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If you have any question you would like us to ask our visitors, please let us know.

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Name and Country

First Experience with a Didj

Adam Wisby from Australia

I found a feeling of oneness with the sound like coming home to a place I had been once before

Anonymous from France

I don't really remember!

Anonymous from Australia

I was a school kid at the time and to be honest it captivated me a true tribal earthy sound that I thought only native aboriginal people could & were allowed to play. As much as I can remember I just wanted to keep listening to this native Aboriginal busker play in the middle of Melbourne city (think it was Swanston street at the time actually) haha I gave him some money too! He was amazing the tones and sounds he could get out of this piece of wood, blew my mind. I always have had the urge to get one for myself since then,I wish now I should have learned to play sooner.

Ali Rifat Aykan from Turkey

It has an amazing sound

Alyza Gossat from Australia

I thought it was like the earth had been given a voice.

Anonymous from Canada

It was very relaxing for me, I just love the sound.

Anonymous from Belgium




Anna Boydell from Australia

I found the didj a really fascinating musical instrument, not raved enough about!!!!

Anthony Williams from Spain

I thought it was a very deep spiritual sound.


It was amazing, it make me feel incredible emotions, I was shocked

Ayeshah Munshi from United Kingdom

It was a beautiful sound that reached right inside those listening to it.


What a strange instrument! But the sound was so fantastic that I tell me to try one day

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Awesome sound

Bob Yellin from USA

Loved the exotic primal sound.


The sound was so amazing I went out and got a pvc pipe and started right away!

Brian Lawrence from USA

I've Seen people play it before and I have always been intrigued. I'm only 19, but I enjoy trying new things and I catch on real quick.


I thought it was weird but funky and interesting


Interesting sound


Very calm and peaceful. it felt great to hear the didj as at is a beautiful piece of aboriginal history and culture. just awesome! I was young but I still appreciate it now as much as I did then.

Canice Paliotta from USA

I was in a sweat lodge and it was an incredible experience.

Carl Skeris from USA

I felt deeply touched. The sound I heard was amazing, it really hit me hard and I fell in love.

Carly Mccann from Australia

Love it

Carol Petherick from United Kingdom

I thought it sounded fantastic,really relaxing

Chantal Heffels from Netherlands

I felt like this was an ancient instrument en must be very interesting play


Attended an Aboriginal ceremony just outside of Darwin NT. Flying foxes flew from the trees. It was very mystical...made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck.


Wonderfully unique sound! Awe-inspiring!




How haunting the sound, as if you were in another dimension in time.


It is a so marvelous sound...


I thought was cool

Cyril Paquier from France

The very first time I heard a didg, I cried of joy ... it was in "Sydney Festival", The Gypsy Festival in January 1997. I used to work there with a french band, named "Tekameli". We decided to meet Aborigines and try to have some contact with aboriginal people. We knew some white people who knew some fellahs of the Aboriginal Community in Sydney, in Redfern. and one week later 3 ambassadors of the community came to visit us. After a moment of questioning we invited them to the place where we had accommodations. And those 3 guys played us a "welcoming song", and I cried of joy ... Because it was such an experience !!! I remember this day as if it was yesterday, some kind of rebirth, really... One of those 3 guy was Gary J. Simon, who is Aboriginal, he became my friend and by the way taught me circular breathing and since that date I didn't stop playing and dreaming my didg'. We've been in Survival Day '97 at La Perouse to listen to other great didjeridoo players, a lot! Yes believe me it was such a fantastic moment in my life !!! For me the didjeridoo was some kind of revelation, as if it wasn't the very first time I heard it in fact, an impression of "deja vu", I'm sure you see what I mean... The very strong feeling you have, when you know something without being able to explain it ... And by the way thank you for you web site it is excellent ;) !!! Thank you soooo much !

D Nolan from USA

A very strong connection, I had to learn to play!!

Dan Stoner from USA

Interesting sound


I was very small and it was probably one of the best sounds I have ever heard


Very soothing and mystical

Anonymous from USA

Awesome. The sound went to the core of my being - extremely emotional experience.

Denis Richard from France

Special sound coming from earth to sky


I was interested

Anonymous from Turkey

I was amazed how such a music could come out of a simple looking pipe

Eric Jaramillo from USA

Have been fascinated with extraordinary sounds since a child. The didj epitomizes my fascination.

Anonymous from USA

What an awesome sounding, exotic (for me) instrument. It stirs something deep within me.


Its a beautiful instrument with a great sound, we where in Australia and there I tried to play on a didj. it was very difficult. We had to leaf the country very quick because my sister had a terrible accident, so I didn't have the time to buy a didj in Australia. Now I'm looking for to buy this beautiful instrument so I can start to lear to play.



Anonymous from Italy

Great! blow out your soul in harmony with universe

Anonymous from Ireland

Weird , I thought it was full of energy but yet very spiritual.

