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If you have any question you would like us to ask our visitors, please let us know.

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Name and Country

First Experience with a Didj

Aaron Palmer from USA

I thought it was the most transifying( is that a word)?? sound ever, I've heard many instruments before, but I become mystified by its tone




When I became conscious of being australian

Alan Gebhart from USA

A didj is a product very uniquely associated with Australia. Although most people in the US don't know what it's called, and can't pronounce it even if they do, most people can associate one with Australia.



Anonymous from United Kingdom

Can't remember!


It had a great sound.

Anonymous from Australia

I loved the unique sound, it just felt australian.

Anita Kate Caruso from Australia

I was only in primary school and it was used to teach us about Aboriginal culture, I went home that night and unwrapped all my mums wrapping paper to use the roll and practice, she wasn't impressed, not sure whether that was cos of the sound or the fact that I ruined her paper!

Anthony Kyle from South Africa

It struck me as being the most fundamental sound I had ever heard. One that touched my soul.

Arjan Wagenmakers from Netherlands

Mysterious instrument, that I really want to learn to play.

Arnaud Chamoret from France

It's my favourite hobby I love didgeridoo

Ayal March from Israel

I was mezmorised by it! my thought was "wow!" :)

Barry Wiltshire from United Kingdom

Amazing instrument - thought it would be far to complicated for me to get a sound out of.

Bas Piek from Netherlands

Wauw this is it!!! welcome to earth...

Benjamin Malvoisin from France

I have found that the didj son was a magnificent sound which make you travel in Australia near from the aborigines. It is a fabulous instrument. Consequently I have decided to learn play this instrument. Since, I am very happy.




Funny looking

Anonymous from USA

Great it was in alaska.

Brent Dickerson from Australia

Amazed at how many different sounds and variations this instrument could achieve. Totally amazed.

Brent Smith from USA

I was absolutely blown away by the captivating sound of the instrument.

Brett Young from Australia

Interesting earthy sound. Impossible to separate from Australian mood.

Brian Mckay from Canada

It was a hauntingly beautiful sound

Carlos Bricio from Spain

It was weird. The enchanted, eerie sound, I couldn't imagine what was it. I loved it since the very first second I heard it.

Carlos Sandoval from USA

It stirred up a primal feeling in me. Ever since then I was hooked and had to find out all I could about this drone instrument.

Charles Barlerin from France

Wonderful sound, relaxing and travelling vibe

Cheryl Sailor from USA

It gave me images of the origin and core of plants, people, animals, earth.

Chris Hammond from USA

Thought it sounded pretty spiritual, very eerie.


I just loved the beautiful sound it made, when I heard it being played.

Christopher Steele from USA

It's odd sounding, yet extremely cool...

Chuck Winchell from USA

The sound isn't what hooked me, it was the playing. The vibrations that resonate through the body cause quite a calming effect. My cat still isn't impressed.

Clifford Woodworth from United Kingdom

Cool. What an amazing sound you can get from such a simple instrument!

Anonymous from Australia

I thought it really sounded great

Anonymous from Switzerland

I feel a kind of vibration deep inside relying to this noise. I have close my eyes and see the all Australia

Daniela Cerati from Italy

Deep energy


I thought it was a weird, mystical sound but I liked it!

Danielle Molnar from Australia

It relaxed me when I was stressed


I thought it was cool



Darlene Diamante-parisotti from USA

Very Cool! Healing!

Anonymous from USA

It was an amazing experience not to be soon forgotten ! The master playing the didj was Ash Dargan and he was incredible.

David Stringfellow from United Kingdom

Weird. amazing, wonderful


It produces some of the most unique musical sounds that I have ever heard.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

I was blown away by the sound! It was at a friends leaving party, he played his didj with a friend and the party stood in awe of them.

Dinè (navajo) Van Wyk from South Africa

The first time I heard a didge I could feel my heart vibrating. It was as if the sound flooded through my body.


I was sitting for an initial healing session, and I loved it

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Thought that it was an amazing instrument and never thought that one day I could play it myself. I get goose bumps just hearing the sound of a didgeridoo.

Anonymous from Switzerland

I play several instruments, but when I first "met" the didj, I knew that it was going to be my soul expression!...and know we are "best friends"!

Fábio Jose Da Costa from Brazil

At first time that I heard that incredible sound I felt my soul flick and some inner me did happen...

Flemming Schuldt from Denmark

I remember thinking "What an amazing sound, wonders what instrument that might be?"

Garry Horsnell from United Kingdom

Awe inspiring fascination.

Gil Schluter from USA

I wanted one ...

Gonzo Gregori from Spain

I felt impressed about how deep the sound hit me

Gordon Holoiday from Canada

I have one

Anonymous from Germany

I was a little overwhelmed by choice. Especially compared to other online dealers

Anonymous from United Kingdom

I loved the haunting continuous drone sound - like the bagpipe drones here in Scotland!


I thought it was cool

Isabelle Boussion from France

I was in love!!!!

