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Name and Country

First Experience with a Didj

Anonymous from Canada


Alistair from United Kingdom

What a fantastic sound !

Allan from Brazil

I have 22 at now then the date about that I hear a didj I was very small a child but right then I've been caught by it...

Alvaro from Chile

It was a great instrument that connects you whit your roots

Andi Branston from United Kingdom

Totally amazed I wanted to learn and did at the first opportunity

Andres Díaz López from Spain

Sentí paz la primera vez que lo escuché. Y empecé a ir a escucharlo casi cada día.

Andy Doyle from United Kingdom

A life changing sound

Angela from USA

That it was beautiful

Anthony from USA

It was very surreal I felt like there was no instrument that could do that at the same time.

Anonymous from South Africa

Powerful mystic and fabulous.

Antonio from Italy

It's a wonderful way to express my feelings

Anonymous from Israel

I was amazed it was unbelievable

Benjamin from France

Whaou very strange instruments but also it gives an enormous feeling I can't describe with my own words

Benjy Wood from USA

The novelty and rhythmic nature were very appealing to me.

Bernard from Netherlands


Bob from Netherlands

Love on first site

Brian from USA

How interesting they were not a typical instrument

Anonymous from USA

The warm sound of the wood. The idea that I could turn vulgar noises into a musical tune was awesome. A didgeridoo brought the audience and myself closer to the outdoors somehow. The natural bends in the wood was refreshing and just spoke "You would be cool I you could learn to play a didgeridoo"

Anonymous from Canada

Most incredible and unique instrument!

Bryan Schuller from USA

It was a very soothing sound

Caitlin Dabolt from USA

I thought it was an amazing sounding instrument and I wanted to learn more about it and have one myself.

Anonymous from USA

It vibrated my bones

Carolyne Williams from USA

After years of doctor's visits to try and correct my adrenal related illness (stress anxiety poor memory inability to concentrate shallow breathing) the first time I felt the power of the didg and blew my first sustained dream-time whisper all of my symptoms subsided. I felt so connected to my body and the Earth and the magic of being truly alive. Oxygen and Love flowed freely through my body and I actually felt balanced. Completely connected to all. My friend said I am a natural player but I have yet to master circular breathing... mostly b/c I only play when I am at his house as it is his didg.

Chad Baloy from USA

I immediately knew that the didj was a healer. It's sound warmed my soul and continues to do so!!

Anonymous from USA


Cherie Fullarton from Australia

It sounded pretty cool I was just a kid I had never herd and instrument like it and to this day still have and they are hard to play to

Chris Murphy from USA

I thought it was really cool. I got more and more into it as time went on. Anymore I can't go a day without playing. I really appreciate the spiritual connection

Chris from USA

How do you make all those "noises"?

Chris from USA

One of the instruments that I wanted to learn to play. It was somehow a spiritual grounding for me.

Christian from USA

Wonderful instrument but I didn't understand how to play it.

Claudio from Chile

Que es un intrumento genial qu demuestra la creatividad y la necesidad del hombre primitivo de expresarse a traves de la musica....

Cory from Canada

The vibrations were so overwhelming. How can so many sounds come from a single hollow piece of wood. I knew I had to learn how! Almost seems like I haven't put it down since.

Craig Freeman from Australia

Fascinating sound

Dale Elliott from Australia

I had never heard such a unique sound. I loved the sound so much that I took up lessons and learnt how to play myself.

Daniel from USA

Awesome--Sounded like "Om"--Meditative.

Debbie from Canada


Diane Starner from USA

I WANT ONE!!!! I want to be able to play it!

Dorothy Blue from USA

Very comforting & serene sound

Douglas Michon from USA

I was dreaming.

Ed from USA

Seemed to stir something within almost primal


Love earth

Ellis from USA

Interesting a different sound and Austrial

Eric from France

Good vibration


Algo Increíble Una Conexión Con Mi Alma

Tribal Something Incredible A Connection with My Soul Spirit

Francisco from Portugal

Crazy sound! Looks like animals's screaming

Francisco Muñoz from Chile

Was great instrument I've to play it

Frank from USA

I felt that the didj was an almost mythical instrument.

Frank Segui Franck from Canada

Incredible sound from the heart... old elements dancing in the beautiful spiral of energy and vibration...connection whit the olders...

Fred from Netherlands

The sound is nature the sound is to calm down the sound is meditation rest the sound of soul.

Fredo from USA

I believed the sound was awesome I'm a musician of 5 years playing everything from french horn guitar bass guitar trumpet tuba percussion and baritone hearing this sound was just an amazing experience and playing was even better.

Gareth Knight from United Kingdom

Very spiritual tribal ancient and sacred. The sound is of the earth a pure healing vibration...I was hooked !!!!! now I teach it !

Gary from USA


Gary from Australia

I wanna play like that!

