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If you have any question you would like us to ask our visitors, please let us know.

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Name and Country

First Experience with a Didj


That it's the most mind expanding sound I've ever heard. I've bought an excellent one after a few days.

Anonymous from USA

I thought that it was a very interesting instrument and that it would be a lovely addition full of culture and wonderful background.

Alberto Ruiz Fernández from Spain

Sounded weird

Anonymous from USA

It was absolutely amazing!. I attended a didj meditation with a friend. The man running the meditation came over and played it right over my heart chakra! I thought I was going to burst with all that energy!



Andreas Weber from Germany

Fascinating, powerful, calming

Anonymous from Canada

It had an earthy vibe quite unlike any other instrument I had ever heard. It made me want to think, groove, and chill all at the same time.

Andrew Hinton from United Kingdom

A deep feeling in my gut!

Andy Schuster from USA

I really enjoy the sound they make, and would love to learn how to play.


It was the weirdest sound that I have ever heard. For some reason I wanted to hear a lot more of it.

Avery Minor from USA

Mystical reverb

Bart Devroey from Belgium

Gave me a warm feeling

Anonymous from Philippines

World/ethnic sound

Ben Davis from USA

What? a stick making noise, cool it could really piss my parents off.

Anonymous from South Africa

Loved the sound they made..

Brendon Garrett from USA

I thought it was amazing. The sound that it produces is incredible for me. It takes me away.

Brent Timmons from Canada

Very moving

Anonymous from Australia

I heard it from a local at Tunnel Creek (I think) after we went up the creek/river in a small dingy and then stopped for a story on the river banks and the guy played his didj for us...it was a great sound, to hear it echoing through the tree's and across the river


Absolutely fascinated by the tones!

Anonymous from Australia

It struck something in my sole, it moved me like no other sound had ever done before or since

Brooke Mcaullay from Austria

Thought it was great

Anonymous from USA

I thought the musician was playing a tree. I'm interested in ancient music and the didj kinda fits in that category.

Bruno Martínez Pérez from Spain

Un sonido espectacular.

Carla Kelly from USA

Bizarre and cool

Caroline Carlin from Venezuela

Sounds like a person chanting !!!

Celia Blackwood from USA

Heart sounds

Chad Baloy from USA

I was at an art fair, and could hear it and walked right past thousands of booths till I found a man didj ing in a corner. I knew right then that I had found something very special. Since then, I use the didj to keep me in sight with my goals and it really is something special in our household. P.S. My Umbrella cockatoo Sandy LOVES IT!!!!


Loved it

Anonymous from Germany

Me mate who plays didge since a good while brought it with him one night and I was stunned by the sounds he could make with it.

Christina Stevenson from USA



I was absolutely blown away by how this instrument that is, essentially, a hollow tube could produce such an incredible range of sounds and act like a personality megaphone for whoever is playing it.

Dan Loizos from United Kingdom

This is the beanz!!


Feeling of freedom

Daniel Taylor from USA

It was simple unbelievable. It was if the sound and feel had awakened my spirit and I got in touch with that feeling and have held on to it since that first note reached my ears. The sound healed me, enlightened me, and moved me. I am in love. And now I have to have one for myself.


It came across as a vibration of the soul, a fundamental sound of the universe, a revelation.

David Gibson from United Kingdom

The sound coming from the didj was astonishing and completely mesmeric

Derek Scheeler from USA

It really sounded like a great instrument to play and to learn about.

Anonymous from USA


Diane Taylor from USA

It has a nice, Friendly feel to the site and the selection is fantastic.

Doug Mizzi from Australia

The real sound of Australia

Anonymous from USA

Loved it so much I downloaded many sound samples. Very professional site, images load fast, can find my way in three click or less! Nice job!

Eric Lipstein from USA

Otherworldly and exciting. A very pure and solid sound



Erin Yorke from Canada

It's cool

Anonymous from France

Didn't know it could be possible to do so much with ! I was stunned by Hilight Tribe's didgeridoo, it was the first time it had been so melodic to me. The very first time I had heard a didj was from a street player who wasn't good at all :)



Francesco di Giovanni from Italy

Extra-terrestrial sound

Francesco Paolo Mucelli from Italy


Gabriel Lopez from USA

The first time I heard a one played was at an Art Fair. I had heard them before, but never in person. I was fascinated and bought one on the spot.


How can it sound in that way?


How does he make that sound


Wow - what a fascinating sound!

George Grenke Iii from USA

I felt calm and peaceful. The sound/tones remind me of something that I would hear (or like to hear depending on what was being played) in the Northern forests of the state that I live in (Michigan).

