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Name and Country

First Experience with a Didj

Anonymous from Japan

I think I want to play.

Alan from Canada

Love the sound




Incredible multidimensional sound. hypnotic and mystical.

Amber from USA


Andrea from Brazil

I thought about being a part of nature


I was surprised with his amazing sound


Great sounds. And wanted to learn how to play it.


Mystical I play bass and was looking for new instrument

Anthony from Australia

Thought it was an amazingly unique instrument with a beautiful soul driven sound.

Arlena from USA


Belmira Becirbasic from Canada

It was amazing

Ben Demory from USA

It looked like an incredible instrument to play but more than hard to grasp.

Bob from USA

Cool sound


It sound cool


I thought it was a great and original sounding instrument that with imagination could be incorporated into all types of music.

Bridget Walker from USA

Deep healing inner journey and awareness

Anonymous from Australia

The most unique and rhythmic instrument that I've ever heard.

Anonymous from Australia

Loved the sound and feeling I never thought I would actually be able to play



Anonymous from USA

Couldn't really answer

Chad from USA

Very intriguing.

Anonymous from USA

It seemed like a fascinating instrument and the sounds it could make were amazing.

Cheryl from USA

I felt a deep spiritual connection with the sound.


Made me feel that this was the sound of the real 'Australia'

Christopher Holmes from Australia

I have always been attracted to the music of indigenous peoples around the world...The didj was awesome...All senses were touched

Clement from France

Didj is an instrument which make you flying and travelling.

Anonymous from USA

It is a very spiritual instrument

Craig Snyder from USA

Fell in love

Damien from Australia

It was a beautiful sound so different from any other instrument I had heard

Damon from USA

It was nice

Dave from USA

The sounds was invigorating peaceful and inviting.



David from Belgium

Nice sounds

David from USA


David from Spain

I feel it was a culture to know and an instrument to play with. I like its peculiar sound.

David from France

I found the sound very peculiar and interesting

David from USA

Meditative instrument

David Watts from United Kingdom

The amazement of warped and diverse sounds that could be created

Dean Fargo from USA

The coolest...

Dennis from USA

How amazing the sound was

Di from Australia

Very earthy feeling

Dominik from Germany

I loved the sound as soon as I heard it. I enjoy to do al lot of different sounds and rhythms with such a simple kind of instrument.

Donald Unruh from USA

Different but Very Interesting

Doug from USA

The sound was just captivating and awesome it reverberated throughout my body I felt the results linger on for days afterward

Douglas Brunker from USA

The didj is a deeply spiritual instrument. I am in complete love with the didj and it's sounds. The didge made me feel closer to the earth. I knew deep in my heart that the didj was and is the instrument connected to my heart.

Eric Fuehrer from USA

This IS very spiritual and special. I wish I'd heard of the didj earlier in life. But unfortunately I grew up in CO USA where the didj is literally unheard of.

Eric Klaus from USA

What an awesome powerful primal sound ... something so basic yet powerful that it stirs something deep in my soul


Amazing sound

Anonymous from USA

Incredible instrument. can be played from the soul not from a piece of paper.

Ezra Hein from USA

I thought they were really cool


I remained shocked because of the strange effect that sound was doing to my body; it was like I had to dance for the strong vibration I felt that was flowing from the ground to my head.

Fernando Gamez from Mexico

Hey! eso suena bastante bien.

Anonymous from Germany

Wow! Great! Fantastic! I gotta learn that!

Francesco from Italy

Wonderful sound

Franck from France

The particular ethnic sound was hypnotizing and as a creole metis I found it greatly rhythmic

Francois from France

Great! Good vibrations.

Gareth from Australia

Eerie I feel the vibration in my chest I love the harmony of several together as well as the single didj played well

George from USA

Hypnotic sound

Anonymous from USA

I was captivated by the sound although I had no idea what kind of instrument made it.

Haffiz from Singapore

Unique amazing..

Harold Duggan from Canada

Totally embarrassed. A guy named Shine came up from AUstralia and was at a party I was at. He started playing and everyone holding a guitar broke into a 1970's guitar solo.

Hauke Kellner from Germany

I started to smile and even to laugh - such a simple and good tone!

Hawk Henries from USA

I was completely and totally mesmerized. I asked the man who was playing if I could try it and was hooked right away!!

