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If you have any question you would like us to ask our visitors, please let us know.

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Name and Country

First Experience with a Didj

Adrian Ryan from Australia

I loved it and always have

Anonymous from USA

I liked the sound very much--primitive, resonant, and haunting

Anonymous from Australia

The ancients were moaning, so we moan back.

Albert Romeu from Spain

He was italian, an expert, invited several times by the aborigines to play with them. His name is Stefano Spoto,he make concerts and record CD's. I remained shocked. Still.

Alberto Alberzas@hotmail.com from Spain

Era un sonido magico que me llenaba de tranquilidad.

Anonymous from Australia

I was a school kid at the time and to be honest it captivated me a true tribal earthy sound that I thought only native aboriginal people could & were allowed to play. As much as I can remember I just wanted to keep listening to this native Aboriginal busker play in the middle of Melbourne city (think it was Swanston street at the time actually) haha I gave him some money too! He was amazing the tones and sounds he could get out of this piece of wood, blew my mind. I always have had the urge to get one for myself since then,I wish now I should have learned to play sooner.

Alexandre Giraud from Japan

Wonderful sounds without using hands... Ouah!

Anonymous from Belgium



It's amazing.

Andy Pardoe from United Kingdom

I was drawn to the sound but thought playing one was beyond me after my first abortive attempts to get a tone.

Anthony Williams from Spain

I thought it was a very deep spiritual sound.

Ashish Mathur from India

I was amazed at the sound produces. It was transcendent.

Barry Lavery from South Africa

Not too much, it sounded cool but it never really gripped my attention. I enjoyed the sound of the djembe drum a lot more.

Bastien Bouchonneau from France

It was very a very strange sound & very attractive

Benjamin Allen from USA


Anonymous from Australia

My soul was moved, I had to play,and I do.

Anonymous from USA

I thought it was awesome, very spiritual


The sound was so amazing I went out and got a pvc pipe and started right away!

Brian Hewitt from United Kingdom

It was very relaxing. I played trombone at the time and felt then that I would like to try playing the didj.


Interesting sound

Carlos Diaz from Spain

First of all I thought what shit is making that sound???? When I realised what it was I was just impressed. After that I've heard many didjs usually in all kind of folk-mixed music (as in Spain is not really easy to find music from Australia...) In nordic music it sounds just marvelous.

Carly McCann from Australia

Love it

Carol Drury from USA


Carol Petherick from United Kingdom

I thought it sounded fantastic,really relaxing

Cato Skaar from Norway

It had a very cool sound. Strong and mystical.

Chantal Heffels from Netherlands

I felt like this was an ancient instrument en must be very interesting play


Omg that's a amazingly crazy sound

Anonymous from USA

I thought/felt a great sort of musical power that made me feel at one with the earth

Chris Holmes from Australia

Awesome..Couldn't believe the sound that came from a piece of a tree branch..

Chris Shad from USA

It was amazing. I was at the Aboriginal heritage park and I had never heard anything like it before.

Clemens Van Brunschot from Netherlands


Clifton Lowrey from USA



I thought was cool

Anonymous from USA

Very interesting sounding

Dale Duvall from USA

It had a haunting and piercing sound. I was curious how the sound was made. It's one of those things that draws you in or calls to you.


Well, I first heard it on the movie, crocodile Dundee. At an instant, I wanted to learn how to make that sound

Danny Moss from USA

I knew about them and heard them around, but never really wanted one until I heard one in person. its an incredible sound and id love to be the only person in town to own one.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Don't know if I can explain, but the hairs on my arms and neck stood up, I suppose it can be described as haunting, powerful, I still find it hard to believe that such sounds can come from a bit of termite eaten wood

David Fischer from Austria

Hard to say...it just really caught me by surprise, made me very alert and made me want to find out more about it.

Anonymous from Czech Republic

That it is really interesting musical instrument and that once I would like to be able to play it.

Anonymous from USA

That the sounds reminded me of sounds of nature and that at some point in my life I would play the didj.

