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If you have any question you would like us to ask our visitors, please let us know.

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Name and Country

First Experience with a Didj

Anonymous from USA


Alex Martinez from Spain

I think that its sound isn't from the human side of the world. It's more mystic. It's like the wind, or the earth... I don't know... It's natural

Anonymous from USA

Weird but cool Aborigine tool

Anonymous from USA

Awesome vibrations

Anonymous from USA

It had a very unique sound, made me think of a place like Africa or Australia

Anonymous from USA

I wish I could make that sound.

Anonymous from Brazil

Wow, this sound is amazing... I can get in trance with that... However, my first contact with it would be much later...

Barb Liptak from Canada

Gave me shivers

Benny Klein from Brazil

I thought it's very crazy and lovely

Benoit Haroche from France

I thought very good instrument with a special sound.

Benoit Roussel from France

At the first time, I liked this sound


I love that !!!!

Bill Steiner from USA

Enjoyed the artwork and the different sound

Blair Taylor from Australia

It sounds great and I was begging my dad to buy me one but he wouldn't because we are poor and they cost us too much

Bob Rudy from USA

I was euphoric. Couldn't get enough.

Bradley Keegan from USA

Euphoric. It surrounded my body and mind in way that the drum could not match for me. Being a djembe player since I was 14 that is a big thing to me.

Brett Dackiewicz from Australia

Soulful ... I love the complex rhythms and sounds the didj creates... makes me want to dance !

Brett Lamarche from USA

It sounds amazing

Brian Hearn from Canada

I belong to a drumming/chanting group. I heard a digi for the first time one night at chanting. It was awesome, simply amazing. I loved it. I would love to own one. Send it to me.

Bruce Rich from USA

Felt utterly compelled to listen to more.

Anonymous from USA

Primitive and beautiful.

Carol Karajohn from USA

Beatiful; haunting sound

Catherine Pierowicz from USA

Interesting to see what it was

Anonymous from USA

I thought it had a really interesting sound.

Chris Pereira from USA

I thought it was one of the coolest instruments and I have a collection of instruments around the world. I knew this was the one that I wanted to own the most and learn how to play the best

Chris Spencer from United Kingdom

Awesome powerful sound! Captivating to say the least.

Chris W from Australia

Omg I can play

Anonymous from Australia

That its from a culture much older then mine.

Christopher Weber from USA

Took a little doing, but I got the hang of it quickly. Feel in love with the sound and use of harmonics

Claire Bruyant from France

At first time I heard a didj it was a very good moment... I adore it!

Anonymous from USA

Powerful interesting sound... What is that instrument?

Colleen Way from Canada

Very moving experience with a deep connection to the earth

Corrado Bove from Italy

Moo me ne faro uno...lo suonero ovunque...so nartist

Craig Fowler from Australia

The sound is unique


When I first heard a didg close up being played well, I had just been holidaying on Yorke Peninsula, South Australia. At that time, I had experienced a kind of profound connection with the earth which made me relate deeply to the kind of feelings Aboriginal people must have felt towards that same land, long ago when they were still living traditionally in that particular region. The sound of the didgeridoo seemed to completely encompass those feelings and just came out at me as being an incredibly powerful sound that I could relate to in a spiritual way- I decided then and there that I had to learn!

Dale Sicily from Australia

Thought it was the most awesome sound that I have ever heard

David Acuff from USA


David Carmichael from USA

What a wonderful way to express the spiritual connection between indigenous peoples and the elements of nature around them; it resonates through the whole body and evokes a sense of belonging to the place around us.

Anonymous from Australia

Unusual, haunting sound

Anonymous from Canada



That it had a most earthy and intriguing sound.



Diana Hopkins from USA

Oh my god

Duarte Verissimo from Portugal

It was a dream ...that sound made me feel alive.

Dylan Martin from Canada

It was amazing


Very unique tribal sound. very soothing, seemed fun to learn.

Eddie Arriola from USA

Amazingly high energy. Very penetrating vibrations. I loved it.

Edgar Erber from Chile

I felt in the sky

Edmund Ong from Australia

I feel that its a wonderful instrument and amazing!


It's the best thing that I never could hear, and the sound it's terrific and very special


When I first heard and saw didg being played I felt that it was a very rich and it was hard for me to contemplate how all these sounds and twangs were coming to birth at the same time. I was in awe.


It was fascinating It was in the street and I listen for quite a long time.


Its totally awesome, I would love to attempt to master the didj

Erin Opalek from USA

It is awesome

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Rolf Harris was playing it - did not make much impression on me. Heard it played again in Dec this year by a self-taught 18 year old by and I fell in love with the instrument.


It is amazing


I was so fascinated I stayed there for 1 hour!

Fiorino Fiorini from Italy

Well...it's difficult to explain it, but was deep vibe in my body that makes me absent to every thinks and problem I was usually thought

Fokko Ebbens from Netherlands

Impressed, overwhelming and curious.

Anonymous from Spain

IT, was incredible

Frank Patterson from Australia

Unique sound



Fredrik Arvidsson from Sweden

I was so little then, but I think I liked the monotonous sound.

