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Name and Country

First Experience with a Didj

Adam from USA

Wow. This is the most relaxing and exciting instrument I have ever heard.

Adam Snow from USA

I thought it was awesome! The sheer number of sounds one can produce from nothing but a hollow stick is amazing! I love my didj.


Cool sounds

Alby from Italy

I had found my space into playing listening and being music

Alessandro from Italy

Strange warm sound

Alex from USA

I thought it sounded cool

Alex from USA

I thought it was amazing and I absolutely had to learn more!!

Alexandre from Canada

I used to think that didj was a really basic instrument with no or really little sound variety

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Amazing wonderful sound


Interesting. Looking for a unique instrument for my dad

André Almeida from Portugal

Spectacular amazing unique sound and also a very beautiful instrument (it was an original aboriginal didj with aboriginal designs)



Andreas from Cyprus

I felt a very raw vibration a very ancient vibration that created a meditative emotion in me

Andrew Avery from United Kingdom

A sound that comes for the EARTH. Natural and soothing.

Andrew from USA

The first time I heard the didj I became excited about the aboriginal culture. Who are these people? What is that tube and how are they making those groovy sounds?

Angela from USA

A very unique sound

Anjani from USA

It moved me!

Anonymous from United Kingdom

I knew I wanted to learn to play

Barry Pendleton from United Kingdom

Spine tingling

Bart Vrancken from Netherlands

I thought it was a beautiful deep sound. It triggered a weird emotion in me and I wanted to learn to play that instrument to.

Anonymous from USA

I thought it had the kind of sound that I could listen to all day.

Ben from United Kingdom

Simple cool instrument. Possible to reproduce natural sounds

Anonymous from USA

Curiosity and fascination of the creation of the unique sound.

Benjamin from USA

It was background music for a televised production of some sort... I didn't know what was producing that particularly haunting drone until I'd heard one after learning of the instrument...

Bent Lønrusten from Norway

Incredible sound

Bettyann from USA

I was moved at such a deep level- I couldn't get up and walk away- I sat transfixed for over an hour. My father always wanted to learn to play one but died of cancer before he could. After hearing one I understood his passion for them.

Bill Van Dusen from USA

The sound was from the soul of the earth

Boaz Gilad from Israel

The vibes are great

Bob Yellin from USA

I was amazed that such a simple instrument made such a complex sound.


I can't remember the first time exactly... but I'm sure I really liked it!

Bourton from Canada

I though it was so wicked...evere since I heard one I've been itching to get my hands on a good one!

Brad from Canada

I remember thinking it was amazing. I first heard it on a cassette I had (coincidentally a cassette/book about Australia) as a kid.

Braden from USA



I thought that the didj was a fascinating instrument. I was truly amazed to discover that all of the varies sounds were made entirely by changes of the mouth and tongue.

Bria Singer from USA

My sternum and my cranium vibrated and I felt like something mystical and beautiful was happening. I wanted more!

Brian Anderson from USA

I thought it was amazing - I was totally blown away.

Brian from USA

I was amazed!

Anonymous from USA

Wow the sound was just so breathe taking


Very Powerful/Spiritual - Struck a chord in my core

Bruce Cartwright from USA

Haunting but wonderful sound

Burton from Canada

I though it was the sweetest thing since soft spread butter. as soon as I heard it I saved enough cash to buy one

Anonymous from Canada

It was the most incredible experience. I went to go see Xavier Rudd when he came to Toronto Canada and I could easily say it was one of the most enjoyable nights of my life.

Carol from USA

Beautiful haunting instrument

Cedric Boehler from Switzerland

Very great sensation of peace

Charley from USA

WOW! Very spiritual meditative sound. Earthy and inviting.

Chris from New Zealand

Amazing.. The sounds and vibe given out gave me tingles and I knew I had to learn so I started then and there.

Chris from South Africa

I thought it was strange but super cool. I instantly wanted my own one.

Chris Murphy from Australia

Calming down to earth sound that lets you mellow out



Chris Yerlig from USA

Can't remember too well. I was quite young. It was just something neat that Rolf Harris did (along with his 'wobbleboard').

Anonymous from USA


Anonymous from France

New sounds - Amazing sensations


An amazing instrument that carries my spirit into a calmed euphoric state

Chuck from USA

The sound didn't hook me but playing did.

Cor from Netherlands

Great sound

Craig from Australia


Crystal from USA

That is must be the sounds fairies make when they sing


The sound is so good.