Jackie Newlove from United Kingdom

The first time I heard the didge it gave me a wonderful feeling,a vibration that seemed to touch my soul



Anonymous from USA

I thought it was "cool"

James Macleod from Australia

Dramatic background to vocal music

James Walsh from USA

It was April 16th 2004 at a Drum Circle Gathering. I was literally blown away by the sounds they created. I stood there with chills going up and down my spine as the performers played.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

I thought the didj had so much soul and authenticity, I like the fact the didj Is not machine made like the guitar or drums, the idea of a naturally hollowed out tree really appealed to me

Jamie Vallance from Canada

I fell in love with the haunting sound

Jan Petersen from USA

Beautiful inside and out!


Wonderful - I just wish I could play mine

Anonymous from Australia

The sound was mesmerising, after hearing the didj I decided that I wanted to try it and now I'm hooked.


Very difficult but I can't stop

Jen Creasman from USA

New to me very interested to experience it

Jim Brennan from USA

A very relaxing sound

Johan Thaens from Belgium

This I'm gonna be able myself!


Extremely different sound

John Hopper from USA

Great, meditative, spiritual

John Nemes from USA

I was amazed. Fell in love.


Stunning sound

Jordi Parés from Spain

I cannot believe what I was listening, incredible sound...I had a little trip

José Nunes from Portugal

When I'm playing I felt harmony with nature and when I hear someone I felt like meditation..

Josep Ma Rafart Ciuro from Spain

Five years

Anonymous from Australia

What a cool instrument

Anonymous from USA



I thought it sounded beautiful. I learned how to playit and just felt so relaxed


Very easy to read,quick to load.

Kristian Pete from Yugoslavia

Realy ok. I love it.

Kristoffer Jahren from Norway

Wow! the sound has a calming effect and really makes you relax and gives you a nice break from everyday life

Larraine Gabey from Australia

I thought it was an instrument that was totally original and unique and one that could only be identified with the Australian Aborigine. To me this means that it really stands out from other instruments in the band and one that Aboriginal people can feel proud of.

Laura Lowe from USA

Its beautiful


Simply awesome


What a different sound it made and how unusual it was.

Anonymous from Australia

I loved its deep, captivating sound.

Lynn Mutschler from USA

I thought "how lovely". I felt a physical thrill very deep inside of me.


At first I was surprised by the song, and I think it's a very interesting instrument to contact with "us another reality"

Martin Gibbons from United Kingdom


Anonymous from USA

I was amazed at its unique sound

Matthieu Leroux from France

It's powerful sound, I was amazed about this sound

Anonymous from USA

That it's sound was haunting and spiritual.

Michael D. from USA

I though the didj was a weird musical instrument. Plus once I played the first note I was hooked on it and still am.

Michael Wielart from Australia

A sound that felt both calming and energising

Mike Hill from USA

Awesome/very emotional nice clean sound spiritual

Miroslav Hrenek from Croatia/hrvatska

It was strange to play such instrument like a didgee..

Anonymous from USA



My whole body vibrated, it didn't went out of my mind and feelings anymore.

Monique Terry from Australia

I loved it - it's such a beautiful, haunting sound. The tones make me think of nature and the aboriginal people, their rich culture and fascinating dreamtime stories relating to life and our country.

Anonymous from Australia

Amazing and relaxing qualities and the energy


It's good, very good

Otto Kapitany from Hungary

I feel, I have to learn play.

Pedro Vazquez from Venezuela

Complete relax , I was absorbed at that!!!


Awesome sound very heartfelt

Peter Flecken from Netherlands

I fell totally in love with the base-drone that went through my body

Anonymous from USA

I thought to myself, "This is something I must do!"

Peyton Leung from Canada

I thought it was a wonderful sound - unlike anything else I've ever heard. It sounded alive.

Pierre Romang from Switzerland

A strange feeling that takes you from the bottom of your body.



Renato Oliveira from Portugal

What a hypnotic sound?!!


I found the sounds and the appearance were amazing very interesting and wanted to learn as much about the instrument and its origins, I couldn’t wait to try myself.

Ron Clutterbuck from Australia

I thought how awesome is a handmade instrument made from timber with a hole in it that can produce such incredible unique sounds

Ronan Kieran from Germany

Captivated by the earthiness of the sound

Ryan Bishop from USA

It was a moment of recollection of the coming, for I knew that somehow this instrument would change my life.

Ryan Margheim from USA

It was incredible

Sam Field from Australia

Strange and unique



Sean Sheffield from United Kingdom

Must...must learn how to play.. felt very deeply inspired


That didge is the greatest music to play with friends and it makes a really good feeling

Anonymous from USA

Thought it was magic, as I felt the rhythm in my soul

Shannen Johnston from Australia

Loved the magical sound of it

Anonymous from USA

Intrigued, as I'm interested in numerous unrefined and indigenous instruments.

Anonymous from Australia

I found the sound very thought provoking.

Thierry Ropero from France

I feel good this sound

Tim Peak from USA

A deep remembrance

Timothy Dietrich from USA

I felt very enthusiastic about playing the guy who showed me this form a music was in tuscan gem show

Anonymous from Argentina

The sound was incredible, it was very difficult to think that that sound comes practically from nature only

Anonymous from Australia

I was in primary school. Roy Stewart, a local Aborigine from Gerringong came to play his Didgeridoo for our class. He was great at playing. He made animal noises and deep drones, it made me think of and made me want to part of the Australian bush.

Wendell Garnett from USA

It was the most amazing instrument that I have ever experienced

Wendy Darcy from Australia

I thought it would be easy to play, how I was wrong.

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