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Name and Country

First Experience with a Didj


Awesome sound!!!

Allen from USA

It sounded terrific and the artwork on the didj was spectacular. such a wonderful instrument. and the history of the didj was even more inspiring

Anita Matthews from Australia

I felt as though I was a amidst a wonderful aging culture.


Unusual earthy spiritual tribal other-worldly resonant psychedelic

Barry Wiltshire from United Kingdom

Really touched a nerve - the sound was really haunting

Anonymous from France

The sound was bizarre and funny. It's like foundation of the music. It's perfect for meditation


Very cool sound.

Ben from Australia


Ben Thompson from Australia

I thought that it was enchantingly beautiful and gave me goose-bumps as I was sitting beside the old man playing it in far North Queensland.

Ben Van Rijswijk from Netherlands

Amazing sound

Bob from USA

I was amazed at the sounds! It was like nothing that I had ever heard before.


Fascinating sound relaxing yet intricate

Bryan Bolster from USA

AMazed by the unique sound.

Anonymous from France

Nice feeling powerful vibrations strange nature song as result

Ceri from United Kingdom

Bit of a weird sound

Anonymous from USA

It was very interesting sound!

Chas from USA

A spiritual awakening

Chris Glover from United Kingdom

It was a haunting sound that made me feel free also made me want to learn more about how to play


I can't really describe it in words I just loved the sound and I just knew I needed to play and when I did finally get to play one you become part of it; an amazing instrument!

Christopher from Australia

I was amazed at the skill demonstrated to play the instrument continuously.

Clark from USA

Loved it...the tonal qualities the resonance...veru enchanting very meditative

Claude Beaucaire from Canada

Wow what a great sound.


Mind shift


I loved the sound of it but I didn't know what the instrument was called at the time. I just recently learned what the name of it the instrument and bought one as soon as I found out.

Damian from USA

I from the first second thought that the didgeridoo was the coolest instrument ever and have wanted one ever since I have first saw one. I have seen them all the over the place at fair and always begged parents for one but never gotten one yet

Dan from USA

I loved it. It was an instant love

Daniela Cerati from Japan


Daniele Duquette from Canada

Sound from the earth(vibration)

Darin from USA

I was in awe! What a beautiful sound!

Darren Searle from Australia

Unique amazing interesting. Since my first time playing I've never been able to put my didj down..


What is that tune? awesome!

Dave from Canada

Fascinated by the depth of tone and the range produced by a "tube"

David from USA


David Naftalin from USA

Most beautiful sound I had ever heard

David Overacre from USA

The didj sounded more of the earth than any other instrument I had heard. It was amazing.

Anonymous from Canada


David from Canada

I thought it was very strange

Anonymous from USA

Very unusual with a soothing sound very beautiful

Dennis from Australia

A good didge played well sends shivers up and down the spine. Can feel the vibration inspiring.

Anonymous from USA

That it had very soothing & relaxing tones

Anonymous from Australia

Sounds interesting.

Derrick from USA

I wanted to know how to obtain one. Because I knew that my Native American roots were drawn to the trance.

Didier from France

A taste from the ancients reminding me the so called cosmic universal vibration: Ohm. Then I heard Nature...


I thought it was the coolest instrument I ever heard

Dominique from Germany

Funny instrument

Donat from Belgium

This is tribal! I liked it :-)

Duarte Veríssimo from Portugal

Its a dream...relax !

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Thought it was great been trying to learn 2 play 4 the past 10 years

Dustin from Canada

Cool sound

Dzarul Emran from Malaysia

When I hear it for the 1st time the sound from the didge is very unique n very relax.

Edson from India

I was a kid when I first saw someone play a didj & I remember being fascinated by the sound.

Emily from USA


Estela from Brazil

It made me feel good and curious

Anonymous from Australia

I knew I had to play one. I've never played an instrument before but when I saw it I knew it was for me. Not just the sound but the feel and the energy from it.. the spirit.

Gabriel Eckert from Argentina

The amazing and strange sound. I feel like I can forget all the things in my mind like a meditation like a jouney.ist make me feels really good with more sense of humour

Gabriella from Italy

It's a wonderful healing sound!


When I heard it for the first time I was in an other planet!!!!!

Gert Ledelay from Netherlands

It sounds mystic to me. Now its just a part of my life.

Gianfranco Tedeschi from USA

It sounds awesome and alive



Greg from USA

It had an amazing sound and resonated through the air and the body unmatched by any other instrument I have heard

Gregor from Germany

A great instrument why can't I get a right tone out of it?

Hugo from United Kingdom

Awesome! Heard a busker on the London Underground - great acoustics!