Anonymous from USA

Don't know

Geoff from USA


Gerard from USA

Sound was earthy and modern almost electronic

Gilles Pizzinato from Switzerland

That the sonority was like a dream.... I discover a sound just made for me my body and my soul.

Glen from USA

What an incredible sound form an ancient culture and how simple life once was


Awesome sounds coming from a piece of tree !!

Greg from Switzerland

I felt something magical. from a different world.

Gregorio from Netherlands

I was impressed by its unusual sound!


Amazing music


What a new sensation definitely penetrating

Iain from United Kingdom

An amazing sound - felt through the whole body - wanted to hear more


Not sure how I felt

Ian from United Kingdom

Thought it was the best sound I had every heard a human make


It was a nice instrument that could create some thick techno sounds if played that way. It seems to be a highly expressive instrument.

Isaac from USA

I loved it and immediately wanted to learn how to play.

Anonymous from Luxembourg

I liked its ancestral esoteric sound

Jackie from USA

Thought it was like 'music from heaven'

Jan from Slovakia

I felt something special that I didn't feel never before. There is just something about didgeridoo that you can't find in other instruments. For me it was just extraordinary experience to see one aboriginal play didgeridoo.


Its different




Awesome earthy sound. Looks easy to make great sound with.

Jeff from USA

Haunting eerie sound that resonated with something deep in my memory. A calming physical feeling where I felt an instant healing energy.


Loved it.

Jim Davis from Canada

Very hypnotic spiritual. I wanted to play one


Cool sound


It's wonderful


Didn't really know now I love it an have a passion for it I can't find any where to buy one so I am entering to win one I really love the didj and wood do just about anything to win this wonderful one

Anonymous from France

Oh ! It's Super

John Capurso from USA

A very spiritual instrument - in touch with something primal




What a fantastic sound to come from simple instrument

John Mason from Canada

Strange instrument

Jon Samuelsson from Sweden

I thought it sounded cool but didn't realize it was a didgeridoo. I recognized the sound but I wasn't expecting it to be such a large instrument

Anonymous from Spain

Its sound was fantastic and really involved

Jose Luis from Spain

A little bit strange but still good.

Jouni from Finland


Julie Cowart from USA

They are eerie and really interesting sounding. Kinda like spirits talking to you instead of an instrument

Justin from Australia

Sounds it made was AWESOME!!

Justin Mayfield from USA

Whoah... This rocks! This is such a strange and beautiful instrument. I wanna make it big in the US. I want to give this instrument life!


It was a wonderful unique sound that I really enjoyed

Katy from USA

They are the neatest instruments!


Amazing powerfully spiritual sounds

Kennth Brown from USA

Sound or earth and stars combined


Incredible way to convey feelings into a musical atmosphere

Kim from Finland

Amazing sound

Klemens from Germany

Just listening to the tone

Konstantinos Papadimitriou from Greece

Very cool sound I just love it.

Kristin from USA

Hearing the didj for the first time was a inspirational experience that instantly made me want my own didj.

Lance Moss from USA

The most uplifting sound of any musical instrument I"ve ever heard

Larry from Australia

I felt drawn to it the sound. It was haunting and touched a part of me deep inside.

Anonymous from USA

Unique to me

Liana from USA

I loved it from the first time I heard it. My best friend recently returned from a trip and brought me back a didj. It is the only instrument I can kinda play

Linda from USA


Lloyd Goldstein from USA

Very impressed and hypnotized was a very good player


I was pretty young a kid in Bathurst. The way it moved my vibe with its drone.

Anonymous from USA

Reminded me of swimming deep in ocean with whales.

Madelaine from Australia


Margaret from USA

The sound went to my soul.


I thought it was amazing. I loved the feeling of the reverberations of the music in the room...very powerful.

Mark Cotterill from Australia

Being a musician I thought it was great our koori mate played on our recording in the late 70's and it made the song excellent and gave me a love of Aboriginal people and Music

Mark from United Kingdom


Anonymous from USA

I thought it was fabulous. I loved the range of sounds and notes that could be produced with this amazing instrument.


It is certainly an original site. Love the chance to be able to win something.

Mathew Walker from Australia

It felt very spiritual as I have grown up with aborigines since I was a child

Matthew Smith from USA

That it was what everyone had said about it--very earthy and primal and stirring.

Max from USA

Amazing work of art


The best instrument

Anonymous from Spain

I thought it was tricky to master and very spiritual.


Nothing sounds like didj... I was in Australia for working in Lindeman Island at club med and there were some guys who were playing some didj and I like a lot and I tried and I can play

Michael Rampling from United Kingdom

Awesome dark earthy and the ultimate trance instrument ever and even better it's natural!

Michael from USA

I think I said "Wow! That is a great sound."



Anonymous from France

It makes a strange feel


Amazing instrument


I thought it was the most amazing instrument I had ever seen or heard.

