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Name and Country

First Experience with a Didj

Aaron Burr from USA

A very raw sound that conveyed deep spiritual meaning.

Aaron from USA

Amazing! I HAVE to learn how to play.



Albie from USA

Did not believe it was a woodwind instrument

Alex from USA

I thought it was an awesome instrument and I wanted to learn to play

Alexandre from Reunion Island

I thought it was a very beautiful instrument

Anonymous from United Kingdom

I thought it was an eerie sound it made my spine tingle when I first heard one on television and as it was on a Rolf Harris show I had to get one.

Alyssa from USA

Amazing! It's great to feel it buzzing against your lips emitting that humming sound... it's hard to believe such a simple instrument can create such an amazing sound.

Andrea Cammarata from Italy

Impossible to play

Anthony from USA

I couldn't understand why everyone didn't own one.


Mysterious rich dream energy

Anonymous from France


Bela from USA

I thought the sound was interesting.

Ben from Canada


Benoit from France

I made at once the basic sound and it make me turn the head. Finally I bought it and I returned to my school to play it during the recreation I was 16 years old.

Beryl from New Zealand

An awesome sound with a great way to express ones emotions

Bob from USA

Being a sax player I wanted to own one and learn to play it.

Bruno from Indonesia

Strange sounds hypnotic.

Anonymous from Turkey


Byron from USA


Carl from USA

Amazing sound!


It sound's great how it is called??

César Ambiado from Chile

A very groovy sound a scream from the mother earth

Charles from Thailand

I am 68 it was a long time ago but I've always loved the sound. A healer recently bought me a bamboo didj to improve my lung capacity. I play every day now. Sound is everything to me.

Charlie from USA

That it was connected to the earth

Chris Halliday from USA

It was the most amazing thing ever the energy that is packed into those sound waves definitely packs a punch!

Chris Murphy from Australia

Down to earth with good feeling vibes

Anonymous from Australia


Dale from USA

Eerie ethereal sound. Haunting penetrating to my core.

Damien from Belgium

Warm feeling

Dan House from USA

Way cool sound

Anonymous from USA

Cool sound & very unique

Anonymous from Spain

It's so strange!!

Dashiell Gordon from USA

That the sound was amazing and unique.

Dave from USA

The sounds was interesting and intriguing

David from USA

Beautiful almost hypnotic sound


I can't believe the awesome sound of music that comes out of a didgeridoo.


Very interesting sound

Deborah Silverman from USA

The sounds went right through my body

Debra Latimer from USA

It is like gliding along a life-force it's magical and healing (I would so much love to win the drawing--it would change my life in so many unexpected ways)


The sound make me fell so good vibration inside my all body

Anonymous from Germany

I like this sound...it's great !

Derek from Canada

What a killer instrument so simple yet complex what an incredibly versatile tool

Dirk from Netherlands

I was fascinated by the sound

Don Kepple from USA

Thought it was cool and it struck something within

Douglas Burson from USA

I can remember exactly when I first heard the sound and thought to myself "what is that awesome sound!" then when I saw the man playing it I felt like I just went into a trance and afterwards told myself "I've got to get one and learn how to make those sounds!"

Duncan from United Kingdom

Made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck.

Dustin Henderson from USA

Musical love...

Eric from Netherlands

I was goose-flesh all over.

Erin Bremer from USA

Loved the deep tones and buzzing.

Fabian Damanet from Belgium

Pretty interesting instrument

Frank from Australia

It's really very unique and has a fascinating sound


Great Sound

Fred Stevens from United Kingdom

Magical and beyond me

Gabriel from Canada

Very moving. Such a unique sound.

Gary Cooper from USA

Really enjoyed the sound!



Georgie from Australia

It makes the sounds of the earth that goes to your heart ! I think it's magic

Glenn from New Zealand

How unusual

Gonçalo Silva from Portugal

Great sound it's a really good way to relax it is a really beautiful sound to put in a reggae song.

Greg from USA

That it sounded so beautiful I wanted to hear more.

Greg Degreef from Canada


Gregory from USA

I had a deep feeling of naturalism and the overwhelming feeling of freedom.

