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Name and Country

First Experience with a Didj

Anonymous from Japan

Its sound was so different with Japanese one. And it was very difficult to play!!

Aaron Jay from USA

Wow! I am going to learn how to play one!

Adrianne Tawa from USA

Made me feel like meditating

Aitor Perez from Spain

A beautiful sound I'd have never hear before

Anonymous from USA


Alex Pearson from Canada

"I need to get one and learn to play"

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Just the coolest instrument! We've been doing a project on didjes as school, and a friend of my mum's played his for me, then came to school and played it for the whole class. He bought his didje in Sydney a few years ago. I'd so love to have one of my own!

Amano from United Kingdom

To me I was like wow this is the sound when the world was first created this is the original first world sound that's what it sounded like....I first learnt from a guy called phil perris who is half Malaysian and half indonesian....I myself am half finnish and half nigerian...and one of my proudest moments was firstly being invited to a concert of yothu yindi....back in 1989 ...in soho in london....they actually let me play their didjes and shared a beer with me......the second biggest honour that happened was having aboriginal elders living with me and my brother in london for six months ..talk about a truly amazing experience.....I had the great honour of going out busking in london's covent garden every day for what seemed like forever in seventh heaven with true black fellas....Uncle played a long ironbark didje and would sit in full body paint on kangaroo skins regaling amazed tourists with dreamtime stories...it was with a tinge of sadness because he told this story of how he is a fully qualified psychiatric nurse...but can't get work because there are "no aboriginal positions available"...what an amazing man and inspiration .....not to mention auntie his wife who nagged me into the blue yonder...did me some good though...


Awesome, would be great for my meditations

Andrei Fedichev from Israel

I have heard didge for a first time when I traveled in india,in parvati valey (north of india) we where sitting in a circle and one of the played the didge . I felt like I dive in some kind of meditation trance and it's felt really great

Anonymous from Germany

Great sound


Great sound from just a tube

Anonymous from Canada

The fremitus was incredible!

Anthony Cooper from USA

I was at my friends house, and his father had one, for decorative purposes only, and no one could play the beast! on my attempt we got this dull roar from it and I was amazed at the beauty and power of the sound, so primal.


My son (11) is really the person interested and he enjoys a lot playing a "touritic" didjeridoo. I like to listens him and see how is playing every day better.

Art Miramontes from USA

I loved the sound it gave out when played properly. It is just a relaxing natural sound.

Axel Montaner from Canada



It looks interesting...

Anonymous from USA

Didn't know what it was

Ben Ellis from USA


Anonymous from Netherlands

What a fantastic sound


Yes I

Anonymous from Chile

Listen that sound for first time it's a incredible sensation a think a feel full of curiosity of how to play a didgeridoo

Benjamin Peterson from USA

That's an odd little instrument

Benjamin Wolk-weiss from USA

It was really awesome and inspired me to get a didj.

Benji Flackman from Canada

I was over come with relaxation and realized that the didj is the voice of mama earth

Anonymous from Ireland

It gave me an amazingly warm kick and thrilled my heart


It makes a great sound!

Bill Hayes from USA

I'm a descendant of the aboriginal people of the USA, I'm a Native American Indian. When I heard the sounds of the didj I loved it because it struck me as a very ancient & traditional sound, it reminded me of the chanting, drum beats & songs of our people. I want to be able to make didj music a recognizable part of our Indian culture. That's because we have always recognized the aborigines as our relatives in an Indian way.

Anonymous from Canada

I was inspired by it. I was only a child at the time but found it's sounds to be unique and to this day, I've never heard anything else like it.

Brae Murley from Australia

I thought it was very soothing and soulful


Interesting sound quality


Very unusual sounds and incomparable to any other music instrument

C. Wayne Macmillan from Canada


Carlos Eduardo Poirier Johnson from Chile

Encontraba muy dificil tocar el didgeridoo


Great vibration and mystic sound

Carolina Gonzalvo from Spain

A peaceful feeling

Anonymous from USA

I really enjoyed the sound. It is soothing.