Nick from United Kingdom

What a natural way of making sound rolf harris was the first person I heard play I thought it was great.

Nicolas from France

Le premiere fois j'ai pense que c'était un instrument qui permettait toutes les folies. Ca m'a donné envie d'y arriver.

Niki from USA


Anonymous from Canada

I thought it seemed like a very interesting instrument I had never heard of it before I also found the sound very relaxing.

Oguz Anil from Turkey

Was great brilliant nothing quiet like it

Patches Horsley from USA

It was exhilarating! The most amazing thing I ever heard!

Patty from Canada

Calming peaceful

Paul O'Keefe from Canada

I thought it had a powerful different from anything I have heard.

Paulo David Silveira from Brazil

A cool sound that I could easily distinguish among the other instruments.

Peggylynn Terrien from USA

It was an incredible sound enveloped me and went straight to my soul I love the sound and feel of the music it makes

Phil from USA

That it was amazing! I'm a classically trained pianist/organist and I was amazed that something as simple as a didge could be so powerful.

Philip from USA

Wow this is really cool. The CD I was listening to put me in a in a ultra relaxed state. I had found a great "new" type of music. I hoped to find out more about the didj.

Pierandrea from Italy

Very fascinating and ancestral

Anonymous from Australia

Sounded fantastic! beautiful music and dances that match - a fantastic show


Love the sound of it.

Rafal Janczak from Poland

I was amazed that such a "synthetic" sound could come out of a hollow piece of wood. It sounded like the earth had a voice.

Robert from USA

Strange sound but I liked it. Never heard anything like it before.

Robert Smith from USA

An invitation to Mystery

Ron from USA

It's one of those things that seems to touch you on a different level than simply the way it sounds.

Ron J Berkhout from Netherlands

It felt good relaxing. It was at my uncle's funeral. Before he died he went to Australia to see his son and he became a Yothu Yindi fan when he was downunder.

Anonymous from Ireland

It was simple but at the same time was more intriguing than most of the most complex instruments

Roy from Canada

I saw Rolf Harris on tv way back when we lived in the UK and was very impressed with the sound but at that time there was very little information about didgeridoos and I only recently (this Feb) on a visit to Cairns and kuranda found how uplifting the sound was when being performed in the flesh. 0

Rudolf Gander from Austria

Centering calming

Ryan from USA

What's that wonderful sound

Anonymous from United Kingdom

It sounded different interesting. thought the person playing it had a huge lung capacity until I heard about circular breathing


It's calm for me.

Sascha from Luxembourg

Its sound was so amazing and flew threw me. It has touched me so much that I never forgot its power.


It has a magical sound that seems to be directly connected to nature.

Scott from USA

How cool is that sound! That used to be a tree?!

Scott Michael from USA

Thought it was a great place been back many times since

Scott from USA

It's an interesting and exotic instrument. I was amazed at the players' ability to circular breathe and play without stopping!

Sean Bearly from USA

Awesome dude! Like ya know righteous.

Sean from USA

Most soothing and earthy sound ever heard hypnotizing really

Sebastian Zak from Poland

! this is it


Unique. haunting

Shaun from Canada

I found it a very interesting instrument. I attempted to play it and it made noise the first instrument I had ever done that with.

Shawn Battmer from USA

THAT is AWESOME. I love the sound of it.



Anonymous from Australia

Amazing instrument how can a sound so awesome come from a hollowed bit of wood.

Stacy from USA

Very unique sound. Whenever I hear one I think of Australia and Crocodile Hunter and the Australian Zoo. :)



Anonymous from Austria

Can't really remember the first time because I was probably too young

Steve from United Kingdom

Amazing unique sound


It was awesome...the sound of the earth...it went into my bones and still does.

Steven from USA

I thought it was awesome. I love the deep resonating sound it is soothing and engaging at the same time




Thought it was an interesting instrument. Loved the sound and wanted to get one to learn to play it.

Sven from Germany

It is wonderful to hear!!!

Tero from Finland

I'd never heard anything like it before. It was very beautiful but I felt that I should learn more about the instrument and it's background to appreciate it totally. I'm still learning.

Theodore from USA

Very impressed.

Thomas from USA

It was a beautiful moment. I was with at the time mostly new friends. I currently consider these people my best friends. Although other factors are considered I believe one reason we are so close is that we all connected through the music and magic from that didgeridoo.

Thomas Webster from USA

I was instantly fascinated and learned everything I could about them.

Timmy Church from Australia

Felt deadly

Anonymous from France

That is THE sound



Tomer from Israel

The best feeling!

Anonymous from France

A strange instrument with a very interesting noise

Wojciech from Poland

Amazed by its very unique sound and curious how to play on didj


It was breathtaking - from the instrument flowed such an amazing aural experience and energy.

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