Anonymous from Netherlands

I play "midwinterhoorn", typical Dutch, region Achterhoek, Twente. Like a didge but another technique. I wonder how a didge will play..... See www.midwinterhoornblazers.nl. If I can get a didge from you I can make a midwinterhoorn for you, the "Dutch Didge"

Francisco Labrador from Spain

I was really impressed. Goethe syndrome, if you know...

Franco Amigoni from Italy

A strong emotion. Vibrations deep inside my soul.

Anonymous from USA

I thought they sounded really neat and looked cool as they were the first ones I had ever seen or heard in person. they have such an ethereal sound quality that kind of mesmerises any and everybody within range. it's a real soulful sound that kind of de-or un stress's or relaxes you and makes you very introspective and happy at the sametime. Needless to say I really enjoyed it!

George Macaulay from United Kingdom

Really neat sound. I knew I had to get one but only if I had actually been in australia first. I was really excited when I could first drone and spent ages choosing my first didjeridoo

Anonymous from Italy

It's amazing how the vibes resound in all your body relaxing you immediately

Anonymous from United Kingdom

A wonderful sound in tune with the earth - I want to play one.

Graham Fortuin from South Africa

I fell in love with the sound and knew it would become a part of my live.

Anonymous from Australia

Cool - felt the vibrations

Anonymous from Spain

It's the most wonderful sound I've ever heard.

Harrison Martin from USA

It was the most unique instrumental noise I had ever heard from an instrument!

Héctor Adrián Peralta from Argentina

I love

Anonymous from Belgium

It was in Cairns and I was sold. Bought a cheap one (which cracked!) and picked up playing in 6 days. Bought a bloodwood (135cm, tone E) play it daily. Looking for a second didj.

Anonymous from France

I was simply amazed by the richness of the sound

Anonymous from Mauritius

Fantastic sound

Hervé Vaudan from Switzerland

What a sound!

Hugo Aguiar from Portugal

It was incredible. I felt FREEDOM

Ian Prior from United Kingdom

I felt it was a beautiful emotional evocative sound

James Karl from USA

A mystic and relaxing,soothing sound.


A friend in New Zealand told me about about the instrument and I thought it would be something I'd like to experiment with for my own home recordings.

Jeff Parker from USA

I thought he could hold his breath a long time.


I thought it was amazing.



Jit Gill from USA

Eire, Peace, earth, and a sense of belonging. The sound of the Didjeridu gave me a feeling of peace and harmony

Joe Espin from United Kingdom

I thought it was a great instrument even though I was only very young at the time. I've always wanted one since I saw one on TV, just think its a great shame I hadn't got one earlier!!

Joel Howard from USA

Its a sound that can move a person in a strange way, very calming.

John Watson from USA

Well, my yoga teacher John plays them and he brought his into class so we could feel the vibrations of the sound in our system. He had a total of 3. I've always liked the sound immensely and a few years back I got into electronic music, noticing how the synth sounds are often similar to the sounds of the Didj. It felt, amazing, for obvious and easy to understand lack of words. At that moment I knew it was something I wanted to integrate more fully into my cellular memory :)


Strange sounding, but it struck my curiosity.

Justin Linn from USA

Awesome, beautiful sound. it is very relaxing, one of a kind sound

Kari Rosenthal from USA

I thought that it was one of the most exciting things I have ever seen. Instantly I was drawn to the didj. Every time I hear or see one, I am drawn to it. In school in Boulder Colorado I was able to borrow a friends for a couple weeks, that was the time I became comfortable with one. I have not been able to own one because I can't afford one, but it is one of my materialistic goals. I can not describe the way I feel when I hear a didj, because it is indescribable. I believe it to be very powerful.

Keegan Schelling from USA

I was curious as to what or whom could be making such a noise, when I found the source of the noise I was surprised to see it coming from a big stick

Keith Gordon from USA

Wonderful, primitive haunting sound

Kelly Osborn from USA

Found it interesting

Anonymous from USA

I thought it was the most unique sound ever and I was amazed that it kept going on instead of gaps for air like other instruments like the flute or clarinet or trumpet.

Kenny Hansen from USA

I thought the didj was an awesome sound and would be a great addition to use in meditation.

Kevin Daniel from USA

Amazing. Mystical, beautiful, and intriguing.

Anonymous from Australia

Freaky sound

Kristina Hunter from USA

I heard it as I was walking through Stockholm, Sweden and heard 2 travelers playing together. I didn't know what the beautiful sound was and I followed it thinking it was monks or something. I then sat beside them listening for an hour.

Anonymous from Finland

Great sounding instrument

Laura Ward from USA

Couldn't imagine how it could be musical

Leandro Mussini from Argentina

La primera vez que tuve en mis manos un didgeridoo sentí que era algo ancestral y sagrado. Me sentía conectado con la escénica de la tierra y con las otras personas presentes, que tocaban otros instrumentos. Fue un momento mágico, y ya no pude ser ajeno al mundo del didj.