Anonymous from USA

Unique sound, unusual

Deby Young from Canada

I love the sound and find it to be very soothing

Dekel Peretz from Germany

I wanted immediately to be able to play one


At first that it was strange

Don Farinacci from USA

I thought it was the coolest thing I ever heard. I was hooked,and this was when I was younger. I used to hear them in movies and say "Man what is that? I want one! And I got my first one this year. I annoyed all of my friends by playing it all the time. The first night I got it, I stayed up all night. I learned the basics and even learned how to bark and growl. I was addicted. I listen to them all the time. When I was little I used to mock the sounds with my voice. It is by far my favorite instrument and I really would like to master it. All being said, I'm glad to enter this contest and I wish and hope with my whole heart that I win.

Anonymous from USA

Un-canny , it was an amazing sound

Duane Lee from Australia

Very exciting and eerie! Completely different to anything I've ever heard before...

Elena Correal from Spain

Interesting sound, very natural and primitive

Anonymous from Canada

That it looked incredibly hard to play and that I'd never be able to do it

Anonymous from USA


Anonymous from USA

What an awesome sounding, exotic (for me) instrument. It stirs something deep within me.

Anonymous from USA

Liked it



Anonymous from Italy

Great! blow out your soul in harmony with universe

Felicia Culverwell from USA

I thought it was very interesting. I like learning about australia, and aborigines. Ever since we talked about it in school I've wanted to go to australia, and I think I may want to live there someday. I think it would be awesome to learn how to play a didj!!

Anonymous from Canada

Natural beat!!!

Frances Puplett Puplett from United Kingdom

How unusual it sounds

Anonymous from Italy

Beautiful sound

Anonymous from USA

It has the most unique sound I've ever heard.

Gabriel Smith from Canada

I was entering my teen years when I first heard the didj. I had no idea what to make of this unique sound. I cannot find the words to express properly how I felt. Suffice it to say no instrument has ever been able to elicit these same feelings.

Gary Coates from United Kingdom

Wow.... what a wonderful sound

Anonymous from USA

I thought they sounded really neat and looked cool as they were the first ones I had ever seen or heard in person. they have such an ethereal sound quality that kind of mesmerises any and everybody within range. it's a real soulful sound that kind of de-or un stress's or relaxes you and makes you very introspective and happy at the same time. Needless to say I really enjoyed it!

Germán González Damonte from Spain

I want to play that thing!

Gregory O'neill from USA

I heard the deep resonance from behind me and I was drawn to it for some unknown reason

Guillaume Fenolio from France

Oh my god what is making this sound ??? its Going straight to the soul, I want to know and learn that! 2 days after I bought my first didge , bamboo , then a Teakwood a month after.

Harry Moos from Switzerland

What a nice relaxing sound

Héctor Adrián Peralta from Argentina

I love it

Ian Prior from United Kingdom

I felt it was a beautiful emotional evocative sound

Ian Taylor from United Kingdom

What a sound a tree branch could make

Ilkka Kari from Finland

I just love it!!!

Irek Rychlewski from Poland

WOOOOW :)it must be magic

Anonymous from Canada

Unique, different-Good


It's natural, better than other instruments I've ever played


A friend in New Zealand told me about about the instrument and I thought it would be something I'd like to experiment with for my own home recordings.

Jason Mulcahy from South Africa


Jay Daniels from Canada

I was called by the beat. and amazed by the skill of the players. I wanted desperately to become a part of the community and culture of didj players.


"What the hell was that?!" it blew me away


Loved the unusual sound!

Jeroen Groeneveld from Netherlands

This is music !!!

Anonymous from Ireland

It sounded pretty cool.

Joachim Van De Velde from Belgium

Fantastic amazing

Joel Malady from Australia

I was entranced by the sound. Totally calm and peaceful.

Anonymous from USA

Soothing, mystical

Joseph Buonantony from USA

Beautiful Sound

Julien Augustin from France

Best music ever !! in a festival in a forest west of france people with long didjeridoos playing fast, very contagious music full of energy

Jürgen Reithofer from Austria

The original sound of earth!

Kari Rosenthal from USA

I thought that it was one of the most exciting things I have ever seen. Instantly I was drawn to the didj. Every time I hear or see one, I am drawn to it. In school in Boulder Colorado I was able to borrow a friends for a couple weeks, that was the time I became comfortable with one. I have not been able to own one because I can't afford one, but it is one of my materialistic goals. I can not describe the way I feel when I hear a didj, because it is indescribable. I believe it to be very powerful.

