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Name and Country

First Experience with a Didj

Adrienne from USA

I felt an energy lifting me in vibration. Enchantment with the instrument and the player. I was instantly moved to learn.


Uau!!! :D


I was surprised how sound vibrate and the color of that sound


Tribal vibration

Andrea from Italy

I feel the vibration in my stomach...and I feel strange...


Didn't hear it

Andrea from Italy

Electric sound but naturally very nice!

Andreas Kreischer from Canada

Incredible wow how do they do that.......

Andrew Morrison from Australia

Nice sound

Arlindo from Portugal

The magic.


I had heard of them when I was a child but not actually heard the music until I was an adult.

Atsushi from Japan

Coooool! what is this!

Badu Bardthesque from Belgium

For me it was like I heard the inner voice of mother earth for the first time in an inner circle of my body rotating.


Unusual soothing nice

Benoit from France

Love the sound seems mystic !

Anonymous from Spain

I think that was impossible to get that sound with a simple piece of wood and I start to interest about the instrument

Blind Boy from Australia

Must have liked it I tried to play it.

Brack from USA

The Sound is very spiritual natural and communicates with a voice that seems strangely familiar to me.

Brandon from USA

Woah that thing sounds cool! What's it called?

Brandon from South Africa

I immediately fell in love with the sounds and it made me feel like flying to australia to learn to play it myself.

Brenda from USA

It is so cool & different; I bet I could play it!

Anonymous from USA

I was curious. The sound was unlike anything I had previously heard but very appealing.

Bruno Carreto from Australia

Awe stemming from a feeling spirituality and timeless knowledge.

Anonymous from USA

I thought it was one of the most amazing things I had heard. Its sound was really organic and pleasing to the ear. It made me decide to buy a didj when I visited australia several years ago but unfortunately I didn't know much about them then and didn't buy a very high quality one.


I think I heard a didgeridoo on TV a few times but I don't remember when. As I remember it had an interesting and soothing sound.

Casey Kresnak from USA

Amazing sound stuck right away with my style of acoustic and low tuning made my first pvc didj right away now style is better but don't have the eucalyptus sound.


Awesome !

Anonymous from USA

Felt mellow and relaxed just wanted more

Colleen Robson from USA

Fun sound; interesting instrument

Corey Kresnak from USA

Pretty cool like different style

Courtney from USA

That the sound resonated within me

Craig Dupriest from USA

Wonderful natural soul-stirring music

Crystal from USA

Connected like "I have to play that!"

Anonymous from USA

Thought it was odd

Daal from Australia

Can't remember was very young

Dale from Australia

The didj is like playing to earths voice its the wind the trickling water the sun rising over the sea the animals and the creatures of the night. Playing the didj gives our beautiful earth a voice to communicate with and tell us what its feeling.

Dan from USA

I liked the sound you feel

Daniel from USA

I like it!

Danielle Unger from USA

I felt a sense of peace I enjoy hearing the sounds while meditating. My husband is eager to play.

Darcy Simondson from Australia

I bought a didj in Central Australia when I went there with my mum last year when I was 8years old I love the sound and play it at home

Darlow from USA

My son plays one and I loved the sound

Anonymous from Australia


David from USA

Very interesting

David from Virgin Islands (british)


Anonymous from Canada

It was for me a real wild instrument... I was fascinated with it because I didn't know how to play and by seeing the simplicity of the instrument I was confused about how someone could pull out that big range of sound with it.

Anonymous from Australia

Didn't take notice of it really it was strange

Diego from Argentina

I felt very attracted a friend from my school show it to me and then he went to a trip so I couldn't seen very much but I keep it in my memory very well with some kind of mysterious.

Doug from USA

It thought the didj music connected to my soul that is was almost alien in its variation and depth.


Weird but wonderful

Duncan Nuttall from United Kingdom

A very unique sound with lots of potential

Erin Yorke from Canada

It was a bit strange but haunting and interesting

Evan Davis from USA

My cousin played me his didj at the beach so it makes me feel relaxed and think of the ocean.

Evan González from USA

What an eerie awesome sound I wanna make!

