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Name and Country

First Experience with a Didj

Adam from USA

I was amazed by how unique this instrument was. I immediately fell in love with it.

Adon from Australia

Whoa. That's a cool freaky sound.


By that time I was too small ... so I felt kinda like an animal sound (perhaps its my animal instinct that attracts me to it)

Aiden from USA

Wow that sounds cool!

Anonymous from USA

It was an awesome strange intense sound that grabbed my curiosity from the first time I heard it.

Anonymous from Italy

Beautiful emotion




The didj sound seemed familiar to me..coming from anterior life cycles...

Ali Rifat Aykan from Turkey

Amazing sound

Alison James from USA

I was hooked!

Anonymous from Australia





Loved it

Andrea from USA

Have experienced it.

Andrew Locky from Canada

Haunting soothing and mystical





Angela from USA

Spooky yet comforting


A very cool "earthy" sound.

Anne Lauterbach from USA

A very native exotic sound.



Anthony Curmi from Malta

I was amazed by that cool sound but did not know it was a didj. When I saw one being played by a neighbouring band (since I play guitar in a band too) I went crazy. Its incredible what sounds come out of the stick!

Arnaud Berger from Australia

Great sound and unique

Arthur from USA


Ayal from Israel


Anonymous from Australia

I think it is a remarkable instrument.


It was strange.

Anonymous from USA

Neat sound

Bernice from South Africa

That it was the most amazing thing that I have ever heard and it totally blew my mind!

Bianka from Germany

It is a beautiful instruments


I love the sound unique

Anonymous from Canada

WOW! I improvised with it on cello and it made the cello resonate...along with my mind. It was incredible!


I had no idea what I was hearing. I heard a man in a bus in Mexico playing it in an aisle for tips. He was amazing!

Brett from Australia

I just loved the sound of it and found it amazing the different sounds that were being played

Brian from USA

I thought it was the coolest sound I had heard in a musical performance!

Brian from USA

I was wondering if it was an animal or something. I then wondered how in the heck somebody came up with an instrument like that until I saw that it was a tree branch.

Brian from United Kingdom

First saw Rolf Harris playing thought it was amazing how he could keep the sound going

Brian from USA

I love folk/native music from many countries... this is a highlight!

Brian from USA

Cool sounding and mysterious instrument. Soothing sound.

Brian from Canada

Loved it

Bruce from USA

Very cool sounding

Bruce Rich from USA

Thought it was a strange haunting sound.

Bruno Miranda from Portugal

When I heard the sound of didj for the first time I was like "Uoh this "piece of wood" makes that sound uohh" I just love the sound that I heard..


I thought it was the best sound I have herd in years. very authentic

Carlos from USA

What is that instrument? That is really cool.


Deep resonant mood deepening set up physical vibrations

Anonymous from USA

That's cool

Anonymous from Australia

The real Australian sounds..reminders of the Outback.


Thought it was awesome - even had a try and couldn't make a single sound!!

Cary from USA

It sounded eerie and forlorn; mysterious

Anonymous from USA

Cool sounds!

Anonymous from USA

Unbelievable sound. The sound is as gorgeous as the instrument that makes it!


Makes me proud to be australian

Anonymous from Canada


Charlotte from Canada

Mystic wild rang of sound possibilities traditional-emotional

Cheryl Free from USA

Interesting instrument


Made me feel connected to the earth

Chris from USA

Earthly and soulful.

Chris Lilley from United Kingdom

Amazing. It's a cliché but it was a sound that made the hairs on my neck stand on end. I knew I wanted to try playing one one day.

Anonymous from USA

How unique the instrument was the diversity was out of this world and I must have one so I bought my first one then been playing it ever since then

Christian Swann from USA

Very spiritual


I love the sound

Christine from USA

Very cool

Christopher from United Kingdom

Intriguing different.

Anonymous from Australia

Old customs and tribes before we existed on this plane.

Christos from Greece

At the first time I feel like I break in to many little pieces and then I fit again

Anonymous from Malaysia

I feel something different about this instrument not like others. It is very unique..



Clay from USA

Really relaxing cool sound

Clinton from USA

Good stuff

Clinton from United Kingdom

I Have to play that!

Clive Wilson from United Kingdom





I felt like... where have you been my whole life

Craig from Australia

It was unique in appearance craftsmanship and sound.

Craig from USA

Very unique and original sounding instrument

Cynthia Tierra from USA

It resonated with me

Dan Buske from USA



Something quite primal

Dan from USA

That is one freakin' cool sound!

