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Name and Country

First Experience with a Didj

Aaron from USA

I was amazed by the raw primitive sound it made. The music was so "basic" and natural sounding. I was captivated by the vibrations that just penetrate your mind and body.


Primal shamanic sound the Om

Alex from USA

I remember seeing a didjeridu played on national geographic when I was around 11 or 12 this was when I was first becoming interested in music and I was instantly in LOVE. The sound was amazing I loved how soothing it was and knew I needed to get my hands on one. It took me quite awhile but about five years later I have actually found somebody that had one for decoration purposes and was able to borrow it from them. I am currently learning how to play and love every minute of it. Some friends and I make music collectively and independently and would love to include the unique sound of the didjeridu in our music. We have worked very hard and set up a decent quality recording environment and a didj of the caliber you are giving away would be fully utilized within it I believe it would set us far apart from any other local or regional artists and would add an amazing quality to our music.

Alexis Vivas Mu

I though was an amazing sound perfect to combine with percussion

Ami from USA

Tranquil but moved

Amy from USA

I had to have one. It possessed me.

Anders Nilsson from Sweden

I couldn't believe that those sounds were made just by blowing in a the didj. It sounded almost like electronic sounds. I was amazed.

Andrew from USA

The low tones are smooth and cool to hear. Since the first time I heard one I have wanted to play one.


This is awesome.

Anthony Molloy from Sweden

I was in awe just plain blown away by the sound!


I felt like I was in another state of existence.No mind no body no soul just sound.Like in the beginning of the Universe.The Universe is a great didgeridoo that plays the rhythm of life. Didgeridoo remember me the beginning of all.

Anonymous from Iceland

It made me feel like no other instrument. Having played both the piano and the guitar I finally came upon an instrument that has it's own raw rhythm. And instead of feeling like it was me playing the didj it felt more like it was playing through me.

Axel from Belgium

And I'm still thinking it most beautiful sound in the world. I never had one and it's my second biggest dream have a didgeridoo after swimming with dolphins

Barbara from USA

I was excited and yet a little apprehensive. Was not sure what I had gotten myself (and my friends) into! It was a very calming experience and I have since purchased 2 didj's while visiting Australia. Now if I could just learn the circular breathing!!!

Beauden from Australia

It put me in a trance and made me cry with joy

Bill Keane from USA

Fascinated! felt similar to first throwing a boomerang...



Bob Robinson from Australia

I was 8yrs old

Brad from USA

I thought it was the most spiritual thing I had ever heard. Beyond this planet

Anonymous from Australia

Very very cool instrument spent time with aborigines and they played it was Hooked straight away.

Brendan from Australia

Went home and played mums vacuum cleaner

Brett from Australia

Oddly moved deep "warm" feelings proud of being a part of the country that produces this magic sound

Brian from USA

I've always loved indigenous instruments so when I saw a fellow in mexico city playing in the park I offered to buy his and that was that. I have a bamboo agave euc teak(el'crapo). grounding like no other!

Cameron from United Kingdom

Mystical Unique and totally encapsulating. Haven't been able to stop playing since that day!

Cedric from France

The sound of this instrument is fabulous. It's very deep and relaxing


Je ne c pa

Cheryl Ludwig from USA

Immediately I felt an innate sense of familiarity with the sound it produced. I was entranced mesmerized and utterly swept up in the resonances. The sound of the didj touched me in a way that no other instrument has done not since then nor now. I play guitar and flute and learned to play the didj just recently. Wednesday I am going to some friends who play the didj and they are going to do healing work on me. I broke my neck in 1988. Though I am much better I still have residual damage from the accident. So we are going to do a test of once a week for four weeks on my spine to see how it affects me. I am able to walk and do most things but I suffer pain and stiffness and degeneration. I so believe in the power of the didj. We were at an art show (I am an artist) and some people were playing the didj. We talked and I sat down and they held two didjes close to my spine and worked up and down for several minutes. The feeling was so astounding that I was floored! It resonated throughout me the rest of the day. I had no idea what to expect. Where I felt it most was in my neck. I was so excited that I propositioned the two didj players to work on me as a trial and I would work on them (I do alternative healing) or trade some art. My first hour long session with them is tomorrow night. Since that experience I also learned to play the didj that day. Though I've always been awed by the didj I now know that I am to play and use the didj for healing - not just individuals but our mother earth as well. Turns out these two new friends get up before the sun rises each morning sit on their porches and greet the mother earth every morning and pray for their healing. After I buy a didj I will join them in this effort. I have been searching sites that sold authentic didjes and after searching several this is the site I'm sticking with. At some point I will be purchasing one of your didjes for sure. Thank you. Will keep you posted on my healing journey with my spine neck - and others as I develop.

