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If you have any question you would like us to ask our visitors, please let us know.

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Name and Country

First Experience with a Didj

Aaron Blake from USA

I first heard a didge on television as background music during a program. I was completely captivated by this new sound and started asking everyone I knew what they thought it was. I made it my mission to seek out more didge music and to try and make one.

Adam Hammons from USA

Whoa, what is that?

Anonymous from USA

It is the relaxing tone that reached deep inside

Adriana Okuma from Brazil

The sound is similar a brazilian instrument (berrante).

Adrien Bélisme from France

It in a shop. A man said to me how to play, I tried and it was a strange sound for me, but I though what a beautiful sound ! Two years later I buy my first didj. I was exiting to play with my own didj. I would thank this man who said me how to play.

Alessio Morresi from Italy

Bbbbbrrrrrrrrruuuuuaaaooooo... Sorry but I can't speak english very well... Anyway I love didje's sound and vibration

Alex Moore from United Kingdom

Amazed at the strange and wonderful sound. It seemed to cover such a wide range but yet was just a hollow stick!

Alexis Moon from USA

The intense vibration just chilled me down to the bones....it was a beautiful feeling

Anonymous from Australia

That it was fantastic and gave me chills

Andre Cuba from Portugal

I feel de power of de rainforest...

Andrea Massani from Italy

That is an amazing sound which literally "buzz" your deeper feelings, incredible depth of the vibrations


I thought they sounded very beautiful and want to own one, buy the only thing was I didn't know what they were called or where to get one. The only things I knew where they where made by Aborigines.

Anonymous from Iceland

I loved it's haunting drone, that seemed to transport me to a different place.

Anonymous from Canada

Cool sound

Anonymous from Belgium

Impressed, if the sound were a view, then didj would be like a view at the sky by night, a billion stars & a lunar eclipse to me.

Barbara Burgess from USA

I fell in love with the sound and felt as though I was floating above my chair. I was bound and determined to learn how to play once I found the didgeridoo for me.

Ben Saunders from Australia

I found it unique and interesting

Bill Brazeau from USA

It was moving and spiritual


I felt very calm when I heard it.

Brad Geiger from USA

Beautiful sound.

Brian Howell from USA

It was an ethereal sound.


Loved the sound!

Anonymous from USA

The first didj I heard had a very beautiful, haunting sound. I wanted to learn right away how to create such a sound for myself.

Bryan Thorson from USA

Beautiful instrument, simple.

Carlos Camelo from Portugal

It's beautiful!! It's a very relaxing sound and it has very, very good vibes. It's meditative and we can "trip" with the sound of the didje in a beautiful and quiet place.

Anonymous from USA



I was only six or so when I first heard a didj so its hard to remember but the fascination has only grown since then . it's just an amazing sound

Chris Doyle from USA

I loved it from the first time I hoard it. I was very little at the time and I still felt that deep drown that way moved me

Chris Hanning from United Kingdom

Amazing sound from such a strange looking instrument. Wanted to be like Rolf Harris


I thought the sound was enchanting.


Great sound

Curtis Barber from Canada

I heard my fist Didge as a youngster but only on TV My stoogy old uncle has a beauty didge on his wall (uggh) but would never let me touch it. So hear I am now in the land downunder playing daily. My mate that I'm living with in WA plays and helped my make my own didge out of some wood that we found, they look great but don't sound so nice, I'm stuck now playing my PVC didge but will hopefully win a real one!!!!



Damen Todd from USA

I felt enlightened and good I loved the sound and wanted to get one.

Dane Simpson from Australia

I enjoyed it. My family were dancing and everybody was having a good time.

Daniel Andrade from Portugal

I thought that was a sound from other times!A sound repeated over and over, since the dawn of mankind.It was from another time and another place!It disturbed me a lot, has if it had opened a door in the back of my mind and released a feeling I cannot name but that felt very right.

Daniel Savouyaud from France

"But, what is this strange things? This seems to be

Daniel Waters from USA

Wow. What a strange sound. It must be very hard to play.