Fulvio Adorni from Italy

Very fantastic

Gabriel De La Parra from Chile

I knew didjs by my bro, he lives in ecuador, we went out to a bar and heard a guy playing it, I loved the sound, and bought one here in chile, since then I take it everywhere, love the instrument

George E. Walsh from USA

Sound was magnificent.

Giacomo Albertini from Italy

Boh!! I don't remember


Where does this sound come from

Glenn Nowak from USA

When first visiting your web site, I felt as if my wish of a total Didjeridu site had been granted. The audio links for each didj do justice to the uniqueness of each instrument. Wonderfully objective!

Guido Demeulenaere from Belgium

Very restful sounds

Guillaume Ducarme from France

It's amazing

Harold Chambers from USA

Cool Sound loved the vibration


I think it was a great. It has really great sound.


Unusual mournful sound


I thought it was awesome

Anonymous from Japan

"I want to learn how to play that!" The sound was unlike other conventional instruments, and therefore interested me very much.


I had no idea what the cool sound was so I found out in a year that it was called a didgeridoo!



Jacobo Salleh from Mexico

My son played the didj for me and I realized that the sound it created was absolutely amazing we became fans of the didj and we ordered a didj from svargo over here it was an awesome experience and I would really love to win this didj to give it as a gift to my little son.

Jacques Lasselle from Canada

Return to the source inside me

Jacques Richard from Canada

It made me feel pretty good the vibration took all my attention and since then I have played and made didjeridoo none stop!

James Arrington from USA

Eerie - almost supernatural. I FELT it, as well as heard it.


Powerful musical experience. I was learning to play the Scottish bagpipes and thought that the didj was an instrument that I would someday like to play.

Jamie Toms from USA

The didj has a wonderful rich sound full of culture.

Anonymous from USA

I love the sound and the feel of the vibration

Anonymous from USA

I felt like it would be something that I could learn very quickly.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Thought the sound was amazing,real sound of the australian outback.made me feel I had to get and learn to play a didji.

Jayme Allen from USA

Like nothing I had heard before I knew that one day I had to learn to play.

Jeff Fullmer from USA

Upon first hearing diji I was immediately taken with the urge to find out what instrument made that sound. The sound of the diji seemed to re-introduce me to my roots. It was a sound that brought back memories from my childhood along with forgotten senses, such as the smell of mud when your playing in it and the care free outlook simply of going outside to play. Today the sound of a diji makes me stop and take a breath and study the sky or notice the ground, how a garden is set up or how the grass or weeds grow. It bring out the artistic quality of nature.

Jeff Meyer from USA

What an awesome sound it made, and it looked like fun to play

Jeff Phillips from USA

I was mesmerized & then eventually bought one of my own.

Jenny Hebert from USA

What a unique instrument

Anonymous from France

Calm and rest

Anonymous from USA

I fell in love with the sound immediately.


It's really weird. I'd like to play it, or show it to my family who are musical.


Fell in love with the sound



Johan Thaens from Belgium



Simply put.. amazing

John Masters from USA

Sounded otherworldly, totally captured my attention

Anonymous from USA

I thought it was amazing. I didn't know if the sound was synthesized or what. When I found out what it was, I wanted to hear more.

Jon Page from USA

Thought it was the coolest instrument I ever heard.

Jonathan Mrowka from France

It's strange, where is this sound ? It's Beautiful !!!

Jose Delgado from Peru

I thought it was a a kind of UFO noise or a metallic rock noise,cause I heard it in a cassette, but then after when I met this sacred instrument and as I heard it I had it clear of what it was......

Anonymous from Yugoslavia


Anonymous from USA

Thought it was a wonderfully ancient instrument with a beautiful, spiritual sound.

Julien Joubert from South Africa

I had always wanted my own didj, and one day while walking around the local shopping centre,I just heard this droning coming out of this one shop and I saw this guy playing didj, and I just thought to myself, 'I want one'

Anonymous from United Kingdom

I thought that the sound was beautiful and hypnotic, and the range of complex sounds surprising for a simple instrument.


Odd sound but ok...

Anonymous from USA

Interesting and unusual.

Kenneth Shapley from United Kingdom

I first heard a man called Gary Thomas playing at a friends in Brighton. My heard flew open and I just knew this was the instrument for me.What was it like? "Wombingness and boomingness and the time curlings of a dream, ancestral voices speaking within." I went straight down the woods and made me a split Didge and asked him for lessons. Since then I have made 40 or so Didges, owned 5 Aboriginal Didges which I have given away to others who love the instrument.

Kevin Cooke from USA

It touched me in a very basic way. It was a feeling of the earth, of time unknown and of ancient knowledge.

Kyle Hatanaka from USA

It was a divine work of art

Leo Dobbelaere from Belgium

A sacral instrument

Logan Marshall from Canada

I saw a guy playing one in British Colombia, I was really young, I just thought it was super cool, But then my buddy started playing about 2 years ago and I found the great spiritual and energetic powers it held so I decided to start playing myself.


It's not possible!! I need one!


I enjoyed it's sound, because I've heard it before and don't know anything about a didgeridoo


I felt that the didgeridoo was a strange, fantastic, instrument and I want to learn to play it.