Ian from USA

Now that is an authentic uncopied instrument. I heard it and then begged my father to buy me one. he did and I've been playing ever since.

Jack from USA

I was a bit curious

Jai Kartar Singh from Chile

That is was the most magical sound that I have ever heard it makes me feel like if I was travelling in time to the past and to my inner self

Jake from USA

It sounds awesome

Jamie from USA

I fell instantly in love with it.


It was the most intriguing sound I ever heard. Simply irresistible.


Awesome! powerful and magical sound.

Jean-Baptiste from France

It's a great vibration but it's a strange instrument

Jeff Wright from USA

Let's just say it started an addiction...

Jennifer Larroque from USA

My 10 year old son loves everything about it and would love to be able to play it! Both my husband and older son play an instrument but this son cannot play very good.

Jérémie Terral from France

I love this sound ! Then I play didgeridoo during 3 hours.


It was amazing the sound was incredible.

Anonymous from USA

Pow! This is something deep primal and a helluva lotta fun!

Joakim Nilsson from Sweden

Man I would love to be able to play that awesome and spiritual instrument

Jocelyn from France

What a wonderful sound!! It conducts me to the trance


Calming powerful primitive

John from Australia


John Cristiani from USA

It has a unique sound adds a whole new angle to music

John from USA

I fell absolutely in love with the sound I was mesmerized.

Anonymous from Spain

It was like hear the earth playing music...

Anonymous from Germany

Absolutely amazing sound that made my body shiver

Jon from USA


Juan Krespo from Spain

Uaauh unbelievable man

Judy from Australia

It was great to listen to and amazing

Justin Ducharme from USA

Not much because the player was a novice at the time but later the same guy brought me to a tibetan chanting demonstration and they had dungchens (tibet longhorns) which made me fall in love with drone instruments.


It's a unique instrument makes a cool sound.

Keesha from USA

It was spiritual and made me think of water.

Kenneth from USA

It seemed as if the music opened a window that I had not before known was there. And I felt as though I could sense things unseen.

Kevin from USA

I liked the drone sound it really went to my gut.

Kevin Monteiro from Australia

An amazing instrument so earthy and natural. like the earth singing through man.


Wow I have too learn that.

Lance from USA

Primitive yet superior organic sound. played along with various drums quite possibly the most spiritual/soulfully transcendental sounds/rhythms.

Lee Ann from USA

Loved it immediately.

Les from Australia

Eerie haunting sound but not in a scary way; more in a mystical and enchanting way.

Louis-philippe from Canada

That was it the sound I was looking for the vibe that go trough my body and open my heart. Then I feel peaceful and I want one...

Anonymous from Australia

At First I just thought how hard it would be to play but then when I was given the chance it found that I had what it takes and I have loved it since then


Where does this sound come from ?

Luke Neill from Australia

Like most people - MOVING



Anonymous from USA

I felt something primal respond deep within myself.....I suddenly felt whole.

Marcus from United Kingdom

Earth shaking

Mario Peters from Netherlands

I liked it.

Mark Harvey from Australia

Loved the sound

Mark Moore from Denmark

Great bass.. it seems like there is lots of emotion in the sound that comes from a didj

Mary Lindhart from USA

Awesome - I knew right away I wanted to learn to play it and I am learning slowing but surely

Michael from USA

I wanted to learn what was making that incredible sound and how to play it. I was listening to music that included the instrument while stargazing...made it even more of a spiritual experience.

Michel from Netherlands

I heard it for the first time from my uncle who has emigrated from Holland to Australia. He was visiting us when I was a little child. I was fascinated by it's powerful sound and have loved it ever since.

Michel from France

It's like a primordial sound something about the Earth before the man the great ancestrals teachers mystical sound of the origins the cosmic breath

Mike Parker from USA

I thought that the sound of the didgeridoo was a powerful haunting and beautiful sound. It made me want to get in touch with the tribal side of my soul.

