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If you have any question you would like us to ask our visitors, please let us know.

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Name and Country

First Experience with a Didj


Mesmorized.....drawn back and just had to watch for awhile....the guy played for over 3 hours!


It was a unique sound. I'd never heard anything like it. It was very primal, and made we feel like I've never felt before.



Aldo Lauricella from Italy

When I have hear a didgeridoo aborigines song for my first time ...it has been love at first listen


I'll love the sound of the did and I would like so much learn how to play this instrument

Amine Benbrahim Ansari from Morocco

It's a very interesting instrument which provided me a very nice feeling



Anders Winlund from Norway

My first didj was a PVC pipe on which I learned circular breathing. A couple of months later I bought a cheap wooden didj from Bali, and then I was sold. It was MY instrument! I felt in love and that feeling has never changed :-D

Andrew Sloane from Australia

I was amazed, I had heard tiny bits when I was young, but I heard one of my brother's mates play. it was amazing, he's still learning, but what he could do was great. It was such a deep, and pure sound, from then I just knew I wanted to know how to play!!

Andy Ley from Luxembourg


Anonymous from USA

Blew me away-knew right away it was a healing instrument-PLUS-love the "celestial farts" :)

Anonymous from USA

I loved the sound

Arpad Toth from Hungary

Its unique,its hard to play ,and must feel good to play. Makes an atmosphere that's deep inside...original...


Interesting, relaxing

Anonymous from Germany

I was inspired by the warm and dark ancient sound. The first time in my life I really wanted to learn an instrument. Today playing didge is an important part of my life.

Bjarne Holck Pedersen from Belgium

Is was hook right away! The sound was drawing me into my imagination and I felt that I was in the wilderness. The sound had an hypnotizing and meditation sound. I actually started to try making the sound with my mouth and voice, so my family was going mad! :o)

Brett Lyons from USA

Oozing vibration across particular points on my body :)

Anonymous from USA

It was intriguing, I wanted to know more about it and how it was made.

Bruce Moreton from USA

I am a musician (string bass, piano, banjo) and thought the didj was one of the coolest instruments I had ever heard.

Anonymous from USA

I love the droning sound and the beautiful hand carvings.

Anonymous from France

J'apprend juste à en jouer et vraiment j'aimerais devenir une as du didjé


Very unique but erie sound.

Charles Quick from USA

It was like one of those instruments that really could be used in all kinds of music. anything from rock to country. even a little pop. it also felt really powerful and I knew I had to play it. a few years later I got my first didge and I got a good start on playing it

Anonymous from USA

Awesome sound, often trancelike. I found myself walking backwards just so that I could keep listening for the remainder of the

Anonymous from USA

It was a crazy, unexplainable sound. I was confused and excited

Chris Szymberski from USA

It vibrated my whole being from skin to soul. It has a wonderful sound that seems to pull energy to it. I thought it was amazing how much variation of sound and tone could be gotten from such a simple instrument.

Christopher Lalime from Vanuatu

Must be Feedback in the speakers . . .woops, wow that is sweet


I loved it and wanted to learn how to play. I like its full rich sounds.



Anonymous from Australia

I thought Wow!. I felt a resonating vibration that gave me a sense of strength. It might sound corny but I find the earthy sounds ground me, leaving me with a feeling of wholeness.

Dave Burlingame from USA

Primal ... emotional


That's great

David Shriver from USA

I loved it!


Exotic sound


Nice looking, hard to work

Debra Hocking from Australia

It's magical,mystical sound. It was a great experience.


Very original sound...ancient but futuristic

Diane Davie from Australia

I thought the sound of the didj was really great, it had a voice all of it's own

Don Rich from USA

It was great, and I was enraptured by the sound

Donat Callens from Belgium

It intrigued me how such a simple tube could generate such rich sounds

Douglas Burson from USA

When I heard it being played it sent shivers up my spine and I was mesmerized!

Anonymous from Finland



It make me feel peace un relax

Emile Coevering from Netherlands

That is had a pretty weird but cool sound.


Wow!!! What for an amazing and great sound! I've got a goose-skin.

Eric Guiry from Canada

It was interesting, intimidating and exciting. Describable only as captivating.


Amazing, heard it at a jam session together with other instruments. Been to concerts after that.


Very unusual but pleasing sound

Anonymous from France

What a great instrument it was the greatest sound I've never heard

Anonymous from Australia

I thought it was amazing

Francesco Bova from Italy

I was attract to the unusual sound of the instrument

Anonymous from Australia


Gray Connolly from Australia


Gregg Sherburn from USA

Curiosity, a very eerie, powerful sound

Guenter Eichinger from Austria

I was very inspirited

Anonymous from France

What a great sound! I want to know where it comes from!!!


This is pure nature!!!

Anonymous from USA

What a beautiful instrument it was

James Harding from USA

Wow...what a haunting sound!


I thought it was a strange sounding instrument and that's what got me interested. and then when I got my first one (a 30 dollar plastic didj) I was hooked on its relaxation and spiritual aspects of playing one.


It rocked my world. I had the same sensation when I see the woman I like.

Jeff Bottjer from USA

I thought it was WAY COOL and wanted to learn to play!

Jeff Brandow from USA

Wow! what was that sound? I've got to find out what makes that sound,where do I get one and how do I play it !



Jeffrey Pittman from USA

It was the craziest thing I'd ever heard and I absolutely fell in love with it.

Anonymous from Canada

The first time I ever heard a didj I was in awe as it has such a natural earthy tone that just resonates to your soul.