Gerardo Mercado from USA

The first time heard didj I was completely tranced out... I felt the vibrations pass through me... I felt the power in the vibrations.


Great peace sensation !

Anonymous from Portugal

I loved the sound, it was deep and relaxing. I just had to try and play it, didn't take me long before I could make a few melodies. Now I can express my thoughts and feelings through sound.

Anonymous from USA

I thought that it was really neat.

Howard Harawitz from Canada

It was an interesting and catchy sound.

Ian Kerr from United Kingdom

Enchanted, I wanted to play myself but couldn't get the drone for ages, then I took some lessons after another visit down under where I brought a super example of a didj if I do say so myself.

Ian Townend from United Kingdom

The sound made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up

Isaac Preston from USA

I thought it was one of the most moving, natural sounds I have ever heard.

James Turner from USA

I liked the sound and the possibilities of what it could do to music

Jeff Ross from USA

Mesmerizing deep intriguing sound

Anonymous from USA

What a wonderful, haunting sound!

Jerry Krenitsky from USA

Unusual unique

Jerry Rask from Finland

I liked the (good) feeling/vibes it caused on me.

Jesse Rodriguez from USA

I thought how awesome it sounded.

Anonymous from Portugal

I thought that it was a silly piece of wood and I quite didn't understand how it produced that kind of sound. I also thought that it had a lot of work inside!

Anonymous from USA


Anonymous from USA

Powerful - eerie

Anonymous from USA

I wondered what was making that ominous sound. It was almost like a synth, but had a breathing voice inside of it

John Webster from USA

WOW, Very cool organic sound.

Jon Harnum from USA

Moving, primal, exciting, mysterious

Anonymous from South Africa

I thought the sound that came from it was amazing, it made me feel different. I wanted to find out more.

Jose Tete from Spain



Amazing. Drawn to it.

Joshua Stitzinger from USA

Strange and entrancing. An amazing sound that almost did not sound natural.

Anonymous from USA

Amazing soul warming sound.

Kaarina Röning from Finland



Great and soothing

Karen Habban from Australia

I've always been fascinated, but never tried satisfying my curiosity before.

Kay Pfahler from USA

I was asleep listening to "soundscapes" on my digital cable station. I awoke with a "buzzing" sensation throughout my body. I felt like I was 12 inches off of the couch! It was the most unusual feeling and hard to describe! The one day, I was conversing with a friend about my experience, and he told me that is was most likely a didjeridu that made me feel that way. Well, that WAS what made my body buzz. That is why I want to learn more about it.


That it was interesting

Ken Brown from USA

The sound was earth and heavenly in the same moment.

Kev Bates from United Kingdom

Wonderful, floaty away feeling, a buzzing deep inside, as though it was awakening things inside.


Very unusual sound> I was pretty young and just thought it sounded cool.

Leonardo Camacho from Brazil

I felt in love at the first time that I saw and heard this instrument


A magical Sound.

Lorrie Hamblin from USA

It was weird but haunting and it stirred some atavistic connection in me.


Haven't try it yet

Malorie Ridgnal from USA

I thought, what is that. that's pretty interesting

Anonymous from Argentina

On extasy...

Anonymous from Canada

Deep resonance as if it came from the earth itself.

Matthew Jackson from USA

I have always been fascinated by the sound. It is very tribal, spiritual.

Matthew Wilson from Australia

I was very young and can barely remember, but I know I was amazed by the sound.my parents said I had an attempt of playing it, but I can't remember that much. I can't get enough of it these days.

Maxime Chartrand from Canada

Courageous, ethical and refreshing.

Maxime Roos from France

Pretty sound I wanted to make by myself


There is something about the sound that helps connect us to the earth and to our core selves. There is something that is universal about the energy that taps into the collective consciousness in all of us.


I thought that it was an amazing sounding instrument. I play violin and the first time I heard a didgeridoo I told my mom I wanted to learn didgeridoo instead. One of my friends has a really nice one but he never plays it. I was hoping I could get a didgeridoo and we could play together but I don't have enough money for one. I have played my friends didgeridoo and was catching on really quickly, I would really,really like one of my own to play!

Mike Brown from United Kingdom

I remember it as a soundtrack to a nature program when I was younger, but I first heard it properly played on my trip to australia last year. It had a wonderful warm rich sound and still holds very romantic memories for me of sitting and dancing around fires, making fire with fire with drills, Very primal!

Mike Coffey from USA

I thought the sound was awesome/eerie, yet inspiring

Mike Moore from USA

Entrancing Spiritual Sound


It was at a violent femmes concert and I felt like the whole place was gonna be shaken to the floor

Mike Young from USA

I was struck by the very primordial sound, sounds of the earth


I was excited and interested its origin

Myles Noonan from United Kingdom

The deep sound sent the hair standing on the back of my neck.