Nelson Solorzano from USA

It felt wonderful!! surprisingly different and I was amazed to realize the significance and extent of cultural conceptions (ethnomusicology in this case). In the following years I've rationalized my impression by identifying the didgeridoo as the "call to the gods". To me it represents the reproduction of ancient sounds that I don't identify with nature (as is usual with other ancient cultures) but with the thunder of powerful engines in their sound and vibrations. These must be similar to those of ancient visitors from outer space with space vessels (similar to Von Danicken's "chariots of the Gods" resembled in the Bible and the grave/tomb slab of stone representing something similar in the Mayas' culture too) that came and through their cultural (they taught everyone many things) and biological (they screwed every/any female they could lay) influence transformed a bunch of semi-monkeys like the Australopithecus Pithecanthropus homo erectus and other pre-homo species into a breed of homo habilis homo sapiens etc. with the use of a conscience intelligence culture reason and spirit that didn't exist before them. This is why the search for/of a "missing link" between apes and humans is useless it doesn't exist as a result of a "natural selection" process (Darwinian theory about the evolution of species or the "survival of the strongest or more apt to adapt to a specific environment") this magnificent change in the destiny and evolution of the (this world's) endemic species was a result of the influence of an alien culture from outer space. The ancient culture of Australian origin (the only one in the world that had remained untouched for thousands of years) remembered these visitors and created the sounds of the didgeridoo to represent the sounds made by the space ships in an effort to call them back as the "Gods from outer space" and benefactors of their ancient culture and by extension of today's humanity. This inspirational interpretation is why I want to play a didgeridoo I must have one to participate in this emotional and inspirational process of a "call to the Gods".

Nick from New Zealand

Freaky stuff! and there was a puddle of spit at the end of it which being an 8-year-old boy I thought was pretty cool


Awkward but unique sound.....

Pat Litke from USA

At first I thought it sounded weird but then as I got to listening I was awe-stricken and from then on I was in love with it. I ended up making one buying two and am in the process of making a wooden one.




Haven't seen one

Peter from Australia

Haunting Sound - very primal

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Bizarre but interesting

Anonymous from USA

It sounded very ancient mystical and wonderful. It seemed to bring me "down to Earth " and still does.


It is an amazing instrument. I couldn't believe the sounds it made. I immediately wanted to include it to my list of percussion instruments.

Anonymous from Portugal

I think that is a magical instrument and I feel weird when I played one!

Rick from Australia

It was magical inspirational and very relaxing to listen to.

Roman from Austria

Can't describe in words

Ross from Australia


Rudy Martens from Belgium

The overtones of the didge have influence on my Chakra's

Ryan from USA

It was very different cool.

Sarah from Canada

I thought I was a pretty cool instrument and instantly wanted one!

Shane MacKaness from Australia

Unique sounds amazing performance relaxing one of the most interesting instruments I've heard.

Sharon Calvert from USA

I felt intense spirituality as I heard members of Yothu Yindi play the instrument(via video Into The Mainstream)


I enjoyed the sound.

Siebe from Belgium

Waaaw I have got to buy me one!

Stefan Jung from Germany

What a fantastic stick which makes wonderful and mystic music.

Stepan Santalov from Russia

I was very impressed. its sound is voice of earth spirit.

Taylor from USA

Man I got to learn how to play that

Terry from Canada

The sound is so mysterious the instrument itself is intriguing and I knew I wanted to try this one day

Terry from United Kingdom

Unusual and different sound

Anonymous from France

The sound of this instrument is unbelievable

Thomas from France

C' est un instrument fantastique créé par mégarde par nos ancêtres les aborigènes...merci pour eux car aujourd'hui je joue tout le temps pour calmer les nerfs grâce à leur son profond ou simplement me faire très plaisir. Cela me fait travailler mon souffle et j'adore "voir" cette vibration se propager dans toutes les directions autour de moi. Le mieux reste de jouer à plusieurs avec des didgeridoos à la même note de base pour pouvoir progresser et faire monter toujours plus le plaisir avec en prime une convivialité extraordinaire!

Thomas from USA

One of the best sounding instruments I have ever heard and knew that I wanted to play it right away.

Anonymous from Portugal

I think that it is very relaxing.

Tom from USA

I felt this was a sound I had heard before but not in this life time. It was and still is a sound that speaks too my heart and soul.

Tomi from Finland

Because I'm a percussionist and interested specially in native instruments and music I was fascinated by the sound. I remember I had heard that sound before but didn't know then what was the source. The rhythmic pulse the drone and accents like syllables made it clear that there was a story behind playing very much like in santeria music or in sami joik.

Tommaso Pilla from Italy

It's sound is one of the most tribal and "prehistoric" I have never heard before.

Tony from Australia

I was only a kid but these guys from Arnhem land came to school to show us traditional dancing including didge playing. I was absolutely captivated by this wayout drone I had never heard before

Tracy Butcher from USA

I thought it was haunting and beautiful I had chills and wanted to learn more about it. It seamed so peaceful and had a vibration that I felt through my whole body.

Vincent from France

Rich in harmonics

Anonymous from Russia

It's amazing wonderful sound. Feel how something is vibrated in me..

Wil Sewalt from Netherlands

It's a strange but interesting sound.

Yann from France

Good vibrations

Yoni Kaidanov from Israel

I thought it had a unique and special sound which I had never herd before


I thought that it was a very unique instrument that I would like to learn to play.

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