Martijn Van Den Aarssen from Netherlands

I was a child and I immediately was interested in the aboriginal culture

Anonymous from USA


Anonymous from Australia

I felt free and secure and like maybe I could fly.

Melissa Hunt from USA

I had heard them on television before.. but the first time I heard on in person I was awestruck. My first thought was, "I can do that!"

Anonymous from Australia

I loved the depth of sound and the amazing range of sounds talented player can achieve to tell a story.

Menno Den Hartog from Netherlands

I felt myself in contact with mother earth. And that felt good.

Anonymous from USA

A very haunting sound. The very first time I heard one, it made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. But very quickly after, and at all times since then, I find it very soothing.

Michael Ivers from USA

I thought, "Wow, this is an awesome sound coming from this exotic instrument!"

Anonymous from USA

I liked the sound

Anonymous from New Zealand

The most wonderful ethereal music that I have ever heard with mesmerizing qualities that hold everyone's attention.

Anonymous from Portugal

Well the first time the didj is something strange but I feel I need to play didj so at the first time e ear a didj e try to play every day and I did it


Cool tribal type sound!

Anonymous from Australia

A very primal but compelling sound

Neil Dobson from United Kingdom

Wow, the sound moved me and it felt natural. I was drawn to it and the wood.

Nick Gill from Australia

Fascinated by the sound, and even more so since then, as I have learnt more about ancient rhythms and percussion.

Nicolas Reese from France


P.J. Belic from USA

My interest in indigenous cultures started at an early age.The Australian Aborigines quickly became a favorite. There is no memorable first time .The didj has always been something I have associated the Aborigines with,and always something I wanted to learn.

Pamela Hansen from USA

Loved it

Patricia Denobile from USA

I really liked the sound and still do very much. I thought it was really neat! I wondered how the players made that sound.


I thought the instrument was very unique and wonderful. The sound made my body rumble.


It is great sound, what is it ? Wow..it is...soo...good...


A thought it as a very interesting and I felt attracted by it

Anonymous from Germany

Vor 20 Jahren in Australien

Peter Langer from USA


Raul Cantin from Spain

It was a simple and pure sound, mystical, magical

Raul Perez from USA

When I first heard the didge while looking for tribal music, I was immediately moved and felt compelled to learn more about it and it's founders. Since then, I have bought a few didge CD's and use them to feel more in touch with nature which is a great stress reliever.

Anonymous from USA


Renee Borders from USA

I think it's gonna be a whole new experience, can't wait!



Ricky Pryce from Australia

The sound is amazing from an instrument with no moving parts


I found it to be soothing, enchanting and mysterious, all at the same time.

Anonymous from Israel

Amazing. relaxation. active meditation.


That's really cool

Rose Hannum from USA

Fell in love with it!

Rosiland White from USA

Have never heard it

Ross Field from Australia

I heard Tommy Crow at Alice Springs. I listened, spellbound, thinking how honoured I was to be there. The man is a legend.


I thought that it was a truly amazing and unique sound that seemed almost impossible to be made by a hollow stick, lips, and air!

Anonymous from Australia

Well it was played by one of my students and it hit me in the heart with its loud sounds.


I thought it was a wonderful instrument and makes a lovely peaceful sound.

Sarah Wentz from USA

It has an amazingly unique sound that seems to be very close to nature.

Scott Mcmurry from USA

How cool! I love that vibration that's going thru me!


I was only young but I remember it was very soothing


I thought that it was a wonderful kind of yoga:OOOOMMMM.


I thought it looked interesting

Anonymous from Greece

Eerie peaceful sound. At first I thought it was my imagination... Fortunately a few seconds later I saw the man who was playing the Didj and stood there listening to him playing for 1 hour or so... Amazing!

Anonymous from Germany

I'm feeling secure with this sound and I have thinking, that I have to learn this instrument


How they make that noise?


Very relaxing.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

When I first heard the didgeridoo I was totally mesmerised by the sound and wanted to buy and learn to play one

Anonymous from USA

I actually have never heard one. I selected 2004 in the previous question because "never" was not an option.

Thomas Gordon from USA

Awesome powerful tool

Thomas Myers from USA

It gave me the chills


I liked the sound and I wanted one really bad



Tom Leurent from France

It's amazing, I didn't understand that so many sound could be go out from the didg

Toon Van Craeyevelt from Belgium

What a weird, but fascinating instrument it is!! from then on I started playing and until now I never stopped :-)

Tracey Crosby from Australia

A very cool and unique instrument


It had beautiful sounds and they were so individual

Anonymous from Finland

Very meditative.

Twenty Three from USA

Cool Sounding Fart

Vincent Rouby from France


Vyara Vladimirova from Bulgaria

I felt that this could be a good chance for me to get acquainted with Australian culture and with nature in general.

Warner Recabaren from USA

Relaxing sound

Wesley Kraszewski from USA

Relaxing, earthy connect

William O'connell from USA

Loved the sound and rhythms


Haunting sound.


Interesting sound, primitive, spiritual

Zach Davis from USA

It sounded cool.

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