

I though it was cool but I was in the third grade. I wasn't that interested and didn't learn to play until I went away to college.

Dave from Australia

Amazing sound

Dave Rahbari from USA

Liked it.

Anonymous from Australia

Loved the earthy sound

David from USA

A very interesting sound that seemed to resonate the air around you.



Anonymous from Spain

Good vibrations


It was an amazing instrument played by an old aboriginal player in the NT. The range of sounds astounded me especially what this man was able to produce from the didj.



David from USA

It had a great sound and I liked it.

David Stringfellow from United Kingdom


David from USA

I loved the sound and have been captured by it ever since





Deanne from USA

I thought it sounded very tribal earthy and unique.

Delaney from USA

I thought that it was the most bizarre sound I had ever heard and wanted to try one out

Diane Taylor from USA

To me it sounded a lot like Tibetan Monks Chanting and it was the most beautiful sound in the world. A couple of my friends were playing and it created a peaceful meditative mood around me.

Diego from Portugal

I thought that that strange thing had a really nice sound and got interested in didgeridoo culture.

Dion from Australia

I fell absolutely in love with the sound. On that day I promised I would learn to play one.

Anonymous from France

Amazing strange sound

Donald Marcopulos from USA

Absolutely captivated...could feel the majesty of the land and all that shares it

Anonymous from USA

That it was weird

Donna from Australia

That it was amazing that you could get such a sound of a hollow piece of wood.

Doreen Gayer from USA


Dorothy Butler from USA

Interesting tone

Dror from Israel

Fascination! I didn't really think because I was filled with vibrations that awakened something new and yet familiar within me

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Loved the artistry the sound the spiritual vibe


I don't remember.


Kinda thought it was cool. never really interested in playing it.

Edward Smith from USA

That's personal

Anonymous from USA

I had a bunch of anthropology friends who would get drunk and play the didj it hold such awesome memories for me

Fernando from USA

It was awesome the depth of the sound was spiritual.


It's super I love this sound


I was fascinated almost hypnotized by the swirling sound! It took me far away....

Francesco Aiello from Italy

I felt a strong vibration on second chakra level

Frank Van Baal from Netherlands

Very nice

Gareth from United Kingdom

Awesome trance like sound

Gary Smith from USA

That it is difficult to play! The white-haired gentleman seemed to have difficulty with it playing in a meditation circle.


Very unusual...would like to own one


Loved it

Giulio from Italy

Amazing!I was fascinated by that sound and the way of playing it

Greg Blanford from USA

It was probably one of the coolest instruments I have ever heard.

Greg from USA

I was mesmerized. I had to know more.

Gregory Villanueva from Spain

Yes at first time


I loved it - It was played during a healing with indigenous instruments class

Héctor Hugo Esteller from Argentina

Al escuchar en un "concierto" el sonido de un didjeridoo por primera vez sentí que una vibración especial recorría todo mi cuerpo. Yo soy Profesor de Hatha Yoga y practico Shiatsu with Tibetan Bowls. Es mi intención comprar un didjeridoo aprender a sonarlo y luego incorporarlo a mis sesiones de Hatha Yoga + Shiatsu + Tibetan Bowls + .... didjeridoo. He regresado recién de la India y siento la necesidad de incorporar estos sonidos a mis prácticas y sesiones.



Harald from Austria

Very interesting sounds seemed very meditative - but never dared to buy one (until one year ago)

Heather from New Zealand

Great and very interesting

Anonymous from USA

Thought it was very unique

Helen from USA

I loved the sound unlike any other known to me.

Hervé Vaudan from Switzerland

Waow! What a deep magical sound!!



Anonymous from France

A wonderful feeling this instrument is not like the others you can be in peace while listening or playing not like with my old fashion guitar.

Holly from USA

I read about it in a book and was curious about how it sounded. Later I heard didj music on a radio program and it grabbed me!

Iain from United Kingdom

Loved the sound and wanted to hear more of whatever it was


Awesome sound and I would love to be able to play one.