Dan Martin from Canada

I love the sound it calms me and excites me at the same time. at that point I said I would some how get one and learn to play That was over twenty years past I just got one last week! now I can work at it

Daniela from Germany

I immediately loved this strange weird but soothing and meditative sound. It took me more than 10 years to think of playing the didge by myself.

Darren Mcintyre from Australia

I thought that the didj is the sound of Australia the uniqueness of the great land we call home. Growing up as a kid watching Skippy and spending time in Cairns I have always identified with the sounds of the didj

Darryl from Australia

To young to really remember

Dave Schwanke from USA

I was enchanted

David from United Kingdom

A very unusual sound


Unique sound interesting vibration resonates your body

Anonymous from USA

Inspirational I finally received my first Didj just 2 day's ago.

Deborah from Canada

Awesome mystical instrument

Denis Barry from USA

WOW! What a sound! This is neat!

Denis Burns from United Kingdom

Eerie a sense of the earth - beyond normal sounds a deep warm pulse

Denis Richard from France


Derek from Ireland

It sounded like no instrument I had ever heard and grabbed my attention immediately. Lots of bass

Dian from Canada


Dimitri from Italy

A natural wonderful and mystic sound


Amazing instrument. Something magical came into my brain from my ears. The base sound was great and the harmonics created by the player were great! Also I found amazing to see somebody continuously making sounds from this tube. Circular breath was unknown to me.

Don from USA

Sounded interesting

Doron Vardi from Israel

That it had the most relaxing/enchanting sound....it really took me away. I knew right after that this was something I had to look into

Dottie from USA

Great instrument

Douglas Vroonen from Belgium

A wave of happiness

Eddy from Australia

Sound was great relaxing calming and made me read about aboriginal matters.

Edward from USA

It was awesome!


I was amazed at how natural and beautiful of an instrument it was and I thought it had kind of a haunting sound I was completely enchanted.

Eros from Italy

It was amazing .......

Fabien from Switzerland


Fernan Rodriguez from Costa Rica

It produced the most amazing I've heard in my live! It was love at first sight!!!!

Anonymous from Portugal

Sounds great!

Francisco Ramirez from USA

I though it produced an interesting sound

Fred from United Kingdom

I liked it so much I bought one at glastonbury festival I am only 8 and I love to play my didj

Gabor from Hungary

Very distinctive sound it is not similar to any other instruments I have ever heard of. soothing but still unique and timeless.

Gary Standen from USA

The sounds that come from the didj strike at the roots of my soul.

Gene from USA


Anonymous from Australia

A unique sound that I enjoyed.

Gia from USA

I loved it

Gottfried from Germany


Anonymous from United Kingdom

Strange noise - but it was only Rolf Harris mucking about - not a real instrument (that was more than 40 yrs ago!)


Unusual penetrating sound

Gregory from USA

It was awesome.

Gunter from Belgium

Amazing sound very intriguing. Good for meditation/spiritual purposes and relaxing other people.

Harry from Netherlands

Wow what a unbelievable sound it make's me feel good to feel/hear it I wanna know more about it

Anonymous from Australia

Amazing sound especially Australian sounds.

Herman from USA

Loved the sound



Anonymous from USA

It sounds cool

Jacques from Canada

Amazing Sound

James from USA

That's sick! (sick meaning awesome)

James from USA

Fun instrument.

James Daley from Australia

It was hard to play but it produces a great sound.

James Walker from Australia

Overpowered. music of the soul.

Anonymous from USA

I was quite young and was very intrigued. We are planning a visit soon to Australia and all of the memories from my childhood have come flooding back with a renewed interest - particularly in healing applications.

Anonymous from USA

It was earthy. It opened my mind to a different level.

Anonymous from Spain

I like very much its deep sound.

Jay from USA

The sound grabbed me I needed to learn this instrument

Anonymous from Canada

This instrument it's great!! very beautiful sound

Jean-paul Massie from Canada

That was really amazing for me to see and hear a real Australian didge player.

Jeff from USA

Cool sound

Jerald from USA

Loved it

Jeremy from USA

I heard this amazing sound from a couple blocks away @ a festival. It was Allan Shockley playing didj! I loved it and knew I had to learn more about it and how to play.

Jim Bane from USA

Awesome 'droning' sound amazed at the circulation abilities wanted to learn how and get my own didge.

Joao from Portugal

A big connection with all the vibrations

Anonymous from USA

Thought they were cool

Joel Sjöbom from Sweden

I thought it where cool! But I never thought about playing it myself until many years later...

John Abernatha from USA

That is unique!

John Judish from USA

What a cool sound



Anonymous from Canada

Felt the true depth of the soul

Jonathan from Canada

Foreign but interesting.

