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What is the most common question people ask you about the didgeridoo?
What do you answer?

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Name and Country

What is the most common question people ask you about the didgeridoo?

What do you answer?


What's a didgeridoo?

"It's an aboriginal instrument out of Australia." Then I usually mimic the sound of a didge.

Andrea from Italy

How does it work?

It works:D

Anonymous from Japan

Do people still use this? (By my ESL students) Most of my students also want to see one in real life.

I answer that Yes in Australia this is something that is very important to the Aborigine Heritage so it is still used today. It is considered to be a symbol of Australian culture. I am quite sure that they will see a didgeridoo when they visit Oz in the summer on their study abroad semester.

Andrew from USA

How to circular breathe.

Practice! (After a brief explanation/demonstration)

Anonymous from Netherlands

How to play it

Just play and it will come

Anonymous from Switzerland

Is there a gun in your bag? this must be an australian alphorn

Sure not I'm playing a wooden instrument

Bernard from USA

How do you circular breathe

Practice and watch instructional videos.

Bert from Guam

What is it?

An Australian (Aboriginal) musical instrument (horn)

Blake from USA

What is it!

The oldest wind instrument on Earth created by the Aborigines of Australia.

Bob Yellin from USA

How did you learn to play like that?


Bradley Barrett from USA

What the heck is it?

I tell them its an Aboriginal woodwind instrument used in ceremonies and that if they want one they should get a real one from Australia since they sound WAY better than cheapo wood ones.

Brian from USA

What is a didgeridoo?

A Australian musical instrument shaped like a long wooden tube.


How do you play it

With difficulty!


Is it easy to play?

Getting the base sound is easy but creating and keeping a rhythm can be difficult! I've only been playing about 1 month so circular breathing still seems pretty hard!

Chri from Italy

If it's possible to play it in various tones


Chris Murphy from Australia

How did u learn to play it

Easy thought myself. to me several weeks

Chrissy from USA

What is it?

The best instrument you will ever feel.

Anonymous from South Africa

Where did I buy it

From your website

Clinton Russell from Australia

Can u play it for me

Of course I can

Anonymous from USA

What is that?

A Didgeridoo an aboriginal australian instrument... to start hehe

Curtis from USA

Well, most of the time, it's either "what is a didgeridoo?" or "how do you play it?"

My answer is usually that the didgeridoo is a traditional aboriginal instrument.

Dam Brick from France

Do you know circular breathe?


Dan Vidler from United Kingdom

Can I have a go?

Of course!

Daniel Alfonzo Rivas from Venezuela

For the incredible sound, always they compare whit the sound of the other world, outer sound galaxy, who made it this strange instrument?

Well I said to all who ask: this instrument is the legacy of the past made by aboriginal in australia and always people said to me: whatssss? is amazing see his face when I tell the story of how the didgeridoo is the son of the tree and the termites of australia and I tell us to how all the people in the world at the same time play his didgeridoo for health the planet and the all humans and animals.

Danny from USA

How did you learn to play it?

I taught myself

Danny from Canada

What is that. it sounds very cool.

Its a wind instrument from Australia and it dates back 1000's of years ago.it comes from the heart it comes from the land its a soul instrument you feel it its the sound of mother nature.


How do you play the didgeridoo?

Just blow and then breath circular

Enrique Garcia from Mexico

How is that the sound is so deep.

I explain the resonance in the instrument the length and the diameter.


How making a didgeridoo?

What is the highest level that could be reached by didgeridoo?

Anonymous from USA

Where did I get it.

The Didjshop

Geoff from Canada

Where did you get it


Anonymous from United Kingdom

Is it difficult to play


Guido Cifali from Australia

Price, provenance, how to learn, how is it made.

I provide all the answers I know and refer interested persons to literature and to Ddjshop.com

Anonymous from Germany

Is it difficult to learn?

No but you need a lot of training

Anonymous from USA

Don't you have enough stuff to blow on? I play bagpipes, penny whistle, Irish flute and Dizi flute.


James Mott from USA

Where is it from?


Jammy from USA

What makes that sound.

A Didj!

Janice from Canada

What is a didgeridoo

A natural wooden trumpet or wind instrument of the Indigenous Australians of northern Australia.

Jason from USA

Can you play it?

Then I describe how it's made by who and play a little melody including a circular breathing lesson.

Jayne from USA

How do you play it?

You don't blow you use your lips and vocal chords and breathe.

Jeff from USA

What is that?

It's a Didgeridoo! it's an australian aboriginal instrument.

Jennifer from Australia

Where did you get it & how much did it cost

Didjshop + you would only buy this didj if you where serious about playing

Jennifer from USA

They ask me what it is.

I don't know any other people in my area who know what a didj is... So usually I explain it as an aboriginal instrument. (From Australia-some just don't know!)

Anonymous from USA

Saw news report on "crazy" cure for sleep apnia (spelling). ONe of my nephews suffers from this disorder that could kill him in his sleep.

Haven't talked to anyone about topic.


Where did I get it?

A friend bought it for me

John from USA

How do you do that?????!!!!!


Anonymous from USA

Is it hard to play



How do you play

I show them how to blow through lips then play it for them.

Anonymous from USA

How does it make that weird sound?

You vibrate your lips and the sound vibrated through the didge.

Jutta from Germany

What is that?

The oldest music instrument of the world

Karen from Canada

How do you do that?

Show them how to blow with vibrating lips then sometimes I let them try my didge. Children seem to get it with the most ease.

Anonymous from USA

What is that?

It is a musical instrument.

Larry from USA

What is it?

Basically a hollow branch that you blow through to produce a low frequency sound.

Leandro Javier Montesino from Argentina

The most common question is: What is that thing?