Francois from Canada

I felt a very soothing sensation first After a while I felt very energized

Frank from Australia

I was 5 and thought it was a fascinating sound


It made my hair stand on end. The sound penetrated to the very center of me.

Fredrik from Sweden

Interesting sound that in some way felt deeper than others...


Surpriseeee..so fantastic

Gareth from United Kingdom

Wow. a real emotional response almost primeval. I could feel the sound as well as hear it.

Garry from Australia


Geo from USA

Like returning to an ancestral home being at one with an ancient relative.

Geoff from United Kingdom


Giulio Luigi from Italy

Interior peace.....

Graeme White from United Kingdom

Awesome allc consuming vibes/ sound

Greg from USA

It was a part of me

Guy from Belgium

No thinking. Just Feeling. Than it follow me.(Or I follow it?)

Heather Star from USA

I wasn't imploring drugs to take me on a journey because I was still young however I equate my first didj experience to be quite psychedelic. I went into the landscape of my mind.

Heather from USA

Amazing moving energizing healing transforming!!! I had a sense that I knew the sound at a deeper level than just hearing. It moved me to my core!

Hugo from Portugal

An awesome instrument that makes me feel like I'm far away of everything and everyone.

Ian from USA

How is the sound produced?

Anonymous from USA

Don't recall

Jacob from USA

Its got a cool beat

Jaime from USA

The sound intrigued me.


It was beautiful

Jan from Australia

An amazing experience

Jan Vermeer from Netherlands

For me it was a mysterious sound what very familiar was to me. It brought me in a very relaxed feeling what make me happy

Jarret Myers from USA

It was awesome!

Jason from USA

Very curious/ wanted one

Jason Cliff from Singapore

It was like the voice of the earth speaking to me from the inside of my soul.

Jason from Australia



Drawn to the sound

Jean from Australia

Thought the sound was so evocative of the country


Sounds cool.

Jennifer from Canada

I think I laughed. I loved the tingly feeling it gave me.

Jeremy Roussard from USA

Freaking awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jerome from Poland

The sound just toke me in an other world!!!

Jerry from USA


Jessica Raduc from USA

Though it was great. interesting. meditative.

Joachim Schmid from Austria

Stupid hippie thing for people who can't play proper instruments

Joanne from USA

I had no idea what it was at the time... It was such a unique sound ethereal other~worldly.

Joe from USA

First heard it on a CD in a Nature Company store bought the CD and listen to it occasionally. I find it very soothing to listen to it.

Joe Shaddalack from United Kingdom

I wanna play one !

John Watson from USA

Such an amazing earthy yet cosmic sound!

John from Canada

LOved the sound! Also loved the fact that it seemed like a


Sounds interesting

Jon Mckee from USA

I thought that this was the most amazing instrument around and the sound was just mesmerizing.

Jon from USA

I've wanted one since I was very little and finally found one at the Georgia renaissance festival in May 2005. When I heard it played live the first time right in front of me the bass and different tones achieved just my subtle oral movements blew my mind. After that I quickly bought one to practice with and now I'm saving for an even better one!

Anonymous from United Kingdom

How primeval it sounded haunting beautiful and complex.

Anonymous from Chile

Quede impactado

Josh from Australia

I heard it when I was little so I thought it was both scary and fascinating

Josh from USA

Sounds Weird eerie creepy

Anonymous from Canada

Extraordinary sound. I had no idea how it could be made.

Julie Ann from USA

It was such a unique sound that reached down inside of me and touched something I did not know was there. It was so ethereal primal that it required that I stop what I was doing and listen with that deep place inside.

Anonymous from Australia

Haunting rhythmic and entrancing

Anonymous from Australia

I thought it had an amazing sound unlike anything I'd heard before

Keith Gordon from USA

Enjoyed the deep rumbling sound


Amazed by how wonderful it sounded

Ken McGregor from Canada

I didn't really know anything about it at that time but I thought the sounds to be quite haunting and very interesting

Kevin Patry from Canada

I thought it was the most powerful instrument I had ever heard. And was intrigued by the story being told by the music.

