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If you have any question you would like us to ask our visitors, please let us know.

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Name and Country

First Experience with a Didj

Anonymous from USA

It looked like fun and sounded great.

Alex Gracia from USA

That it was awesome and that I had to get one and start playing it

Anonymous from USA

I thought the instrument was very distinctively different than anything that I have heard before. the instrument has a very cultural background to the aborigines. the instrument was very awesome to listen to. the first time I heard one being played was in Undara, Australia by an aborigine. the instrument was very appealing and gave me chills every where.

Alexis Gagnon from Canada

It was like a travel into another world...

Alisha Suer from USA

I felt chilled, relaxed, and quite interested. I was visiting Australia and I think I maybe heard one before on tv but the first time I really heard one I had to stop. they were amazing and challenging and I knew this was something I wanted to learn. it seemed to have an entrancing power and soothing tone.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

It was well cool but it must hard to play

Ameet Gauher from United Kingdom

A unique sound that connected that gave me an instant relaxed/spiritual feeling

Andrea Marelli from Argentina

Tiene un sonido muy atrapante

Andrea Venica from Italy

I need it!!!!

Anonymous from Canada

It had an earthy vibe quite unlike any other instrument I had ever heard. It made me want to think, groove, and chill all at the same time.

Anonymous from USA

The didj was a magical instrument that reverberated throughout my body. It's sound remains playing in my mind hours after hearing and playing one.

Andy Doyle from United Kingdom

Cor ain't Rolf Harris good!

Anonymous from USA

I liked the sound but never played one until this year and I bought one right after!

Anthony Rhone from United Kingdom

It felt like an old friend. Somehow strangely familiar. I have never looked back.life changing fulfilment.the most spiritual instrument I have ever heard.had to play one.

Anthony Valerio from USA

I want one!

Anonymous from Argentina

I thought it produced an incredible sound..and that it would be great to experiment with it in other genres of music, like rock or funk.

Antti Kemppainen from Finland

It was superb! I've always wanted just to listen its dizzying sound and sit.

Aymeric Blanc from France

What's that crazy song?


I thought what on earth is making that noise???

Anonymous from Philippines

World/ethnic sound

Belmira Becirbasic from Canada

I feel good


Primal experience I had where the whole room of people had a shared primal past life regression and some sort of beast took over us / possession. not menacing at all, but definitely looming and present

Anonymous from Netherlands

Amazing sounds, how do they do it????

Anonymous from USA

This instrument is DOPE!


Its a sweet instrument

Cameron from Australia

An awesome sound, very different.

Charlene Sieffert from Canada

Interesting, as I had never "seen" one before...

Charles Brown from USA

Very hypnotic, relaxing after listening for a while I felt like my soul was leaving my body for a higher state of consciousness.

Chris Murphy from USA

Just found out about it

Chris Roe from USA

I was in a state of wow!!!!! I have never herd anything like that in my life the sound was amazing I just had to get one and learn

Chris Troop from USA

I was immediately taken by a deep inner sense of peace by the drone aaaand sub sounds. Almost transfixed on some other plane.


Great, native sound! Very spell bounding and meditative!

Christi Hubler from USA


Christian Owen from USA

I was moved,something stirred inside of me. It seemed familiar and comforting,very profound!

Anonymous from USA

Loved the sound

Claire Dupuis from USA

It's exhilarating relaxing deep sound. I am an avid meditator and was amazed how deep and far back (16th century) I can bring myself with it's sound and the communication abilities of the spirits. I feel there is a purpose and reason of my involvement.

Claire Orr from Australia

The sound was calming and soulful

Claudio Vidussi from Italy

I feel good.

Colin Pine from Australia

The first experience was frightening. It opened an awareness that existed deep down inside of me!

Dan Ondrejka from Sweden

Really spectacular and mystic sound!!

Dan Vallely from Australia

Wonderful, haunting sound.

Anonymous from USA

The sound is amazing. I first heard it on a 1964 Rolf Harris record then again in the Crocodile Dundee movie. At first I was clueless how the sound was made.

Anonymous from Sweden

Woow- what a sound and energy, that I gonna learn!

Dave Tighe from United Kingdom


Anonymous from Canada


Anonymous from USA


Anonymous from USA


Derrick Johnson from USA

Incredible, couldn't wait to hear more.