Wow, what an awesome sound! I've got to find out what instrument makes that!

Jérémie Terral from France

A famous statement in sound and tradition.


It's an amazingly uplifting instrument, producing a hauntingly spiritual sound, but can also take you into the depths of yourself. Centres you. I was hooked first time.

Jim Allan from Canada

A very cool sound when played in a group of other "normal" instruments.

Jodi Okeefe from Australia

Cultural and different

Joe Pino from USA

?? What's that weird low sound!???

Joe Quick from USA

I thought it was relaxing and something I would be interested in

Joe Shaddalack from United Kingdom

"What a cool sound"


Wonderful sound

Joshua Snodgrass from USA

I gotta get one of those

Katie Boney from Australia



Is heel pelazant



Kurt Kurt Bendl from USA

It might not have been the first time I heard a didge, but definitely the first time I felt it: subtle, powerful, calling from vast distances of time across horizons yet unimagined.

Kyla Houchens from USA

A very interesting sound and numerous possibilities for application.

Kyle Stoner from USA

Primordial sound...etherical...melodic yet surprisingly physical noise!

Lachlan Macpherson from Australia

Very Comprehensive

Lars Ley from Luxembourg

I must play this instrument for myself

Lennard Carter from United Kingdom

Fantastic, interesting instrument

Anonymous from Canada

WOW, I really want one

Anonymous from Australia

Makes very beautiful sounds


What a cool sound.

Ludo Jouin from France


Marc Van Den Berg from New Caledonia

I can feel the sound deep in my hart

Marijo Plavac from Germany

Great,this is my instrument.


Wondering what it was all about

Matthew Foster from USA

What an interesting sound. It sounded so mysterious and unique to my hears. Much like the first time hearing a Sitar.

Michael Pierce from USA

Amazing sounds, its like your soul is talking to you

Anonymous from Australia

I thought it was an interesting instrument and wanted to learn how to play.

Anonymous from Brazil

Oh f... how do I play this thing?? I want one dad!! :D

Anonymous from USA

The sound was mesmerizing

Monica Coffey from USA

I loved the deep sound and wanted to hear more. It was used by a musician in a funk band. I have since listened to it during yoga class sometimes.

Myrna Arnault from Canada

Wow I just loved it !

Anonymous from USA

I was dumbfounded by that otherworldly drone.


I didn't know anything about it. Except my friend Archie plays it.

Nik Van Extergem from Belgium

That I really want to learn how to play it. And my teacher of the 6th form learnt me the basic,and I build on it.

Patricia Briones from USA

Amazed that that kind of sound could be made on that "funny" looking instrument.

Paul Deuel from USA

It was awesome, moving.

Paul House from USA

It was spiritually uplifting.

Paul Sinapiades from USA

I'd heard the Didgeridoo played on Discovery Channel documentaries, and found the sound of the instrument moving and quite intriguing. At the Louisiana Renaissance Festival hearing one played in a live setting set me up for my first Didgeridoo purchase. I HAD TO HAVE ONE!

Anonymous from Portugal

I felt like I was dreaming, it was like: wow what a f... is this?


It was interesting!

Rachel Brown from USA

The sound was mesmerizing, almost otherworldly. The rhythm was primal and erotic. I've never heard anything like it.

Rafael Acuna from USA

I amazed at how natural and comforting the sound was. My favorite thing was how well it could replicate animal sounds.

Raphael Godard from Belgium

I WANT ONE! really it's fantastic I am "zen" and even if it's not a japanese instrument it's really zen. So I found it was really quiet and I loved it

Anonymous from Canada

It had a cool, exotic sound - like a wind and string instrument in one

Robbie Sinclair from Canada

Different, genuine, absolutely fulfilling

Anonymous from USA


Robin Dark from United Kingdom

Wow sounded so earthy

Ron Card from Canada

I was immediately drawn to the sound, it was relaxing yet energizing at the same time.

Russell Shorey from USA

I thought it was weird. I was 10 at the time.

Ryan Archer from USA

It is a very haunting, but soulful sound. It is unlike any other sound that I have ever heard and for some reason draws me in.

Ryan Brooks from USA

Amazing sound! It struck my interest immediately.

Sandra Staats from Netherlands

Funny but intriguing sound


Wow, amazing instrument. I've got to have one.


I thought it had an interesting sound

Sharon Galea from Australia

Loved it

Simon Clutterbuck from United Kingdom

I thought it was a magical, haunting and ethereal sound that touched me on a soul level.


It made my heart jump


I thought it was a really cool sound.

Stefan Fredin from Sweden

I thought it was the coolest sound ever and I wanted to learn more about playing myself!

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Amazing sound and what a unique instrument

Steve Weber from USA

Incredible sound, earthy wonderful




It was so different and nice


Great sound

Tim Meyer from USA

I found the sound to be both hauntingly beautiful and pure and I wanted to hear more and find out what exactly was making that noise.

Tim Smith from USA

I heard it for the first time at a music festival, and I was captivated by the deep resonate sound of the didj. It made my insides feel like they were pulsating to this amazing tone. It was awesome. I am sure I stood there listening with a look of awe on my face. Unfortunately I had to leave shortly there after, giving me no time to ask and inquire about it.



Ulana Zahajkewycz from USA

I thought it was the most beautiful thing I've ever heard. There was something so haunting and familiar about it. Maybe I had heard it long before that.


No se

Yain Eyzenga from Netherlands

From the first time I heard a didge sound I was sold never left my mind since.

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