I answer that it is a musical and therapeutic instrument original from Australia.

Linda from USA

I don't have one yet

I tell them about the spiritual sound

Anonymous from Argentina

Is it Difficult to play?

It's difficult if you don't practice

Luke from USA

Is it hard to play

Once you get the hang of it it is quite simple. The hardest part is learning the circular breathing aspect


What is a didgeridoo? And is it true only males are allowed to play it among the aborigines?

It is an aboriginal instrument. Yes.

Marc from Ireland

How do you make the different sounds

I usually just tell them about circular breathing


What is it

Native australian horn type instrument.... very spiritual beautiful haunting music

Mark from New Zealand

Why the didj

I like the sounds and it dates back to early man

Markus from Finland

How does circular breathing work?

By showing and explaining step by step

Martin Izzo from Argentina

Its origins

A native australian aboriginal instrument


How does it work?

By not playing it as a trumpet!

Anonymous from USA

The most common question I get is either "what's that" or "how do you play it"

I tell them that it is a didgeridoo and you play it using vibrations and vocal noises.

Matthias from Switzerland

Is it hard to play? Can I try?

Just try:)


How do you circular breath?

Practice and getting a clean drone before tackling the breathing. if already droning I show them the water technique.

Micah from USA

How did you get interested in it?

I heard one while visiting Australia and wanted to try it.

Michael Auerbach from USA

What's a didgeridoo?

It is a wonderful aboriginal instrument from Australia


Can you play it?


Anonymous from USA

What is it made from?

PVC pipe

Mike from Canada

What is it?

I explain it's origins and how it is made and where one can usually hear it in various music styles without even realizing it!

Pat from Australia

How do you play it

With circular breathing and lots of practice


What is it

Musical instrument

Patrick Nielander from USA

What is a didgeridoo?

I explain the history and the basic understanding of a didgeridoo and how it works.

Patrick Ray from USA

What's a Didgeridoo?

An aboriginal voice based sound healing instrument consisting of a tube usually wood.

Paul Murray from Ireland

What's it used for?

Used mainly by men in a traditional setting.

Peter Buckley from Canada

Why did you buy one?

Listen to Xavier Rudd!

Petri Aitta-aho from Finland

How did you get interested on that thing?

The first time I heard the sound of didgeridoo I was sold!

Philip from USA

Is it hard to play?

Not terribly but it does take some practice


Is that a didgeridoo?


Rafael Janczak from Poland

What the name of the instrument is and where it comes from...

Didgeridoo and that is the traditional instrument of the Aboriginal tribes of Northern Australia.

Rainer from Germany


A Didgeridoo

Anonymous from USA

A what?

A hollow stick didj

Rawson from USA

Where's it from?

I bought it online from Australia.

Rhonda from USA

What is that?

Didgeridoo from Australia.

Rhonda from USA

How do you learn to control the breathing?

Practice without worrying about it - just let it happen!

Rick Roberti from USA

What the hell is that????

It;s the coolest instrument in the world!

Rob from United Kingdom

How do you play this thing???

I lend them one of my didgeridoo's and teach them the basics.

Anonymous from USA

What is that?

It's a didgeridoo




Rodger from USA

What is that?

It's a didgeridoo.

Ronaldo from Brazil

How can we make the mainly sound?

You set the lips on the minor hole (without pressing the lips on it). So you expiring a constant flux of air and make the lips with a ring format vibrating using a softly force between them.

Rony from USA

What is it?

It's a didjeridu an Aboriginal instrument which pre-dates even the drum.

Salvador Gonzalez from Mexico

What¨s that for?

Just listen..

Sandra from Germany

How do you play it?

It takes a bit of practice but I can you you!


What is a didgeridoo?

It is an aboriginal instrument made out of hollowed tree trunks. When you blow into it it makes a deep resonating sound.

Anonymous from Australia

How do you spell it?

Well up until a little while ago my answer would have been 'I have no idea'.

Sascha Wolsfeld from Luxembourg

Is it an handmade an from Australia?

Yes otherwise I wouldn't buy one.

Scott from USA

Is that a didjeridu? and is it real?

Yep sure is wanna hear it?

Anonymous from USA



Stefano Brutti from Italy

How can you do circular respiration?

There are 3 simple passages: 1) Take air "with stomach" and start to do the simple sound; 2) while you are playing fill your cheeks (the sound will change); 3) use the air inside your cheeks to continue the sound and in the same moment take air with your nose (you must make this move using your aperture).

Steven Furman from USA

What is it? Most never heard of one or maybe saw one on an educational program on TV. Also how do you play it. A big question is how I got into playing it.

A Didgeridoo! The oldest wind instrument known to exist. I got my first one as part of an estate sale because I wanted it as a decoration. I started playing it and have been hooked ever since. 25 years now.

Susan from USA

What is it?

It is an Australian Aboriginal instrument that is used in tribal ceremonies.

Terry Warren from USA

What the hell is THAT?

It's a didgeridoo.

Thomas from USA

What is that?

I tell them it's a didgeridoo and a little background info on the history of the instrument where how and by whom it is made.

Thomas Smith from Australia

Can you play the Didgeridoo?


Tim from USA

I show mine to my students. They want to know how to you play it.

I show them how to play it

Travis Morgan from USA

What is a didgeridoo?

I refer them to your website!


What is that thing?!

Well it is called a Didgeridoo an instrument native to the aboriginal culture of Australia.

Vittorio Kasten Avery from Brazil

If it's hard to play it

No is not the harder it's to learn the correct way of breathing

Warren from United Kingdom

What's the crack with circular breathing mate.

Use of of two methods either the straw and the cup method or the cheeks and hands method. Frankly the cheeks and hands method works best for me but depends on the person.

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