Kevin Werre from Canada

Coolest thing I ever heard

Kheir from Singapore

It is a unique wind instrument. captivating sound! in singapore there is no pro didgeridoo players. its damn rare here.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Like I was listening to the sound of Mother Earth!

Kinsey from USA

I had never heard a more beautiful sound and I decided I really wanted to learn to play.

Kristan from USA

Fascinating sound like a giant humming.

Kyle from USA

Freakin awesome but I dunno how to play be cool to try it out and learn

Larry from USA


Laurie from United Kingdom

How the hell is he doing that.

Leah from Australia

Interesting sound

Logan Keech from USA

I was amazed at the vibratory sensation it has on the body

Anonymous from Australia

Loved it



Anonymous from Israel

I play on piano guitar drums and other but the didge is something else the most beautiful sound ever...

Malcolm Reynolds from USA

Incredible sound and very ancient.

Manuel Diaz Lopez from Spain



The sound called my spirit home



Mark Stanford Jnr from United Kingdom

Thought it was amazing!very very relaxing as I love ALL types of music!studied with london college of music for 10years!so as you can see I appreciate music!LOVE THE DIDGERIDOO!!

Mark from Australia

Loved the sound

Matt from USA

First time I heard it played live made me feel really good inside like it was the best thing fro me


I didn't know what could make that sound because I heard it but didn't see it.

Mauro from Italy

Very difficult to play marvelous sound.


Emotion surprise

Michael Andronis from Australia

Sounded like something ancient and mystical

Michael Del Quadro from USA

I immediately wanted to learn to play

Michael from USA

I thought it was very unique and mystic

Michael Rhys from Japan

An earthly natural and powerful sound.


It was a beautiful instrument

Anonymous from New Zealand

Amazed at the sounds that could be made from what seemed to me to be a piece of wood!

Miguel from Spain

It sound into all things and make my stomach vibrate. My brain went away.

Mike Stute from USA

Well to tell you the truth I first thought of it as very primitive but it had an interesting sound that was very unique. However being any instrument that can't change pitch I assumed it must be a simple instrument for simple use. Fast forward about 3 years ago. I'm in a "Natural Wonders" store in Minneapolis . Minnesota and they are playing this CD over the store speakers and it has the didj in it. It sounds cool so I buy it. It turns out it is Adam Plack and Johnny Soames ("Winds of Warning") and I get to hear the didj played well for first time and I am in awe at the range of sounds it can produce. Being a guitarist for many years I'm shocked that I find an instrument that is as able to express emotion as well as I can on the 6-strings in fact maybe more so. Then I realize that it's the simplicity of the instrument that allows the player to be themselves. Here I am trying to express my soul through wood plastic metal magnetic coils and amplifiers and here's this guy with a hollow tube with nothing to hide behind. I'm hearing him -- his emotions -- his soul. It was at that moment I understood the didgeridoo and from then on decided I need to play. Having played PVC now for about 18 months I finally am a circular breathing fool (practiced for more than a year and then suddenly one day it just snapped in place a few months ago and I've never thought about it again). I'm ready for a real didj. Only then did I learn how difficult such a "simple" can be to reach that level and expression. And I still haven't but I concede I probably never will.

Mikko from Finland

It was awesome!

Mrs Bernard from USA


Nancy from USA

Resonating in a way no other sound has

Nathan Robson from USA

I thought "That's awesome! I have to get one of those. I have to learn how to play it." I didn't have any idea how to get one so I made my own out of 2 cardboard rapping paper tubes and taught myself how to play.

Nick Galiotto from USA

The most unique interesting sounds which pulled me in and intrigued me to learn

Nick Gill from Australia

Fascination with earthy sound and rhythm.

Nick Warner from Australia

That sounds randomly wicked

Nicolas from France

What amazing instrument

Patricia from Portugal

The first time that I have heard a didj I suddenly start to enter in a trip I felt very calm and surprised I really felt that the sound was inside me and I felt the strong and vibrations in my body! and then I said : "I feel in loved! that's my instrument!"..then I started to play till now and my passion for didj's is bigger than ever.

