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Name and Country

First Experience with a Didj

Alex from Australia

I liked it.

Anonymous from Canada

Crap I could never do that

Amanda from Australia

Very grounding absorbing. draws the listener to feel a unity with mother earth.

Andreas Engebrethsen from Sweden

Amazing instrument that not only touches ones senses for music but the very bone structure and every single cell in your body.

Andy from New Zealand

Fell in love

Andy from USA

The sound was hypnotic


Fantastic instrument I'll have to get one one day.

Anonymous from USA

That I would like to be able to play it

Anthony from Australia

Blew me away what sound could be created using a hallow log

Anonymous from Portugal

I thought it very relaxing and accessible for someone like me with no music instruction.

Antonio-elias Vale Tavares from Brazil


Apollo Bair from USA

It is a simple and fun musical instrument I thought that I would love to play a didj

Audrey from USA

I loved the sound I thought it was primal yet comforting

Bart from USA

Complete misconception. Originally thought it was whirled around in the air mainly because of the continuous tone created through circular breathing

Ben from USA

"Bloody Hell! this is one of the most amazing things I have ever heard!"

Benjamin from France

Kind of amazing sensation and relaxing


Very relax sounds and complete music for meditation

Benjamin from France

Incredible song!

Anonymous from Canada

What a primal earthy and amazing sound.

Bradley from USA

It made me feel like I was in a trance I needed to have one and make the sound myself.

Brent Hilton from USA

I knew at that moment that I wanted to learn how to play....so I did

Brian from USA

Instantly fell in love

Brian from USA

It was mysterious and peaceful.

Bruce from USA

I was given one to learn for my classroom. It's a bit of a challenge right now.

Anonymous from Brazil

Foi o melhor som que eu já esvutei de um instrumento um som relaxante e maravilhosamente calmante perfeito.

Cameron from USA

Interesting calming sound good vibe

Carlie from Australia

I love didj's I love the sound they have and I have grew up around them a lot they are really unique in my eye's

Caroline from USA

I thought then and still think that they didgeridoos have a mystical sound


It sounded amazing- and as a learning trombone player I understood some of the basics in playing it.

Christian Wewerka from France

Other world

Cindy from Netherlands

The sound of the didgeridoo is real and very relaxing it gave me a special good feeling.


What a strange sound

Craig from Canada

Very unique and interesting compelled me to learn how to play one

Craig from USA

Unusual sound

Anonymous from USA

It was completely different and alien sound. nothing like I've ever heard before. it was great.

Anonymous from Canada

It sounds like a great instrument and I've always wanted to play one to see what it's like. Another great thing to come from Australia

Daniel from United Kingdom

Second time was better! I heard william barton give a concert!


It sounded really cool.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Such a different sound almost earthly but heavenly at the same time very difficult to describe

Darren from United Kingdom

It sounded soothing and welcoming. I wanted to learn to play and have just bought a didj so that I can do so.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Very haunting and powerful


Outstanding tone for an ancient instrument

David Dunley from USA

It blew me away- I'd never heard anything like it before

David Moulton from United Kingdom

Wow. From the first time I heard one played I was amazed at the sound

Denise Lewandowski from USA


Derek from USA

I think that it is one of the greatest instruments in the world I really love it along with the aboriginal culture I one day I hope to get to go to Australia and meet an aborigines

Eddy from Netherlands

Great music instrument.




The most wonderful magical sound I had ever heard.


I loved it so much that I started playing.

Anonymous from USA

It was the primitive rhythm and different sound that was produced. I immediately was drawn to it wanted one of my own.


Great feeling very meditative relaxing

Fernan Rodriguez from Costa Rica

It produced an amazing sound that blew my mind and put me in trance!!! I felt like I'd found something that was missing in my life.

Fintan Doran from United Kingdom

I thought the sound was unearthly and hypnotic.

François Rey from France

What a crazy instrument! This sound is so unbelievable!!