Neil Fisher from USA

The sound blew me away

Anonymous from Italy

Deep vibration...I have to play it!

Nigel Bourne from United Kingdom

Unique - primitive, stirring, emotional, satisfying

Anonymous from USA

It was one of the coolest things I had ever heard

Pascal Durand from France

My feeling: it was the earth's blood

Anonymous from United Kingdom

I was mesmerised by deep and remarkably loud drone produced. I could feel it pulsating through my body as if it were controlling the beat of my heart. Also, this talented musician on the streets of Barcelona was producing sounds that at the time I never thought possible from such a simplistic and ancient instrument.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Thought it sounded beautiful - really nice tones. Wanted to learn to play one!

Paul Southey from New Zealand

Awesome, beautiful deep sound. soothing feel.

Anonymous from Canada

Somber music. Deep natural earthy. Connection with nature and first nations (aboriginal) peoples.

Pedro Lopes from Portugal

I think that! I can't never play didj!

Penny Wilson from South Africa

The sound was amazing

Pete Lemasa from USA

When I first heard the didge I was entranced by its sound. And when I discovered what a didge was... I was awed that a simple piece of hollowed-out wood could create such a beautiful sound.

Peter Schoetker from Germany

My grandma was in australia - and she told me about the wonderful sound

Anonymous from USA

I thought it was awesome and waned to play it myself.

Anonymous from Netherlands

It brought me a feeling of rest and made me feel relax in the hasty world were I'm living in.

Reg Papps from Australia

I was both intrigued and curious

Anonymous from United Kingdom

I was amazed by the unique sound of the didj, and its ability to penetrate the body. The fact that you feel the sound as much as hearing it made me realise that the instrument works on many levels, and has great potential for healing as well as entertainment and aboriginal ceremonial.

Richard Saunders from United Kingdom

WOW! Fantastic sound, I have to get to learn how to play it!

Robert Lorenzini from USA

I thought it was intriguing and interesting I needed to hear more!

Robert Stewart from USA


Anonymous from Italy

It's great! I've find the roots.

Anonymous from Australia

I heard it while I was at primary school when some aboriginal people gave us a talk. I liked the sound but at the time I was in year 5 so I mostly wanted to try one.


I thought it was really relaxing. it made me feel spaced out in a way and the tone of the didj just put me in some kind of a trance that sent me away to a better place. and I felt that I could just listen to that music and just chill out. because that is what it did it chilled me out.

Anonymous from New Zealand

I found the sound of the didj very soothing and intriguing.

S. Bate from United Kingdom

I thought it had a typically Australian sound

Salome Cruz from Portugal

I think it is simple instrument, although it is very powerful. It takes loads of hard-working and attention... it's originality its quite attractive.

Scott Mackenzie Mackenzie from Australia

The sound was unique and unusual,I never imagined my self to be able to play.

Scott Scales from USA

It sounded cool

Anonymous from USA

What is making that bizarre sound?

Anonymous from Australia


Shaun Lawson from Canada

Just an instrument



Sheree Hennessy from Australia

I thought it was the most incredible sounding musical instrument I'd ever heard.


I thought it had a very interesting sound that I wanted to hear more of, and possibly create myself

Stephane Swinnen from Belgium

Splendid feeling it gives!


Far out

Steven Sells from USA

I just had to play one!!

Sven Hutse from Belgium

I've got this feeling of belonging to this planet deep down my belly, and I had the incredible need to hold somebody very close to me, my girlfriend and I like to make love on the sound of a didj...needs no more explanation I think...

Tammy Holt from New Zealand

Very original sound, great to listen to.

Tim Mcclune from United Kingdom

Inspiring & calming

Todd Erdody from USA

Primal connectivity to nature. The most natural instrument I have ever heard.

Tom Gibson from United Kingdom

I was at a festival late at night and wanted to learn how to play it(I thought it sounded pretty amazing)

Tracy Grayson from Australia

Thought it was an awesome instrument with a unique sound.

Traecy Berryman from USA

Wonderful haunting

Anonymous from USA

It was a cool sound and had a earthy, natural feel to it. Ever since then I knew I had to own one!

Anonymous from USA



I Loved it...

Anonymous from Greece

Magnificent sound


It was unusual

Vic Montieri from Italy

I felt the planet voice

Vivienne Lunt from Australia


Anonymous from USA

An extremely interesting art and beautiful music.

Willie Kingi from Australia

Thought it was awesome

Yury Martinen from Latvia


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