Anonymous from USA

Primitive difficult to play

Ian from USA

Awesome astounded by the talent required to play



Jacob Mulder from Netherlands


James Gardner from Australia

I have always been amazed at the sound but after seeing a live performance recently I know it is something I need to learn


I think it sounds absolutely beautiful


I was relieved of any anxiety or pain of any kind that I felt. It let's me travel.

James Pierson from USA

It sounded so sonorous and wonderful it was a healing moving experience

Anonymous from United Kingdom

I immediately loved its distinctive sound and it made the hairs on my back stand up and tingle that's when I knew it was the instrument for me

Jan Petersen from Denmark

Wow nice sound.

Jason from United Kingdom

How do you plaY THAT !!

Jay from USA

Incredible haunting sound


My son bought one at the Minnesota Renascence Festival. I loved the sound that he could make with it and also thought it would be difficult to play.


Sounds cool

Anonymous from USA

Loved its uniqueness wanted to learn to play

Jeffrey Bailey from USA

Awesome. Mystical. There is no other instrument like it in the world. It is truly Australian. I wanted to learn to play one right away.

Jérémy Lucat from France

It was amazing and ask some questions about this strange sound

John from USA

It shook my bones

John from USA


John Mutinelli from USA

I heard it in the beginning of the movie "The Rescuers Down Under" I thought "What's making that sound?" I'd heard of didgeridoos and figured that's what it must be. A few years ago my father-in-law gave one to my daughter for Christmas and I learned to play it a bit.


Amazing Erie Instrument

Jon Harnum from USA

Incredibly moving like the earth spoke. Powerful and ancient.

Jonathan Eddie from United Kingdom

I thought that it was great and had a shot and have now been practicing and think it is about time I got one it feels so mellow when u hear it

Anonymous from USA

Incredible deep bass sound


I love the smooth and interesting sounds. and the fact that its australian makes it 10 times cooler.

Josh Jones from USA

I was entranced. I've always loved trees and music. The didge brings these two things together naturally.


I thought it was a truly unique and interesting instrument and that the subtle art of getting every single sound out was one I wished to pursue

Justin from USA

What an amazing sound! Just the soothing sound alone fills me with intention

Karin Burri from Switzerland

Nice funny and very special sound

Karl from Canada

Very deep moving wild quality.

Kay from USA

I thought it was really neat and cool

Kent from USA

The sound came from deep inside me awe. I got goose bumps how could something sounding so simple be so intensely passionate...

Kerri from USA

I was very sore one day after surfing and a friend brought his didgeridoo over to my house and proceeded to make wonderful sounds as he moved the didgeridoo over my back! It was like the waves from the instrument were healing for my body! I have since moved but would love to experience that feeling again!

Anonymous from Japan


Kresimir from Croatia/Hrvatska

Very nice

Kua from USA

It was weird. It vibrated inside me--especially throat fingers and heart section

Laina from Australia

It has a kind of hypnotic sound which reaches right to your core.

Lili Stampe from Denmark

Goes deep


Cool. How does it work. I want one!


Awesome - very moving

Manfred Bischofberger from Austria

Nice !

Marcel Schut from Netherlands

An awesome 'summoning' instrument that can bring people back to their earth roots!

Marciano Corona from Mexico

It was amazing something really magic.

Marcus Oberg from Sweden

Very cool sound! Ancient!

Mariana from Brazil

It's like a mantra!!! you literally travel through its sound!!

Mark Mark Andrews from USA

What a great primal sound.

Martijn from Netherlands


Matthew Peterson from USA

It evoked primal/earthy feelings. It also made me feel very introspective/meditative. Very mysterious yet familiar sound.


Wired instrument but nothing else produces such an awesome sound and that out of a stick


I thought that the sound of it was intoxicating and very unique. I loved it the first time I heard it.


Unique sound

Anonymous from Australia

That the deep sound of the didj pierces me to the bone. That this is an amazingly inspirational instrument with so much history.

Michael Griffith from USA

Very earthy primitive but complex sound

Anonymous from USA

That is was the most sacred centering and powerful sound I had ever heard from an instrument...truly amazing!!

Michelle Hess from USA

It's a very unique sound that intrigues me.


It's a different sound that I never heard

Anonymous from USA

Beautiful but odd


I loved the sound it seemed to resonate right through me and wake something amazing inside


That it sounds very nice and rhythmic

Myke from USA

It moved me inside. I felt like I was lighter.