Anonymous from Australia

It moved me

James Hattaway from USA


James from USA


James from USA

I loved the sound and thought it was a great instrument!


Produces a unique set of sounds and tones

James from USA

AWESOME! I gotta learn how to play one of those!

James Wareham from USA

It was really cool its makes a sound that makes you feel like your down under

Jamie from USA

It is a very calming and unique instrument. My Husband fell in love with them the first time he heard them in college. He has wanted one ever since then. I have just purchased one for him for our 10 year wedding anniversary.



Janine from USA

Sounds great!



Jay Klein from USA

I thought that the didgeridoo was the most awesome sounding thing I've ever heard. It is so soothing and fun to play and hear. As soon as I heard it I knew I had to start playing and take it as far as I could.

Jay from USA

Very unique sounding

Jayne from USA

I thought it was awesome

Jeanell from USA

It was a sound that seemed to go straight through me. Felt so familiar. Felt like Mother Earth talking...

Jeanette from Australia


Jeff from USA

A most haunting and cool sound! Nothing else like it!


My first thought was "I want to learn how to do that!!"


Interesting something that I need to find out more about.


That I was connected to some thing raw and primal. It was awesome!

Anonymous from USA

Very magical and unusual..

Jeremy from USA

Its a very amazing and powerful instrument it really takes you to australia away from the rest of the world and its very good for relaxation you can really feel the spirit within when you hear it.also not to mention its the oldest instrument known to man been around for ages.



Anonymous from USA


Jim Fletcher from USA


Joe from USA


Joe Staniford from United Kingdom



Wow that’s an amazing sound.

Anonymous from USA

Loved it.



John from USA

Odd unknown but captivating

John Jackson from USA

What a wonderful sound relaxing.

John Kernan from Australia

I am a drummer and when I heard a guy playing a didj in Brisbane I thought it was the most amazing sound combined with the difficulty of circular breathing it blew my mind I was hooked on the sound straight away.


A great unique sound for any type of music

Jon from USA


Joni from USA


Josette from USA

It's just so cool!

Juan Boulter from Australia

Excellent sound that you can feel right through you

Judy Fletcher from USA


Julie from USA

Calm and intrigued

Justin Valdez from USA

Interesting wanted to try it out.

Anonymous from Australia

What an interesting sound it made and how it made a spiritualistic atmosphere


Wonderful instrument! Love the deep sound.

Anonymous from USA

It was so cool


Very interested but didn't think I would be able to play one

Katie from Australia

I thought they sounded wonderful

Keith Carpenter from USA

I felt that it produced a very soothing sound and I became interested in learning to play one and if I can ever afford to buy one to learn to play.



Ken from USA

It has one of the coolest sounds I've ever heard

Ken from Jersey

Awesome sound sent tingles down my spine first reaction was 'how do they do that'?


Bizarre sound but unique

Kern from United Kingdom

Rolf harris gimmick.

Kevin from USA

Very exotic sounding

Anonymous from South Africa

I found the sound like no other I had heard - very spiritual and evocative

Kieran Barry from United Kingdom

I was impressed with an instrument made out of a PVC drainpipe and the amazing sound it made! But I had no idea that it was an aborigine invention at that time -- I saw it played on the street in Cologne Germany.

Kim from USA


Kimberly from USA

Very relaxing sound beautiful

Kohei Oba from USA

It was astounding. The whole foundation of my life until that point was totally turned upside down. I felt like I was struck by a thunder.

Anonymous from USA

I thought it was a very interesting sound and very easily listened to.

Kurt Barker from USA



A truly meditative and soothing sound and feel

Lars Henriksen from United Kingdom

This was the most amazing sound I had ever heard.



Laurie from Australia

Loved it! Always wanted to play one since I first it.

Leah from USA

The craft - both creation of the instrument as well as the tones are wonderful. Inspiring.

Leanne from Australia

Amazed at the sound have always been in awe !



Anonymous from USA

Haunting/Visceral Sound.

Anonymous from Australia

I thought it was an extremely earthy sound and did not understand how such a sound could come from such an instrument



Linda from USA

Sounded mystic and felt a bond.