Jonny from USA

I thought it sounded like a bunch of bullfrogs! It was so incredible! Just LOVE that sound!


I felt in trance and later it makes me feel in contact with nature

Josh from Canada

Crazy - how can so many sounds come from a hollow tube?!?!

Josh Olczak from USA

Powerful sounds Enchanting Vibrations

Julien from France

It's fantastic !

Karen from Germany

I felt entirely attracted and completely absorbed. I used to listen to the CDs nearly every night while I was falling asleep and during my sleep

Karla Johnson from USA


Keith from USA

I thought it was so cool. The drone was such a powerful thing that I immediately knew I wanted to learn to play a didje.

Ken from USA

I thought it sounded uniquely cool and I wondered if it was hard to play. I plan to guy one soon.

Ken Hicks from Canada

It was a haunting experience... I could feel the music flowing over my body... it was an amazing experience... I recently played for the first time... Blew me Away... I will be getting one soon...


Relaxed and at peace with my surroundings

Ken Mason from New Zealand

Beautiful sounding instrument. Earthy ancient and a 'language' all its own. Able to transport you to the Australian heartland far better than any ad on tv!

Kenn Parkin from USA


Kenneth Towns from Australia

I think they are great & a credit to your people they have a beautiful sound.

Kent from USA


Kev from United Kingdom

Elation and a sense of complete oneness with the universe.

Kevin Clay from Denmark

The sheer vibrations of the mystical but somehow well known sounds put me into contact with my roots and simply changed the way I lived and looked at life. The didj became instantly a very special instrument for me.

Kevin Summers from USA

I was totally amazed and determined to acquire and learn how to play a didge.

Kim from Sweden

The first real contact was on a trip to fraser island with fellow travelers. Made a huge impression on me and I had to get myself a didj a bit later on the journey in Cairns.

Anonymous from USA

Awesome strange haunting sound


How cool is that


Wonderful artwork haunting sound

Lori from USA

I've heard didjis in movies and on soundtracks but the first time I heard one 'live' was in January of this year (2005 wasn't an option above). At first I wasn't so sure-- I heard it played with music not by itself. I prefer it by itself or with other didjis and/or percussion.


Nice sound but I didn't know what kind of instrument it could be


Excellent site easy to navigate

Marcus Holm-Petersen from Germany

Erotic vibes

Marguerite Leahy from Australia

Loved the earthy sound feel connected to the earth


.... (I was speechless)

Mark from USA

Beautiful and very empowering

Mark Rodgerson from United Kingdom

Awesome sounds so relaxing and soothing to listen to and a different kind of instrument.

Marty from USA

Interesting sound but didn't think of it as a musical instrument

Massimo Gambirasio from Italy

It was fate. I bought it without knowing anything about it ..I don't know why..the first time I listened to.?'woh..amazing man!!!


I thought that it was an amazing instrument when I listened it in a jamiroquai's song so I started to search information later this year

Matt from USA

The sound of the didgeridoo invoked a very primal feeling from within me. It felt as though it resonated with a deeper more authentic part of my being. What came out of the didgeridoo seemed to be the spiritual aspect of reality emphasized if that makes any sense. It seemed to bring what was in the background to the foreground.



Matthew Brewster from South Africa

Blown away and totally moved by the earthy tone drone and rythem.The didj is now a major part of my life.

Anonymous from Netherlands

Sound of the clouds

Max from USA

Eerie powerful

Melissa from USA

I thought the sound was incredibly soothing


The sound was amazing sound

Michael from Australia

When I heard the the didj for the first time it felt like My soul was Touching Heaven and earth at some time and mind was at peace at what I saw.

Michele from USA



When I first heard it I could tell it was a special instrument with a sound that could change a mood or a feeling.

Anonymous from Spain

I felt it was the gods noise


I think it was awesome. very spiritual and intriguing. it was weird to hear music come out of an object like that

Miriam from USA

I was drawn to the sound.

Morgan from USA

Whoah what a trip/ never heard anything quite that cool




I liked the sound of it.

Nuno Ovidio from Portugal

I loved the sound. And I started to look info about it.


The first time I played the didj I was taken by the depth and resonance of its sound. I was surprised to see that my kids (3 and 5) were entranced when I played it.

Olivier Onnainty from France

What a wonderful sound! spirit close to the Nature

Oscar from Mexico

Amazing sound! I was filled up with emotion

Pascal from Belgium

Sorry as I was very small then I can't remember


Great found

Pat from USA

It was a romantic pulse of sound that infiltrated my being. (It was good)

Patti from USA

It was one of the most haunting hypnotic sounds I have ever heard

Paul from USA

I was in a music store and saw this weird instrument and had to buy it once I figured out how to play it and herd it for the first time I was very stoked when I realized what I had came across the didjeridu!!