Strange sound but interesting

Frederick from United Kingdom

Sound was quite mesmerizing

Gareth from United Kingdom

It felt like a sound that was a million miles away from me and my comfortable western little world

Gary from USA

I was curious about the Making and the Sound

George Harrison from USA

I thought it was the most beautiful instrument I had ever heard

George from Australia

Awesome instrument and the sounds of our beautiful nature of Australia all from this instrument. Amazing!!

Gerhard from USA

Nice sound

Gilbert from Australia


Heidi from USA

I was awe struck and feel in love with it immediately.

Henrik from USA

Was amazed by the Aborigines playing on the streets in Sydney. I immediately went out and bought one myself then I went out to Manly and sat on the beach to learn. I finally figured it out up in a cave on a property (Glastonbell) in the blue mountains.

Howard from USA

Great sound!

Ian Marshall from United Kingdom

I was very young but I remember never hearing anything like it before

Jackie from USA

I was just amazed. I really had no idea that such a thing ever existed and just loved it!


Inspired by the sound and peace it created as people listened

James from USA

I thought that it was a pretty intriguing instrument. It didn't make me want to play it...probably at that time I thought that the instrument was too big and impractical to try to have at home.

Jamie from USA

Loved it!

Janel from USA


Jason from USA

It is a very peaceful sound that is very soothing to the soul.

Jeff from Belgium

Krijg er koude rilingen van en vond het een apard geluid en prachtig

Anonymous from USA

Great sound


A very spiritual and calming sounding instrument.

Jeff Kimes from USA

I thought it was interesting and had a lot of power behind it but more a novelty than an instrument. Little did I know this was an issue I had taken with style the guy I heard played not the instrument.

Jennifer from USA

WOW - it touched me at my core. I cried and I was elated. Knew I would have to play it one day

Jeremy Erne from USA

Wondered where the hell a sound like that came from

Jess Horricks from Canada

I thought it sounded like a very interesting and entertaining instrument

Anonymous from Australia

Loved the haunting sound

Jim Dexter from USA

Mysteries of the universe

Anonymous from Australia

Its sound touched my soul beyond words.


It was powerfully electrifying with a primitive rhythm that was hard not to get up and move to. I loved it.

Joe from USA

Soul rattling

Joel from Canada

I thought it had the coolest sound

John from Norway

I loved the sound and and felt there was something very spiritual about it.

Jon from USA

It jolted me Almost made tears come out my eyes. Something inside of me needed to chime into that drone sound.

Anonymous from USA

Mesmerizing and trance-like

Anonymous from Netherlands

The sound is cool very 'tribal' very natural. Very different from more 'manufactured' instruments (horns violin etc).

Jorge Rivera from USA

I thought it was an incredible instrument. I loved the way it sounds.

Anonymous from France

I thought it was a kind of "eternal" music both as a very old tradition and with its circulate breathing that makes the music lasting over and over. I linked its sound to healing shamanism.

Anonymous from USA

I've always liked anything that's unusual so I was intrigued of course.

Anonymous from Canada

I was very moved by the sound. It made me feel at peace and something powerful deep down is side my body. I wanted to buy one right there but I could not afford it the next year the festival was back in town and on the first day I went down and got me first and only didjeridu.


I would like to have one

Julia from USA

Odd it was my husband playing a cd he thought was cool. odd but enticing mystical

Anonymous from France

It has an amazing sound it seems it's coming from the soul of the player.

Anonymous from France

The sound is very strange and typical

Julio from USA

Amazing sound

Justin Kaysing from USA

Intrigued in love

Karen Milward from Australia

It brings the true voice of what our culture and the land and all its inhabitants represent through music.

Anonymous from USA

Awesome sound want to learn to play it

Keith from USA

Cool chanting Vocal-like trance relaxing engaging non-obtrusive sound.

Ken Pincince from USA

Difficult to play and not very appealing until the second time I heard one actually played. This time I loved it and decided to learn to play one myself. Circular breathing was difficult but learned in a water jar with a straw in about a couple days.