Anonymous from Australia

Beautiful sound/ unique/ different

Anonymous from Singapore


Anonymous from Germany

My first thought that days where "sounds funny but kinda boring with just one tone"...that was before listening to a good player

James Mott from USA

I connected with the beautiful haunting sound immediately and was struck by just how much you could do with it.

Jason Hoover from USA



I felt good vibrations.

Jeff from USA

I didn't know what the beautiful sound was.

Jeff from USA

Enchanted. I hunted the sound for several years before I figured out what it was then started buying CDs. I finally scraped enough money together last year to buy my own from this site (I'm a snob and refused to buy one that I did not feel to be authentic).



Anonymous from USA


Ji from USA

I was pretty amazed especially when I first heard about circular breathing.


Curious as to how it worked.



John from USA

Amazing sound

Jon from USA

I loved it.


Me gusto mucho el sonido y la vibracion tan profundos que tiene.

Joseph from USA

I thought it made a really cool sound and always wanted to learn how to play one. So I made one myself.

Joseph from USA

It was the first sound I've heard that brought me to complete relaxation.

Joshua from Australia

I thought that it was good spirited. I wanted to learn how to play one.

Justin from Canada

The didge I heard Relaxed me so much and I started envisioning animals water wind I wondered If that guy is going to breathe or just keel over and pass out. It seemed electronic or mechanical but all natural at the same time. I had a pretty big didge-gasam on my first time. hahaha

Keith from United Kingdom

Attracted to the vibration felt it had meaning

Ken Rath from Denmark

I thought that it was the most fantastic sound I ever heard

Kenny Wysong from USA

Captivated...The almost magical sounds were calming and mysterious. I had to know more I wondered if I could make those sounds.

Kevin from USA

I was very young. It seemed like I could feel the sound in my body. My family said I just stared and never even blinked until it was over. The feeling has never left me to this day.


It is an otherworldly sound

Lee Davies from United Kingdom


Lisa Shara from USA

Liked it for many reasons. Sustained drone sound elemental & earthy.

Louis from USA



I was amazed at the different sounds the player could make with it


It felt very earthy and natural and that really appealed to me... even though my friend was not much of a didj player. I got home that day and went straight online to explore more.

Mac Regan from United Kingdom

F**k me I need to learn how to do that!




Amazing weird sound

Mario Carranza from Mexico

It was amazing cause I feel it really deep in my soul in my heart it was like hear the voice of nature the voice of an old tree it was incredible.

Mark from United Kingdom

It was amazing I felt it take over me like meditation does

Mark Earhart from USA


Mark Ford from United Kingdom

Sounded amazing



Marsh from USA

It awakened something from within that was tied to something that felt very very old.

Anonymous from United Kingdom


Mateo Ripple from USA

I had an instant connection to it's deeply hypnotic/trance effect as well as to it's soul shaking rhythmic capacity

Matt from United Kingdom

Such a mysterious sound even though I was only a kid and did nothing about it until years later I was hooked and would always sit up when one was played or mentioned on tv or anywhere.

Max Perusse from Canada

I thought it was the greatest sound I ever heard and I wanted to play the didj a soon as possible. By the way the first time I've heard didj. it was listening to Jamiroquai (digital vibration)

Anonymous from USA

First time hear

Melody Bobisuthi from USA

I was intensely moved. It's music was very compelling and captivating. There was no sense of time though it was timeless.


Awesome interesting different eerie foreign sound...

Anonymous from Canada

It was the coolest thing I have ever heard. Very interesting and it brings out emotions. By the way - it was at an Xavier Rudd concert.

Michael Forster from USA

I was drawn in and captivated from the first time I heard a didg. It was in an Aussie movie from the early 60's.

Michael from USA

Sounded cool

Michael Sands from USA


Michael from Australia

It felt like there was another presence in the room apart from my brother and I. Someone else watching us and telling us a story.

Mike from Canada

I found an incredible resemblance to the frequencies of sounds used in meditation. ie:ooomm

Mil Grindstaff from USA

That it has the etheric sound evocative and mysterious..

Moses Frederic from USA

Soothing meditative deep embracing full

Natalie from Australia

I first heard it as a kid. I thought it was a really interesting & unique sound.