Dan from Switzerland

Crazy vibrations

Dan Vallely from Australia

Great sound had a spiritual quality which was very haunting.

Daniel from USA

Ancient and tribal. Very mysterious.


Neat instrument. Wanted to learn how to play one.


"That's weird..."

Darlene from USA

I went to Australia in 2000 but never really had the chance to experience the Didgeridoo. We just had an assembly at our school about this instrument. I find it amazing.

Anonymous from Australia

I thought it was magic. It felt empowering.

Darren from United Kingdom

Can't remember what I felt/thought the first time first time in recent memory it made the hair on my neck stick up and made me shiver!

Dave from USA

Soothing relaxing vibrating feeling good



David Gibson from United Kingdom

It sounded very primeval and left me with a very "earthy' feeling


I was astounded that such a variety of unusual sounds could come out of a tube.


Whoa what's that?!

Deborah from USA

Sounded interesting

Denny from USA

I was sure that it was the voice of Mother Earth.

Anonymous from USA

Liked it

Dexter from USA

Love it

Dianne from New Zealand

Interesting sound very relaxing

Anonymous from Australia

Amazing how could a song that good come from a hollow log.

Anonymous from USA



Great song

Diederick Neels from Belgium

I thought it was a amazing instrument and I want to learn more about it . and I did ?


Very interesting sound

Don from USA

When I got my first didge I remembered the smell of the bees wax and the feel of the instrument in my hands. Learning how to play was more like remembering how to play. I knew that I had carried one before.



Dustin from USA

I thought it was great! I'd never heard one in person until I was playing with blowing in to a tube and sort of stumbled onto the sound "by accident." Then my friend told me a little about it and I was hooked!

Ed from USA

Amazing sounds

Eero from Finland

Very relaxing

Anonymous from USA

I thought it was awesome it added so much to the music being played and had a very unique sound when used with electric guitars and the electric bass


Wow what for a great and amazing sound. I feel the sounds of a didge on my skin and I get an goose-skin!

Eric Berman from USA

Amazing instrument--one of the few rhythm instruments played by breath--the beat is almost always kept with hands or feet.


I was hooked immediately. Very spiritual instrument.

Erman Seles from Turkey

I felt good and it increased my emotional performance about life in conclusion it was a meditation for my soul


It's impossible! and addictive to hear

Ewoud De Ruijter from Netherlands

A marvelous instrument which really gives me great vibes. I felt a very deep undiscovered emotion inside me. It was great.

Fernando from Italy

Hei... that's my soul !!!

Anonymous from France

Great sound very impressive vibes !


That it is a root form of musical expression that can touch the root of the human spirit

Frederic Legrand from France

This is the sound of the hearth...

Anonymous from USA

I thought that it sounded really haunting and resonant.

Gabriel Zamora from Sweden

It sounded exotic a sound I never have heard before

Gary from USA

Loved it

Gaylon Thornton from USA


George from USA


George Haddad from Lebanon

Wow.. What's this incredible sound it's like mother earth talking.

George from USA

Very interesting sound


I just love it:) This instrument make an amazing sound.





Glenn Taylor from USA

An erie sound

Gordon from United Kingdom

Wonderful primeval sound.

Graham from United Kingdom


Gregg Nardozza from USA

Incredible interesting instrument.



Greta from Belgium

I thought I heard the sounds of the earth.it felt like there was no instrument but rather a prolongation of the player and nature.

Hannah from Sweden

Very original instrument I thought it had a nice sound to listen to. Decided at once to give it a try sometime.

Harold Gaines from USA

What a strange wonderful sound.

Anonymous from USA

I felt that it was a truly unique instrument that could be used in many different settings. I was very taken aback by its sound.

Hector Adrian Peralta from Argentina




Heidi from Australia

Love the sound

Anonymous from Japan

Primitive - like one of the first instruments.

Iain from Australia


Ian from United Kingdom

Strange musical instrument sounds like nothing else I've heard. could I do that?


Interesting Sound. I want to play that. It sounds like fun.


The deep base rhythm was awesome and the sound seemed to travel right through me

Anonymous from USA



What a wonderful sound!

James Harding from USA

Haunting hypnotic.

James Nayler from United Kingdom

Was Listening to a very accomplished player who I thought was playing along to tape but the tape wasn't even on - the range of sounds was amazing!

Jamie from USA

Neat site


It has a magical sound.