Kat Woods from USA

Possessed to get closer...

Keith Gordon from USA

Wonderful, primitive haunting sound

Kenny Hansen from USA

I thought the didj was an awesome sound and would be a great addition to use in meditation.

Kevin Dugmore from United Kingdom

I've not heard anything like that. It's an interesting sound and seems to have sounds on top of other sounds.


It had the same effect on me as Uilleann (irish) pipes, haunting earthy lovely sound.


Completely fascinated by the vibrating sound and the variety in sounds!

Lion Créps from France

That really natural song and very deep,but I don't like mistiside created some all around.

Anonymous from USA

Gave me goosebumps.... sounded amazing and chilling (in a good way)


It was hard for me to play at first...but it was much easier once I got the feel for the instrument

Ludovic Gauthier from France

A very deep voice, a pure sound penetrate. I loved it and since I'm a big fan !

Ludovic Michel from France

Impressive vibes

Anonymous from Canada


Anonymous from Australia


Mads Vilms Phillip from Denmark

Very relaxing and fascinating sound. I felt very good.

Maggie Ball from Australia

I thought it was a fascinating, evocative sound that enhanced the music it was played with.

Marcel Poortvliet from Netherlands

A surprising, natural sound that asks for attention, not only heard but felt inside. It alerts you and then relaxes you

Anonymous from USA

It had an interesting sound

Maria Hankins from USA

I found it very interesting.

Mark Archambault from USA


Martin Kapel from Poland

I thought it's great sound. I felt I newer feel before.it's a great instrument and I'm trying to do it myself.



Matthieu Leroux from France



I am planning a trip to Australia in December to meet my friend from the internet, we have been writing and telling for about a year now. Because of my trip I have been collecting as much information about Australia as I can before my trip. Music, culture and the Australian ways

Michel Fontaine from France

I thought it was a sound like I never heard before, coming from another world.

Mick Lloyd-owen from USA

Believe it or not, I was raised in Australia, (up until 17 yrs,) and I never heard one played live. First time I've ever seen one played live was at a drum circle in Spokane, but it wasn't played well. However, it was enough to spark an interest, but recordings have been my primary introduction to the sound. I love it. Hypnotic, earthy; I want it to go on forever, every time I hear it.

Mikah Marx from France

Tremendous, peace, tranquility, wilderness.

Mike Collier from USA

I loved the resonance of the instrument. I loved the way it made my chest vibrate and I felt a feeling of happiness. I hope to play my very own soon.

Mike Fornasiero from USA

It had the most earthy deepest sound id ever heard. Wild yet tame at the same time.

Mike Griffith from USA

Liked the sound.

Mike Jedlicka from USA

Very meditative and other worldly

Misty Newhouse-Muscat from USA

I was mesmerized,completely consumed. Totally relaxed, and peaceful. Embraced.

Nathan Fuller from USA

The first time I heard a didj was on a CD by a band known as Outback (now the didj player, Graham Wiggins, is known as Dr. Didge). It was such a mysterious and elusive sound to me. I kept wondering how he did it, how could he make such haunting sounds with a wooden tube. I must have been something like 11 or 12 years old then and none of the magic has left me 7 years later.


I thought it had an amazing sound. But I knew nothing about them.

Nigel Jones from United Kingdom

I was very young but even so remember falling instantly in love with its deep guttural melody.

Anonymous from Italy

I've been very fascinated by its ancient sound, the vibrations, the multitude of possible grooves and rhythms. It was so strange and interesting.

Pascal Aerts from Belgium

As a kid it conveyed to me the adventure of the outback. Later on it brought me the warmth of the earth and the feel of nature humming in the sun.

Patricia Leonardo from Portugal

I felt very surprised whit the sound and I loved since the first time because it make me feel strange but very god with myself since then I search information and have learn to play...

Paul Kenny from Australia

Very unusual sound

Paul Sparrow from Canada

I've wanted a didj ever since then I think they sound so cool and its just so soothing

Anonymous from Australia

I was a bit scared it sounded very haunting as I was only young.