Patrycja from USA

Shivers through my whole body

Patryk from Poland

I fell in love with this sound and vibration

Paul from United Kingdom

An amazing instrument. Puzzled by circular breathing


As a music teacher I am interested in the sounds and culture of instruments not easily available in the USA

Peter Cash from USA


Anonymous from USA

Low earthy buzz with a simple primal root

Phillip Seaton from USA

The first didj I heard was a recording of rather traditional Aboriginal style playing. It was not until I heard David Hudson and then Stephen Kent play that I felt I needed to own a didj. I now own about eight.


Primal and other-worldly.

Riccardo from Italy

I feel.. WOW!

Richard Cozens from United Kingdom

My uncle blew me away with a throbbing rhythm I was about 6 I didn't know what was going on but I liked it and bugged him all day to keep on playing

Richard from Australia

On my list of 10 things to do in my life

Anonymous from USA

Was totally captured with it's power

Rob Pelletier from Canada

I was blown away by the rhythms that can be produced.


It's very good sound. I want to play that!

Anonymous from USA

That it created a very smoothing sound

Rui from Portugal

The sound resonated with my soul

Russell from United Kingdom

The didj I heard for the first time sent shivers down my spine. It filled the room and I lost myself in the sound. Wow!

Sandra from USA

I can't remember.

Saundra from USA

It has an awesome sound. It is so calming.

Scott from USA

Very mystical with an ancient sound and feel

Scott Stewart from United Kingdom

I wanted to do that!! The resonance was amazing and I was transfixed by the idea that you could blow continually without running out of breath. I think I was about 7.

Scott Turner from USA

Blown away. I had been playing instruments for some time before hearing a didj the first time. when I first heard it I felt like I had heard the voice of the earth.

Seamus Durham from USA

I wondered what and how was making that beautiful hypnotic drone on the cd. I hadn't yet seen a didg let alone play one


... great !!!

Anonymous from United Kingdom

How on earth can we do all this with a stick

Sharri from Canada

The sound had a peaceful and calming effect yet was filled with passion and excitement

Stefan from New Zealand

The sound of the didgeridoo sends the soul into an immediate state of imagination and dream... no other sound in the world has done this to me..... It is the most amazing instrument in the world..... not only from the sound but one Didgeridoo tales an amazing story....

Stefano Fusillo from Italy

Being short I thought was a deep instrument and I felt kidnapped by it

Steve Weber from USA

Beautiful haunting sound

Stuart Kirkpatrick from Bermuda

How uniquely different and haunting the sound is. The calming effect the different tones have.

Sue from Australia

I love the organic sound. Very spiritual

Tabitha from USA

The first time I heard it was on a Jamiroqui song. I was so intrigued by the sound. I looked in the CD notes to see what it was.

Tamas Feher from Hungary

I got funny feelings in my mouth and my bad mood flew away.

Tautvydas Strazdas from Lithuania

I was very curious about the drone sound. The instruments looks primitive but sounds hi-tech. It's totally tribal instrument which such amazing history!

Thaddius Davis from USA

I thought that is was an awesome sounding piece of music that touched me. I felt like I had to do what it took to try and learn to play such a beautiful piece of music.The circular breathing was difficult but I finally got it and play the Didgeridoo quite well.

Theresa from USA

I loved the wonderful drone sound. It was mesmerizing and very soothing.


That a really beautiful sound. And a strange instrument.


I want to play one!

Anonymous from Australia

I don't remember I was such a little kid but its a beautiful instrument and has beautiful sound

Tom from United Kingdom

To be honest it scared me cos I was only 5yrs old at the time and the sound was really deep. But I begun to like it after I knew what it was.

Tony from USA

Loved it.


First heard it and was like an electrical pulse throbbing through me. Not a sound as much as a creature whose presence I had happened upon.

Tuomo from Finland

Beautiful sound

Tyler Thompson from USA

Fell in love-very amazing

Urs Bischof from Switzerland

The didj sound has touch my heart.

William from USA

Do not know

Yoav from Israel

I liked the way it made the room rumble and its hypnotic sound

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