Ken from Ireland

Interesting relaxing unique special vibration ethnic earthy rhythmic .... a journey

Kenneth from USA

It Was crazy cool!

Kevin Paul from USA

Wow. It took me out of my mind put me into a deep feeling state then sent me out of my body on a journey.

Khabir Shareef from USA

I was awe struck! I found it strange appealing and very soothing

Kurt from USA

It was such a unique sound that "resonated" deep parts of my soul

Laura from USA

It was amazing

Laurent from France

Good vibes

Leandro from Argentina

Guauuu que ronroneoooo

Lee from United Kingdom

I couldn't believe the amount of different sounds blasting out of this chunk of log all at the same time wow!

Lieber Rodrigues from Brazil

I loved it............ the sound invited me to meditate........ I could see the player in a trance state.....

Lindsey from Austria

Amazing beautiful piece of both art and sound

Lionel Durupt from France

Very attractive by its spiritual and dancing sound

Anonymous from France

Great and magic

Lloyd Cosway from United Kingdom

Awesome inspiring earthly sound thought provoking the sound creating an oasis with a reverence for the earth spirit difficult to play

Lone Macloud from Australia

Very primal instinctive. I used to be a professional musician before & there's NOTHING in this world that sounds like it! Totally unique....

Lori Nikkel from Canada

I loved the melodious sound.

Loris from Italy

The sound it's fantastic

Lucy from USA


Luis Figueira from Portugal

An ancient sound connected to the mother earth centred with the universe

Malcolm from United Kingdom

An amazing sound

Manuel Bayardo from USA

Amazing awesome sound out of this world and I must learn how to connect with it

Marcel Solca from Sweden

Great instrument

Anonymous from Germany

It has a fantastic sound and it makes a lot of fun to play a didj

Mark Boyer from USA

Weird amazing sound

Marlo Murphy from USA

It was awesome I never saw anything like it.

Martin from USA

I felt that some sort of mystical connection was being made between me and the ancient ones who are those from whom we all come from.

Martin Couch from Canada

It was a new erie mystical instrument to me

Mathieu from France

What a strange music tool!?!

Matt from USA


Matt Meers from USA

Fascinated it sounded (felt) familiar like a human voice that I recognise but had forgotten.


Bo ????!!!!

Michael Buckingham from Australia

So cool

Michael from USA

When I heard Xavier play for the first time I thought it was awesome his yidaki had such a rich tone

Michael Thiesen from Germany

I felt deep inside me without knowing it by mind the natural and spiritual force(s) of the yidaki.

Mike from Netherlands

Intriguing sound.


Interesting Sound

Anonymous from Finland

Can't remember really - I was a small kid and kids accept things more naturally. It just feels as if the didge has always been around.

Nick from USA

I've always had a fascination with Australia since I was a kid and remember always loving the sound of a digj when I was offered to learn to play one I was so excited when I realized what my friend was talking about because I had always wanted to play "that one instrument"

Oliver Stadler from Germany

Strange... later on interesting....now fascinating


Incroyable!!magique ce son!!je dois apprendre!!!!!

Patricia from USA

Loved the sound

Patrick Norris from USA

Connected with more primal level energy

Patsy Yarbrough from USA

Really neat sound and that it would probably take lots of air. I love all kinds of musical instruments and I knew AI had to have one.



Pete from Australia

A very amazing sound. Mystical and captivating.

Petri from Finland

Superb sound. Gives a great feeling

Phil from France

Mind boggling sound!


The music is hypnotic. I've always wanted to play one.


Almost hypnotic and really cool feels like the sound drills deep into my head

Randy from USA


Remco from Netherlands

Great instrument (wohhhhhh!)

Rhonda from USA

Wow! What a cool and versatile sound.

Ric from Canada

Mesmerized intrigued and wanted to do it!

Ricardo from Portugal

Amazing. Very beautiful and with a great sound. Very mystic and relaxing. Keeps you in touch with nature.