Chris from USA

The sound feels as if it comes from the earth calming tranquil.

Chris Kangas from USA

One of the most mesmerizing sounds I have ever heard.

Anonymous from USA

Interesting - it's very distinct

Claudia from Australia

I can't remember but in 2002 I heard this great guy (who makes them as well) at the caravan/camping ground in Alice Springs and it was so fantastic

Cliff Garnier from USA

I loved the sound right away. I felt the connection with the earth. This is a sound that once you here it you never forget it

Clint from USA

Bad Ass

Dan from USA

Beautiful sound

Daniel from USA

I thought that the didgeridoo was the most badass instrument ever invented and the old guy on the video I saw was really good



Anonymous from Spain


Anonymous from USA

It was very tubular

Dave from United Kingdom

Sounds awesome- like australia

Dave from USA

Surprised and completely interested

Dave from New Zealand

Mellow hauntingly beautiful sound

David from Australia

Struck a cord deep inside. always wanted to play.some of the animal noises opened my ears. also the sound of a car passing made me laugh.

Anonymous from Australia

Amazed at the soothing sound of the drone and fluctuating vocals

Dean from Australia

How fantastic it sounded

Den from Belgium

Deep sound

Denis Richard from France

Mysterious felling and a form of communication


Amazing sound great instrument

Dorian Moriarty from USA


Duane from USA

Mesmerizing... and the length of continuous sound from one player is "remarkable".

Eduardo V Vidal from United Kingdom

I was in Las Ramblas Barcelona. I felt like everything next to me had disappeared. Its sound awakened something in my subconscious the most instinctive/visceral part of myself.

Elizabeth Churchill from USA

As a child I remember feeling it was strange and unusual and yet I was drawn to its sound. It vibrated through my body and I loved it!!


Fascinated. I first heard one through an audio clip but this year heard one at an arts festival. I t moving haunting like an ancient whale song.

Elizabeth from USA

One of the coolest sounds in the world.


I think this gadget is very interesting and beautiful to mi house.

Anonymous from USA

I was beyond fascinated! I still am. I haven't had the money to actually visit Australia so until then I will just thrive on the music.

Evan Broad from Australia

Amazement Magical

Fabien from France


Frank from Netherlands

Love the sound!!!! And I still do. It has something mysterious


I want to try that its going into my body.

Gary from USA

I thought it was amazing to hear those very special sounds that came from the didgeridoo.

Gary from Australia

Totally amazed at the power of the sound. It gave me goose bumps.


How is it possible?

Anonymous from USA

I though it was a really cool organic sound.

Grady Karp from USA

The power that came through the sound was incredible. I was honestly changed for the better.

Guillaume from France

Great spatial sound

Anonymous from Australia

Magic - a wonderful resonance to the sound.

Harry from USA

In 1987 I had never heard a didjeridu but knew only that it was an Aboriginal instrument. Because I love music and musical instruments from indigenous cultures I asked a friend who was visiting Australia to get me one. Somehow I felt confident that I could learn this instrument even though I had never heard it before and had no idea what to expect. Armed with a tiny booklet which came with my didge I made the correct fundamental tone within a few minutes. Within a week and a half I learned to circular breathe. When I finally heard Smithsonian recording of Aboriginal music 5 months later and realized I was on the right track I knew right away that I wanted to learn as much as possible about this magical instrument. When I hear (or especially when I play the didge) I always get a calming feeling which starts in the center of my body and spreads outward. This instrument has emotionally healed me during times of turmoil and has allowed my spirit to center down.

Hemanto from Switzerland

Unique sound fascinating

Henk Stange from Netherlands

It take's me and it never leave's me!

