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If you have any question you would like us to ask our visitors, please let us know.

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Name and Country

First Experience with a Didj

Abdelillah Ennahas from Morocco

I play every day

Adam Carsey from USA

I didn't know what kind of instrument could make that noise and thought it must have been a synthesizer


Loved the sound

Adrian Talens from Canada

Thought it was weird but cool

Albert Russell from USA

Great sound feeling

Alberto Rodriguez from Spain

I fill with enthusiasm, because I love it and I have begun to play it better.

Anonymous from Argentina

Hace vibrar todo mi ser y me sirve para meditar. El ejercicio respiratorio produce una concentración tal que pareciera como que me desprendo de mi cuerpo. O que tomara una mayor conciencia de mi entorno.

Alex Grossberg from USA

Flabbergasted and pleased

Alexander Iturregi from Spain

What the fººº is that? How does he take any sound out of that.....branch?

Alexandre Vincent from France

C'est un son magique. tout le corps vibre

Alexis Brouiller from France

What a wonderful sound !

Anonymous from USA



Loved the haunting sound of it.

Allan Alves Pauletti from Brazil

That it was a powerful sound, and marked me for my life.Than 12 years later I learned to play..Incredible.magic...




I am trying to win one for my eight year old niece who is blind.

Andrea Kushner from USA

I thought it was cool

Anonymous from Italy

I like hearing didge sound, I love playing it, specially the first time, it was really impressive, showing me that the didge is the instrument for me.

Anonymous from Germany

Calmness, relaxing

Andy Laing from USA

Feel it in my stomach.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Fascinating sound. Never thought I'd ever be able to play one. (still trying)


Amazing sound

Anonymous from USA

Old sounds still living today and carrying traditions

Angie Erickson from USA

Just learning.

Anthony Narvaez from USA

I had never heard anything like it. it seemed as if the ground had opened up and the earths energy was flowing through the didj.

Anonymous from France

It was badly played by someone having it just to be cool. I had a bad impression

Anonymous from USA

How beautiful it was and what a unique sound it had.

Barry M. Hancock from USA

I loved the tone immediately -- that was what caught my attention. Then I saw the player and thought, "Yes! What a simple (mechanically) instrument! I can play that."

Bart Boogaard from Netherlands

Mysterious and very rooted I think because the sound was so familiar and therefore overwhelming cause I'd never heard it before I just new I had 2 play it



Bede Watts from Australia

Sounds great

Anonymous from Spain

The Deep, ancestral sound.



Bob Brault from USA

That is was an amazing drone instrument- an OM generator!

Bonnie Day from USA

Really like the sounds

Brad Cole from USA

I was awe struck mostly because I was the one playing it.

Anonymous from Australia

I liked the sound but I was young and didn't understand it very well,I have been playing guitar( jazz,rock,& classical) for sometime now and in the last month I have been drawn to the didjeridu and now have a need to learn, play, and some.

Bradley Thompson from USA

I was in awe and immediately interested in wanting to learn about the didgeridoo and how to play it

Brandon Cutler from Australia

It was a very cool sound & it is amazing that you can make a sound from a tree.

Brenda Shields from USA

I loved it such lovely artwork


Very unique sound. I liked it.

Brian Fields from USA

What is that sound! I want to find out what type of instrument makes that sound. Anyway I found out what it was then I could never seem to find a place that sold them till I went to Portland OR. The didj is a very important part of my life now.

Anonymous from USA

Raw and primitive

Anonymous from USA

Cool sound

Byron Searle from USA

Looked cool.


Looked very cool, like our native american flutes


Very cool!

Anonymous from Australia

I loved the sound and had always been interested to learn to play. the sound is very unique.


Looks fun


It's different, but nice.


How in the world did they get that wonderful sound from there?


Looks like an interesting instrument

Chris Benoit from USA

I enjoyed the freedom from organized musical melody

Chris Bowmaker from Australia

The didj's raw, bassy sound reverberates through your body - an instrument you can feel.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Fantastic, natural

Chris Welsh from Australia

Amazed at the sound it made the hair on my neck stand up

Chris Yerlig from USA

I was very young when I heard Rolf Harris play didge on TV, so I don't remember my response. However, I have since come to discover that rather than evoking a feeling, from my later contact with live didges I just 'knew' that 'this was me', like an extension of myself.