Anonymous from USA

Gave me goosebumps.... sounded amazing and chilling (in a good way)

Maj-britt Simble from Sweden


Anonymous from France

Magic! earth energy..

Manuel Verducci from Italy

Good vibrations to meditation

Marcus Oeberg from Sweden

The most coolest sound in the world! It also brings out he best in people!

Anonymous from USA

It had an interesting sound

Mario Luongo Jr. from Brazil

It's amazing!!

Anonymous from Lithuania



I thought the didj had a unique sound and the artwork was amazing

Mark Lau from United Kingdom

Soothing, comforting and peaceful

Marv Houck from USA

Fascinating and completely unusual.

Anonymous from USA

It made me feel like I was going to explode; I was so happy. I'm in fifth grade in school and we had a man name Rafael Bejarano play the Didgeridoo today. I really want to play.

Matthew Lev from USA

An amazing, primal sound. Incredible bass tones.

Matthew Smith from USA

It was one of the most primal and earthy sounds I had ever heard.

Melvyn Molder from USA

Had to have one

Meriam Underwood from Australia

Spiritual vibration

Michael Thiesen from Germany

Astonishing, deep sound, entering your heart and soul not only through your ears. There's a direct link to our souls!

Michele Kanfer from South Africa

I thought it had the most amazing sound I had every heard. It was soothing and made me feel so relaxed and at one with myself. I just knew I had to learn how to do something that was so spiritual and amazing

Mike Gibbs from USA

Spirit filled

Mike Griffith from USA

Liked the sound.

Mike Holzer from USA

A great sounding instrument

Millie Mcclave from USA

I remember being in awe.

Morris Hadden from USA

One of the most interesting instruments there are. I love the sounds that can be produced from it.

Nate Fuller from USA

It was a very mysterious instrument to me. I wanted to know what caused such wild sounds

Anonymous from USA

It made a sound that resonated with me


I thought it had an amazing sound. But I knew nothing about them.

Anonymous from USA

Fascination that so many tones could come from one instrument at the same time. Music has always been in my life and knowledge of a new instrument was thrilling; I had to have one.


I felt the energy from the deep notes of the didg.

Patrick Lammers from Belgium

Real relaxing noise

Pedro Castillo from Chile

Beautiful sound, I feel like the nature invades my body


Awesome mystical sound


Awesome earthly sound



Pieter from Belgium

Well... I thought it sounded amazing


Very cosmic...music of the spheres

Rick Willems from USA

Nice site. I like it.


Thought it sounded really different- totally amazing.




Very earthy and evocative, primitive yet with the facility for complexity.


I think very beautiful and exotic sound !

Ruben Seoane from Spain

I thought it was a really relaxing sound


That it was freaking awesome waaa ryan baaaa quaaaaaaaaaaaa puh!!!!

Sam Boys from USA

Loved the primal, earthy vibrations

Scott Turner from USA

Wow. that's what I thought. It was a pretty amazing experience.

Anonymous from France

The sound was Magic

Shane Pettit from Australia

I've loved the sound of the didj for as long as I can recall, so I must have been taken by it on hearing it

Shane Randhawa from Malaysia

I felt it as a much needed healing power and saw it as a tool for understanding our subconscious selves .

Anonymous from Australia

I was quite young, my friends dad use to play and I can remember sitting beside him for hours in awe at the powerful, yet peaceful sound that came out from this strange piece of wood he had.


It sounded fantastic in that song by yoth-a-windi song back in the 1990's.

Stefan Jung from Germany

That is a great sound and also a earth sound

Stephane Tessier from France

Wow !

Stephanie Kramer from Switzerland

It's great! This sound is like a history of the earth


Whirlpool of sound... sucked me in. wasn't able to get away until the song ended.


I thought it was magical


How mystical tone ! and so I hoped to be a good IDAKI player.

Tammy Vaughn from USA


Tim Ramey from USA

It was incredible

Tim Warner from Australia

I thought it was interesting and would be a good thing to learn and get into

Timothy Berglund from USA

Really unique & I want!

Anonymous from USA

Weird, but cool.

Anonymous from Australia


Tony Kiser from USA

It felt like medicine for my mind and soul.

Tracy Eichelberger from USA

I thought it was an interesting instrument

Anonymous from Australia

Totally peaceful and amazing instrument!!

Trijnie Zuidlaren from Netherlands

Nothing particular

Tyler Billewicz from Germany

I was very young but I remember being completely amazed at the sound that it was producing.

Vikki Belling from Canada


Anonymous from France

I love the physic of a didgeridoo and I make music for a long time and I find that the didgeridoo song is beautiful


Unique sound !

Wayne Krause from Australia

It sound mad I asked my uncle for 1 he went n got 1 when I was about 8or9

Willy Keller from USA

Loved the sound, but it was very alien to me.

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