David Dunley from USA

It blew my mind

Anonymous from USA

I don't really remember the details. I know that I really liked it, though.

David Naftalin from USA

I thought the sound was amazing and it was very spiritual


I find it lovely


THe sound is a little eerie - but I liked it.

Eddy Pierard from Belgium

I thought that it is a very nice instrument, so beautiful that some can be bought just for their look. I loved the "strange sound" too the first time I heard one.


It is one of the coolest instruments that I have ever heard.

Eleanor Hjemmet from USA

It was a transcendent experience immediately. I was in a gallery in Washington DC surrounded by original aboriginal art. I could hardly bear to leave. It brought me "home."

Erik Olsson from Sweden

I do not exactly remember when I heard it the first time, however, I got really amazed by the tunes it gave. Ever since I have been wanting to have one

Erika Bodnar from USA

Awesome and grounding


I cannot believe it... I thought it was another galaxy instrument.

Anonymous from USA

It has the sound of a soul.

Florian Guillet from USA

It was a unique sound that no other instrument could replicate


Nice strange sound

Frank Weigel from USA

The first time I heard the didj I had never heard a sound like it. It was relaxing and a spiritual experience.

Frans Koolen from Netherlands

His wonderful sound touched me deeply

Frederik Van Slycken from Belgium

I thought it was a strange, but fascinating instrument.

G&aacutebor Zsarnai from Hungary

I fell in love with his throbbing sound

Garry Mabey from New Zealand

Magical Spiritual

Anonymous from USA

Like the unique sound and am fascinated w/ circular breathing.

Germain Laberge from Canada


Anonymous from USA

It's relation to nature; physically, visually, and it's sound; intrigued me. When I listen to the didgeridoo I can picture myself in a jungle.

Guillermo Vallone from Argentina

I felt very curious.

Hamza Music from Bosnia And Herzegovina

I was left in awe. I love the organic sound it makes, and use it in my music as much as I can.

Harry Schuit from USA

The sound


Absolutely mystifying and sensational


Dej&aacute heard, sort of saying... but the sound was more cavernous.


Loved it.

Ian Hopper from USA

I think it is a wonderful instrument. The tone that resonates from the didjeridu is absolutely wonderful, relaxing, and spiritual.

Irmgard Luycks from Netherlands

I got goose flesh. I had never heard such beautiful earth tones.

Anonymous from Netherlands

Warm sound

Janusz Guttmeyer from Poland

Powerful, grounding. Feeling that something in me will surface if I will continue my interest in didges. Very "tribal" feeling.

Jeremy Case from USA

When I first heard a didj I was drawn to it's sound.

Anonymous from Poland

I knew that I wanted one


Enchanting, raw sound

Anonymous from Australia

Lovely sound

John Roberts from USA

Wow very eerie


Pleasant ! great atmosphere !


I thought it was amazing! It had a real calming and spiritual feel. Relieving the stress of my hectic college life.

Ken Pinyerd from USA

I was a little young to really get anything out of it, but I did think it was a neat sound, and I wondered how it worked

@l Hcun from Taiwan

Good toy for me I am a dj didj's sound let me crazy

Lars Henriksen from Denmark

The hairs on my arm rose. I thought, "This, I have to learn".

Anonymous from USA

Bad Ass! I felt taken away to a very far place!

Anonymous from USA



Really liked the sound

Liz Switzer from USA

I thought it was an amazing instrument. The sound that was produced was so calming.


Thought it was very exotic.

Luis Luis from Spain

Cool sound. Buen sonido. Atrayente.


It's fine and it be a very trip when your brain is foggy

Marco Menozzi from Italy

Wow, the sound of the ancient world

Marloes Koudijs from Netherlands

I always wanted to play didj, but they are so expensive I can't afford it to buy one

Marlon E Fuller from USA

Felt great

Matthew Hamilton from USA

I loved the sound, I wanted to learn to play

Matthew Seckel from USA

I thought it was a very interesting and fascinating sound.


What is this sound ?


Its sound vibration felt like a powerful tool for healing. I was in awe of this instrument.