Anonymous from USA

I loved it, it felt calming.


I thought it was very cool!


It looks beautiful

Anonymous from USA



Its different looking

Cliff Mansfield from USA

Loved it - wanted to learn to play

Clint Bullock from USA

Liked it



Clive Reed from USA

It was the voice of another world




Cool instrument

Craig Lunceford from USA


Cyndi Shattler from USA

I was captivated. What a mystical sound and I knew I had to learn more about them.

Dan Reimers from USA

Primal sound of earth

Dan Russell from USA

Amazing sound.


I thought it was the coolest sound to com out of a piece of wood

Daniel Geh from Germany

Really interesting sound

Daniel Luscomb from USA


Danielle Molnar from Australia

It's hauntingly beautiful, yet can be changed to suit any mood

Daovet Limmen from Netherlands

Felt like nature coming home


Beautiful instrument.


Fantastic where can I get one and learn how to play

Dave White from United Kingdom

A fantastic sound

David Basile from USA

It was great

David Born from USA

Wonderful sound

Anonymous from USA

I just loved it!

David Gratiot from USA

I thought it was a sweet sounding instrument and something I would LOVe to try out

Anonymous from Canada

I had heard them incidentally in the past, but this was the first time I heard one live. I thought it sounded cool and was intrigued by circular breathing.

David Smith from Canada

Stopped me in my tracks. I couldn't get enough. The vibratory tone did many things to and for me. I went straight out and made a boomerang ... Hey it came back first throw. Popped up right in front of my face and dropped right in my hand. Like it knew where it was going. I was so proud. I don't think I put it down for a week. I think I was about 12-13 years old. I've always wanted to go to the rock there. Something draws me. I am a practicing native spiritual person. An old one there has seen me in the dream time ways. Well I like your site and hope someday to have a didjeridoo of my own. They take me many places. Love and peace to all my brothers and sisters down under. In answer to the question below . I have recently had one of life's upsets and now own no didjeridoo music on any media. I will one day again. That's what I am doing here. Looking for some good traditional old tunes that I can down load. Bear Eagle Dave Smith

Dawn Thorp from USA

Very different

Anonymous from USA


Debbie Jewczyk from Canada

Beautiful workmanship


I'd love my sons to check it out. Their musically gifted, I'm not. The stress release that the sounds make, is very welcomed in my house.

Anonymous from USA

It is very soothing and relaxing and also energizing.


I thought it was Earthmoter's voice! laughing sometimes, crying, everything!


Was surprised to hear about




Cool, Earth Tones, Natural


Possible healing tool

Denny Simpson from USA

It sounded very natural and soul stirring.


Its really kool

Dirk Dube from USA

The first time I was in Perth walking down the street when a Aboriginal was playing it I thought to my self that is so cool so I bought one and began practicing...

Anonymous from France

That's quite surprising... But also fundamentally Natural



Donna Hays from USA

It is beautiful

Anonymous from Canada

What a cool sound! Almost eerie!



Dougie Mann from Australia

Excitement inside me

Douglas Mizzi from Australia

Absolutely Australian, the essence of the top end and hypnotically transfixed,



Anonymous from USA

I thought it sounded like a space ships abducting some one! But then when I played it I Just fell in love with its coolness!

Anonymous from USA


Anonymous from USA

Most interesting musical instrument I have ever heard.

Anonymous from USA



Very intriguing, in awe

Eddy Santa-María Arés from Spain

I thought that it's a incredible and unusual instrument, but I think that it is one of the best instrument that I heard

Anonymous from Brazil

It was different of anything I ever heard and I's like to play an instrument like that.

Edward Dunn from USA

Haunting sound

Eric Greenberg from USA

Amazing - "what is this instrument?"

Anonymous from USA

It was so awesome


Never heard one nor of one till this contest

Ethel Burnham from USA

Wonderful instrument and not out of bounds to learn.