Anonymous from USA

I was amazed by the deep resonating sound it made

Hillel from Australia

Wow! deep! like the Japanese Shakuhashi - it touched my soul.

Jade Linda from Canada

Heavens - who can remember that long ago!

James from USA

Definitely different

Janko Sikosek from Yugoslavia

I wanted to find out how the sound was made.


Wow this is really cool! It makes me feel like I'm connected to a different time/place.



Jeff from United Kingdom

I tried playing one that a Australian friend brought over many years ago. I never picked one up again until it hit me 6 months ago. Now I'm hooked.

Anonymous from Belgium

Wow! This produce such an amazing sound!

Anonymous from France

Cool vibes !!

Jerome from France

It was very cool and how different of the European music^^


Interesting sounds


I've always loved the sound.

John from USA

I thought it was an incredible instrument with the most beautiful sound I have ever heard. You can literally feel the sound they're great.

Jon Rault from United Kingdom

I felt the sound truly unique as it is and was inspired by the instrument. The essence of nature was contained not only in the instrument and its creation but also in the sound produced by the player who seemed to have a true affinity with his surroundings.

Jonathan Benham from USA

I was amazed and HAD to find out more information I was completely captivated by the sound.

Joseph Compton from USA

I liked it...

Anonymous from Canada

I loved the way that it sounds. Like no other instrument.

Juha from Finland

My hairs in my arms stand up...almost the same way like I'm freezing


I was hooked

Kathy from Australia

I love the sound it makes. my son tries to make the sam sound with his hands.

Anonymous from Australia

Wow! How do I learn to play like that?!


That is an awesome sound. How is the sound generated. I played the trumpet for years when I was growing up and as a physics teacher I find teaching sound exciting. There are some many neat demos I can do and the students love bringing in their instruments to study the sound they generate. The didgeridoo is one the most basic instrument I have ever seen and the sound it generates is fascinating and powerful. A student brought one in today and played it and I have decided that I am going to research the physics behind it and introduce the instrument to my future students. I appreciate the opportunity to win one through your contest but I would also be willing to take a "reject" if there are any teachers are not paid very well here in the USA. Sincerely Keith Leonard

Keith from Australia



Thought it was a really neat instrument.

Kelly from Canada

Very cool. I googta have one

Kerry from USA

Mesmerizing. Tapped into a part of my body that very few if any instruments are able to achieve. Opened up possibilities and thoughts not felt before.

Anonymous from USA

I loved the atmospheric sense it brings.

Kyle Kunesh from USA

It went extremely well with the Californian funk style it was being played along with

Laini from USA

It sounded like nothing I have ever heard before.It was very tranquil.


Was great


Strange but nice sound

Lidia from France

A sound coming from the body there is a continuation from the body to the outside world

Lionel Cotel from Belgium

Magnifique son melodieux et tres planant

Luke Macrae from Australia

I was in first grade at school and because I attended a public primary school built on land that was home to the Warraburra tribe we were frequently visited by aboriginal performers. I was amazed and in complete awe of the didj players and always wanted for them to teach me how to do what they did... but was too shy. so I began playing on a piece of pvc pipe I found at home and every time I play I can't put the pipe down for hours! still love the feeling I get hearing the didj and that's why I'm on your site looking to purchase my first authentic didj!

Marcus Comet from Sweden

It was something previously unheard. I sat by a fire in a dark forest and a friend of a friend started to play his didge... it was such a deep sound like it was some kind of manifestation of the natural-enviorment we where in the forest gave it it's sound - yet the didge gave the forest it's own sound... Indescribable...

Mark from Australia

Hearing it live it so different to hearing it on a CD. The sound just filled every part of my body. I couldn't help but smile and feel so alive. This is why I picked up a didj.

Mark from USA


Marthinus Botes from South Africa

It was like nothing I heard before.

Martin from United Kingdom



Amazing sound very spiritual.


Alive I felt penetrating authentic rhythm for the first time.

Max from Switzerland

I thought it sounded really earthy

Melissa Berry from Australia

I got goose bumps


Very good


Sound draws you in - appealed to me for its trance like quality; its ability to block everything else out if you wish to.