Anonymous from USA

The vibrations were therapeutic

Paul Thodiyil from USA

Very unusual

Anonymous from Belgium

I love it!


I knew right then that I wanted to play one but couldn't afford to buy one.

Peter from Sweden

Strange sound.

Anonymous from Australia

Gets back to my roots

Que from Canada

I loved the sound

Radek Świrko from Poland

Near of the roots I found you


I thought it was the most interesting instrument I have ever heard and seen in my life. I am in awe that you can play this instrument for hours on end.

Ravinderjit Singh from Malaysia

Simply superb!! I had to learn how to play one and get one!!

Anonymous from France

A very strange and very subtle sound

Reto from Australia

Strange instrument mystic hard to play

Richard from Australia

Weird but good sound

Richard from USA

I loved what I was hearing but had no idea what it was. I've been looking/asking about it ever since.

Ricky from New Zealand

Look hard to play didn't think I could play it

Rob Tol from Netherlands

That the sound was a part of me. Like a travel that touch you.

Anonymous from Canada

I was somewhat awestruck and I also found that it was a very emotionally calming experience.


Is very beautiful

Anonymous from India

There was a deep rumbling excitement just knew I had to learn more about the sound the instrument made me feel connected with some primordial source.

Ron from United Kingdom

How such an amazing sound could ever be produced by a hollowed out piece of tree astounded me. I felt uplifted and enriched by the harmonic qualities of such a sound


I thought it was cool

Rose Williams from USA

Haunting primal sound. Reminded me of Irish (not Scottish) pipes. Very elemental conducive to meditation.


The tone was incredibly enchanting and peaceful.

Ryan Mussatto from USA

The didj is an amazing instrument with its simple design and its ability to reproduce (in great detail) the natural sounds of the aussie outback. I love didjs

Sam from USA

I felt a very spiritual connection with the elements. I am a native hawaiian. It was like hearing the earth speak.

Sandy from USA

Deep mysterious rich tone


I thought it was neato

Sean from USA

An amazing and unique sound! Love it!




Loved it

Simon from Canada

It is so big beautiful and it sounds good and really different of everything else!

Simon MacCaulay from Australia

Harmonic vibrations. A beautiful sound. The most natural sound in the world.

Stéphane from France

What a freezing sound for a piece of wood ! I have to play that instrument !


I knew I had to play.

Suzanne from South Africa

Like the sound and find relaxing

Sylvain from France

Earthquake or a primal sound


It sounded strange.


Weird instrument but good sound and possibility

Anonymous from USA

A relaxing and calming sound. I wanted to try one right away.

Thomas from Germany

Ohh my god...whats that ??!!!?? Since this time I am fascinated from didgeridoo.

Thomas Roll from USA

I loved it. Its sound was very alluring and primal. I wanted to be able to make that sound but never acted on it until many years later (just 2 weeks ago) my grandchildren asked me about didgeridoos so I looked it up on the internet and found your site and made our own from pvc pipe. Three of them in the key on C and one in the key of D which is mine. We made mouth pieces with bee's wax and hand painted our didjes.

Tiago Meira from Portugal

It was wonderful it sounded like we were in heaven! I just closed my eyes and feel that sound! It was amazing!

Tina Leaman from Australia

I was a young child who experienced the sound of the didj among other Aboriginal instruments and those of other indigenous peoples at a school performance. I never forgot its hypnotism. It helped to foster a lifelong interest in our Aboriginal culture.


Thought it was awesome

Tomas Martins from Portugal

It was different from everything I heard or saw but I loved it..!

Tony from USA


Tony Teele from USA

The sound that it produced made me investigate it.

Trent from USA

Loved the sound

Trevor Markham from Canada

I thought it was absolutely amazing!

Tushar Mehta from India

Amazing nothing like it. I went into a zombie state

Tyler from USA

I thought it sounded awesome and I definitely needed to get one!

Tyler from USA


Vincent Lizotte from Canada


W. Wilval from USA

At home

Wendy from Australia

I love the sound! It has a unique deeply spiritual and really earthy tone.

William Bode from USA

Amazing!! Heart Truth Home Love

William from USA


Wolf Friedhoff from USA

Hauntingly dreamy

Wolfgang Ott from Austria

How does he manage it to make that sound?

Yaron Ouzana from Israel

Loved the sound and vibes from it

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