Nathan Barnard from Australia

Wow felt it in my belly

Nick from USA

Unique sound very impressive

Nicolás from Argentina

Its great and wonderful

Noah Lomax from USA

I loved it. It has a unique beautiful sound. I'm actually hoping to win it for my brother who is incredibly gifted musically and would love to play the didj but cannot afford one.

Numa Lallemand from Belgium

I found it strange and not so interested because I could nt get any good sounds now I m crazy about this instrument...

Nuno from Portugal

It was love at the 1st time I just loved the sound and the spirit in it self

Olivier De Comarmond from Mauritius

Strange but amazing!!! too cool... I was scared of the tradition but then after I'm curious and really like it.

Anonymous from Sweden

What a amazing sound!


I though it was an awesome instrument and I would love to play one

Paul Woodcraft from United Kingdom

I thought what a unique & wonderful sound like nothing I had ever heard before

Paulo Moya from Chile

Ohhh this is the sound of God !!!

Pete from United Kingdom

I liked the natural sound and vibrations

Peter Jackson from New Zealand

An amazing primordial sound

Petteri from Finland

It felt like a continuous low voice that filled the whole head...not only by the voice but also as total feeling

Phil from USA

What a shame we don't use such wonderful sounding instruments in Western music!

Philip from Thailand

Loved the sound wanted to know what was the instrument?


Felt Very Relaxed and the sound was very powerful. Can't really describe it :)

Ravinderjit from Malaysia

Really awesome instrument felt the vibrations inside!

Ray Higgins from Australia

A marvelous sound and a feeling that I could master playing a didg

Richard Gillis from USA

I thought the didgeridoo was the most unique musical instrument I have ever heard. The player I heard was very skilled and then I visited other places (Cairns/Port Douglas/Daintree) featuring native didgeridoo performers (1992).

Richard Hinkel from USA

The deepest groove of the earth. Earth bound sound... total connection...

Robert Bogan from USA

Too Cool!!!




High power lines on a hot day in my head

Anonymous from France


Rowan from USA

I found it an amazing instrument capable of providing insight into the workings of a tribal soul.


I just fell in love with the sound

Anonymous from USA

There is something about the sound that calls to me - she made a PVC pipe didj for me

Samuel from Belgium

Great sound

Anonymous from Spain

That it would be very hard to learn to play... and do the circular breathing!

Sara from USA

New beautiful strange sound

Sarah Arnett from USA

At first listen I didn't care for the didg...Then I heard a professional do it right. After that I was hooked.

Saskia from Switzerland

Interesting natural beautiful special


I must learn it.


A song of nature and it's people


Wonderful sound extraordinary feelings

Shane Cox from Australia

That I must learn how to play the didj.

Sherry from Australia

I attended a primary school which had many aboriginal students so it wasn't anything new to learn about the didj. I thought it was cool.



Stephane Guerraz from Canada

Weird sound not really interesting


No idea what it meant


Awesome very stimulating to the mind and spirit

Anonymous from USA

It is like the primeval 'Om' or 'Aum' said to be the sound of the universe.


I liked the sound


The make me feel relaxed and calm.

Theresa from United Kingdom

Very Powerful - it was being played into the base of one of the stones at Stonehenge and the whole stone and ground vibrated!

Anonymous from United Kingdom

It was a magical unusual; instrument

Thomas from France

It 's a incredible instrument and when you play you fell the earth

Tim from Australia

The sounds that it produces are deadly

Todd from USA

A very cool instirment.The fist time I played one I feel in love.

Tom from Germany

Awesome sonorous sound

Trey Williamson from USA

That is one cool instrument

Tyler Loube from Canada

I was looking for an abstract (not Mainstream) instrument to learn to play. I was watching *smirk Crocodile Dundee (in 1994) and found the instrument I had been looking for. The Didgeridu. I was drawn to the earthy bass. It wasn't until 1994 that I was able to acquire one. I have been playing since Late 1994. October-ish.



Victoria from USA

Sounded strange but cool



Vittorio Montieri from Italy

Good vibrations...

Vivienne from Australia

I was impressed by the fellow being able to breath in and out while playing the instrument


I was fascinated by its mysterious and mind blowing sound. It left goose bumps on my skin. Absolutely out of this world!! Love it.

Anonymous from Brazil

Very very

William from USA

It was cool.

William from France

I loved its great and deep sound first and after I was very interested in the culture that deals with this instrument.




I thought it was much more versatile than I'd been led to believe and somehow less noisy

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