Anonymous from New Zealand

An awesome healing earthy sound that keeps you so engrossed in it.

Narelle from Australia

I lived on Mornington Island in the Gulf of Carpentaria in the early 80's where I experienced the sound of the didgeridoo. I have always been profoundly affected by it's unique qualities and sound.

Neil Roebuck from United Kingdom

It's the most amazing sound.


I felt very calm and relaxed.


It was cool interesting & different




Its awesome

Patrick from USA

Very emotional instrument.

Paul from Canada

I immediately loved the sound


Amazing grabbed me instantly and held on.

Peter Clare from United Kingdom

I thought it was brilliant the shape is unusual and intrigues other people into it the sound is indescribable (unique)


Great mystery

Peter from USA

Strong match to the look and feel of the Australian land


Genom en vän

Phil from France

I was amazed by the sound coming out of the bit of wood!


More complex sounds but hard to get the continue breathe

Robin Lorentz from Sweden

What a strange sound...how do he do that? Wonder if I can do it?

Rodrigo from Brazil

I heard a very agreeable sound and I enjoyed it very much.

Rolf from USA

The sounds went right to the depths of my soul!!! I had bumps on my skin & water in my eyes! It was sunset on a beach in Maui I bought his extra didj right away & took my first lesson! And have never looked back! I am the only one who plays in my town or any where in Idaho!!! I am going to the "Jammin tree festival" this fall for the first time!!! I have not heard anyone play since my first encounter in Maui 4 years ago!!!

Ron Garreffa from Australia

Something different

Ryan Schacherl from USA

It was a really cool sound and it was fun to play

Anonymous from Australia

I felt awesome. I just had a weird feeling inside like I was being lifted up into the air peacefully. indescribable! But memories and feelings I will never forget

Anonymous from Portugal

It was great!I wanted to start learning at that moment.



Sean from Australia

Probably not much because as a kid it was all just constantly happening around me


I had the intuition to know this sound from ever.

Shane from USA

It was amazing. I had never heard anything like it.


I was amazed.... such a beautiful instrument which has the ability to affect us on all planes. this wasn't just a 1st time thing though I still feel this way :)


Cool unique sound

Siavasch from Germany

Very interesting want to learn how to play this instrument

Soren Decraene from Belgium


Stanley from USA

My wife and I were extremely entertained by a didj player & his girlfriend at the wharf in Sydney AU. We were so elated that we purchased 3 CD's of didj players and/groups

Stefano from Italy

Magic sound relaxing

Stephen from USA

Well it was on a tape I heard when I was really young. I was instantly captured by its awkward drone. I've always liked didgeridoos and once I found this site I thought of getting a real cheapy one. This could help me get a nice didj to play.

Steve from USA

Cool sound!

Sylvain from France

I found that it was an interesting instrument and yet not very common


Wicked the best sound ever

Tim from Belgium

AMazing sound

Toby from USA

Very informative/great site/very curious about Didjeridoos

Todd from USA

It has a real earthy tone a spiritual sound that transforms my consciousness to another place

Trey Sansom from USA

I was entranced and I knew that I had to get one. So I cut down some bamboo from my parents back yard and made my first didj. Now I play the didj nightly in my band St. Somewhere's show. It is one of the highlights of the night for our fans.


My hairs on my arms stood up. It was such a neat feeling

Valentijn from Netherlands

I thought it was a great sound at age of 7 and someday I wanted to play for myself which succeeded 7 months ago when I got a bamboo one.


Fue un sonido transportador siempre me han gustado esos sonidos hipnoticos y por fin había encontrado el instrumento que lo reproducia a la perfeccion

Victoria from Australia

I felt the music call out to me and go right through me. The music spoke to me and allowed me to feel the connection to the land that the Aboriginal people have. Their spiritual culture is evident through the earthly sounds of the didgeridoo.

Anonymous from Croatia/Hrvatska

Totally awesome would like to have one and play in Croatia. I hope you sell also video tapes how to start.

Anonymous from USA

Love it

Wesley from USA

Very Cool and I had to learn to Play.

Anonymous from USA

Mystical sound


This instrument seemed very mysterious to me full of a great charge.The discovery of the circular breathing technique involved in the playing of didgeridoo amazed me I used to think of breath in terms of an alternative discontinuous movement.

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