Ewoud De Ruijter from Netherlands

An overwhelming sound. I became very relaxed and exited at the same time.


An eerie but fantastic sound

Francois-Pierre Couture from Canada

I felt it was a sound coming from the soul, the inner self of the musician. It had a very mystical and powerful sound to me



Anonymous from USA


Geert De Coninck from Belgium

Great sounds the most beautiful and interesting instrument I know

Georg Schoeberl from Germany



Strange but interesting sound

German Barrientos from Costa Rica

Muy mistico,el sonido,maravilloso,lo translportar a un plano espiritual.


I thought the sound was magic

Gilles Brouiller from France

A great tribal and truth sound, close to the original first musical sound obtained by an human. Somewhere, Didg allow to ear today the musical sound already played many centuries ago by aboriginal people, and that's absolutely wonderful ! (in a way, "Djembe" drum from Africa can be compared to didg..., and it's great to play both !)

Gina Hardy from USA

I thought it was immense, powerful, hypnotic.

Giovanni Stunada from Canada

Wonderful, as if it was part of me

Anonymous from USA


Glyn Theobald from United Kingdom

I thought it was amazing the amount of different sound variations that were possible



Guillaume Taffin De Givenchy from France

The vibration.wouaou.


Very good


I thought the sound was amazing

Harold Gaines from USA

It was indescribable. A sound like the earth singing.


Very exotic

Anonymous from USA

I wasn't sure what to think. I had no idea what it was or how it could make sounds like that.


Wonderfully haunting music

Hilary Thomas from USA

Awesome sound

Hilton Gossman from USA

How cool

Ian Hakker from Netherlands

Then, I only thought it interesting, now it's the most wonderfully special sound there is!.


Wonderful instrument

Anonymous from USA

Pretty and interesting

Jackie Neubill from USA

How Kewl!



James Cornelius from USA

Amazing sound - resonating - strange - unique - soothing

James Glovka from USA

Hauntingly beautiful

James Green from USA

Amazed that many sounds came out a simple looking piece of wood


Loved it


Its like nothing I've ever seen

Jan Nemecek from Yugoslavia


Janelle Montgomery from USA

I've never seen one until looking at your web site


Very soft and mellow, almost spooky


Such a strange sound. I wondered what instrument it was

Jean-paul Massie from Canada

I heard a Cristal Didgeridoo at a Christmas concert with Sacred Cristal bowls. I had my eyes closed and that was a strong body experience. I remember that I was completely enchanted and pleased to hear those powerful sounds. And I already knew that I'll learn to play. After the concert, I purchased my first Cristal Didgeridoo and a chakra seven Cristal bowls. I was already able to play on the didg and the musician-seller had a vision of me in a past life in Tibet, playing that very long instrument who's play by the monks.

Jefferson Nessmith from USA

Wow. I've got to learn some more about this haunting sound.

Anonymous from USA

Very unique interesting sound

Jeffrey Robbins from Canada

Absolutely Bizarre!

Jeremy Johnson from USA

Relaxing, great harmonics.

Jerry Naccarato from USA

I thought it was the weirdest sound I ever herd.

Jerry Rivas from USA

Weird sound, especially not seeing it being played and just hearing the sounds


Thought it was cool

Anonymous from USA

Loved the sound


I felt the nature nearer from me


Looks neat!


Liked it

Joe Volz from USA


John Hogg from United Kingdom

Wow! That's so cool! I got to find out how that's done, the droning of the Didgeridoo took my breath away as a range of animal sounds blared at me.


Sounded unlike any other instrument I had heard.

John Karakaian from USA

Had only heard of didgeridoo (in a song ) and was interested and surprised to finally find out what it was (and its roots)

John Wheeler from USA

I didn't understand why people would bother with it.

John Wylie from USA

I thought they are beautiful and wanted to get one myself!


Excited and I wanted one

Anonymous from USA

Rumbly in my tumbly.

Jon Wright from United Kingdom

How primeval it sounded. Very haunting and atmospheric.

Jono Howell from United Kingdom


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