Anonymous from USA

Neat sound



Lisa from Australia

Great sounds

Lisa from Australia

I thought the Didgeridoo sounded fantastic. I thought that it would be a great instrument to learn

Anonymous from USA

Pretty neat

Anonymous from Portugal

It sounds great transmit so good vibes

Lynn from USA


Malcolm from Australia

I developed a longing to play the didge but the opportunity never presented itself for many more years. I find the sound very spiritual and relaxing

Marc from Netherlands

I fell in love with the sound..it makes me relaxed and when I play time doesn't exist anymore.

Marcel from Netherlands

Deep relaxation

Marco from Italy

It has a spiritual and meditative power! It sounds like how my instrument should sound!

Margie from USA


Maria Lambrinos from Australia

I knew this was a beautiful instrument it sounds primal



Marjorie from USA

I loved the haunting sound.

Marree from New Zealand

It was nice and relaxing I feel like I could just sat there for hours and listen to it


Wow! Amazing and hard work to get the sound and I loved it.

Mat from USA

Loved it and knew I wanted one

Anonymous from United Kingdom

An amazing sound in a way spiritual.

Max from Peru

It was an indescribable feeling the sound of it is marvelous it's so personal the feeling I have that I can not find words to express it

Maxwell Kilian from USA

I felt deeply connected to the didj from the second I heard it. I heard a language The oldest language in the universe possibly the same vibrations that have created everything. I started playing the didj when I was 9 I'm 22 and I play the didj everyday along with practice kung fu. Circular breathing greatly advances your abilities to harvest chi power I personally linked circular breathing with my tai chi & qi gong postures I can feel an amazing difference

Melanie from USA

I loved it- very soothing to the soul


Awesome a beautiful and very different sound.

Merryl from Australia


Michał from Poland

How do they play on this piece of wood? this instrument sounds great!

Michael Averill from Canada

I liked the state of mind it put me in


Awesome instrument beautiful sound very soothing


Very unique sound

Michael Henderson from Canada

Haunting (in a good way). Primal. Familiar.


Cool primal sound

Michael from USA

The most amazing sound on the planet. I absolutely get chills each and every time I hear one played.

Michael from USA

Interesting unique

Michael from USA

The didgeridoo had a haunting earthy sound. As a saxophone player I thought about all the metal working mechanisms and other things that go into crafting a sax. Then I thought about how relatively simple this ancient instrument was and how it could have more of an effect on a persons feelings than most modern instruments.


Odd but great

Anonymous from USA

I liked the earthy organic sound


That's incredible

Mike from Australia

It sounds like the soul of Australia

Mj Beckert from USA

When we were in Australia we tried to buy one.

Ngadthe King from Australia

Amazing and profound sound.

Nick Buckley from USA

A musical instrument that sounded like Mother Nature Herself! The growls and barks blew me away - how did they do that!?? Now I am beginning to find out.....

Nicola Noemi from Venezuela

I feel in australia set behind aborigines


Very emotional. It is so private and personal and different to everyone who hears it

Olivier from Canada

I thought it was some kind of african decoration. A few people tried and blew it but it really wasn't that impressing. Then I heard a song by Jamiroquai and that was it that was THE greatest instrument I thought no other sound could bring me there (...don't tell my friends though)

Oyvind Bliksvaer from Norway

I was amazed of the sound and feelings it made even though I was angry because it woke me up at 3.30 in the morning.

Pablo Bertone from Argentina

Totalmente necesario para conectar con otras tribus del mundo!! Very goooood

Pam Cass from USA

A sound which takes you to another level...and love the idea of circular breathing (life flow)

Pam from USA

It was a very beautiful sounding instrument



Patrice from France

Very astonishing

Patrick from USA

Awesome sound

Paul from USA

Was moved. Felt like celebrating



Paul Music from USA

Did not hear


It was lovely.

Paula from USA

Mystical. I have didj cd's.

Peggy from USA

Very organic moving sound; gave me goose bumps.