Rick from USA

I wanted to learn how to play - something grabbed me about it.

Rick from Australia

Was interesting but not overly impressed


Peace and harmony

Rien from Netherlands

Great sound it gave me the shivers

Robert Heller from USA

I thought what is that? I immediately feel in love with the sound.


Loved the sound ...

Rod from Australia


Roy from Australia

Interesting. I stumbled across it but it was a pleasant stumble :)

Roy from USA

Very interesting soothing hum buzz.

Roy Lang from United Kingdom

Wonderful sound

Anonymous from USA

It was just an amazing sound coming from a hollowed out wood.

Ruud Dirkx from Netherlands

Deep sound that touches your inner spirit

Ryan from USA

Extremely interesting sound

Sarah from USA

I was in a state of awe! I thought it was the most unique and mesmerizing instrument I had ever heard and I've been in love with it ever since!

Satch from USA

Great sound! First heard it on my first trip to Australia in 1996

Shaman Charles from USA

The didj is a different way of mind for those who seek it's spiritual healing abbilities.the questions that are asked here on the page are all feelings I had as a child. I have always been into healing and want to try something I yet to experience as the healer with this tool.



Simon from United Kingdom

That it was an unusual sounding instrument

Stano Betak from Slovakia

Strange sound for me that time (I like strange tings:) ) but very nice and interesting

Stephan from United Kingdom

Unique enchanting sound - rather an emotion as the experience goes beyond audio perception..


The sound was fantastic we were camping and it was played by the campfire. the sound just moved me deeply.

Steven from Australia

Very mellow sound

Sue Radlett from United Kingdom

I was intrigued by the sound and wanted to play a didj

Sylvain from France

I thought that it was very impressive

Anonymous from Finland

Cool hypnotic sound

Terri-ann from Australia

It made me feel like I had nice spirits around me.


Very cool

Thomas from USA

I loved its awesome trancing sound. I couldn't wait to get my own and play it across the lake at night.

Thomas from France

Song is very strange man becomes in trance like a magician he takes the vibes and went to an other world. I tried to imagine and I understood when I learnt the circular breathe...


I heard Graham Wiggins playing right in front of me and I knew I would be playing didjeridu some day. I have been playing 15 years now!

Anonymous from Italy

Strumento affascinante in quanto antico e misterioso

Tobias Devinck from Belgium

I was in a bad situation I had uncontrollable fear attacks an it really calmed me down it was like a trance like experience

Tobin Caldwell from USA

Inspiring intriguing primal and moving

Todd from Australia

In awe of how they played so many different sounds.



Tom from USA

How do they make such varied sounds?

Tommaso Timperi from Italy

I thought belly & spirit were joint out of breath ('Twas a very high quality didji & very well played indeed so fully rich of harmonics). Being myself something of a prehistoric thug I went enthusiastic of the instrument whilst cautious being it the means of an aboriginal expression

Tony Morris from United Kingdom


Toru from Japan

I was interested in that strange sound.

Tracy from USA

It was so beautiful haunting primitive and moving...I just loved it...I could listen to it all day long!

Tristan from USA

I probably thought that it sounded cool I was a kid and didn't really know what it was.

Umi from USA

Awesome unique instrument that showcases the skills of the aborigines

Anonymous from Canada



It was a mystical sound that captured my attention because it was so unlike anything else I'd ever heard.

Victoria Maxwell-davis from Australia

The first time I heard a didj I remember a feeling in my heart like a timeless energy was being shared between the instrument and my body. I felt a real connection.


Haunting sound.

Warner Recabaren from USA

Cool haunting sound


Love the sound and had the thrill of seeing it played by a traveling indigenous group visiting our school. I now have two brothers who play competently.

Will from USA

I thought it was awesome

William Ferguson from United Kingdom

The sound was great!

Wim from Belgium

Great instrument natural sound which ran through all my body feeling of letting everything go

Yann from France

It was in a street; I remember a deep sound which take my brain and my body...

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