Deslandes Francois from France

Pretty sound, very good feeling, funny (strange sound)

Dillin O'Dell from USA

I thought it was the best instrument I have listened to

Donat Callens from Belgium



Enjoyed the sound


I felt an unique energy coming from the didgeridoo

Eric Schweikart from Argentina

Is beautiful. Each day pleases me more.


I couldn't think anything, I just fell the sound of the soul vibrating in my senses


It is a stupendous thing with an incredibly relaxing sound that give peace

Franco Brockelman from USA

IT sounded majestic and one with nature.

Gabriel Galeffi from Brazil

I felt hypnotized with the didjeridoo sound and amazed with the capacity of that sound to touch the human soul

Gérald Sundermann from Belgium

It's fabulous feeling

Anonymous from Portugal

I thought "WOW", and since that day I've been searching for one.


Very selective

Greg Rushlow from USA

Meditative, with deep mystical qualities.

Hasrul Redwan from Malaysia

A pipe

Helena Simões from Portugal

Acho fascinante as culturas tribais e adoro todos os instrumentos relativos a essas tribos.para além de ser um som libertador,podemos personalizar o nosso didjeridoo conforme os nossos gostos.


I thought it was a very unique and interesting instrument.

Igor Santos from Portugal

I think that de didjeridoo is a great instrument and its sound is too perfect.

Ivana Tikvicki from Croatia/Hrvatska

Exotic for me

Jaime Andres Gomez Lopez from Colombia

Is a mystic sound

James Saldivar from USA

I was absolutely amazed at the sounds that they made. I always heard them but didn't know exactly what instrument they were until about late 1999. I met someone who plays and he taught me I have been hooked since and have a small bamboo. but I want something larger and more capable of doing what I am capable of doing. I play my didj with both the side and front of my mouth


Very interesting sound





Jeffery Bardin from USA

I thought it was one of the best sounding instruments that I ever heard

Jerry Brendle from USA

Strange but intriguing unearthly sound

Jessica Paolini from USA

I thought it was one of the coolest things I've ever heard.

Jim Herren from USA

A very new sound to me.........but very familiar for some strange reason


I thought, "What the heck is that!"

John Webster from USA

WOW, Very cool organic sound.

Johnny Fain from USA

I thought it was awesome I had never heard one and it blew me away.

Jonathan Evatt from New Zealand

I loved it. Thought, "I have to learn to play one of these things"...

Jonathan Fernatt from USA

I liked the way it sounded. I couldn't figure out what kind of instrument could make those kinds of sounds because it was on a movie and I was a little boy.

Anonymous from USA

Very beautiful sound

Joseph Patton from USA

I was intrigued by the instrument from the start. Never had I heard such a sound and seen such a unique instrument. I was hooked immediately


It's a very interesting instrument of air

Justin Peterson from USA

I was amazed

Karen Ramey from USA

I felt a mysterious primal emotion. I think it resonated with the first chakra. This past year I heard one live at a local "sound chamber" (these are built all over the world and you guys have several there in Australia). I wanted to play it but felt I need instruction first.

Anonymous from Germany

Beautiful harmonic sounds ...another dimension of music experience

Anonymous from Canada

It was a really unique sound and that's what made me like it

Kelly Hutchinson from United Kingdom

I was at a concert, an english band called the Levellers and they used the Didje on a couple of their tracks, I fell in love with it but it wasn't until 2002 that I got my first didjeridu. I am now so passionate about the didje that nearly all my time is taken up with going to festivals and teaching, I love it so much I started up my own club in my local city of Reading which regularly gets between 30 and 40 people each month coming to learn to play this the most wonderful of all instrument!

Kenneth Houghton from United Kingdom

I fell in love with the haunting "earthy" sound and wanted to try and play.



Kreis Holland from USA

I thought they where absolutely amazing. I have a few smaller priced ones, because I could never afford they higher priced ones, so winning this would be a dream come true.


I felt that I was out in nature, back in the forest. it's a great feeling.

Kristie Pfaff from USA

Unusual sound

Lance Isakov from USA

I was awe inspired

Anonymous from USA

They are really neat, and sound so cool

Larry Scott from USA

Quite interesting sound

Lennart Jönsson from Sweden

It sounds cool :)

Linda Linda Moeller from USA

Very haunting sound

Lionel Clauser from Finland

It was a nice low sound. I had to know what it was and from where it was. It just took my stomach and I felt cold 'stuff' in my back. It was just incredible that one instrument could do that to me.