Chris Wills from USA

Walt Disney had a film called "The Rescuers Down Under". It was in this children's movie where I first heard the songs of the didge. Even before I knew it was a human who caused it.

Anonymous from USA

That they had a nice sound and some were really pretty.

Christophe Michelin from France

Deep feeling, trouble

Christopher Fleniken from USA

I heard my first didge at the Jazz and Heritage Festival in New Orleans. I thought it was the most haunting sound that I had ever heard. My only thoughts were to get one and learn to play. It took a few years, but I did eventually get to Australia and bought an incredible didge. In the meanwhile, I played on bamboo and an inferior didge.

Clare Duggan from United Kingdom

Thought it was a Drain Pipe


That the bearded bloke playing it was a bit weird and kept going on about 2 little boys having 2 little toys - which freaked me out a bit. Since then I learned a bit more about the true culture of the Didj and can appreciate it at a different level.

Anonymous from Australia

First time I saw it being played was when I was really young, probably about 4yrs old. It was at "Old Sydney Town", and a group of Aboriginal people dressed in traditional gear were playing them and dancing. I was quite scared actually. The sound was really weird to me. But I ended up getting a photo taken with them.

Anonymous from USA

That it sounded cool

Anonymous from Belgium


Anonymous from United Kingdom

I thought it was the coolest thing I had ever heard

Dave Markham from United Kingdom

I was hooked and never looked back

Anonymous from Canada

I thought it was a very strange instrument... well, I was quite small at the time...

Anonymous from USA

Incredible sound

Des Holmes from United Kingdom

Wonderful earthy sound, quite spiritual and relaxing.

Diane Baxter from United Kingdom

Unusual Noise

Diane Duce from Australia

I liked the feel of the site and it was easy to navigate which is really important to me.

Dick Baker from United Kingdom

Grounded sound

Dion Marcus from Canada

It was something that I couldn't forget the sound stayed in me


A very peace giving though exciting feeling

Donald Ellis from USA

I liked it, very interesting sound.

Donna Abel-jones from USA


Ed Borinsky from USA

The sound just reached out and grabbed me.

Eduardo Edu from Spain

They sounded HUGE. I saw that small aborigine blowing and he sounds like a 50ft tall man.


I thought it was so cool, this kid in my dorm had one and I was in my friends room one day when I heard this really cool bellowing sound coming from the window and when I looked down I saw someone playing a didgeridoo, and I started talking to the kid and he let me play it a couple of times and it was so cool and so much fun I was hooked on it and have been wanting to get one ever since.

Edward La Corte from USA

It was a very unusual sound,sounded like something from another World,and yet very Earthy too,and Primal.Very,Very Cool!!!


You fell it sound in the stomach

Anonymous from USA

I liked the calming effect it had on me


I have always wandered what made the sound that it made and I liked it.



Frances Hoyle from United Kingdom

I thought it was a marvelous instrument

Anonymous from Luxembourg

Meditative healing sound

Gabriel Cosentino from Argentina

Me parecio increible !!!!!

Gabriele Gubbelini from Italy

I feel an incredible attraction for its infinite different sounds and modulations.


Didn't know what it was

Garry Knox from Australia

What an amazing individual sound. Not only was the sound mesmerising it was one o those unique sounds that you can actually 'feel'

Garry Rodda from Australia

Exhilarating and numb

Geert Pauwels from Belgium

Impossible sound


In absolute awe, Just had to learn how to play such a beautiful instrument

Anonymous from France

Oh ! What's that fantastic sound ?

Gerry Provost from USA

Loved the resonance

Graham Wadforth from United Kingdom



Cool instrument

Gregor Harms from Germany

It's an amazing instrument, which, what a hell, I can't play!

Heidi (mynx) Hogan from USA


Anonymous from USA

Liked the primal sound

Anonymous from Chile

Como lo escuhe desde lejos no podia imaginarme que podia sonar asi. este sonido tan particular que nunca habia escuchado, pero que a la vez me parecia tan familiar, inmediatamente senti que devia encontrarlo...

Igor Llano from Colombia

It was an amazing medical sound which would guide me through different magical places.