Pete Densmore from USA

I was very intrigued by it's unique sound,and unique style of playing - the circular breathing was an interesting aspect for me, being a trumpet player and having some experience with that prior.



Pieter from Belgium

Well... I thought it sounded amazing


It was an amazing experience


Was fascinated


Incredible, very unusual sound. Compelling.

Anonymous from USA

The drone made me feel peaceful.


Unbelievable sound

Rick Roberti from USA

Loved the sound. Haunting, yet enchanting. Mesmerizing and relaxing to a meditative state.

Rob Bowes from Canada

I was taken with the sound as soon as I heard it. It sort of stuck a cord inside me.




Thought how it was related to the basic om sound that occurs in a lot of different cultures

Anonymous from USA

I had no idea a one note instrument could have so much diversity.

Ron Parrott from USA

Unusual sound. Love it! As a musician (guitar and keyboards ), I would like to use it in my own music.


Thought it was a fascinating instrument

Ruben Seoane from Spain

I thought it was a really relaxing sound

Russell Meehan from Australia

Made a promise to myself that one day I would play one .that time has come

Ryan Gray from USA

I thought it was mysterious, because I didn't understand how so much sound came out of a relatively straight piece of wood. I thought it sounded really cool.

Sandra Moreau from USA



It was different

Anonymous from Belgium

I was very young and even didn't know it was the sound from a didje. But I remember I was fascinated by this sound.

Anonymous from Finland


Scott Marko from USA

I was drawn quickly to the Unique and Amazing, magical sound from a mere hollow log! And to think we are taught not to make those noises with our lips when we were children!


Very moving


Fabulous sound!

Sergio Crosby from USA

I was amazed by its power. I was put into a trance and I enjoyed every minute of it immensely. I could not wait to get my hands on one so I could learn the awesome instrument.

Set Moklint from Sweden

It was a very calming and mellow feeling. I wanted to learn to do this right away.


I play concert bass and bass clarinet. I love the sound of resonating wood.

Simon Craigie from New Zealand

Hey wow what an out of it noise

Simon Giordano from France

How can he do this sound

Simon Simon Edwards from United Kingdom

WOW all that from a hollow branch

Stefano Oneglio from Italy


Stephane Tessier from France

Wow !

Stephanie Kramer from Switzerland

It's great! This sound is like a history of the earth


It was a homemade slide pvc pipe. I had to go right up to the stage, to look at it. The sounds were wonderful

Stewart Abbott from USA

I really liked the tone and sound.


It was relaxing and very spiritual

Anonymous from USA

I wanted to learn to play one

Anonymous from USA

What is that??

Thor Hammaraxx from Australia

I was fascinated how so much music could come out of a wooden pole


Think/the first thing I thought was that my thinking had shifted to a new level/path so to speak this was more if a experience than a actual thought as it was all consuming and was happening so fast. Feel/The first thing I felt was movement-speed-traveling- not of my physical body but of my spiritual/or knowing being the force was so strong that it did feel like my body was moving it felt like I was a electrical charge and I was being grounded to the earth.it felt like bonding with the planet and all of space at the same time.Yes and lots and lots of happiness!!

Tim Garlinge from United Kingdom

Very calming sound, made my hairs stand up on my neck. Have been hooked ever since

Timothy Berglund from USA

Really unique & I want!

Anonymous from USA

Weird, but cool.


The sound goes straight to my stomach and I can feel tears at the back of eyes whenever I hear the didj being played. I love it. I like to hear and see a person playing , cd's just don't do the same thing for me.

Tony(Geo) Powers from USA

Coolest vibe I've ever got, especially from a simple tribal instrument. Great for vibrational healing!

Wendy Reay from Australia

Unusual sound

Wesley Rick from USA

It was something I wanted to learn how to play

Anonymous from USA

In regard to the above question, I THINK it was in this range...it was the year that the olympics were held in Sydney. My school principal had just returned from a trip to Australia and brought a didj to show us...she let me try it since I was a band student at the time...it was very cool. I thought it was an amazing instrument, and was surprised I'd never heard of it!

Anonymous from Bulgaria

I thought that I'd never heard more beautiful, divine and devastating sounds than its

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