Michael Mccormick from USA

It spoke directly to my core self and acted as an accelerator of my awakening.


That is like the primordial sound like the om of tibetan mantra singing

Michel from France


Mike from USA

Very deep soothing tone-very primal

Mike from Canada

I loved it so much I dedicated all my time to the art of playing

Moshik Bachar from Israel

It is the most beautiful and pleasant thing I have ever heard!!!



Nicole from USA

It's such a beautiful instrument -- I love the sounds it produces

Nicolle from Australia

Love the sounds. They are full of nature and Australia. Give a spiritual feeling.

Nigel from Australia


Nik from United Kingdom

Very cool it fits with my music taste very well

Norbert Pfefferkorn from Canada

I met my birth father. He collects musical instruments. He had a didj from a trip to Australia. It is the only instrument from his collection that he can actually perform on. I was impressed. Here is my 70 year old dad playing a didj. WOW

Ola Kielbinska from Poland

I thought that the heavens had opened up in front of me :)

Ondřej from Czech Republic

It was the most fantastic sound I ever heard


Amazing and natural

Anonymous from Spain

Is that an instrument?

Patrick from France

A sound coming from heaven


I was captivated by its sound.


It was a unique nice sounding instrument.

Peggy from USA

Haunting and spiritual

Peter from USA

I want to have one!

Phil from United Kingdom

Amazing sound

Pierre from Switzerland

Exceptional vibrating sound


Lots of great things to see and buy.

Rafa from Spain

Senti algo muy especial al escuchar por primera vez el sonido del didj desde que lo escuche por primera vez quise tocarlo y tener uno original aqui donde vivo no estan hechos por las termitas son mas bien caros y si quieres uno bueno te cuesta mucho dinero.

Rebecca McChesney from USA

Wow! That sounds really cool!



Roberto Fioravanti from Canada

I want this I felt an instant connection with the sound and the instrument

Robin Kalberg from Germany

Great want to play it !!!

Rod Frost from USA

The most hypnotic sound I've ever herd

Rodrigo Figueira from Portugal

I felt peace and it was something that touch me in a unique way. It was great and it has been great.

Roger H

Fantastic sound that reached me not only by the ears.

Rolan from Netherlands

I experienced it as the warm sound of the earth.

Ron Crose from USA

Loved it!

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Wonderful natural sound

Russ Angelo from USA

Very haunting distinctive sound relaxing and exciting at the same time

Sam from Belgium

Quiet and a feeling of healing when playing

Sam from Australia

Thought it was a musical instrument set apart from the rest.


I fell in Love with that sound and I thought it would make a good sound to add to my band

Sandrine from France

The sound is very spectacular !!!

Sasa from Croatia/hrvatska

Mystical secretive "I wanna play it!" incredible sound - earth talks

Anonymous from Belgium

It was a great instrument. I feel better after hearing the sound of the didj.

Sheldon Aubut from USA

The sound is haunting and something once heard it is impossible to forget.

Simen from Norway

Wow... Hooked! since then. that is the instrument I want to play..

Steven from USA

Connecting with a primal part of myself that has been lost. I felt connected with a part of myself I had forgotten.

Terri-ann from Australia

Made me feel dreamy and far away

Terry Balde from Canada

Very cool

Tiffany from Australia

Like it was the most enchanting sound on earth.

Tim from USA

That was the coolest sounding instrument I'd ever heard. I became really interested immediately. very trance hypnosis inducing.

Tim Kelley from USA

A cool relaxing and unique sound

Todd from Australia

It blew me away and connected in a way that no other instrument has done to me. I was amazed at the range of sounds produced

Travis Wernet from USA

I need this energy in my life and I want to learn how to play


I had a filling of joy as it was my dad that played it for me when I was a little boy

Victor from France

So beautiful sound but hard to play

Vincent from Canada

Neat! I want to try that thing!

Walter from Italy


Wil from Canada

I thought it was an incredibly holy sound.


Very relaxing

Willem from Netherlands

Great drone sound!

William from United Kingdom

I thought it sounded amazing. I couldn't believe this sound was coming out of what appeared to be simply a large hollow stick. It was such a different earthy noise.


How Mello!

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