Ilan Kander from Israel



It has got aboriginal african sound

Anonymous from Spain

Go to the mountain and play and practice

Isak Skold from Sweden

It gives me life

Ivan Bianchini from Italy

I thought that was a really original sound and that if I learned how to play I should improve my appeal with girls

Ivana Tikvicki from Croatia/Hrvatska

I loved it

Jack Bil from USA

First time I heard a didgeridoo was at an Xavier Rudd concert in Philadelphia, PA. I was blown away. It was hard for me to believe that sound was coming from a hollowed out piece of wood. I went home and bought a didge the next day and have been playing ever since.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Can't remember it was a long time ago.

Jason Andre from USA

It was a sound that FELT really soothing, unique, and just awesome

Javier Montero from Spain

Magic sound...

Jd St Michael from Canada

Sounds really cool

Jean-michel Tagliani from France

Time travel

Jeanie Fay from USA

I had just ca me from a concert, and there was this boy playing, I had never seen it before, and he put it in the car window and played, I thought it was the most amazing sound I'd ever heard. I immediately went out and got one- my parents thought I was nuts.

Jeff Domke from USA


Jeff Mahoney from USA

Felt comfortable , heeled calm and needed to play one


That is was cool

Jennifer Dombrowski from USA

My first thought was; "How beautiful!" I look forward to trying one someday.


I felt that it was very interesting as an instrument and was interested in learning more about it My boyfriend also plays the didj extremely well

Anonymous from USA

I felt as though the sound travels straight to the psyche. om. dream state.

John Gammuto from USA

It was a sacred instrument given to man to facilitate communication with all of nature, higher sources


Love the great bass tones and feelings of power it generates

John Hinkle from USA

I thought the sound was fantastic! I play native drums as a hobby . and I thought that the didge sound would be a great addition to the percussion. my then 17 year old son started making didje's and performing locally. I made bull roarers and he added those to his band any way hearing the didje ,it changed the way I listen to all native music

John Van Der Woude from Netherlands

Mother earth plays it's own instrument.

John Watson from Canada

I was mesmerized by it! Loved the truly primal feel and sound. felt instantly that it was a pure instrument which made me want to learn it for the simple want of creating music. Its simplicity (just a hollow piece of wood) as an instrument masked the amazing complexities of tone, rhythms and vocals the player was able to do and I have since tried to learn.

Anonymous from Sweden

Amazing sound and unbelievable bass, I first thought, I just have to learn how to play, so I did. :)

Jorge Rodriguez from Chile

The first time I heard one I was very scared, it was such a strange sound, but the second time I founded very interesting, because the sound didn't stop, and finally I bought one on my birthday on 2004

Anonymous from USA

Totally awesome, wanted one ASAP

Anonymous from Australia

I thought the didj was scary, as I was only about two years old.

Josiah Brown from USA

That it sounded really cool.

Juan Molina from Spain

I just remember my father playing it since I was a shild.now, I play better.jeje


It was like if the atmosphere changes and a strong wave of tranquility fills my body. It was awesome.

Julie Wrethman from United Kingdom

Amazing how blowing into a hollowed piece of wood could produce such a sound


I thought it was amazing, and thought way didn't I find it sooner.

Keith Calder from United Kingdom

A strange but somewhat relaxing note


Loved the sound

Ken Hall from USA

I really felt compelled to stop and listen to it.


Different, weird, haunting

Anonymous from USA


Kevin Gaddy from USA

Wow! that sounds kooky



Kevin Vanover from USA

I was astounded at the sound produced from a piece of bamboo and some wax.

Anonymous from USA

I love the earth tones and the grounded feeling that comes with it. It resonates in many places in my body.

Larry Harris from USA

Haunting sound

Anonymous from Italy

I was greatly impressed by it and I mentioned the didgeridoo sound in a couple of short stories I wrote. I also used it as a form of sound accompaniment once when reading a short story of mine during an all-night long radio broadcast

Anonymous from France

The sound of the didgeridoo brought me to the old age of the earth , like something set very deep in my mide that suddenly reappeared .