Don't know

Jason from USA

I was amazed and entranced

Jean Paul from USA

Wow what an amazing and tribal sounding instrument.

Jeff from USA

I was amazed and very curious

Jeff from USA

What an eerie awesome sound. I want to learn to make that sound!

Anonymous from Canada

I thought that it produced an amazing sound.

Jeff from USA

The didgeridoo is a very beautiful instrument and one of the coolest instruments I've ever seen. The sound is soothing and relaxing like no other!

Jeff Nelson from USA

Intrigue and awe. the sounds it makes are soothing and create a sense of wonder you can hear then you can imagine the environment it came from.

Jeffrey from USA

I did not know what it completely blew me away. I thought it was amazing the sounds that no other instrument I have ever heard make. I first thought that was amazing and then I thought that I should definitely learn that instrument.


The sound of the instrument was very galactic something from the universe definitely not this planet.


Comforting relaxing

Jennifer from USA



Thought it was strange

Jerry from USA

Cool sound!


I thought it was interesting as I have always been interested in various musical instruments.

Jessie from Canada

Really liked it

Jezz from United Kingdom

Natural rumblings a little haunting ! The voice of the Didj definitely grew on me.



Jim from USA

I think there great . I love them.

Jim from USA

Amazing peaceful sound


Hearing the didj for the very first time made my whole body tingle it was an amazing feeling. I still get that feeling whenever I hear it. Its very spiritual and earthly...home

Joachim from Germany

I was absolutely fascinated by the haunting sound. Simply had to have my own didj and play.

Joan from USA

I loved the quiet sound and the feel of the didj

Joanne from Australia

We have a friend who can produce sound that you wouldn't believe so I love it

Joe from USA

It had incredible sound it was a spiritual experience

Joe from USA

Cool sound got to try one.


This is one of the oldest sounds that mankind still can produce - this is how in the early periods of mankind nature must have sounded...

John Best from USA

Amazing unique sound

John Breust from Australia

Yeh quite unique nice format and looks interesting

John from USA

Thought the sound was really different and interesting.

John Heusler from USA

It was very soothing...so unusual. I wanted one right away!

John from USA

Love it.


When I first heard it I guess from stuff my sister was in she's big into Australia.

Johnna from USA

Felt relaxed.

Johnny from Ireland

I was intrigued by its sound cause its the only instrument I've heard that can replicate natural sound such as wild animals which is of great interest to me along with music.

Jon Dorman from USA

It is one of the most interesting and positive instruments in the world.



Jon from USA

It's a gut level thing.

Jordi from Spain

I couldn't believe it. "It's no possible" I said..."I'm sure that's a synthesizer or sound with a lot of FXs" The first time I saw a player in front of me I couldn't believe it again. The sound arrives into my body and remove all of it. It as really magical. And what about the shout with the voice they were like a dinosaur voice.


A unique sound

Juan Pablo from Spain

Is a spiritual instrument

Judith from USA



Thought it looked cool

Julian from Australia

That it was the most unusual instrument


Spiritual sound


I loved it I just hade to get one nom I'm a star at it

Karen from USA

Don't know

Karolina from Australia

It is absolutely wonderful I could listen to it forever

Katherine Parnell from Australia

As a child I thought it was very unusual and very unique


That it sounded really cool and calming


I loved the sound it is soulful and beautiful


Interesting instrument looked easy to play but was harder than it looked


Mysterious cool sound...


Cool sound.


An unusual and interesting sound

Kenneth from Azerbaijan

A feeling of deep pride and comfort

Kenneth Shapley from United Kingdom

My heart just new that this was the instrument for me. I felt a great peace come over me laced with vibrant excitement

Kev Bates from United Kingdom

Touched the soul.

Kim from USA

The sound struck at something primordial in me


I loved it

Kirk Jaskoviak from USA

I thought that the sound was magical and hypnotic and I wanted to know how the sound was being made.


Never heard

Anonymous from Portugal

Absolute calm as if the sound was all around me. I love the deep resonance of the didj. It was one of those instruments just HAD to learn how to play.

Koichiro from Japan

Mysterious energetic



Lars Ley from Luxembourg


Lasse from Denmark

It was the most fantastic sound I had ever heard


Great Sounds

Le Perkins from USA

Nice like the sound


Have not heard yet

Leo from Spain

Very inspiring to see pictures inside one self


Very unusual by the photos



Lionel Clauser from Finland

Strange but interesting. My ears went open and I was wondering from what that relaxing and at the same time exiting sound came.