Louanne Baelde from Canada

Never heard of it until now


Haven't try it yet

Mark Robertson from Australia

Mystical & unusual

Mark Simons from USA

Good site

Anonymous from Netherlands

I heard a didgeridoo player when I was in new zealand, I could feel the sound of it in my stomach... totally loving it. Hearing more and more didgeridoo playing makes me want to try it for myself.

Marvin Tweedy from USA

Interesting sound

Anonymous from USA

When I first heard a didj, I had no idea what I was hearing. But all I did know was that it was one of the most soothing, beautiful sounds I have ever heard.

Matthew Jackson from USA

I have always been fascinated by the sound. It is very tribal, spiritual.

Matthew Meers from USA

I loved the penetrating harmonies that seems to originate from the beginning. I was absolutely amazed at the variety of sounds capable from such an ancient instrument. I immediately fell in love.

Maximiliano Del Rio from Chile

I like the sound, because it was very new to me. That was my first reaction.

Anonymous from USA

What an amazing sound!

Anonymous from New Zealand

Unique and cultural

Micha³ Kempski from Poland

I was surprise

Michael Wolfe from USA

Very unigue sound; but difficult to play.


Fucken awsome

Miguel Silva from Portugal

It's a amazing and scary sound

Mike Albers from Netherlands

Intriguing sound.

Mike Coffey from USA

I thought the sound was awesome/eerie, yet inspiring

Mike Rose from USA

Loved it

Mike Whitson from USA

Wow ! What a beautiful and peaceful sound. Very soothing and natural. I found it hard to believe that sound was coming from a log ! I loved it.

Anonymous from Finland

It was great. None other instrument can produce a sound like didjeridoo


I cried it was so beautiful

Nick Pullen from Australia

Amazing... The sound went right through my body.

Nicolas Karasiak from France

Felt that was amazing, like natural songs, natural instrument, natural feelings.

Oscar Perez from USA

Fun instrument!! I've played a friends didj

Patricia Denobile from USA

I felt it an interesting and wonderful sounding instrument and quite unique, as I also love the steel drum.

Pedro Ferreira from Portugal

Great "organic" sound! As someone said "the voice of the Earth".


The sound of the jungle going out from it.

Pedro Ramos from Portugal

When I heard a didge for the first time I didn't knew were did that amazing sound came from and when I really saw it I tried to play it...

Anonymous from United Kingdom

I was overwhelmed by the sounds and their effect on my mind and emotions

Peter de Jong from Netherlands

I was amazed

Rae Demoisey from USA

Hmmm very interesting, for meditation you say?




I simply thought it was a great way to tune inwards and be grounded with mother earth. it's the sounds of the soul to me.

Rawson Coleman from USA

It was a fantastic sound. Elemental.

Rick Butler from USA

Fell in love with it.


I loved it. It was so easy for me to get in to the actual flow of the sound and sorta get away. Very relaxing


Awesome, totally blown away, most beautiful sound I ever heard


Sounds horrible.

Sandro Reinhardt from USA

Loved it. deep reverberating sound

Sarah Thomas from Australia

I was too young to remember

Anonymous from USA

What is making that bizarre sound?

Anonymous from Australia


Shaun Smith from Australia

Remarkable, nice weird sound

Sheila Daughtry from USA

It was a mystical, magical sound, but also, somehow, one of nature.


It was wonderful,this quality of sound...

Anonymous from New Zealand

The most amazing sound I have ever heard

Anonymous from New Zealand



Far out

Steve Hannum from USA

Interesting sound

Steven Verrees from Belgium

Instrument of all instruments!! Cool sounds, cool look, it just got it all



Anonymous from USA




Tim Whalen from USA

Absolutely loved it,it enveloped me and drew me in.The folk playing that night took me in and shared their night, food, and music with me as if I were one of their own. I'll never forget that feeling and now do my best to do the same for others even if I don't play the didg all to well I've found many ways to recreate that.

Anonymous from USA

Nice site.

Anonymous from USA

Relaxing, hypnotic


I thought that it was an amazing sound.

Tony Casalino from USA

Strange but really neat



Anonymous from USA


Tuomo Istermaa from Finland

An ancient sound! Amazing!

Anonymous from Greece

Magnificent sound

Anonymous from France

What a vibration

Anonymous from USA

It was awesome

Wendell Hicks from USA

I thought it was a beautiful and interesting sound. Very meditative.

Anonymous from USA

The sounds of the didj were very soothing and relaxing

Yury Martinen from Latvia


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