Lee Hart from New Zealand

The sound is haunting and the player I listened to (in the market in Sydney) played with a rhythmical lilt.

Anonymous from Australia

It's a very powerful instrument with an authentic sound and feel, very spiritual.

Louisphilippe Day from Canada

Well, I felt reconnected directly through my guts. I felt like the earth was giving birth, I felt totally back in a pure and bright environment. I just want to lay there and listen to this deep sound. A new dream was born until I get my didg this year...


J'ai adoré et je me demandais comment on pouvait jouer autant de sons, comment les faire, si c'était dur de savoir en jouer (et oui ! Il faut avoir quelques années derrière soi pour se débrouiller !). J'ai été très impressionné et je m'y suis mit comme un dingue pour essayé de reproduire les sons : evidemment, j'ai pas réussi du premier coup !!

Anonymous from Luxembourg

I simply was amazed!!!

Anonymous from France

I love this sound .it was very nice(sorry I am french)


I first wondered how would the instrument look like


Was enthralled by the beautiful deep sound that makes the body vibrate

Anonymous from Australia

I was too young to really think about it I guess, but the first time I heard a didg when I was old enough to appreciate it I just thought that it was the most interesting thing I had heard, with a strong presence that just had to be respected.

Mark Rookes from United Kingdom

Awesome and moving

Anonymous from United Kingdom

What an extraordinary sound!


It's a Very Spiritual Meditative Instrument


It is different

Martin Wyeth from United Kingdom

Lovely soothing sound gets right to your soul

Matt Howe from USA

I loved it. pureness, cleanliness,organic,righteous,thankful,perfect harmony I could go on and on but words can't describe a didj until u play or really hear one

Matt Mizula from USA

Attentive, relaxed

Matt Queen from United Kingdom



Sounds very cool. Like no other instrument I've heard

Matt Whittenberg from USA

Wow...thats all I could say

Mauricio D'orey from Portugal

I thought it was the most intense sound I ever heard from an instrument..the pure essence of nature.

Mauricio Salinas from Chile

Senti que expresaba el sonido de la naturaleza a la perfeccion

Anonymous from USA


Melody Luse from USA

Peace and warmth.




It was unique and spiritual and was like no sound I had ever heard before.

Michael Pechous from USA

The sounds I heard made me think I was tapping into something from another dimension. I heard a low reverberating sound that seemed to be swimming thru the air seeking me out, pulling me thru a crowd of people, to the source of some secret strange magical device given to man long ago. I was simply, amazed and completely disconnected to this plane of existence the longer I listened to the tune. I still feel a little part of me has left this plane to forever fly in that dimension. Each time I listen to a new didj song, or watch another soul open that doorway, I start to see where another part of me has gone before.




I liked it very much.

Anonymous from USA

I Thought they were intriguing and a totally awesome tribal instrument.

Mike Rogers from USA

I thought it was the coolest thing ever, as soon as I heard it, I wanted one as soon as possible.

Monique Garcia from USA

Very excited to learn more about the didjeridu.


Thought it was impossible to get such a range of sound from something so simple

Anonymous from Australia

I thought that the sounds came from deeply inside the person who was playing it.

Nick Arens from USA

This instrument is the craziest and coolest style of instrument and has the funkiest and smoothest sound I had ever heard. I've gotta learn the didje!

Nick Grillo from USA

An amazing instrument. Magical.

Nick Johnson from United Kingdom

WEIRD, but very cool!



Anonymous from USA

Fell in love with it...very spiritual experience.


Excellent instrument.

Paul Greenwood from USA

No way in the world this thing could make that sound

Paulo Dias from Portugal

I loved the sound the first time I heard it

Pedro Oliveira from Portugal

It was like mother earth speaking.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Wow!!!how the hell is he doing that.....wish I knew

Philip Brook from United Kingdom

What an amazing sound it sounds like more than one instrument.