Anonymous from USA

Loved the site

Lori from USA


Luke Mazzeri from USA


Marc Boubault from France

I immediately adored his concept: all these sounds and these rhythms which one can just produce with a piece of wood dug by termites! And of aillor I quickly realized that was not that a piece of wood I quickly bought myself one of them and I noted qau wire of the time and by improving me which it could live and to make me live... _ that it be play fast slow or encore for the meditation I have discover a instrument single with world and that it be my astonishment when I have learn that it have be create it there have 40000 year !and that they was the Aboriginals which had invented them... I think that one has to learn much from these people and I dream later to be able to meet them!

Marcelino Andipatin from France

Energy vibrations of the Universe.

Margaret Stephens from USA

Haven't heard one yet

Mark from USA

Looked around for Marlin Perkins

Martin from United Kingdom

Interesting sound very versatile for a single note instrument

Martin from Slovakia

Mysterious instrument


It seems exotic.

Anonymous from USA

Hypnotizing and Relaxing



Matan from Israel

Great sound amazing thing!

Matthew from Australia

It was so long ago I can barely remember.but I know I have always found it very relaxing as well as uplifting and deep

Maurice from USA

Exotic sound

Mauricio d'Orey from Portugal

It was an incredible sound. I was simply amazed with the power of the didj sound



Anonymous from Australia

Cool I like listening to it

Anonymous from Australia

Loved the unique eerie sound. It evokes a feeling I can't even explain - it's primal. I love it!

Meri from USA

Very cool sound!!!

Merv from USA


Anonymous from USA

Cool sound.

Anonymous from Australia

I thought that it was an extraordinary sounding instrument and that it would take a lot of skill to play. for me it had a very spiritual feel to it.

Michael Weinbrecht from USA


Michael from USA

I loved It! I had find out more about this magical awesome sounding instrument. I was on the internet for days learning about it.


It was cool


Was cool

Michelle from USA

It was very different and not like anything else I heard before even the history

Miguel from Spain

Strange but amazing sound.

Mike Clayton from United Kingdom

A warm resonant sound that seemed to fill my whole body very pleasant


Way cool.


Wow... it's a stick with a hole through it and it sounds great!!

Mitch from USA



Don't know

Natalie from USA

Have not heard it yet

Anonymous from Australia

Its different but I really like it soothing

Nigel Mason from United Kingdom

Amazed how such wonderful sounds could come from a wooden tube

Nigel from Australia

The sound gave my goose bumps



Oliver from Germany

Touched me somewhere deep inside

P.J. Belic from USA

I was very young but none the less intrigued and curious.It sounded ancient and haunting. I wanted to try it for myself.


I felt that my whole body was shivering

Pamela Hansen from USA

Really wish I could hear the beautiful sound produced when played

Pamela from Canada

It was the coolest thing I'd ever heard!! I love it...I'd love to learn how to do it!

Patrick Anderson from Australia

Wanted to get one straight away

Patrick from USA


Patrick Nielander from USA


Patrick Sioda from France

The sound was a really great surprise!


Eerie but compelling

Paul Bishop from USA

Very eerie and unearthly. But it left me with a good feeling




Unique sound

Paulo Ferreira from Portugal

I was very impressed by the sound

Pedro from Portugal

Awesome sound. Very Good and relaxing for our hears

Pedro Ramos from Portugal

Since the first moment I was in love with that fantastic sound! It creates a unique music and I didn't sleep well until I've learned to play a didjeridu.


I'm going to listen the first time tonight on this web site

Peter De Jong from Netherlands

Loved the sound and the history of this instrument also inspired me

Peter from Netherlands

The Earthly sound made me more connected to the Earth

Philip from USA

The voice of the divine

Pierre from Germany



It was incredible. Sounded like a nature song. So different and haunting.

Ralph from USA

I play the tuba so it was love at first sight!!!

Raphaël Godard from Belgium

I didn't know what it was but I felt that amazing it seemed to have more than one noise in the same time a I was really surprised

Ray from United Kingdom

Great sound but looked difficult to play

Reuben Horsley from United Kingdom

Incredible sound that was unlike any I'd ever heard before. magical sound that came with it's own heritage

Ricardo Dacosta from USA

I felt a deep connection

Richard Grossman from USA

I had to learn to play one! Most amazing sound I'd ever heard.

Richard Jones from USA

Love the sound

Richard Young from USA

Relaxed. Very very relaxed.