Phil from USA

Awesome ethereal

Phillip from USA

It was a strange magical instrument unlike any I had ever played before

Anonymous from France

Primitive relaxation

Pierrick from France

It was like I never had heard music before " the music of all-the-world ancestors"

Pippa from Australia

It made me feel so relaxed and grounded. Vibrations resonating through me were incredible



Rachelle from Australia


Anonymous from USA


Anonymous from USA

Very Soothing

Reb from United Kingdom

Deep resonance in an ancient inexplicable way

Rebecca Mcgee from Australia

I thought it sounded just amazing and it made me feel as though I were listening to a story.

Rebekah from USA



I thought it was a very unique site


Unique deep journeying distant

Richard Cozens from United Kingdom

Why can I hear that through my feet? and my bones? how do I do that?



Richard Schneider from Canada

Enjoyed very much. Found the sounds on your web site very helpful.

Richard Westerbeke from USA

I loved it


It sounded a little scary to be honest. Like something from outer space. I was in elementary school and my imagination was running rampant.

Robin Öberg from Sweden

Amazing sound very impressive waves! Feels tribal original. I want to know more.


Cuando escuche por primera vez el sonido de un didj sentí unas ganas locas de tener uno en mis manos

Rogier from Netherlands


Roland Tso from USA

Honest basic and earthy

Anonymous from Chile

Beautiful didjes you have for sale

Ron from Canada

I was immediately drawn to the sound unlike anything I had ever heard. It was Curious haunting and warming I wanted to hear more and to learn to play.

Rose Mary Velasquez from USA

I fell in love with the sound and the look.


I thought it was interesting but I didn't have any desire to play one. I was 10 at the time.

Ruth from USA



It sounded very therapeutic and relaxing

Sandra Christine from USA

I loved it and couldn't wait to go to Australia to hear it in person.

Sandra from Australia

It was incredibly unique item both musically and visually

Anonymous from USA

I think its neat


Don't know

Sara from USA

What a cool sound!


Neat sound

Sarah from Australia

Thought it was a magic piece of wood.

Anonymous from USA

I think they are one of the most unique instruments I have ever heard in my life

Scot from Australia

I liked it

Scott from USA

It was cool! I also reminded me of my childhood and watching my dad and granddad blowing a conch shell

Scott Leclair from USA

I thought that the sounds was mysterious and it intrigued me.

Sean from USA

I thought it was a very unique rich sound.


Sounds interesting

Sergio from Mexico

Freedom alive intensity




Wow! I want to play one!


I enjoyed the sound

Anonymous from USA

I think I know what it sounds like and it's a haunting sound


I've never heard it

Silvia from Netherlands




Sparky from United Kingdom

A fascinating and other-worldly sound


Relaxed emotions

Anonymous from Canada

Great sound very interesting

Steven from USA

Felt familiar


Way cool

Anonymous from Belgium

What a sound!!!

Steven from USA

Pretty dang cool if you ask me! I want one!

Stu from Australia

Earthy &excellent

Suanne from USA

Very unique!

Susan from Australia

What a beautiful and mysterious sound

Susan from USA

Very unusual sound. "Wild" type of sound

Susan from Australia


Anonymous from USA

Sounded cool


What is that???????



Teresa from USA

Don't know

Terry from USA

Fascinated at the concept that it can help people with Sleep Apneas and snoring problems by learning to play it.

Thomas from France

Strange and interesting


Horn sound


Enchanting spiritual

Tom Sullivan from USA

Unique and haunting sound



Anonymous from USA

It was a mysterious sound

Udo Stimpfl from Germany

Sound's great!!

Victor Murillo from Mexico

A wild spiritual but human sensation


I thought the sound was very soothing.

Anonymous from USA

Loved it

Wei Jiang from China (pr)

It is a Heritage culture

Wesley from USA

It was the most amazing instrument/performance I have ever seen. I was hooked after the first 10 seconds.

William from Germany

Authentic sound - ancestral

Yerko from Chile

That it has a great feeling and a rich sound

Zachary from USA

Very interested

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