Raffaella Landolfo from Italy

Good looking

Ramon Deus from United Kingdom

I thought it a strange instrument. I also thought it would be a fun instrument to play. Maybe not to difficult even. Musically inept, I have always wanted to be able to make music, but still have not found an instrument that I can play by ear,and I have never been able to find time nor afford tuition. Could this be an instrument that I amy be able to master??

Randy Hinchey from USA

I liked the sound it added and I felt it added a lot to the music


I liked it because it sounded really beautiful in the background of the music


Sounded awesome

Rev Bowen from USA

The sound of the didj, being played in a tunnel at night, haunted me. I knew that I had to learn how to play it

Ricard Carreño from Spain

I felt amused, really excited and from that moment I started to buy things about it, played, and take care of it


It was cool

Rick Johnstone from USA

It calls to you on a primal level. It is a captivating tone and I'd love to play one.

Rik Van Luijn from Netherlands

A beautiful magical sound, I could hardly believe a sound like that could come from an instrument that was basically so simple. so I wanted to have one right away but there was no opportunity to ask the musician where to buy one 2 years later I walked in coincidentally in a native shop and they had some non-termite hollowed ones. After months of playing I went to australia with my family and now I could buy a REAL one so I tried almost every didj in the shop. A week later (still in australia) some nice aboriginal guy came to me when I was trying some didjes in his shop and after some talking he taught me how to circular breathe and make a lot of different sounds on it. Since then I play it at least 4 times a week

Anonymous from USA


Robert Wilnierak from Australia

Excellent site

Robin Oliver from USA

I love the resonance, very primal...I am sure of it's healing properties.

Ron Brown from USA

I loved the sound and the way it made me feel throughout. It is very unique and soothing.

Anonymous from Canada

"that's one of the coolest things I've EVER heard!!"

Sandy Sullivan from USA

It was magic .....vibrated all cells in body.

Anonymous from USA

What is that instrument and how do you play it?


My son went to Australia and heard the music. He is a sax player and would like to learn the didgeridoo

Scott Estrich from Australia

A sense of deep stillness and affection for the cultural heritage that is with the indigenous folk of australia

Anonymous from France

It's great!!!


I loved the unique sound!

Shaun De Wet from South Africa

A unique sound that's takes talent to create

Sheila Shelton from USA

I loved it. I sat for hours listening to all the different tones

Sherrie Cannon from USA

A cool, hand made instrument with an unusual sound

Anonymous from Australia

Never heard such a distinctive sound. And still haven't.

Souji Satoh from Japan

It was a very visionary sound

Stax Stax from Australia

It was Rolf Harris playing, I never followed it up at that stage.

Stephen Knack from USA

I couldn't believe how cool it was! It sounded so cool and I've always wanted to play one.

Anonymous from USA

Damn that sounds out of this world, where can I get one of these? Very shortly there after I bought my first didj, now I can hardly throw away a paper towel roll without playing it.

Teri Layne from USA

Very cool, relaxing sound

Theo Loudis from USA

Very intrigued

Anonymous from USA

It was the single most amazing instrument that ever pierced my ears.

Anonymous from USA

I was familiar with hearing them in movies an what not, but did not know the name or nature of instrument. I was so mystified by the sounds that I heard and instantly fell in love. I felt a connection. I feel that I may have played a didj in one of my past lives.

Thorsten Strunk from Germany



Dude it rules!!!

Tom Marfleet from United Kingdom

I thought it was a great sound, and I really liked the drone!


Totally awesome

Tony Talarico from Australia

It was awesome and soothing

Anonymous from USA

I found the sound very soothing and healing.

Tyler Pratt from USA

The first time I heard a Digj it was surreal. I couldn't believe that the sounds I was hearing were actually coming from right in front of me.



Vincent Le Touze from France

Bien pour la meditation

Vincent Lemay from Canada

It looked like a lot of practice to do great beats.


It's too huge

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Love it

Xavier Bellay from France

ZEN !!!

Anonymous from France

It was an australian man who's playing in the street under the rain. I was young but I remember that's a deep vibration which enter in my body. I think he was australian because he had a head of a man who have travelled a lot. and he has got a cow boy hat like crocodile dundee.

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