WOW! Amazing Instrument that felt very spiritual to me. Great sound

Rick Roberti from USA

Loved the sound. Found it very hypnotic and relaxing. I always wanted to have one. I took a few years but now I have four!

Ritthy from France

It has good vibration


Brilliant heard it first at a levelers concert. I thought I'm going to learn that..

Robbert-Jan from Netherlands

It was great. It felt really special to me. It"s hard to describe (also because my english is quite bad) but you could say I loved (and still love) it from the first moment I've heard it.


Very unique

Robert from USA

What a mesmerizing haunting intriguing familiar complex sound! This must be the coolest and most unique instrument on Earth.


I never thought that such an awesome soothing instrument existed. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine something that sounded so great.

Robert from USA

It just grabbed me. The sound was mesmerizing.

Robert from USA

I was a young man at this time and the person was playing it in downtown Brisbane. Very nice sound.

Rodrigo Viterbo from Portugal

It was something amazing I immediately forgot everything around it was in a theater play and the didge became awesome!!!



Roxy from USA

I was a child at the time and did not know what it was. I thought it was an animal making noises in a jungle! It was some time before I learned the truth!!

Roy from USA

Strange but very soothing

Anonymous from Portugal


Ryan from USA

I love the deep bass tone and the myriad of resonance notes. Similar to the qualities of the other instrument I love the Great Highland Bagpipes

Ryan from USA

Sounds Awesome!

Ryan from Australia



Wow what a great sound

Sam Boys from USA

Primordial sound... earthy & resonant

Anonymous from USA

It was Sweet!

Sandra Fernandes from Portugal



Strangely delightful

Anonymous from USA

That it was really unique

Sean Bester from New Zealand

Wow what a great sound it went straight to the soul


It was the most unique sound I'd ever heard

Sean from USA

I was very interested

Sean from USA

The resonating sound is soothing primal yet very trance inducing.


Wow!! What was That?!


I could listen to it all day

Shannon Slate from USA

It reminded me of the drones on a bag pipe <which I love> but FAR more versatile

Anonymous from South Africa


Anonymous from United Kingdom

Raw tribal made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end

Shawn Nelson from USA

What is this? Like I heard something that I had forgotten. Intrigued.

Sheree Hennessy from Australia

How powerful an instrument it really is.

Shiloh from USA

It moves something inside me.. I fell a deep calling to go to australia. and I love the sounds of the music

Siobhan Mcelwee from USA

Oh MY GOD what an amazing sound! Or feeling...or both and yet neither. I GOTTA learn to play!!!!!!!




The sound was really fascinating for me. I have never heard something like this before.The sound of the didgeridoo was mystical and I fell me great.


It took me 5 min to get a good sound of it and feeling really the vibes it really amazed me and I fall in love with it

Stephen from USA

Loved the sound

Sue from Australia

Magical sound.

Susan from USA

I thought it was the most awesome sound ever!


Amazing sounds from such a simple instrument!

Sylvain from France

The good song the originality and the signification of this instrument touch me.

Anonymous from France

How what it is ? A sound who astonished myself and make me feel in vibration.



Terry Holland from USA



It was beautiful peaceful and calming

Therese from Australia

Very unusual sound

Anonymous from France

I feel like I feel in a dream

Thomas Robinson from USA

It felt like it made music from the soul of ancient man. The only instrument I have ever wanted to learn to play. I've felt that way since the 60's.

Thomas Stelmaszyk from France

OMG !!!! I just fell in love with it ! Basically I was going to a concert to see something that had nothing to do with didjes and they let a small group play first made up of didjs and djembes.

Thorsten Strunk from Germany


Tim McClune from United Kingdom

Spiritually significant relaxing raw and unspoilt

Timothy from USA

I enjoyed the music and immediately began learning to play from my Maltese friend who was given a didj by an aborigine

Tony Kiser from USA

This was something special it felt really good to hear the sounds that the didj made.

Tony from Canada

Very interesting and eerie/ captivating music

Tony from United Kingdom

Interesting sound



Travis from USA

Astral projection.


The depth of vibration was fantastic.

Anonymous from USA

Though it was interesting

Vic Cherikoff from Australia

Absolutely spine tingling powerful sound which I find resonates with me like African and American Indian drumbeats.

Victor from Australia

An amazing instrument - to be able to make such a variety of sounds out of something so simple and natural is incredible.

Wayne Powers from USA

I wondered what it might look like and how did it make that wild tone

Wendy from Canada

I loved the sounds

William from USA

Strange sound

Yann from France

Relaxing healing captivating

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