Micah Hagan from USA

I liked it.

Anonymous from USA


Michael Rowland from Australia

That's a fantastic sound ,I Gotta learn to play that !

Michael Stoltz from USA

I felt as if I was hearing the soul of nature

Anonymous from Canada

An Interesting and original sound


It was the greatest sound I have ever heard... it made me like flying...



Anonymous from USA

Loved the deep sound

Neil Cowan from Ireland

I tout it was really unusual and cool

Nick Evans from USA

It had a very interesting sound that I liked a lot It was almost touching in a way

Anonymous from France

Great sound and good rhythm

Nicolas Bertrand from France

Is was a great moment

Omar Bellprat from Switzerland

Curiosity holding/charming, relaxing, escaping sound


The sounds were amazing

Per Hultquist from USA

I was blown away......literally and figuratively, I was mesmerized and the experience changed me forever.

Peter Van Der Lende from Netherlands

What a strange , nice sound


It has very interesting and impressive sound.


Crazy, I think I was dreaming


I loved it

Anonymous from France

Such a wonderful sound and powerful vibes. Definitely the best way to relax and such an amazing means for meditation.....

Raul Perez from USA

I saw it first at the summer 2000 olympics. A runner from the US was playing it on a perch in sydney and as I heard him play I could see he was spiritually moved by the didge. From then on I knew I wanted to feel that way as well.

Ray Branson from USA

I knew immediately that I had to learn how to play

Rick Whelan from Australia

I fell in love with it. I first heard a guy when I was a little kid play at the Chaffey theatre in Renmark. He was incredible. He could make all these noises that I never thought possible. I had heard it on the tele before 1980 but live was really special and made a deep mark in me.


Cool sound, great looking

Robert Wells from United Kingdom

I loved the sound, it was so relaxing and haunting- but in a real - almost spiritual way. It felt natural and I love to practice as often as I can.


I was about 8 when I first heard the didj played live and I just loved the sounds that it produced but could never understand how the player kept it going with out coming up for air. Of course I know differently now and am looking forward to learning how it play the Didj

Robin Oberg from Sweden

Very interesting. I had always been interested in "exotic" items. I even studied things like this, in social anthropology, amateur of course.

Robyn Schuler from USA


Ross Allan from Canada

I felt very homesick as I was living in Britain, where I had been taken as a kid by my parents. I had always felt somewhat of an outsider and was (still am) very attached to anything Australian.


A haunting quality

Sean Bester from New Zealand

Wow! what a unique sound

Sean Riley from USA

It was a bridge for the mind, body, and spirit to come into harmony.

Sean Tolle from USA

I thought it was a very cool sound, yet I didn't know what instrument made it.


It's an original atmosphere which haunt my days & my nights.


Well, when I see the didj I thought that was a joke, cause the didje man, when left his didj for can I play turn to laugh. But he explain me how the wood can made the sound, and two years later, I have a didjeridoo.

Anonymous from Canada

I thought it had a really cool, unique sound, and I was interested in how it worked.


I can't remember

Stefano Giovannelli from Italy

What a great heart sound

Anonymous from USA

Incredible, mystic, earth tone, spiritual, peaceful sound.

Anonymous from USA

It was deeply moving.

Stuart Kirkpatrick from Bermuda

Amazing sounds.....how is it possible to get that amount of feeling from one instrument

Tibor Pongrácz from Hungary

Huhh... power, fear, wind from the ancient times... Many emotions, that are still in my mind when I hear a didge to blow.


It had a lovely unique drone and the painting was so amazing

Tom Darcy from Australia

Enchanting sound that left me with goose bumps.

Valerie Longwith from USA



I got a tingling sensation when I heard the music from a didj I really respect the aborigine peoples and what they have gone through.

Anonymous from USA

Awe inspiring.........very moving

Walter Rodriguez from Argentina

Emite un sonido sorprendente, y lo voy a usar mucho para grabar musica en la compu.


I loved the sound. It took my imagination back to dream-time. I had to buy one.

William Hall from USA


Yannis Rousseau from France

Peace sound

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